tagIncest/TabooEddie Ch. 04

Eddie Ch. 04


The weeks and months speeded by as I got wound up in work. The case I had been working on got nasty and took a lot of time. There were other cases too. I went home tired every night and fell into bed too tired to do anything but eat and sleep after taking care of the horses. All thoughts were focused on upon the heavy workload I had. I forgot about my three cousins and what they did and what they had tried to do. I had decided no man was going to ever touch me again that is except for Eddie. I missed Eddie something awful. I had made up my mind if and when Eddie showed back up I would make sure he would never leave me. I went off my birth control the week after I got home. I wanted to make sure he would get me pregnant. I wanted to have his baby inside me.

I changed where I ran so I wouldn't run into David, the older guy that I had been thinking about seducing. I started running in sweat pants and sweat shirts. I dressed more conservative at work. Jean even made the comment that I was more serious now, more aggressive when I went snarling after some guy for not supporting his family or defending some woman in a divorce case. I didn't want to attract attention to myself by looking sexy. I did my best to avoid looking sexy. I did not want to appear to be attractive to any other man. Eddie was the only man I wanted. I went as far as going natural and quit shaving down there. My bush was back in full glowing glory.

I thought felt better after getting off the pill. The cramps I had during my cycle was a little worse and my period was heaver but I felt more alive, more natural. I dreamed about Eddie just about every night. Us being together and fucking like rabbits, him taking me whenever he wanted and whenever I wanted. I dreamed of getting pregnant and having his baby. We lived somewhere else, away from our family where no one knew we were brother and sister. It was blissful, our being together.

It was three months later when I got the phone call from Billy. I had just gotten home from work and changing out of my "office attire" of white blouse and dark wool skirt with matching jacket. I had just removed my jacket, blouse and bra and had slipped out of my skirt and was standing in just my sheer lace panties when the phone rang. I picked it up on the second ring.

"Hello Sara, is that you."

"Yes, this is Sara, who is this?" I didn't recognize the voice.

"It's me Billy. You remember?"

"Yes I remember you Billy. Why are you calling? I thought things were all done between us and your so called friends."

"Well the reason I'm calling is that I thought you were going to send me the pictures of the reunion. I thought you promised to send them. You still have my address?"

I stood there thinking in silence as I listened to his voice, the events of being with the three of them came crashing back. I was ashamed that I had liked it and it was because them I had sworn to stay away from all men except for Eddie. "Oh god Eddie I so miss you..." I said under my breath. I listened to Billy's breathing on the other end for several more seconds before I replied.

"I forgot. I got too caught up in work. I just forgot Billy. I'll send them to you this weekend. I'm sorry I forgot." I didn't really mean it. I wasn't sorry at all. I had just about decided he wouldn't get them at all.

"Doesn't matter, I'll get them soon enough."

I began saying, "What do you mean get them soon enough..." When the doorbell rang. Shit I mumbled under my breath. "Just a minute Billy, someone's at the door."

Fuming at his call and now the interruption of the doorbell, I slipped on one of Eddie's large t-shirts that barely covered my thighs that I sometimes slept in and walked to the door holding the phone in my hand. I dropped it in shock when I opened the door. Billy was standing there. "What the shit are you doing here Billy?" I stammered as I looked at him.

"Surprised to see me again? I'm here to get my pictures. I didn't think you would send them. Aren't you going to invite me in?" He pushed by me and entered without missing a beat. "I'm on my way to San Diego, I joined the Marines and wanted to stop by and see you. I wanted to get my pictures. You promised to send them, you remember?"

"What?" I hadn't been quite listening, still getting over the shock of seeing him. I had heard "pictures and something about Marines" and muttered, "Fuck". He was still talking and I wasn't listening. I was still in shock and looking out the door expecting to see Kevin and Mike.

I turned and faced him. "Where is Kevin and Mike?"

"You didn't hear me? They got into a lot of trouble and are in jail. I don't think their parents are going to bail them out this time. They wanted me to ask you if you would defend them."

I still wasn't quite listening and asked, "What the hell are you talking about, Kevin and Mike in jail and me defending them. Who asked to have me defend them? What is this all about?"

"Kevin told me to ask you."

"Kevin? Just what did he and Mike do?" I didn't want him in the house but I was curious. "Sit down and tell me about it." I wanted to find out what they had done. With Billy being alone, I didn't feel any apprehension in being alone with him. I felt safe enough. Billy sat on the couch and I sat in a chair facing him.

"Ok. Tell me." I was intently watching his face and was so curious about what he was going to tell me that I forgot I was nearly nude and wasn't really aware that the t-shirt had slid up and was not really covering me.

"Kevin and Mike got in with the wrong crowd and into drugs and drugged some girls at a party and raped them. They were the first ones and the ones the girls remembered. There were other guys doing it to them too." He paused for a few seconds before continuing. "Anyway they got caught." He paused again and that was then I noticed where he was looking. I rose up just a little and worked the t-shirt back into place and pulled a pillow into my lap to cover me more.

Deciding I was covered enough I asked, "Continue Billy, where were you in all of this? Did you take part?"

"Oh no! What they were doing was wrong. I got out of there right away. I didn't want anything to do with that. That's why I am here now. People were talking. I was guilty by association by just running around with Kevin and Mike. I had to get away."

"You swear you didn't have anything to do with that? If you did, I don't want you here. With what you told me there would be no way I would defend them nor you for that matter." He nodded his head in understanding. "Why did you decide to join the Marines and not finish school? I thought you had a football scholarship?"

"I did but Kevin and Mike ruined all of that. Some of the guys were on the team and the coach canned anyone under suspicion. I was included. I thought it best if I just left and the Marines seemed like a good place to go."

We sat there in silence for a few minutes, I was lost in thought. Billy seemed more subdued, a different person from our previous encounter when the three were together.

"When do you have to report?"

"I need to be there by Saturday next week. Since this is Friday, that gives me 8 days to drive there. Plenty of time. We have cousins in San Diego that are going to keep my truck while I'm in boot camp. That's why I need to get there Saturday to see them. I have to report the next Monday."

"It's getting late Billy, do you have a place to stay in town?" I was hoping he did. I didn't want him to stay here. "There are some good motels by the freeway." I caught him looking at my crotch again that somehow the pillow was no longer covering.

"Huh, oh yes, I'll stay in town and drive on in the morning. Is there any way I can get my pictures now?"

I had already forgotten about them and jumped up. "Yes Billy I'll do that right now. Do you have a jump drive? If you don't I can burn them onto a CD." I had already sat down in front of my computer and powered it up. He had moved and was standing behind me where he could see the monitor. I could feel the heat from him.

He handed me a jump drive. It was 32GB which was more than what was needed. When he saw the pictures I downloaded he sounded disappointed.

"This is all of them?"

"This is all you're getting. I destroyed the rest. I did leave some pictures of me in this group. See." I said as I handed him back his flash drive.

He had leaned down and was leaning over me looking at the pictures I was scrolling through on the monitor while placing his hands on my shoulders gently massaging them. At first I started to protest but his hands felt good. My neck muscles were stiff from tension and I discovered tightness between my shoulder blades. I leaned forward in the chair as he moved his fingers there. It felt good. Eddie did this for me just like this. I closed my eyes lost in the feeling. I leaned forward even more as his hands worked their way across my back relaxing me. It had been months since anyone had given me a back massage.

I was startled out of my bliss when his hands reached under my arm pits and picked me up from the chair. I turned to protest and was going strike him when I paused in shock discovering he was nude. His arms grasp me in a bear hug and his lips crushed mine. I first tried to fight back. I wasn't going to let this happen. I was flaying my fists at him hitting him where I could. I was losing, gasping for air as his kisses smothered me. I felt myself giving in. I was kissing him back. Sucking and dueling with his tongue. I could feel the heat growing in my groin. Where his very hard and hot cock pressed between us, skin to skin above my panties and against my bare stomach, the heat was burning me. I was totally involved in his kisses and the burning heat from his cock and wasn't aware of when he ran his hands under the T-shirt and expertly pulled it off over my head. As my arms automatically raised to allow it, his mouth and hands lowered and found my breasts. In his crouching positioned his hard cock slipped between my legs, the head sliding in the moisture soaking through my panties and poking for its reward. The heat I felt there made me tremble. His sucking and teasing each nipple sent shock waves cascading through my body building the heat within me and accumulating deep in my groin. His mouth worked its way from my breasts down my flat stomach and paused at my covered mound. As he kneeled down before me, his hands quickly tugged at the waistband of my panties and pulled them down and I automatically kicked them free. My hands went to his shoulders supporting my weight as he gripped my hips and pulled me to him. I wasn't thinking straight, I wasn't thinking at all when I thrust my pussy toward his waiting mouth and tongue and shivered in delight as his tongue slipped between my already wet swollen lips.

This was wrong, my subconscious was telling me. I had sworn to only be with Eddie. I wanted no other. I told myself to pull away but my body was telling me otherwise. The heat from his hard cock had burned where it touched me. I flashed back to the first time I held him in my hands and marveled at his large size, the way he felt in my hands, the way he filled me. My body desired to be filled again with this huge cock. My mind and body were in conflict. Which one would win?

"No Billy, we can't do this. I can't do this. Not now." I tried to pull away but he held me tightly, his big hands digging into my hips. "No Billy, you can't. I don't want you. It's not safe for me. Please Billy don't do this!"

I hit him with my fists and dug my fingernails into his shoulders trying to get his attention to make him stop and he paused withdrawing his tongue only long enough to say, "You want me Sara, I can smell it, see it and taste it. Your pussy is wet, swollen and begging for me. You taste so good. You are so beautiful," and quickly drove his tongue back into me.

"No Billy," I was begging, sobbing at what he was doing to me. "Billy, don't do this. Please Billy don't do this."

I was whimpering now, tears forming I my eyes at what was happening. He was right. I knew it. My body wanted him. I couldn't fight it. I shivered in both anticipation and fear as his lips and tongue found my clit and started teasing it. My body overrode my subconscious telling me it was Ok as he began sucking at my clit pulling on it with his tongue and lips. My hips were involuntarily gyrating against his mouth. My fingernails again dug into his shoulders as he started sucking on it, not to get him to stop but in anticipation for what would soon come. It had been months since anyone had done this to me. I could feel my release building, the quivering starting deep within me.

I didn't mean to but I shouted, "Oh god Billy, make me cum! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh god Billy... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh "F-Fuck, I-I'm CUMMING! AHHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

My knees buckled and if it wasn't for his strong arms and hands I would have slumped to the floor but he held me up, picked me up with his hands around my hips as he stood and carried my quivering body towards the wall, bracing my back against it as he thrust his cock up trying to position it to enter. I was so swollen open and wet I felt the head of his cock slide in my slickness, find my opening and enter me on the first try. It had been so easy for him, with no resistance from me. The ecstasy of my orgasm made any resistance impossible. My body wanted him inside me. My body was hot and swollen open, begging for him. When he felt the head of his cock enter, he both dropped and pulled me down on him while thrusting up hard burying his entire length with one sudden thrust. The suddenness and largeness of him forcefully bottoming against my cervix knocked the wind from me. I gasp with the sudden pain he caused. It felt like he was pushing my stomach up into my lungs. That wasn't all either. My arms automatically went to wrap around his neck to help hold me up but they never got there. He had grabbed them with both his hands and held them above my head, holding them against the wall stretching me. I tried to get my legs around his waist but he leaned back just enough to let me slide down the wall to where just the tip of my toes touched the floor leaving me impaled on his hard cock. When he began thrusting into me this way, new waves of pleasure rushed through me. The base of his large cock and pelvis ground into my tinder clit with the fullness and angle of his penetration. I was stuffed full with new sensations of a large cock stretching me that I had never felt before.

Gaining back my sanity I tried to fight back the feelings, and again cried out trying to stop him, "No Billy, you'll get me pregnant. Please Billy, stop!"

He didn't listen or didn't care. He kept up his thrusting.

I was trying to get control of my own body and was sobbing and pleading with him. "No Billy, You can't cum inside me. You'll get me pregnant! Please don't cum inside me, pull out before you cum!"

He wasn't listening.

Tears were running down my face mixing with the sweat that was glistening on my body and mixing with his. I was having trouble fighting off the pleasurable feelings. The exquisite sensation of being fucked this way was quickly building up into an explosive release. I knew if this happened there would be no stopping him. I was almost at the point of no return.

"Stop Billy, pull out! Please Billy stop this and pull out! Please don't cum in me. I'll do whatever you want just don't cum in me! Let me suck you off! I want to taste you!"

Finally listening to me he paused in his thrusting holding himself in deep and looked at me, seriously looked at me. "You'll do anything I want if I don't cum in you. Anything?"

I knew he had been close, I had felt his muscles tightening, saw the straining in his face and felt a slight spasm in his cock. I hoped I had stopped him in time and the spasm had not been a release of precum. That alone could get me pregnant.

"Yes Billy, I'll do anything you want." I was sobbing uncontrollably now. Hoping, praying that now I had his attention he would actually stop. "If you cum inside me, you'll get me pregnant. I've been off the pill for over three months. You can cum in my mouth or my ass if you want, just don't cum in my pussy."

In my pleading, I wasn't aware he was making small shallow thrusts, just barely moving inside me keeping both of us fully aroused.

He grinned at me saying, "What if coming in your pussy is what I want! You getting pregnant is not my problem."

He started thrusting again, this time long slow thrusts.

"No Billy, please don't!"

I knew he was getting close again, I felt his muscles tightening. He was no longer straining to hold it back, he was tiring, holding me this way and needing to cum. I could see it in his face.

"Sara, I'm gunna cum in you."

"No! Please No! Oh god no!"

I tried to twist away hoping I could make him drop me but he shoved in hard and deep and held still as his cock began flexing and throbbing, releasing ribbons of cum into me.

He was whimpering, "Oh fuck, oh god you feel good Sara. I forgot how good you felt."

I felt his pulsating cock filling me and was trying to hold back my own release but on about the second spasm of his cock, I lost it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh Billy, oh fuck Billy, cum in me, I want you to cum in me, cum deep..." My quivering pussy milked at his cock trying to pull it in deeper and empty it. I was in ecstasy even though I had tried to stop it and couldn't believe what I heard myself saying.

Weakened, Billy slid us both to the floor as our orgasms racked our bodies. I lay there quivering, as Billy continued empting into me thrusting slightly helping the muscles of my quivering pussy milk his cock pulling him deeper into me.

We lay where we fell, Billy on top pinning me under him. We were both panting hard gasping for air. Exhausted I lay under him slowly recovering wondering what I was going to do. I was full of his sperm and knew most were racing deep within me towards the reward that should have been Eddies. I was ashamed and hated myself knowing and not believing how intense my orgasm had been when his sperm filled me.

Billy began to slightly snore. His weight was getting to be unbearable. I knew I had to get out from under him and clean up. I had some morning after pills and hoped they would work. I had used them several times before when I had accidents. I didn't get pregnant and didn't really know if it was because of the pill or that I wasn't fertile at the time. Those times had been when I had forgotten to take my birth control for several days. This time I had been off birth control for over three months. My body had to be in the fertile cycle now no chemicals to interfere. I tried to count the days since my period and couldn't concentrate. The way my body reacted though I knew I had to be. I was most horny during ovulation. I figured that was why my orgasms had been so intense.

I started to squirm out from under him hoping I wouldn't wake him. I had to get either him or me out of the house. I had to get away from him. I was just about out from under him when I looked at his eyes. He was watching me with a grin on his face.

"Where do you think you are going?" He reached out and grabbed my ankle as I tried to escape, kicking at him with my free foot. He grabbed it too and pulled me back positioning himself between my legs, my oozing pussy aimed right at his growing cock. "I want more of you!"

"No Billy..." I started to say as I watched his cock flex as it was growing hard. I told myself then it was already too late and I might as well let him continue to have his way. I wouldn't be able to stop him anyway. I let him pull me to him. When he lifted my legs and pushed my knees up to where they were touching the floor with my head between them was all it took for me. I gave myself to him completely. He positioned the head of his cock at my opening and shoved in suddenly fast and furious bottoming out with the slap of his balls against my butt.

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