Eden Ch. 02


I nodded. "Oh, yes." I walked over to a large cube, taller than me, positioned against a wall. I pulled off the covering with a flourish, causing her to gasp.

I chuckled at her reaction as she slowly walked to the Seeding Bomb and stroked the side of it lovingly. She looked at me sharply. "How do I know it's real?" she asked suspiciously.

"Oh, I guarantee it's real. I've got initiation keys and there's an authenticity chip inside which you can scan if you wish. And I have the initiation keys in the control room. This is the real thing. And I know how much you want it."

She turned to face me, her hands on her sweeping silky hips. "What do you want?"

I couldn't help glancing down to her fine bosom causing her to snort in disgust. I adjusted my rapidly stiffening cock surreptitiously.

"Before we get onto the price for this fine and rare piece of merchandise, I just wanted to show you this," I said, referring to a small disc attached to the Bomb. Her eyes widened knowingly as she contemplated my insurance.

"This, as you seem to know, is a positron mine. It's controlled remotely by my ship and is set to detonate if anything happens to me or the craft. My vital signs are being monitored and if I lose consciousness, it explodes. If I suffer any trauma, it explodes. If I die, it explodes. If the ship's hull is breached, it explodes. If pressure or gravity falls, it explodes. Basically, if you try anything, it explodes. Do you understand?"

She nodded. She looked defeated.

"What do you want in return?" she asked again, this time there was more than a hint of pleading in her sultry voice.

Now at this stage I had meant to get her to tell me exactly how she'd found out about the bomb before either demanding an unfeasibly large amount of money or, alternatively, throwing her out. Unfortunately my cock took over from my brain.

"What are you willing to do to get it?" I asked, taking my time to look her tremendous body up and down.

"Anything," she answered simply.

"Anything? Show me," I demanded.

She paused briefly before walking towards, her eyes staring into mine even as she knelt in front of me. She smelt divine, citrusy and clean.

Her long graceful fingers unfastened my trousers and pulled them down, causing my erection to spring free.

Just for a second, her mask failed as she shuddered at the sight of my dick. I knew it wasn't beautiful but there really was no need for her to be so revolted. In any case, I didn't really care.

She hesitantly reached out with her right hand and slowly peeled back my foreskin before she leant forward and tentatively licked me.

Here eyes opened in surprise. "Oh!"

"What?" I grunted at her.

"It's, well, it's clean," she said her shock evident.

"Of course it's clean, I'm not an animal."

She raised a dark eyebrow at my response but maintained eye contact while taking me into her mouth and sucking progressively harder until she was slurping on me like I was a favourite treat.

As she slowly bobbed her head up and down on my cock, making a tight ring with her soft lips, I moaned in pleasure. She might be a Mod, she might be a politician but she really knew how to give head.

She paused to lick up and down my shaft, even venturing to lick and suck my balls, before tossing me into her mouth, flicking my glans with her agile tongue.

I reached down to grab her long shiny dark hair and began thrusting my hips slowly, powerfully fucking her mouth whilst she worked her tongue around me, seemingly keen for me to come.

It didn't take too long to oblige as I felt myself reaching completion rapidly under her enchanting ministrations.

"Oh, you dirty slut," I groaned causing her to grunt something unintelligible around her mouthful of penis.

I came bountifully, filling her tight mouth with my spunk generously until my spurts died down to a few tiny dribbles.

She looked up at me as she sat back on her haunches and swallowed it all although with a grimace.

Noticing a drop of spunk leaking from me as I deflated, she leant forward and licked it clean.

"Shall we discuss price?" she said saucily, perhaps feeling more confident than she had before.

I smiled at her.

"First, I want you to answer my questions. How did you know I had the bomb?" I countered.

She licked her lips as she stood, tension suddenly evident in her posture and eyes. After a deep breath, she answered me in a matter-of-fact monotone.

"Several years ago, when I was a regional governor, a constituent of mine came to me with some convincing research he had uncovered on a Seeding Bomb lost when a dreadnought from Rigel's navy was lost almost two hundred years ago, somewhere near Sirius. His view was that we should be able to find the bomb and activate it. As a race we are suffocating because we haven't been able to terraform out planet and a Seeding Bomb would be the answer to all our prayers. I took the chance and ran to become Arch-Prime on a manifesto of finding and using the bomb."

She seemed to be a little more relaxed as she continued her answer, unthinkingly scratching her wonderful tight left buttock.

"Once I had been elected, I sent out a ship to find the wreck. Imagine my dismay to find that the wreck had been pillaged only a few hours before we found it. By you. I ordered the captain of the ship to follow your engine trace and get the bomb no matter what it took."

She talked about ordering my assassination idly, as if it simply didn't matter. I did my best to swallow my anger. In much the same way she had swallowed my spunk, reluctantly.

"And it didn't bother you that I would be killed?" I said.

She looked away s her face flushed. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you and, anyway, you're a..."

"...a Rocker," I finished for her. She nodded tightly.

"Well, like I say, I'm a human being. Just as much as you. Maybe more so. Judging from how enthusiastically you sucked me off, I'm guessing you really, really want this bomb."

She nodded again, her eyes downcast.

I thought about whether I should throw her out and leave. She had been happy to have me killed, like I was just vermin, only fit to be exterminated! I could find someone Beyond to buy the bomb, although it would be risky. And I was sure I'd get a better price than Celestine would be able to afford.

But then, I thought glancing down at her full thrusting bosom, how much money did I really need? After all very rich was very rich. I made a decision.

"I'm willing to make a deal with you," I said.

Her breath rushed out in a huge gasp. "Thank you," she said and I think she actually meant it. She must have known that I was very close to abandoning her, despite her spectacular attempt at regaining my goodwill.

"I want two things though. First, I want two hundred million credits transferred to an account at the Galactic Cassiopeian Bank, from which I will transfer it again when you have taken the bomb. I'm not greedy, the bomb is worth more than double that."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Two-hundred million!"

"If you can't afford it then, you're free to go. I'm sure I can find someone to pay at least that somewhere Beyond," I answered bluntly.

Eventually, she answered. "I, I need to speak to my Chancellor."

I smiled. "All right. Come to the control room with me."

I let her walk in front of me so I could have a good look at her lovely bottom clenching and relaxing rhythmically as she walked in front of me. What a fabulous arse, I thought.

In the control room, I let her sit down at the Brain to call Celestine.

As she discussed how the money would be ringfenced with her people on Celestine, I sat down next to her and admired her figure. If it were possible, her lush mature body was even more attractive than the three Mod girls whom I already knew. My cock began to harden again.

"Shank!" I started as I realised she'd had to repeat herself.

"What?" I said guiltily my eyes snapping back to her beautiful face.

"The answer is yes. The money will be available for transfer in four hours," she said, a glint of triumph in her deep green eyes. "What was the other thing?" she asked with every appearance of innocence, although it was obvious she was well aware of what I wanted.

I sat back in my chair and grinned my cheekiest grin. "You have four hours to show me how much you want this bomb."

She actually smiled as she stood up to pull off her vest. Her breasts were freed with a bounce, jiggling delightfully. Her big nipples were a dark chocolaty brown and stuck out a good two centimetres from her heavy creamy tits. She peeled off her panties, revealing her rudely pink labia, clearly exposed between her legs.

She towered over me as she bent down to kiss me passionately, deeply. Any compunction she'd had about getting close to a Rocker had obviously been discarded along with her principles.

I growled in lust as she sinuously arched her back and rubbed her fat tits over my face. I caught one of those gorgeous thick nipples in my mouth and sucked hard causing her to sigh, holding my head to her chest. As I nibbled her boobs, I slide her hand down over her flat stomach to cup her cunt, hot and throbbing under my hand.

I rubbed her clit urgently, until her pussy was moist enough to slide my middle finger in. She moaned huskily as I did so. "Oh, yes."

As she pulled out my cock once more, I switched to sucking her other breast whilst fingering her forcefully until she pulled my head away to kiss me once more. She straddled me, looking deep into my eyes as she used her athletic thighs to slowly lower herself onto my cock.

Immediately, she began to thrust powerfully, grunting and groaning lustily. "Oh, yes, fuck me, you dirty old man. Use me, your Rocker scum," she moaned as she shagged me energetically. I buried my face between her breasts as she took me to heaven.

After a while her wailing became higher and higher pitched until she climaxed squeakily, her nails scoring across my back painfully.

"Fuck, that was good," she breathed, lifting herself off me and leaning over the console. She looked back over her shoulder. "Do you want to try me from behind?" she asked through her long dark eyelashes.

I didn't need a second invitation as I jumped up and, after she had bent her knees significantly so that I could reach, thrust into her dripping cunt. Her arse was perfection, firm and smooth, perfectly shaped and welcoming. I fingered her tiny brown arsehole causing an increase in the volume of her screeching as I fucked her hard, slapping my overlarge stomach against her bum.

Having come so recently, I was blessed with increased stamina and I made her come twice more before I felt myself getting closer to orgasm myself.

But before that, I really had to try one more thing out.

I pulled my dick out to her evident surprise and positioned myself at her cute little butthole. She gasped as I pushed forward to lodge my knob at her anus.

"Oh! I've never done it up there before!" she complained.

I paused despite my desperate need to violate her tightest rudest hole. "How much do you want the bomb?" I reminded her.

"Oh, shit. Just do it," she replied. "Just do my arse, you dirty bastard."

I pushed past her lovely tight sphincter with a few well-timed thrusts until I was wedged fast up her butt, ignoring her outraged screams. Always the gentleman, I waited for her to get used to me filling her rectum.

"Ok I'm ready; fuck my butt," she ordered and I obeyed without hesitation, slowly pulling myself almost all the way out before I pushed back into her again.

Eventually, her bawling subsided to satisfied little grunts as I arse-shagged her whilst roughly groping her massive tits. Life really didn't get better than this.

I did my best to take my time but the tightness of her bum, the hefty softness of her boobs and the sluttish look in her deep green eyes looking back at me all combined to hasten my orgasm

Despite her willingness to use her delectable body to placate me, I still wasn't entirely 100% happy that she's tried to kill me on more than one occasion. Maybe that was why I wanted to humiliate her further.

In any case, I pulled out of her and ordered to kneel down. Despite her alarmed look she complied and even opened her mouth to allow me to toss myself off between her full red lips. I came heartily, once more filling her defiled mouth with my filthy jizz.

"Oh, yes, you slutty Mod whore, lick me clean!" I commanded as I spunked, forcing myself down her throat.

After she had cleaned me with her tongue, I collapsed back into my chair.

"Fuck that was good," I exclaimed and she nodded in reply. "It wasn't so bad then to fuck a Rocker?" I asked.

"No, it wasn't bad at all. In fact, you're just the same as my husband really, just hairier and shorter and fatter."

If she hadn't been fingering her pussy as she spoke to me, her legs drawn up in her chair to expose herself thoroughly, I might have been upset. Instead I decided to lick her delicious moist pussy, which went down very well indeed, as it were.

Over the next few hours I came twice more, once in her cunt and once up her arse. I lost count of how many times she came but I was proud that she could hardly walk when I'd finished with her.

After we had dressed, she went back to her shuttle to get her own scanner and checked the authenticity of the bomb. I laughed that she'd been through a lot already and that maybe she should have checked before she fucked me and she actually giggled girlishly.

Once she was satisfied that the bomb was real, she contacted Celestine once again to confirm the transfer of the funds. I immediately initiated a program to retransfer the money several times until it became untraceable.

We transferred the bomb to her shuttle's hold using a hover-truck. Once it was safely in her possession she turned and kissed me again, allowing me squeeze her arse.

It was time to broach the difficult subject of insurance.

"Althea," I started – I felt we had progressed to first name terms by this stage – "Althea, now that you have what you want and just in case you might be tempted to send someone to follow me and get your money back, I just wanted to point out that this ship has full recording facilities. I'm sure you wouldn't want any video of our, um, encounter to get into your constituents', or indeed, your husband's hands?"

From the way her face coloured, I guessed that she might have indeed been contemplating putting someone on my tail.

"I'll leave you alone," she said eventually before turning to leave, "as long as you leave me alone."

"I will, I promise," I told her and I meant it. No way would I risk coming back to Celestine.

Her parting words as she closed her shuttle doors were typically feisty. "It's been fun meeting you Captain Shank. I promise I won't try to kill you again. Enjoy, your recording on those long lonely trips!"

Once she had gone, I sighed in relief. A dangerous woman, if I'd ever met one but, shit, what an amazing fuck. I sincerely hoped the Seed Bomb would work for her both in terms of her election as well as transforming the planet.

I prepared to depart. My plan was to set myself up on a pleasure moon somewhere and to see if Sparkle and/or Tinkerbell wanted to live with me. I'd definitely got a taste for Mod women and now I could afford them.

I set course for civilisation, boundless wealth and lifelong happiness. Or so I hoped.

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