Eden Ch. 01


"Are you kidding? You're perfection! How old are you, anyway? Twenty-five?"

"Good answer! I'm twenty-eight. I'm really going to like you," she said, kissing my cheek wetly.

"And in any case, you give amazing head. Much better than the two girls," I added thinking back to the feeling of her lovely moist mouth on my cock and twitching once more.

She definitely blushed this time. "You're so kind. And sexy too! Like a loveable ape," she added, slightly ruining the moment before retrieving it with another kiss, this time on my mouth.

I happily felt her boobs for a bit longer, my cock gradually hardening, much to her delight.

"Oh, I can't believe this is happening. You're getting hard again! Oh, please Captain Shank! Please can we fuck? I just want to have you to myself a bit before the girls distract you. I'll get on top and I promise I'll be gentle! Oh, I so need some to feel a cock back inside me!"

"Um, well, OK then," I assented, rather magnanimously.

I lay back down while she stood to rip off her hotpants. Her pussy, inches away from face, was framed by a tiny tuft of straight black hair, no doubt shaped so perfectly without intervention, considering her modified genes.

"Maybe you could see how I compare to the girls at licking pussy," I suggested, captivated by her gorgeous fanny.

She laughed happily and mounted the bed, her pert chocolaty arse pointing towards me. As she lifted my gown and began to suck my restored erection, I raised my head slightly and kissed her clit, causing her to convulse in excitement.

Desperately trying to ignore the bliss emanating from her magic tongue and practised mouth on my genitalia, I began to lick her long pink lips up and down, gradually working my tongue into her delicious fresh pussy hole before sliding a finger into her still very tight cunt while I flicked her clit with my willing tongue.

It was lucky that the doors were designed for air leaks and so didn't transmit sound well because she almost immediately began screaming and cursing in pleasure, holding my cock against her face whilst intermittently sucking hard on me when she occasionally regained a modicum of control.

As she got closer to coming, she began to grind her sloppy pussy over my stubbly happy face. I grabbed hold of her perfect arse and crushed my tongue hard against her clit.

As she came, she went strangely silent, her body shuddering in bliss for a few moments before heaving a huge sigh and sucking me hard, sliding her mouth all the way down my pole.

Abruptly she swivelled around, kissed me stickily and impaled herself on my rigid member.

"Oh, thank you, so much, Captain Shank, you hairy fucker," she wailed as she came again, my length penetrating her poor neglected pussy.

I lost count of the number of the times she climaxed but I can honestly say she was the most responsive, energetic and fun shag I had ever had. Her hips were sinuous and quick, her boobs bounced delightfully in my face when I wasn't sucking on her thick brown nipples and her mouth only stopped licking and kissing my face for her to scream out climaxes and for her to tell me she loved me.

After a good while, I could feel myself getting tighter and tighter, ready to come again.

"I'm almost there! Should I pull out?" I grunted into her ear.

"No! Don't worry. I can't become pregnant until I take a re-initiator from the medicomp. Fill me with you filthy Rocker cream, you dirty ugly bastard!" she screeched, coming once more. And so I did.

Afterwards, she licked my knob lovingly clean. "Oh, you really are the best thing to happen to me in years, Captain Shank. Thank you so much," she said, swallowing our mingled juices.

"Really, it was an absolute and total pleasure," I responded with a smile.

"Well, now that I've finally had a good hard fucking, I'm happy for you to go and service the girls. They've got the tightest cunts imaginable!" she promised.

"Er, I'm not sure I'll be able to, you know...," pointing down at my limp dick.

"If you don't mind, can I dose you up with a restorative from the medicomp? I'd hate the girls to miss out because I've sucked you dry!" she suggested. I didn't mind.

By now, time and sexual exercise had loosened me up a bit so that I could walk, although I was still a little unsteady on my legs.

We went to the girls' room via an ultrasonic shower so that I was clean again and the mass-generator so that I could get some basic comfortable clothes, a loose white blouse and baggy dark trousers. I didn't bother with underwear. To be honest the ambient air temperature meant I hardly need clothes at all.

"We don't have many rooms, Captain," Carrie explained. "Two sleeping cabins plus the hospital you were in, a galley, a bathroom and a central living quarters. I guess you'll just have to sleep with me every night," she suggested with a suggestive smile.

We went to the girls' door. Carrie stopped me entering before giving me a hug. Fuck she was tall. Her boobs were virtually at my face height.

"Captain, I know the girls were very forward today in sucking your cock, but they're still only nineteen and they've spent the last eight years learning about men and relationships and the Galaxy and virtually everything else from just me. I've had to bring them up since the age of eleven, maybe not as a mother but at least as a big sister. I love them. They will be as desperate to fuck you as I was. I guess what I'm trying to say is, please, take it easy with them. Not so much with their bodies, which are eager, silky and pliant, but with their emotions."

"I'll take your lead, Carrie," I reassured her, squeezing her tight bum and gently kissing her nipples in turn.

She smiled at me and pressed the open button.

"Hi!" the girls trilled excitedly, when we entered their room; they had been sitting chatting on their beds which had been pulled together.

Carrie had been self-deprecating regarding her own attractiveness. But she certainly hadn't been exaggerating when she'd said that the two girls were stunningly beautiful.

The girl on the right had big sweet brown eyes and long loose ash blonde hair. Her features were impossibly lovely and her mouth generous with a soft introspective pout. She stood as we entered to reveal her height (yes, she was taller than me) and a luscious rich nut-brown curvaceous body. Her legs were still lengthy but her bum was generous and her breasts huge yet unfeasibly firm, like fat ripe watermelons, although tipped by plump warm brown nipples. To me she appeared to be the very personification of lush womanly sexuality.

By contrast the girl on the left was a touch smaller (but, yes, still taller than me) with long limbs, a tight pale smoothly muscled body and large high breasts with red nipples. Her hair was short, bright red and spiky. Her eyes were exotically slanted, deep green and challenging, sending a thrill shooting down my spine as she inspected me hungrily, slowly licking her ruby lips.

Oh and they were both completely, utterly naked. Their pubes were tiny wisps between their legs and matched their head-hair colour perfectly.

"You're awake!" exclaimed the one on the left whom, from her voice, I recognised as Tinkerbell. "You haven't been using him up have you Carrie?" she asked petulantly yet perceptively.

"Don't worry! There's plenty of him to go around," Carrie answered amusedly.

Before she could finish, Tinkerbell was up, sliding her arms around me and pulling me back onto the bed. "Let's fuck!" she ordered imperiously, trying to kiss me and slide her tongue into my mouth.

Conscious of Carrie's warning, I sat up and held her off. "It's OK. Take it easy. Let's go a bit slower. I promise I really want to fuck you too but I'm not going anywhere. I should introduce myself: I'm Captain Grark Shank."

"Hi, Captain Shank, I'm Tinkerbell. Do you like to have your cock sucked?" Tinkerbell was, to say the least, fairly single-minded.

I ignored her despite the fact that she had slid her hand down my trousers to play dexterously with my stiffening cock.

"And you, who are you?" I asked Sparkle, playing along with their earlier attempted deception.

"Oh, hi, I'm Sparkle," she answered shyly.

"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," I commented causing her to blush deliciously. Fuck me, I thought, what a pair of babes.

Tinkerbell pulled my cock out, knelt down and began to suck it energetically, apparently keen to get me hard so that we could shag.

Carrie shook her head and stopped her. "Wait a minute Tinkerbell. You really can't just go up to men and start sucking them off. You've got a lot to learn before we go back to the real world! And in any case, you're missing some tricks. Here let me show you," she offered, winking at me. "Come on, Sparkle, come closer. You can learn too."

Carrie then proceeded to offer the girls a lesson in the art of giving blowjobs.

Within seconds I was rock hard again. Within minutes I was bucking my hips, desperate to come, such was the fabulous skill Carrie showed as she flicked her tongue over my glans, sucked my testicles, tongued my anus and slurped on my shaft, cleverly teaching the girls how to stimulate different parts of my genitalia in just the right way for the just the right with just the right delicacy or force.

Within thirty minutes they were able to give me a head as well as any prostitute I'd ever had the pleasure to experience and the lesson degenerated into a sloppy three-girl suck and blow fest beyond my wildest imaginings.

Although Sparkle had, for the most part, lost her shyness, predictably it was Tinkerbell who swung her body round and sat squarely on my face whilst sucking merrily on my erection. Carrie and Sparkle, who had been licking my balls and arsehole respectively, began playing with each others' magnificent bosoms before slipping their hands down between each others' legs.

If I hadn't come already I'd have been spurting all over the place just on the strength of their lesbian stroking let alone the bliss of Tinkerbell's hot pouty mouth around my erection and her fragrant fresh pussy on my face.

I think all three of the girls had come once each by the time Carrie pulled Tinkerbell off me.

"Sparkle's been very patient. She gets it first," she said, eliciting a string of complaints from Tinkerbell who eventually sat down to allow Sparkle to lie back and put her head in Tinkerbell's lap.

Sparkle who had hardly said a word looked up at me with her soft sexy eyes, pleading with me silently for my cock. I lay down on top of her, kissing her deeply whilst Carrie grabbed hold of my hard-on and positioned me at her entrance.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," she breathed. "Fuck me, Captain."

I slowly pushed myself into her, not expecting her to be so tight, considering her reported use of a large dildo. I pulled out and re-entered, gradually working my way in, causing her to groan in ecstasy as I took her virginity.

I kept control of myself, slowly fucking her, inexorably taking her to her first cock-induced orgasm while Carrie and Tinkerbell encouraged the two us.

"Oh, yes, Captain Shank," Tinkerbell moaned as she played with herself. I lifted my head to suck on her hard red nipples causing her to shriek even more.

When Sparkle came, she convulsed and shuddered blissfully, throwing her arms around me to hold her tight. After a few intimate moments, I slowly withdrew from her, my cock wet with her juices which Carrie, after an approving nod at my fucking of her ward, licked from me.

"Oh, Sparkle, was it as wonderful as it looked?" Tinkerbell asked breathlessly, the fingers of her right hand rubbing herself furiously between the legs.

"Oh, yeah, Tinkerbell. That was so much nicer than using our toys. You've got to have a go!" Sparkle enthused.

"Oh, please, Captain!" Tinkerbell begged. "Please please please fuck me now! I need your cock!" she pleaded, rolling over onto her hands and knees and pointing her pert creamy arse at me, the bulge of her cunt heavy, wet and welcoming between her legs.

By now I really was ready to come so I didn't hesitate. I slid my knob down over her red arsehole down to her vagina and pushed as hard as I could.

Her scream of ecstasy as I invaded her tiny tight pussy was shrill but within a few thrusts she was pushing her hips back against me furiously.

"Oh, yes, fuck me hard, Captain!" she shouted, her boobs bouncing wildly as I shagged her brutally.

"That's it. Give it to her. Fuck her hard. Make her scream," Sparkle demanded, her eyes alive with need as she squeezed her friend's fat swinging tits.

Tinkerbell's orgasm was a loud as I had expected, almost hurting my ears with her climactic yowling.

I pulled out of her as she collapsed and looked around, trying to decide in whom and how to come.

Carrie, a huge smile on her face, hugged me and then kissed me tenderly. "That was perfect, Captain. Would you like to finish off in my arse? As a thank you for being so good to them?" she offered thoughtfully.

I grunted in astonished agreement, desperation for release coupled with amazement at such a brazen and whorish suggestion.

Her arse was the tightest hole I'd ever entered. Both Sparkle and Tinkerbell had to tongue it lovingly before it was wet and open enough for me to push myself in.

Once I had entered, I lost any semblance of control that I'd had, powerfully fucking her butt, ignoring her screeches as she did her best to match my frantic bucking with her own sinuous hip movement. It didn't take long before I spurted off once more, filling her tiny rectum with a surprising amount of jism.

I crumpled back onto the bed, Carrie shouting as my cock slipped out of her snug butt with a pop.

"Oh fuck. That was amazing!" I sighed, satisfied beyond my wildest fantasies.

Carrie gingerly turned and lay down in my arms.

"Girls, why don't you be polite and freshen up Captain Shank's penis. Make sure you do a good job now," she added. I looked down to see Tinkerbell and Sparkle sitting down astride my legs, their moist pussies rubbing against me before they began to lick me clean, starting at my balls and working upwards, seemingly not in the tiniest bit discomfited by the taste of Carrie's delectable arse on my dick.

Carrie kissed me passionately. "Welcome to Eden, Captain."


I spent the next few days, with the help of some rejuvenating drugs from the medicomp, almost continuously inside one delightful feminine hole or another, shagging, bumming, tit-wanking and face fucking the three of them in a variety of charming combinations and endless permutations.

Eventually, regretfully, I decided to go and investigate the wreck of my shuttle. I would only be gone for a few hours but I knew I'd miss Carrie's adept hot mouth, Sparkle's generous firm breasts and Tinkerbell's pert saucy arse despite them begging me to hurry back to a promise of an anal sex competition to see whose butt was the tightest.

However I needed to see what was left and whether the Brain on The Nuncupatory Wedge, my lost ship, had somehow managed to salvage my cargo, the result of the investment of all my savings.

I suited up and awkwardly rode the base drone in the low planetary surface gravity to the crash site, thankful the shuttle had detected the base and landed relatively close to it, only a few hours away.

At first glance the remains of the shuttle weren't encouraging. However, with a little brute force, I managed to force myself into the wreckage to have a look around.

I didn't find the cargo but almost immediately, I did find some coordinates on holographic paper.

Silently thanking The Wedge's beautiful Brain, I memorised them, knowing that even in those last few moments she'd had enough foresight to let me know where the crash had happened so, if I survived, I'd be able to recover the all-important cargo.

As I turned to leave I saw the result of another of the ship's great ideas. A hyperspace radio.

A hyperspace radio meant that I could contact the nearest system for help immediately. A hyperspace radio meant that a rescue ship could be with us within hours, days at the most. A hyperspace radio meant that I wouldn't be spending the next year wallowing in the unremitting ecstasy of long smooth legs, of vast firm breasts, of moist tight pussies, of tiny welcoming arseholes, of clever eager mouths.

Sometimes The Wedge looked after me too well, I thought. Knowing that there were no inhabited planets nearby, she must have jury rigged something from the main ship's communication systems and put it on the shuttle with my comatose body, in the hope that I might recover enough to call for help if I needed it. Of course she could have called immediately for aid but then, once the authorities had found me and nursed me back to good health, they would have executed me for smuggling. This way I had a fighting chance for survival. The clever thing.

Oh, well.


"Well, Captain how did it go?" Sparkle asked me as she helped me off with my suit. As usual, she was wearing nothing more than boots and a supportive brace under her huge tits.

"Could you salvage anything?" the naked Tinkerbell asked hopefully.

I looked at them each in turn.

"I'm sorry, girls there was nothing usable." I shook my head, trying to forget drop kicking the radio into the distance before I had set off on the journey back to the base.

Carrie pulled me towards her, nestling my head between her sizeable bare breasts.

"Never mind, Captain," she said. "At least we can spend the next year having a whole lot of fun," she promised, kissing my forehead lovingly.

"I suppose so," I replied and smiled.

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