tagRomanceEddie the Hero

Eddie the Hero

byEgmont Grigor©

Blond and balding, divorced and ready to give up on women, Eddie Cox closed his toolbox and walked out of the computer room of the small branch of Albion United Bank, swallowing the last of a tomato sandwich. He stopped abruptly, a shotgun pointed at his belly.

"Who are you?" asked the gunman, blue eyes looking coldly through eye slits in his hood.

"The computer guy," Eddie croaked. "I don't know the combination to the bank's safe."

"Of course you don't," snarled the gunman. "It's on a time lock due to release in twenty minutes."

Eddie thought it still required a combination to complete the unlocking process. Someone was playing games here. He looked across to another gunman, holding the branch manager Dottie Cooper against him, his hand down inside the 50-year old's dress, massaging a breast. Dottie looked at Eddie with appealing eyes, showing no sign of terror.

Appealing eyes? Eddie wasn't thick so he guessed correctly not to mention there was need for a combination. The game Dottie was playing was delay... the longer these robbers were in here the more time the cops would have to prepare for the inevitable break-out that could, of course, see the robbers each coming out with a hostage against them and demanding a clear get-away. All diversions could count against the robbers.

"Get your filthy hands off my fiancée you big ape," he called to the guy holding Dottie. Dottie's eyes bulged at the mention of the word 'fiancée'. She scarcely knew Eddie.

A woman shouted, "Leave him Hank and stay in position. He's attempting to goad you for some reason."

A quick look established where the woman was. Like the other two she wore a hood and Eddie could see she was covering several people with a handgun as they sat against the main counter, hands on their head.

Eddie thought at forty-two he was too young to die. But eyeing the pregnant woman customer who was sobbing decided he ought to do something. Only Dottie and he were still on their feet; when you're sitting on your bum there's not a lot you can do. Eddie had watched countless cop shows on TV and knew that the best way out of a tight spot when no back up was arriving was to create a diversion. He looked up into the twin barrels of a shotgun.

"You're quiet and that means you're thinking," said the wiry guy. "We don't like that. It suggests you mean trouble."

Eddie believed he had to move right now. The huge door of the safe was behind him in the wall in full view as if to say, "I'm impregnable; don't waste your time. But when the time lock clicked and the robbers realized there was another process to go in the unlocking, he realized Dottie could be in big trouble. Loot was on the minds of the robbers so his chance was to work on their greed.

"Is that the time clock releasing early?" Eddie yelled. As the guy in front of him lowered the shotgun and moved forward to take a look Eddie pushed him aside and ran into the foyer, intending to run into Dottie's office, slam the door shut, lock it and then phone the cops to say there were only three robbers, all of them armed. He reached Dottie's office door and swore, "Fucking bank security." The door was locked.

With relief he looked out the windows and could see armed cops including heavily kitted-out armed anti-terrorist squad guys behind vehicles at the ready. One appeared to be holding a rocket launcher.

"You fucking punk," yelled the big guy who'd been holding Dottie, holding his rifle by the barrel. "I'm gonna club your brains out."

He raised the rifle.

The sound of breaking glass followed by the hollow boom of a rifle shot outside rang out and the big guy straightened up, surprise in his eyes, as blood gushed from the side of his chest. Eddie darted forward and pulled the rifle free. When the guy with the shotgun came racing around the corner Eddie calmly shot him in the left shoulder and then as the victim clutched that shoulder Eddie fired again and the shot went through his right arm and into the right shoulder.

Eddie raced into the banking chamber where the hooded woman was yelling, "Ralph! Hank!"

"Drop your gun," Eddie yelled.

"Attempt to shoot me and these people die," said the woman, spinning around towards the screaming hostages, gun still pointing high. So Eddie put her down with a bullet into her left thigh and he raced forward and kicked her gun away.

"How many of them are there Dottie?"

"Just the three and the driver outside in their car but I saw the police get him. Good work Eddie. We must do something before the cops charge in shooting."

Eddie pulled out his phone and dialed the civil emergency number and said he was in a bank being held up and asked to speak to the officer in charge outside Albion United bank. The inevitable delay followed. Eddie told Dottie, "I'll talk to him and then get you to brief him. I'll probably know the cop any way because I do computer networking tasks for them at HQ. Everyone stand up and relax."

Suddenly a cop using a bullhorn shouted, "What's going on in there?"

Just at that moment Eddie was connected to the officer in charge of the field team.

The cop on the phone asked, "Are you in the bank?"


" Sergeant Meadows speaking. What's going on in there?"

"Hi Bruce. It's Eddie Cox. One of your guys shot the brute about to bash me. I seized his gun and shot the team leader, leaving only the woman. She threatened to shoot the hostages so I shot her through the thigh. The leader has both shoulders disabled. We need ambulances. What now Bruce?"

"Come to the entrance with Mrs Cooper and have her unlock the doors. Stay where I can see you. Then I want to see three weapons tossed out. Then I want to see the hostages come out in twos, half a minute apart and then Dottie and you walk out. I want everyone to come out hands on their heads. What's the screaming?"

"The woman robber. The big guy your guy shot looks dead and the leader I brought down is unconscious. Mrs Cooper and I are coming to the front doors now Bruce. Over and out."

The freed hostages including other bank workers were taken away on a bus. Dottie and Eddie were given coffee and a sandwich and spent the next couple of hours assisting the police with their crime scene investigation. They were told what they already knew, that they would be prime witnesses at the proceedings to have the felons convicted for their crimes.

The chief investigating officer said, "We would have preferred for the safe to have opened so that they were in unauthorized possession of bank money."

Dottie said, "Check in the inside pockets of the jacket of the dead guy and the wounded guy and the backpack worn by the woman receiving emergency treatment. They forced tellers to hand over several thousand dollars and there were plenty of independent witnesses to that."

The investigating officer smiled hugely and said to the leader about to be wheeled away, "Gotcha." He then asked the banking chamber manager for the address of the company taking the feed from the security cameras for safe storage and Dottie nodded her approval when the manager looked at her.

* * *

Later that day Eddie was working on the computer network at a school when the school principal arrived in the classroom computer suite with two visitors for Eddie accompanied by a TV crew and reporters. Dottie went straight up to Eddie and hugged and kissed him and said, "My hero." Ignoring the media she turned to her companion and said, "Eddie, this is my regional manager Mike Dutton who wishes to personally thank you for assisting to help maintain the Albion United Bank's proud record of maintaining its customers' money securely.

Eddie thought who else had assisted to bring down the robbers and then remembered if the police marksman hadn't shot the big guy through the throat he would have been brutally clubbed and possibly dead.

Mr Dutton shook Eddie's hand and turning to the media said, "You are a hero Eddie and the Albion United Bank thanks you for your extraordinary effort and valor."

"Okay and thanks," Eddie said. "Now could you lot clear off. The kids in this classroom are banking on me finding this computer connection fault so their computers are ready for them in the morning. Dottie, another of those sweet kisses before you go."

Dottie pecked him on the cheek and laughed at Eddie's scowl.

Eddie was in the shower and walked out dripping to answer his phone. He brightened when hearing Dottie's voice.

"You've had a tough day. I'm cooking and chicken-rice dish. Like to come over and share?"


"It's been a couple of years since I was last kissed by a guy and the way you kissed me, just for the fleeting second, sent my heart racing."

"So you're interested in me romantically?"

"Yes, unless you are pre-occupied with much younger versions of me?"

"No I'm running empty on women at the moment. I recall you being soft with big tits."

"Oh Eddie, let's not rush it huh?"

"Okay, you feed me and then we'll talk about it."

Dottie answered the doorbell, looking well groomed with full makeup, her multi-streaked hair pulled back and wearing a white and read-patterned sundress. She looked admiringly at Eddie neatly dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt and cream pants and showing no sign of a beer belly and his arm muscles suggesting he was in good shape.

"You look good enough to eat," she purred, and Eddie who'd never knowingly fucked a woman older than himself felt a big twinge of interest, confirming the earlier thought that if Dottie wanted it he'd gladly give it to her to celebrate the very tense time they'd experienced during the thwarted bank hold-up and had both come through physically unharmed. Well if she wanted it Dottie was expected to plead, er, give very strong hints. Would a woman of fifty want to fuck? That thought reminded Eddie he really didn't know much about women.

"Come in and make yourself at home. I've been looking forward to seeing more of you."

"You want me to take off my shirt," Eddie joked, and before he could bite his lip for been so stupid Dottie gave a playful laugh and said he sounded as if he was in need of a drink. "Water?"

She laughed again, this time watching his face fall in alarm. "Beer, wine or something stronger."

"A white wine thanks Dottie. You gave me quite a stir for a moment."

"Oh really? What part of you stirred?"

Eddie replied cautiously. Dottie could have accepted him saying his cock, and may have pitched her comment to elicit that comment. But would she be so bold so soon? He teetered and answered, "The pit of my stomach."

She crooked her arm into hers and led him to the kitchen, allowing her breast to press against his arm.

"You look well set-up here," Eddie said, believing conversation was appropriate rather than speculating about nipple size and color.

"Yes, I'm very comfortable. You are my first solo male visitor for a very long time."

"I guess with the title of Mrs you have been married or still are?"

"I've been twice married and divorced and have two children half your age."

"Do you see much of them?"

"They lead their own lives now but do flit between me and their fathers."

"Fathers? So you had one child per husband?"

"Yes but their presence didn't save my marriages. Each time I returned to work early and I guess that made both men begin to think they were redundant, no longer needed, because they drifted into the arms of other women, over time of course. It also didn't help that in each instance my salary were higher than my husband's. Men don't seem to like that. Have you been married?"

"Yes, the once until nine years ago. Since then babes have lived with me three times for quite some time but then as you experienced, the drift occurred. The problem is with some of my clients operating businesses that run 24/7 I'm called out whenever the need arises. I'm paid to be on call 24/7 so they call. I recall when my second woman walked out on me her family was with us waiting for her to serve Christmas dinner when the call came and the remedial work took me almost five hours. I returned home to find every trace of Sylvia gone and she'd left a note, "Goodbye. You'll find your Christmas dinner in the trash can."

"What a bitch."

"Yes and thank you Dottie. All three knew the nature of my work before they hooked up with me."

"Divorced women I suppose looking for a new relationship that was smooth sailing."

"No, in fact all were single women. The last one was only eighteen."

"God that's amazing. Then why are you interested in the likes of me?"

"You won't want to hear it."

Dottie handed Eddie his wine and sipped hers. "Tell me Eddie."

"That guy holding you in the bank was scum. When I saw him holding you, a decent woman, with a hand down inside the front of your dress I had this great desire to kill him."

Dottie gurgled and spilt her wine. "Oh Eddie. I would not have liked you doing that."

"Me neither. It was just passion rising. Had I had a gun in my hand I might not have fired."

After a delicious meal Dottie made her request. They were moving into the kitchen with dishes and she said, conversationally, "Would you please stay and take me to bed?"

"Yes, sure. I'd really like that Dottie."

She held out her arms and they kissed. "Leave the dishes; I'll do them later."

Eddie buried his lips into her throat and felt responses from Dottie that told him she was into this seriously. Her hands were brushing over his hair and shoulders and a hand then went down and snaked between shirt buttons to begin rubbing across his chest and her lower body was slowly thudding against his like a boat rocking or perhaps more accurately like simulated sex.

They staggered towards the bedroom until Dottie halted and turned her head away to avoid being kissed again. "There's something I must tell you."


"This is difficult... I don't have the body of an 18-year old."

Eddie showed no sign of mirth. He looked at her steadily and said he understood that. What was she, fifty?"

"Rising fifty-one."

"Well that sets my expectations Dottie. All I really require is for you to open your legs and help push it in. If you manage to bounce back at me, so much the better."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and stop being so nervous. This is not your first ever fuck is it?"

She laughed and Eddie pulled a tit out of her bra and over her dress and said, "This feels like a firm fucker. If you have some good sag you must give me a titty fuck later."

Dottie groaned and pushed her tongue into Eddie's mouth, indicating to him she was back on course. Er intercourse of course.

When Eddie dropped his underpants, allowing Dottie to see what he had, she licked her lips and drew a sagging tit to her mouth and sucked a nipple and at the same time watched Eddie's dick positively harden.

"I like a woman who will suck her tit in front of a man. She's telling me she's wanton and she's mine to fuck."

"You regard that as a sign she's a slut."

"Good gracious no. I mean it in the sense she's signaling she's playful or frolicsome."

"Oooh. I'm very happy you have that interpretation. Come on to the bed sweetie and ram it up me."

Eddie, almost panting, picked up Dottie and placed her gently on the bed, pleased he was a regular at the gym because she was no lightweight.

She sat up and waited to be undressed. Eddie unzipped her dress and lowered it to her waist and off came the bra. He bounced the good-sized boobs in his hand and laughed saying they were in great shape to fuck a cock.

Attempting to avoid not looking embarrassed, Dottie wriggled her dress down and Eddie yanked that off and her panties went the same way, presenting him with a hairy bush.

"I-I don't trim it, not h-having the need."

"That's fine. My cock knows how to burrow."

"For god sake, this focus talk is embarrassing me. Get over me and let's get it in."

Dottie panted and puffed in concentration as they maneuvered and pushed it in. And then she lay back and relaxed and as Eddie built up thrusting tempo she pushed back and they were away, their grins lasted until the strain began to tell.

"Eight times. I can't believe I climaxed eight times," Dottie said in awe, showered and wrapped in a robe as she kissed Eddie goodnight after midnight as he prepared to go home.

"You are awesome. I can't recall ever being with a woman who started off so indifferently and then cranked up to become a right raver," Eddie smiled, holding her and pushing her hair back.

"Well take a bow my younger man," she smiled. "You appear to have unbelievable expertise."

Eddie grinned boyishly, the smile erasing his weariness. "I was a failure at school until I found electronics so I thought the only way left to impress women was to learn how to smile attractively and learn which other buttons they liked pushed."

They kissed and again he declined the invitation to stay, repeating he had a maintenance job to start in eight hours.

Although tiredly happy, Dolores Cooper – who'd become known as Dottie from the time she arrived home after her birth – waved Eddie off as he drove away quietly. She sighed, thinking that would be the last time she'd have Eddie in her bed. He had the physique and manner to appeal to much younger and sexier women than Dottie Cooper. Of course she could only assume that's how Eddie would think.

Mid-morning the attractive 40-year old operations manager at Red River Publishing Company, Mrs Eve Robbins, entered the computer room where Eddie was working carrying a tray of coffee and two multi-deck sandwiches for Eddie.

"It's been quite some time since you've been with me Eddie."

"I've attempting to cut back."

Eve looked as if she'd just been told the biggest 'porkie' of the century.

"You mean sex? I don't believe it."

He grinned and said, "No, adultery."

Eve's cheeks burned and she took the newspaper off the tray, opened it and held up the front page. "You two make a nice couple."

He looked and grinned.

"You really do Eddie. Dottie Cooper is a lovely woman. I know her from book club. It's a waste she's been divorced. Her stupid husbands had no heart."

"Actually I've been thinking about her all morning. She acted with a lot of courage during that hold-up and was instrumental in keeping staff and clients calm. It could have become ugly."

"Yes indeed, but then her hero took charge. You'll probably get a civic medal for your actions and a big check from the bank."

"Bullshit. The cops had those robbers cornered."

Eve snorted. "You haven't even read the newspaper have you? God anyone else in your shoes would have read and re-read the stories and purchased extra copies to send to relatives."

"Oh yeah."

"Yes Eddie and as for that dismissive statement the cops had the robbers cornered, let me read you this: "Police Commissioner Charles J. Joyce said it was fortuitous Mr Eddie Cox at great personal risk drew one of the alleged robbers into police line of fire, allowing police to gun down that man as he attempted to bash Mr Cox with a rifle butt, perhaps fatally. Mr Cox then shot and disabled the other two suspected robbers. Commissioner Joyce said although police had ringed the bank it was never certain what would happen when desperate people emerge in a tight situation with hostages. Blood could flow and the desperadoes might have had to be allowed to make their escape, although hopefully it would be short-lived. In this instance Mr Cox saved the day and we avoided those messy and potentially very dangerous options."

"That was good of Charlie to say that about me."

"Is that all you're going to say?"

"Well no. Great sandwiches thanks Eve. I've changed the power supply to one of your processors. The readings I got from it were erratic so it could be heading to failure. Now that should be of greater interest to you Eve than a police commissioner spouting expansively when his job is to chew ears."

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