tagNovels and NovellasEden Misbehaving Ch. 01

Eden Misbehaving Ch. 01


Eden turned the faucet knob, and the water from the showerhead came to an abrupt stop. The last splash drizzled down the creamy skin of her neck, gliding between ample breasts, and snaking down long taut legs to the drain where it gurgled away into the pipes below. The last of the sweat and cum lingering on her body went along with it.

She sighed as large hands slid around her tiny waist from behind and pinched her supple flesh, warm fingers digging into her skin seething with burning lust. She put on a smile.

"Professor Edwards, you know your wife could be coming home any minute now," she purred.

The hands gripped her tighter. "Don't worry, she's getting her nails done. It'll be at least another hour before she gets back. Plenty of time to have some more fun..." he whispered into her ear, his breath heavy and his voice gruff. He pulled her closer to him. Coarse hairs on his paunch belly tickled the damp skin of her back as he slowly gyrated his hips against the creamy skin of her ass.

She exhaled in amusement before nimbly slipping out of his hands and stepping onto the plush shower mat. She reached for a nearby towel and began drying herself.

"Wait, where are you going?" he asked in surprise, his hands now gripping air and hips gyrating against water vapor.

Ignoring him, she walked over to the bathroom mirror, the warm undersides of her feet feeling cool against the marble tiles. She wiped the condensation away with her palm to reveal a beautiful, nineteen-year-old woman, wet dirty blonde hair stuck to the tops of full, round breasts. Soft lips curled at their corners and big ocean-blue eyes stared back at her.

The sight of such a gorgeous female sent a surge of heat across her cheeks and halted her breath. It tickled her mind to think that this innocent face and sexy body had charmed so many men since she was fifteen. From tough teachers to policemen pulling her over to give her a ticket, she could always rely on her physical assets to turn things in her favor.

Indeed, assets such as those luscious breasts sitting high on her chest. She stared satisfyingly into the mirror at her breasts, slowly swirling droplets of water around the edges of her pink areola with her finger, teasing her reflection. The woman in the mirror played with her pert nipples so openly, so confidently that it began to make her wet. She bit her lower lip feeling a throbbing heat growing between her thighs. Mmm, that looks nice, she thought, as her other hand dropped the towel and slid down the damp skin of her belly to her moist folds.

Professor Edwards stepped awkwardly out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his naked waist. He sauntered over to his nubile lover with as much grace as an overweight man in his late forties could muster. It wasn't long before the sexy woman in the mirror was joined by a large man with a gray mustache and a scraggly head of hair balding at the crown. The pairing was incongruous, to say the least.

Eden couldn't help but be distracted by the unsightly presence that entered her view ruining her arousal. She had nearly forgotten about him until he disturbed her personal moment of self-pleasure. Before she could react, he resumed his position behind her with his hands around her waist.

"Now there's a sight for sore eyes," he growled, gazing at her through the mirror. He marveled at that luscious body, his beady eyes filled with dark lust. She was far more attractive than Mrs. Edwards; there was no question about that. In fact, she was more attractive than any female student he's ever had in his sixteen years of teaching, and he's seen some pretty fine ones. Blondes, brunettes, small girls, curvy girls -- none of them oozed sex as effortlessly as she did.

But best of all, she was a wild fuck. Coaxing his wife into giving him a blowjob was like pulling teeth. Nevermind anal. He knew better than to even broach the topic with the Mrs. But Eden was eager and willing. God was she willing. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined getting the chance to stick his prick between those soft pouty lips or into that tight little cunt, let alone into that deliciously round ass of hers. If possible, he would stick it in her ass and never take it out.

Unfortunately, when he did stick it in a few minutes ago, he instantly ejaculated. The tight grip of her sphincter wrapping his cock was more than he could bear, more than any man his age could bear. Then, to pull out and see his seed dripping from her gaping hole, the pink insides throbbing and pulsating from his quick pull out -- it was enough for him to shoot another burst of hot white fluid, this time landing on the bed sheets.

He silently thanked the stars for the past half hour of his life. All those years of toiling in the highly politicized world of academia were worth it if only for these moments alone. Were it not for his position, how else would he be able to taste the sweet flesh of such an exquisite young girl?

Eden was tempted to drop her gaze, not wanting to subject her eyes to the unpleasant sight of the man embracing her, but she eyed him curiously. His desperation to fuck her was so clear that it was almost cute. Sex with Mrs. Edwards must have been dull. But who could blame him, Mrs. Edwards was a cow.

She remained still, breathing calmly, allowing him to savor a few more moments before she would slip away again. The charade would continue until she left the house in the same innocent schoolgirl outfit she arrived in. It was all part of the deal. He would get to stick it in her hot, young pussy, and in return, she would get an 'A' in his history class. It seemed like a fair enough deal considering how boring the subject was to her.

And with good grades, her mother, Trish, would stop getting on her case about studying. She was never strict with Eden until she married Chuck, Eden's stepfather, a year ago. Eden blamed him for influencing her mother.

Professor Edwards began to move his lips toward her ear to suckle her earlobe, but she casually slipped away again and headed into the master bedroom next door to find her clothes. Not wanting to appear needy, he took his time in following her. By the time he caught up, she already had her panties on and was in the middle of pulling up her skirt, her perky breasts swaying as she shimmied her hips. He leaned against the doorway watching her curiously.

"Leaving so soon?"

"Yes, I have to be back home in time for dinner," she replied coolly without turning to face him.

The coldness of her response slipped a sliver of doubt into his mind about their earlier fucking. She couldn't have been faking those orgasms. He had thrust with all his might, ravaged her thoroughly, causing her to squeal in ecstasy. That's right. She definitely enjoyed it, but now she was merely playing it cool, not wanting to reveal her passion for him. After all, a woman needs to maintain her feminine mystique. But he wanted more. He wanted a few more minutes of that tight little pussy gripping his fat cock until he came all over her again, and he was sure she wanted it as well.

She approached him.

"Would you hook me up?" she asked, turning around to present the unhooked clasps of her bra to him.

He took them in his hands, but instead of uniting them, he pulled them further apart, removing her bra, and began groping her juicy breasts, expecting her small frame to melt into his strong arms.

Thoroughly irritated, she ripped his hands off of her, showing surprising strength for such a small woman.

"What do you think you're doing?" she said sternly.

He was startled. "Come on, I know you want it."

"I've already fulfilled my end of the deal. Sorry to disappoint you, but you're not my type."

Her words pierced him to the spot. But he was so aroused, it didn't matter. He would get another taste of her goods one way or another.

"Come to think of it, you haven't fulfilled your end of the deal. The deal was that I would get to fuck you. And as of now, I'm still not done fucking you," he grinned. His body blocked the doorway so she couldn't leave unless he allowed it.

Eden had had enough. This idiot was pushing his luck.

"Let me be clear. You are going to let me through, or I'll tell your wife and the entire faculty that you took advantage of me. I will describe every part of your body in detail including the J-shape of your four-inch cock right down to that ugly mole on your ass. I will say you raped me and who do you think people will believe huh? It wouldn't really matter who they believed because your reputation will be ruined regardless. You'll lose your wife and your tenure. Now let me through."

His jaw dropped in shock.

On her way out to her car, Eden waved shamelessly to the next door neighbor watering his plants outside. Her visit to Professor Edwards didn't go as smoothly as expected, but she was confident he would comply. He had too much too lose if he didn't.

Edwards was the last professor she had to strike a deal with. Now she wouldn't have to be concerned about her mother getting on her case about school work. The grades would speak for themselves.

She started the car and headed back to her parents' house. She would move into a place of her own if she had a job, but working seemed like a worse alternative to putting up with her mother and stepfather at home. Besides, they were paying for her tuition and her car, and if she got a job, she might have to pitch in for those as well. Her current situation wasn't bad. It had just been too stifling ever since Chuck came into the picture.

She pulled up to her parents' house and parked in front. That was unusual. There was a car parked in front that she didn't recognize. She opened the front door to the house, took off her shoes, and noticed the lights on in the living room. As she approached, her instincts told her something was wrong.

She entered the living room. Professor Davis, his wife Lucy, and Eden's parents, Trish and Chuck, were all seated with grave looks on their faces.

Eden was caught off guard.

"What is this?" she asked innocently, already suspecting why they were there.

"Eden, you know Professor Davis and his wife Lucy," said Trish, visibly distressed.

Lucy could barely contain herself. "You seduced my husband you bitch!"

"What are you talking about?" Eden asked, putting on a surprised look.

"Don't pretend like you don't know!"

Her husband, Martin, put a gentle hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down, but she quickly brushed it off. Lucy couldn't be placated.

"Last week, I left to do my Sunday shopping, but found out I had forgotten my purse. I came back and heard weird noises upstairs. It sounded like moaning and grunting. So I went up and was shocked to see YOU in my bedroom with Martin..." She pointed an accusing finger at Eden. She struggled to find the words to describe what she saw as tears streamed down her face.

"...Y-Your lips were wrapped around his penis! I was so distraught, I couldn't even move or scream. I was frozen...all I could do was watch as you had your way with my husband. Eagerly slopping him up with your tongue like some kind of dog, rubbing your breasts shamelessly in front of him, and moaning like a little whore. Then you pushed him onto the bed and pressed those swollen melons of yours against his penis, rubbing him up and down. You smiled at him and said, 'I'm such a naughty girl Professor Davis, I should be punished.' "

It was odd how detailed Lucy was describing what she witnessed, but she was now reliving the experience in her mind as she sat in the living room and couldn't help but relay what she was feeling and seeing.

"And then Martin grabbed you and put you face down on the bed. You lifted your filthy butt in the air and wiggled it around to tease him all the while giggling and smiling. Then he...he...stuck himself in your butt! And you moaned in delight. God, did you moan loudly. You were so loud, I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors heard it. Then you...," she poked her finger hard into her husband's chest.

"You said, 'Oh fuck, your asshole is so tight' as you watched your penis get swallowed up by her filthy hole. You had such a sick look of lust in your eyes Martin, I almost gagged. Just thinking about it now makes me want to vomit. But it didn't stop there. Oh no. You began spanking her. Teeth clenched, hands running wild, sweat dripping from your body. And she enjoyed every second of it, egging you on with dirty talk like, 'Go on, spank me professor. Teach me my lesson.' "

Trish listened with her hand cupped over her gaping mouth, appalled by what she was hearing about her daughter. Professor Davis gazed at the floor, his face red with guilt and shame, but Eden noticed he had an erection through his pants. He was probably recalling how much fun he had. She also noticed her stepfather, Chuck, had an erection as well. That pervert. She always suspected there was something sexual behind his insistence on punishing her.

Lucy continued. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. I had almost wished I'd never gone back to the house to get my purse. My hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably. It was like my whole world was falling apart. But none of that made a difference because your bodies kept slapping furiously against one another. Wet, squelching noises filled the whole house. And then you..."

Lucy stared at Eden with a look of disbelief.

"...You pulled off from him and put his penis back in your mouth! Right after it was in your butt. It was so disgusting." Lucy gagged.

Eden recalled her little tryst with Professor Davis. Unlike with Professor Edwards, she actually enjoyed herself with him. Martin was not only handsome but turned out to have a rather nice cock as well. She had cleaned up thoroughly before their meetup so it really wasn't a big deal to take his cock into her mouth after it had been in her ass. It secretly entertained her to see Lucy so worked up over it.

"You took his penis all the way into your throat without even flinching. Your head bobbed up and down while Martin held your hair back with his hands. You two weren't even using a condom! I watched as you swirled your tongue around the exposed tip of his penis, teasing him with light licks, pulling deep growls from Martin's throat. I thought I was living a nightmare that would never end. But just then, Martin cried out, 'Oh I'm coming! I'm coming!' and you opened your mouth wide to accept his sperm in your mouth."

Lucy gagged again.

"You grabbed his swollen penis and stroked him desperately. You were so eager to have him ejaculate in your mouth that you stuck out your tongue to lick the opening, running your tongue around it in circles, kissing it, all the while continuing to stroke him with your shameless hands. It was then that Martin let out a loud wail that sounded like he was dying and shot his semen into your waiting mouth. Some of it splashed across your face and you laughed, smiling with a mouthful of sperm, letting a few drops drip down your bottom lip to ruin the bed sheets. Then you looked up at my husband with those manipulative eyes and swallowed all of it and said, 'Mmm yummy,' like a little slut. But that wasn't enough for you. Oh no, you wanted more. That's why you wrapped your lips around his penis again and sucked him until he came two more times..." Her voice trailed off. She didn't mention it, but she had never seen her husband ejaculate so much in their many years together. It upset her to think that Eden could arouse Martin more than she ever could.

"I stayed hidden until you two finished. Once Eden left, that's when I confronted Martin."

Eden exhaled amusingly. "You must have mistaken me for someone else Mrs. Davis. I'm sorry you had to walk in on your husband with another woman, but this is all just a big misunderstanding. I was out with my friends last Sunday." She looked at her mother. "You can ask Jenny, she'll tell you I was with her the whole day."

"Stop lying Eden!" Trish shouted, her face fully flushed. "Lucy told us she saw the green butterfly tattoo you got on your rear. Martin also said it was you. You can't deny it, it was you, Eden."

Shit, she thought. Seeing that denial wasn't working, she decided to confess. She sighed. "Fine, it was me...I only did it because you wanted me to get good grades, mom. I was so stressed that I didn't do well on the last test, that I asked Professor Davis to tutor me. I suggested we meet at his house and well...I guess one thing led to the next and I couldn't help myself. You have a very attractive husband, Mrs. Davis." Eden smiled at her.

Eden was taking all the blame, and that felt wrong to Martin. "No, it was my fault," he piped. "I was the one who initiated it."

"Don't you try to protect her Martin! She was the one who started it!" Lucy screamed.

Although Lucy was right -- Eden really was the one who propositioned him with sex in exchange for a good grade in his class -- Martin had to man up and take blame for his part in the deed. Eden was too young and innocent (although she propositioned him, she was still just a nineteen-year-old girl), and also too good of a fuck that he could not do otherwise. As much as his wife didn't want to acknowledge it, he had wanted it as much as Eden did.

Just as Martin was about to say something, Trish chimed in. "Eden, I don't know what to do with you...I could send you to get more counseling or..."

Chuck leaned over to his wife, "You have to punish her Trish. Eden needs to learn boundaries."

"You're right Chuck. She needs to learn the consequences of her actions." Trish locked eyes with her daughter. "I'm taking away your car. I will drive you to campus and pick you up. From now on, you're coming straight home after your classes. Do you understand?"

"But mom," Eden said exasperated. Since her parents were not only paying for her car, they had every right to take it away. It was the one thing she had feared most; her car was the only means by which she could escape the drudgery of suburbia. "You can't do that. How am I going to hang out with my friends? I need my car to get around. Please don't do this," she begged desperately.

"You have done enough 'getting around' already young lady. Go to your room and leave your keys on the counter."

She peered into her mother's eyes seeing only anger and disappointment in them. There was no persuading her. Sensing defeat, Eden balled her fists and stomped out of the room. She slammed the keys down on the counter on her way up to her bedroom.

Her parents apologized profusely to the Davises and shortly after, they left.

While in her room, Eden thought about how she could get out of this predicament. It was all Chuck's fault. If he hadn't been in the picture, the most her mom would do is send her to counseling, which is always what used to happen when she got into serious trouble. Lay on a couch and talk about how all your problems stemmed from the fact that you didn't grow up with a strong father figure in your life? That sounded good to her. But not this time. This time, she had really been punished.

Chuck was to blame. It was clear he needed to get out of the picture. But how could she make that happen? An image popped into her mind of Chuck having an erection from listening to Lucy describe the sex scene. It gave her an idea. If she could prove to her mom that Chuck was a pervert who had the hots for her daughter, her mother would have no choice but to kick him out. All she would need to do would be to seduce him, and have her mother conveniently show up when they were fucking. Then she could pin the blame on him by pretending she was forced into doing it, and of course, her mother would side with her. It was the perfect plan.

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