tagSci-Fi & FantasyEden Ch. 02

Eden Ch. 02


Part 2: Beyond Eden

I surveyed the wreckage of my old ship, The Nuncupatory Wedge, with mixed feelings.

She had been my constant companion for a good fifteen terran years before I had lost her, just three years ago. I had been smuggling some extremely special cargo out Beyond when something had happened to her. I had only the haziest memories of an explosion before I lost consciousness. Luckily for me, with her dying actions, The Wedge had somehow managed to jettison her escape shuttle with me in it along with the coordinates of the wreckage site so that I could make my way back if I were able.

The shuttle had identified an unmanned base on a planet, less than a light-hour hubwards and had set off towards it while keeping me in a sub-coma.

My good fortune had continued when the base turned out to be inhabited by three castaways, all sexually-desperate gorgeous young Mod women.

I sighed, remembering the fifteen idyllic months I'd been with them before we were rescued, typically spending each perfect day in a haze of sexual bliss whilst the three girls and I casually and lasciviously experimented with each other's bodies.

But now as I looked at the debris of my former ship, my savage satisfaction at finally finding her was coloured by a deep melancholy at her loss.

It didn't take long to find the cargo bay. It had broken into three pieces but the consignment was still there, a packaged cube no bigger than two metres a side. It was spinning crazily as the fragments of the superstructure lazily floated around it.

It took a few hours to slow its rotation and bring it aboard my newly reconditioned freighter, The Effulgent Libertine, an old ship I had restored using various parts from various old wrecks, calling in every favour I had accumulated throughout my grubby lifetime.

As the package gradually acclimatised in The Libertine's cargo bay, I watched it on a screen. To think that this tiny package was the key to my future – the difference between untold riches on one hand and a lifetime of minor long haul jobs of dubious legality and struggling to make ends meet on the other.

The package contained one of the rarest and most sought-after pieces of technology available in the galaxy: a Morris-Hitachi 'Terraform-Buster' Planetary Grade VI Seeding Bomb. Banned across the civilised galaxy apart from after an interminably long process of approval by each member of the entire Pan-Galactic Assembly, the Seeding Bomb could turn a standard terran sized lump of rock into a fully-functioning life-friendly nitrogen-oxygen balanced planet in just a few years.

They were used extensively a couple of hundred terran years ago when the human race expanded chaotically throughout the galaxy but once this over-expansion ground to a halt with a resultant cross-galactic economic crash, the various planetary governments decided that, for reasons of security and politics, maybe it wasn't safe to just allow anyone access to these amazing pieces of kit.

In any case, in practice it was an exceptionally rare occurrence for an accepted government to be allowed to use one. And it was unheard of for any to fall into the hands of private individuals.

Which was why when I had found one, I knew my life had changed.

I had been making a run across the back end of the Sirian Concourse almost four years ago when The Wedge had detected potential salvage in a minor asteroid belt. I'd debated even bothering to look; after all 95% of such opportunities turned out to be a waste of time. But I'd taken a chance and had been rewarded handsomely with the remnants of a Rigellan Navy Dreadnought, probably holed after shield failure.

In any case, the wreck had been maybe 180 years old and had yielded the kind of flotsam of which an old pirate like me could only dream in the form of a pristine Seeding Bomb, complete with initiation keys.

Of course, I had known I had to be careful. Wars had been fought over Seeding Bombs and, if I wanted to yield any value, I'd known I'd have to take it Beyond.

Beyond represented those worlds outside the aegis of the Pan-Galactic Assembly, the galaxy's de facto governing organisation. When you went Beyond you took a chance, leaving behind the accepted laws and received morals of humanity. Beyond was where you could buy anything for a price on one of many single-interest crackpot planets run by governments ranging from personal dictatorships to eccentric qualified democracies and everything in between.

In any case I'd known that the Bomb would be confiscated as soon as I revealed its existence unless I took it Beyond to someone who would be willing to pay its real value.

And that's what I'd been doing when something had destroyed my ship, almost destroying me and leaving me stranded for months with my, admittedly, gorgeous companions.

I brought my mind back to the present to focus on the task in hand which was to find The Wedge's data recorder to see if there were any clues to what had actually happened to destroy her.

It took longer to find but I eventually located it and downloaded it into The Libertine's brain. What it told me left me breathless with anger.

I had been attacked.

My indistinct recollection of an explosion hadn't been caused by an asteroid strike or engine failure but by an anti-personnel anti-electronics ultra-violet missile, fired unprovoked by an unknown aggressor who had presumably wanted to kill me and destroy my ship's control system whilst leaving my cargo intact.

But The Wedge had struck back. As she was dying she had managed to retaliate lethally, destroying the aggressor, an unidentified medium-sized craft, with a pulse of gamma radiation. And then the husk of The Wedge, left unprotected from meteor collision for years, had gradually broken apart.

I set course for the estimated current position of whatever might be left of the hostile craft.

It took several days of searching but I eventually I found out who had attacked me. Partial data from a damaged recorder along with the scraps of various personal items told me that the ship was part of the official navy of Celestine, a planet far Beyond.

And, to my amazement, further research by The Libertine quickly revealed that Celestine was a Mod planet!

Thousands of years ago, the human race had split into those who were willing to genetically modify their embryos to produce perfect specimens of humanity and those who were not. The genetically modified or Mods eventually seceded to their own planets leaving the unmodified, or Rockers, behind. No-one knew the original derivation of the term 'Rocker' but I had always been proud to be one.

I wasn't perfectly proportioned like a Mod but at least I was still naturally a human. Unsurprisingly, Rockers and Mods didn't get on and simply didn't mix unless they had to.

My attitude had changed though after the time with the three Mod girls, who apart from their delectable physical flawlessness actually turned out to have extremely pleasant personalities. As much as I had enjoyed the uninhibited access to their glorious bodies, I had also loved being with them.

But then, they hadn't lived in snobbish elitist Mod society for years before I had met them and had been delighted to meet a real live man.

In any case I had no idea why a Mod planet would want to track me down and destroy me. Unless. of course, they had somehow found out that I had the seeding bomb. But how?

I needed to do some research and to do that I needed to speak to some Mods, who were not known to mix with Rockers. And the only Mods I knew were Carrie, Tinkerbell and Sparkle, my ex-castaway companions.

I cast my mind back to when I had last seen them.

We had eventually been picked up from the base that had been our home for so long by an unmanned rescue drone which had responded to the faint and slow radio signals sent out years before when they had first been marooned.

We had arrived at the nearest planet which, as luck would have it, was an established Mod democracy.

Within minutes of arriving the girls had been hustled away from me, no doubt to make contact with their families and I had been perfunctorily thanked for my support and quarantined before being sent off on the next packet to Rocker civilisation.

I'd not seen or spoken to any of them since then but at least I knew exactly what one of my former companions was now doing.

Tinkerbell had been around twenty terran years old when I'd last seen her. She had always been bold and cheeky but not to the point that I ever thought she would become a porn star. To be specific she was now an actress who specialised in Rocker porn.

Not many Mod women became porn stars and even fewer would 'demean' themselves by having sex with what Mods considered inferior beings, i.e. Rockers.

So when I'd been browsing for some stimulating entertainment one lonely evening and found myself looking at a full-dimensional clip of Tinkerbell, her mouth stuffed with ugly Rocker cock I had been, at first, astounded and then amused. It certainly brought back memories.

It was a relatively short hop to Gethber Zeta, the planetary home of Tinkerbell's studio, Rabid Galactic Entertainment. It took persistence and the full range of my influencing abilities to get a message to Tinkerbell, or rather to Lady Serena Slut, her newly acquired stage name.

And then I had to wait a few days for the completion of a new production before Tinkerbell could fit me into her diary but eventually I found myself being shown up through robust security to a plush modern penthouse in Gethber City.

Tinkerbell still looked gorgeous. She was wearing a stretchy skin-tight silver sleeveless body suit and matching boots, showing off her tall figure, long smooth legs and flawless full high breasts. Her eyes were a sparkling green and slightly slanted, full of mischief and challenge.

As a Mod, her features were Beyond perfect, almost unnaturally faultless and even.

As soon as she saw me, her ruby red lips parted in grin and she bounded towards and jumped into my arms, her mouth seeking mine for a passionate kiss.

At first I was slightly concerned, not knowing where her tongue had been that day, but her soft yielding bosom against my chest and the firmness of her buttocks in my hands soon changed my attitude.

"Oh, Grark! It's wonderful to see you," she said pulling back to look me in the eyes. "I'm sorry I couldn't see you earlier but my agent manages my time so closely. I've got half an hour to do whatever you want but not a minute longer because I'm due to catch a transfer to Vega to publicise my new production. Would you like to fuck me up my arse?"

I considered briefly. "Er, OK."

Surprisingly it took a lot of effort to force myself into Tinkerbell's tiny red bumhole. She explained, between grunts of discomfort as I pushed myself into her butt, that she hadn't done anal since she had last been with me because the cocks she worked with now were just too big.

I could have taken offence at the implied slur but it was difficult to be upset with her as her arse was delightful, tight and hot, snug and welcoming. And in any case, I thought it was sweet that she was so pleased to see me that her first thought was to pleasure me through the generous gift of her bum.

"Oh, Grark, ugh, I've missed you, ugh, and I really miss it up the arse, ugh," she groaned, leaning over a couch as I buggered her. "It feels like ages, ugh, since we were, ooh, on the base. Oh, yeah, spunk in my tight dirty butt. Go on, fuck my slutty bumhole, ugh," she encouraged lewdly.

On cue, I spurted copiously into her fundament, filling her rectum with my sticky spunk. "Oh, fuck yes," I moaned in release, as she looked happily back at me over her graceful shoulder.

I slid out of her and Tinkerbell turned with a contented sigh to wipe me clean with a tiny wisp of unidentifiable clothing that happened to be lying to hand.

Once she was satisfied that I was spotless, she pushed me back onto a couch and jumped into my lap, nuzzling my neck while we talked, casually allowing me to play with her fat red-tipped creamy breasts.

"So what's made you come and see me after all this time, Grark?" she asked in her singsong and impish voice.

"I'm trying to find out about goings-on a Mod planet," I replied as I rolled her left nipple between finger and thumb. Fuck, I'd forgotten how hot she was. "Considering how closed Mod society is, at least to a Rocker like me, I didn't know who else to talk too. And I don't know where the other two are. So when I saw you in a vid, I thought I'd see if you could help."

Tinkle laughed delightfully. "Ah, Grark, I'm further away from 'Mod society' than any Rocker. You see once we were rescued I tried to do my best to integrate but I just couldn't. I didn't know my family and I felt so constrained which is ironic considering where we were trapped for so long!"

She wiggled her bottom before taking my hand and pushing it between her legs. I began rubbing her clit in a small circular motion.

"Ooh, Grark, you haven't forgotten what I like!" She continued, "All I knew was that I loved to have sex. But none of the Mod men I fucked were right for me – they were too smooth, too perfect. I wanted rough Rocker cock like yours. So I ran away to become a porn star so I could have as much of it as I wanted! When I walked into the offices of Rabid, they couldn't believe their luck. I guess it's not surprising that being marooned for that long can change a person. Oh, yes, don't stop!"

She grabbed my hand, urging me to speed up until she came with a delicious squeak. She let a long sigh as her breathing slowed. "Oh, thanks, Grark. That was lovely! You'd be surprised how little I come. You really must visit me more often. You can do anything you want to me. I'll even introduce you to some of my co-stars if you want – they're not Mods but they're still gorgeous and they'll fuck you as a favour if I ask them," she promised.

She kissed me affectionately before retrieving her body suit and boots. I had only a few minutes left.

"So have you any idea how I can find out about this planet?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied. "But I do know where Sparkle is. I'm not the only one who found integration difficult. The last I heard she left home to become a lesbian nun in the Divine Convent of the Holistic and Splendid Diaspora. It's in the Achernar system. She might be able to help."

She hugged me pushing her hips against my now erect cock.

"Oh, Grark, you've got a hard-on again. You poor thing! Oh, and I've got to go otherwise I'd suck you off!"

On cue, the door slid open and a pretty woman in a business suit popped her head around the corner.

"Lady Slut? I know you didn't want me to disturb you but your limo is waiting and you really need to go if you want to catch your ship!"

"It's OK, Tami. I'm ready to go now. But I need your help. Would you please be a darling and give my dear friend Grark a really good blowjob. I've left him all horny and that just wouldn't do!" Tinkerbell said, blowing me a kiss as she left. "And Grark, make sure you come back and see me soon!"

With a wave, she swept out of the room, her tight silver-clad buttocks clenching and unclenching rhythmically, leaving me open-mouthed at her impudence.

I was brought back to reality as Tami slipped into the room, closing the door behind her.

"Please, Sir, do have a seat," she said, tying her dark hair up behind her head before kneeling down in front of me.

As it turned out Tami was one of the administrative assistants at Rabid. She was obviously very ambitious and eager to please because, a slight initial grimace apart, she didn't hesitate to expertly suck me off despite my recent anal fun with Tinkerbell.

All-in-all, I left the planet in a very satisfied state, resolving to come back and visit Tinkerbell as soon as I could.

It was simple enough to locate and make my way to the The Divine Convent of the Holistic and Splendid Diaspora on Achernar.

Apparently the cult of the Holistic and Splendid Diaspora believed in the oneness of all humanity and that our mission was to populate all systems in the galaxy at which point the universe would cease to be and we would all become part of a divine gestalt light-filled entity. Or something like that.

In any case the Divine Convent was a magnificent building in the style of an ancient Earth gothic cathedral except in pink.

I wasn't sure about how I'd be received but when I turned up and asked a nun in a dark blue habit for Sister Sparkle, I was taken to a small apse to find a row of odd double-doored booths, some of which seem to be occupied. The nun told me they were confessional booths where I could confess my sins.

I thanked her but said I wouldn't know where to start.

I was asked to enter the left-hand side of one of these booths to find a seat with a small semi-opaque sliding hatch at face height to the other section.

Within a few minutes, I heard the other door open and saw a black-robed figure entering. She settled back so I couldn't see her face.

"Hello, how may I help you?" Sparkle said.

I recognised her voice immediately.

Sparkle was the same age as Tinkerbell but didn't have her boundless confidence and arrogance. As soon as I met them I had felt lust for the girls but I'd also experienced an added protectiveness towards Sparkle. Don't misunderstand me though – she was seriously hot.

After all she was stunning, with a dusky curvaceous body and soft ash blonde hair. Her eyes were a warm brown and her mouth generous. Her breasts were arguably her best feature, enormous on such a sinuous long-legged frame.

I'd spent hours sucking on her fat brown nipples enjoying the enormous heft of her bosom, fascinated by its paradoxically soft firmness.

"Sparkle, it's me," I answered.

There was a pause. "Grark! Is that really you?" she said, her voice rising in excitement. Pulling it open, she leant forward and smiled at me through the partition. She hadn't changed a bit. Apart from the black nun's habit, obviously.

"Hi, Sparkle!" I said. "Or should I call you 'Sister'?"

"Grark! I can't believe it's you! I thought it would be another member of my family trying to persuade me to go back with them. Sister Flik didn't tell me you were a Rocker."

I sat forward and kissed her on the cheek, not wanting to be too forward with a nun yet at the same time keen to show my affection for her.

"Oh, Grark!" Sparkle said before bringing her hand to my face to kiss me on my lips. The kiss developed until we were snogging passionately.

I paused to take a breath.

"Er, Sparkle. Should we be doing this?" I asked conscious there were other people around us in other booths. And that she was a nun.

"Oh, no! We shouldn't! I don't know what I was thinking! I guess I've really missed you. I can't believe it's really you! How are you?"

I explained my mission and how Tinkerbell had sent me to her as someone who might be able to help. After asking all about Tinkerbell and expressing shock at her career choice, she moved back onto my task.

"Oh, well I do have a little contact with Mods. But not much. I do know where Carrie is though. She's a proper Mod lady now, married to an important businessman on Merak III. She would be able to help."

"That's really useful, Sparkle. Thanks so much. But what happened to you? How come you're here?"

"Oh, I tried but I really struggled to fit in. There were just too many people. I wanted some solitude. And Mod men scare me – they're all so tall. I guess I got used to nice short tubby men like you Grark. I came here for a few months to get away from it, despite my parents wanting me to become a nice normal Mod woman. But I like it here. There aren't any men and I get to have lots of great sex with the other sisters."

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