tagErotic HorrorEden's Nightmare Ch. 01

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 01


(Author's Note: It's funny, my specialty is erotic horror, yet I haven't post much of that here. Sorry everyone but most of that is too much horror, and not enough sex for Literotica. I thought I should post something, given the season and then looking across my library came across this gem.

Eden fantasized herself a vampire as a way to deal with the traumas she'd experienced as a youth, which were pretty bad. At the time I wrote this for her, she was going thru a break up with a guy she should never have let in her home, let alone slept with.

I will warn you, this first part has no actual sex in it, just a lot of very erotic bondage. It heats up dramatically in the later parts. If you're into vampires, I hope you'll enjoy the set up and come back for more.

I'll try to get the rest of this series up as soon as I can.

Happy Halloween.)


Consciousness came slowly and with much protest, each tiny movement of her body bringing pain. A soft moan escaped her lips before Eden realized how bad the situation was. She was sitting, tied up and captive. She couldn't remember how she'd gotten there either. Eden let the breath slowly escape and went limp. Eyes still closed she tried to take stock of her situation with her other senses.


It was the sharp sound of metal hitting metal.


Like something dropped into a hollow bowl.


Some time must have passed, Eden thought, for her bladder was full and she felt the need to pee. She started to remember then, of the attack, though not the battle's final moments. It must have ended badly, Eden realized, give her situation now. She tried to give the most subtle of flexes, to test her bonds but what ever held her, held her tight.


Eden kept her breathing slow and measured, trying to pretend that she was still unconscious. She'd been held captive before and if she could just wait for it, an opportunity often opened up.

She heard someone in the room sniff several times.

"Ah, Fraulein Sands," a deep male voice said. "You are awake, we can begin then..."

From the way his voice sounded he was 10 or 15 feet away. The room had a slight echo-y sound to it. And it felt a little damp and cool.

Eden tried to pretend she hadn't heard him. Wasn't conscious. Measured breathing was the key. Head hung down and her curly red hair all around her face, she concentrated, just breathing in, then out. In, then out. She was a bump on the log. Insignificant. If you could conjure a quiet place they often screwed up. Enough to get you free!

"It won't work with me," he whispered in her ear. "But I give you points for trying."

Then he chuckled, his breath stirring the hairs on the back of her neck.

Eden felt real fear. She hadn't heard him move to her side, though she heard him when he move away. She got the impression he meant her to. With her hearing that he could move that fast and that quietly meant he was something very dangerous indeed.

It started coming back to her then.

The attack...

She'd picked up a check from a client that day for a job recently done. A big check. Twenty-five thousand in fact! For someone who juggled payments just to keep the electric and gas on, that kind of wealth made her dizzy. She worked in the city but lived in the country. The drive was long but the quiet made it worth it. She'd pulled into her gravel driveway with a sigh of relief.

Thinking of new foot wear, something leather and with 4 inch heels, Eden got out of the car. She just stood there for a moment enjoying the early evening night. She really knew better than to let her guard down like that, though her lapse could be forgiven. Nobody had made it personal lately. Nobody had ever hit her at her house.


She heard the noise again.


"Almost finished," she hear him say, with a tint grunt. He chuckled again. "By the Holy Spirit, you are quite the good shot."


There was real admiration in that statement.

Eden opened her eyes and looked up.

First impressions were usually the most true, Eden had always found in the long, dark century since she'd been turned.

She had grown up a liberated woman of the Roaring 20's, out going, fun loving, and had gotten to know people in all their variations before that fateful night of pleasure and pain that had changed her forever. The long years since had just refined the skill. First impressions counted for alot with her.

Later she was always able to fill out the corners of what a person was, detect the lies and masks they wore, but in that first quick glance, she could often sense just what was at their core. What she sensed at the core of this man when she first saw him, put the cold caress of fear up her spine.

A hard man, ready for hard tasks.

Razor sharp was the crease in his black pants, shoes polished bright. While he wasn't wearing a shirt, his bare back had a rigid posture, ram rod straight. Military in bearing. He had short cropped hair of blond. Older, maybe in his fifties. Well muscular but not in a body builder kind of way. Still one that radiated strength and purpose. Maybe just shy of 6 feet tall. Broad of shoulders. Slender of hips.

Attractive in his way.

All this she noticed first, but then she looked closer and saw the scars. They criss crossed his back and shoulders, some weathered with many years, others looking weeks old. Pink scars across tanned flesh. Pink scars cut deep. There was something odd about them, she could not place at first then she realized, the scars ran up and down his back vertically. Like the hand that had given them, had been his own.

That hand came into view, holding a pair of forceps, bloody at the tips. He let something drop from them into a small stainless steel bowl on the workbench before him. She realized then they were in her basement. That gave her a bit of hope.


More of the attack came back to Eden.

She'd reached into the car for her coat and when she came out there was a man, dressed in black military, standing on her porch. He raised a big barreled gun. She recognized the net gun, and dove to the side as he fired, reaching into her coat for her own gun in its shoulder holster.

She'd taken it off when she'd gotten in the car. This could be awkward, she thought, frantically trying to pull it free.

The net whizzed past her missing by just a few inches. Eden had her pistol out, a Baretta 93R machine pistol, and fired a single shot his way. It hit him square in the chest and knocked him back, though he kept his feet.

Damned, the easy access to bullet proof body armor these days, Eden cursed. Not like the old days, when you shot someone, they stayed shot. Out of the corner of her eye she saw three more just like him charging towards her, boxing her in. Eden went for her ace in the hole.

Or this case, ace in the pocket of her coat.

She popped the pin with one finger, counted two and tossed the flash/stun grenade she always carried straight up. It got eight feet or so off the ground, then exploded with a huge crash of sound and light, stunning even her, though Eden was expecting it.

The four attackers catching the blast full in their faces, staggered and went to their knees. Eden lurched to her feet, groggy and tried for the nearby trees. Maybe she could lose them in the woods around her house. She knew the area, they would not.

But she remembered something else then of the attack!

Of something covered in blond hair and moving with a predator's fierce quickness, charging her as the men lay stunned.

The machine pistol in her hand, ripping a continuous stream of three round bursts, bullets striking the horror's chest dead on, yet not slowing it an inch. Nineteen rounds in a quarter as many seconds she put into that charging horror, before the slide of her pistol locked back, empty.

She was reaching for a fresh magazine of ammo when a large arm hammering her to the ground. Over and over, hitting her, until unconsciousness mercifully claimed her.


Blond hair the same color as his!

Eden watched as the man set the forceps into the bowl, then took a hand towel and wiped his hands and chest.

"Now, Fraulein Sands, let me get dressed." The man said as he turned. "And we will be about the Lord's business tonight."

Her eyes were drawn to his chest, where there were several raw puncture marks. As she watched they slowly closed, growing smaller. There were perhaps a dozen others now almost healed, leaving faint pink spots. The sharp coppery smell of fresh blood came to her sensitive nostrils, and that's when she knew the true core of him.


The Were reached for the white shirt hanging over a nearby chair, putting it on. He looked at her, just watching as his hands buttoned the shirt all the way to the top. His eyes were a arctic blue, very focused. And if discovering just what held her captive was bad, what he did next sent the cold stab of real fear straight into Eden's chest.

He put the black vest and white starched collar of a priest of the Catholic Church on...

* * * * * *

"It has been brought before High Council this day," the were-priest said, reading from a piece of all things, real parchment, that he held before him. "In a Matter of Honor between House Renauldi and the feral, Edan Sands..."

Ferals, that's what the Great Vampire Houses and their members called those, like Eden who chose to live outside the structured rules of vampire society. Who chose to live on their own and make a Life outside.

Eden had always liked that image. Of a wild dog, free and hunting. Beholden to none.

Most of the time it didn't matter if you weren't affiliated with one of them. The Houses left you alone, preferring to play the games of politics and obligation they played between themselves. After all there was always room on the edges as long as you didn't cause waves, and get noticed.

The Houses feared that the most. Being noticed. They ruthlessly policed vampires that strayed across the line and killed too often. And they were not nice about it either. No one wanted a return to the Old Days where humans hunted their kind.

And to, at times it was even beneficial for both sides to have a few outside the lines. Beneficial for the Houses when deniability was useful. Beneficial for Eden, because they paid well and remembered their debts. Both paid and unpaid.

As a free lancer, Eden had worked for several of the Houses, doing odd jobs and such. She owned a small detective agency and specialized mostly in missing persons.

If the movers and shakers in the Houses were willing to tolerate a vampire unattached, they still expected loners to obey their rules and submit to their decrees. Yet matters with Ferals were usually handled in Low Council, Eden remembered. Kind of like "traffic court of the night". A ranking member of a House as judge, and minor members as advocates for and against any accused.

That this matter was being handled more formally, in High Council and with the Heads of each House sitting in, meant big trouble for Eden. And if this was between House Renauldi and herself, then that trouble meant Lilith!

Lilith was youngest daughter of Jean Pierre, head of House Renauldi, and a spoiled bitch of a daughter too. Cute and shapely, eighteen (real years). Thought the world revolved around her, and thought her wealth and position brought her immunity from her actions.

Paris Hilton with fangs...

"Petitioner for House Renauldi further asserts that the accused's actions were so grievous as to merit the punishment of death and dismemberment." The priest paused, looking at Eden over the top of the parchment. He gave a small smile, and Eden gulped, worried at what he was about to say.

"Advocating for the accused, House Merryweather, disagreed," the priest continued reading. "Pointing out that the injured party herself was still alive."

Not for my lack of trying, Eden thought. Maybe that was the trouble.

Lilith had survived...

All vampires recognize the right of self defense and death in a fight with another vampire was honorable. They weren't a werewolf pack with its alpha male after all. They were civilized killers. More like the Japanese samurai, often fighting single combat for honor. Honor to House vampires was everything.

That Lilith had gotten away to cry to Papa had been a understandable mistake at the time that was now coming back to haunt Eden.

Lilith and her pack of nouveau rich cronies liked to go slumming sometimes, off on their version of a "Dark Hunt", looking for Ferals to beat up and abuse. A bit of spicy mob violence, baseball bats and knees, stake them out for the morning sun to burn a bit. All good natured fun, mind you.

No outright killings so far that Eden had heard about. Vampires, even Ferals healed from anything less than death, thought they felt the pain certainly enough.

In particular, Lilith like to toss balloons filled with Holy Water at you. Nasty trick if you were the vampire hit. A lot of what people thought they knew about vampires was outright untruths and fiction, but Holy Water did burn a vampire. Kind of on the level of hot wax. Stings and leaves you red, but catch a face full and you could be blind for weeks until you healed.

It left scars too, that were a long time healing.

Exposure to the sun was the same. Vampires got serious sunburns but didn't burst into flames. Less chance of that now, a vampire owned company had recently come up with a great sunscreen cream, SPF 5000.

The Holy Water thing always made Eden wonder. Legend among vampires did admit they were children of someone other than the Universe's creator. That it was Satan always made Eden laugh. Vampire turned from more modern people were just as blaise about religion as most ordinary folk. Hell, Eden had even gone to Christmas Mass last year, without a bolt of lightning roasting her to dust.

Though she hadn't taken Communion. You can only push so far.

And if this was about Lilith, then it was high stakes poker too. For the thing with Lilith meant Merryweather was involved as well. Politics between the two great opposing Houses in town, and they had decided to use Eden as the pawn in their power struggle.

She was so screwed!

"The Council was deadlocked 8 to 8, when House Seaside proposed a compromise." The priest continued to read. "One that was quite interesting."

Oh fuck, Eden silently sighed. She REALLY was so screwed...

There were sixteen Houses recognized in the local power structure. Several like Renauldi and Merryweather were franchise Houses, spun off from their home territories and powerful because of their reach and wealth. Renauldi was European, Merryweather New England America. The majority of Houses though were local. Groups of vampires banding together for protection.

Like House Seaside. Though Seaside meant Aireanna...

It had started as a group of vampire whores during the Goldrush Days of the late 1800s, House Seaside now controlled most of the lucrative prostitution business from Battery to Vine. You didn't get your cock wet without them getting a cut of the action.

Eden had worked for Seaside several times, not as a pro mind you, just taking care of of a few minor problems as a detective. What was probably about to screw her, was that one night of drunken debauchery she's had with Aireanna. She's spilled a few secrets then, to her hung-overed regret.

"House Seaside proposed you be Scourged as punishment, according to the Old Ways." The were priests said. "Further, punished in measures, 5 to 1."

Eden just shook her head.

See, in that moment of drunken confidence, she'd admitted to Aireanna that she had masochistic fantasies. That she had always wanted to be tied up and beaten. Fucked hard and rough. Looks like she was about to get her wish.

Tied up and beaten, that is. She doubted the priest was going to fuck her.

More the pity, it had been a dry few months for Eden.

She's heard of "Scourging" and laughed it off. Eden wasn't laughing now. Think of the Spanish Inquisition. Think hanging from your wrists while they whipped you good. Hot pokers and the Rack. Medieval stuff, like out of a bad Hammer film.

Damned the Houses and the way they clung to the Old, Old Ways. If she survived this, Eden swore, she was just going to kill someone!

"In measures 5 to 1, were then agreed and voted on." The priest said, rolling the parchment closed. "Pain to pleasure, 5 to 1."

It didn't matter who, Eden was just going to kill someone. She silently cursed and really flexed, using all of her vampire strength. The chair creaked but didn't break.

The priest chuckled. He had her tied tight.

"I chose a strong chair," he said with a smile. "Do you accept the Council's punishment?"

Then with the speed Weres had, he flickered and was suddenly standing next to her, his hand at her throat. Eden felt the sharp prick of his nail at her neck.

"Do you accept?"

His breath stirred the hairs on her neck with hot sensual pleasure. Eden being who she was, quivered at the feeling and her nipples grew hard just thinking of what he asked. To willingly submit to his domination.

The demon within her rebelled, thinking death would be a better choice. The woman inside of her melted with desire.

His hand slowly slide down Eden's neck, the sharp nail piercing her skin and drawing a bit of blood. It smelled so sweet, even though it was her own and fired her being with sensual madness. His hand moved down her neck and across her chest. His fingers lightly caressing her through her silk blouse. She heard him sigh softly in her ear when his palm slid gently across her hard nipple.

She sighed herself, almost cumming then and there.

Vampires were after all creatures of lust and desire. Somehow he was pushing every button and her body was responding.

"Do you submit?" he asked again, softly.

He moved in front of her, kneeling between her legs. He took one hand and placed it on her leg. Eden wore leather pants as she did when working. Leather being so protective. And it looked so good too. Yet as his hand touched her thigh, she felt naked and vulnerable to what might soon come.

He let his hand slow creep up her leg and Eden shivered, staring into eyes arctic blue.

"Do you submit?" he asked softly, staring up.

He stared at her like the cruel predator he was, and Eden knew she would get no mercy from his hand. His hand was mere inches from her crotch and she felt herself press forward, almost begging him to touch her there. She felt too, her nails bite sharply into her palms. The pain and pleasure rolling through with almost over whelming feeling.

"Do you?" his lips mouthed.

Her answer seemed to drag itself out of Eden's very soul.

"Yes," she whispered back.

"Would you like to take a moment to pray?" The priest asked. "Before we begin that is..."

Eden slowly raised her head. Her body quivered in a mix of conflicting emotions. She'd come so close to actually having an orgasm just from his touch. She felt like she needed a cigarette or something.

Her panties were wet.

She'd only meet one Lycanthrope before and he hadn't had this kind of effect on her. But then it had been at formal dinner. Kind of "Hi, let me introduce..." She hadn't know he was Were until later, when one of her acquaintances had mentioned it.

That one had smelled...Different. Different from the priest.

He smelled of violence.

He smelled of sex.

Eden flipped her head, tossing her long red hair out of her eyes, and stared at the priest.

He was unpacking a large suitcase, pulling several things out onto the small card table she used for laundry. At the moment he had a large length of coiled rope in his hand. He just looked back at her. Calmly and with measure.

"Would you?" he asked.

"Not that your kind often do." he said, laying the rope down on the table. "But I always offer."

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