Eden's Nightmare Ch. 02


He took the back of the knife and slide it between her legs. Eden froze. He pressed the steel upward and Eden felt it press against her sex. Gunter gave it a side to side wiggle until it wormed its way between the lips of her pussy, under the thin fabric. Gunther moved the blade slowly back and forth, rubbing her with it's hardness. Eden moaned at the touch and could feel an orgasm fast approaching, then he was gone.

Eden screamed and cursed the priest.

He just smiled

"It's not that time," Gunther said. "Now is the time of pain."

He cut her hard, running the sharp edge down her chest along the ribs. Blood flowed at the cut. The smell was overwhelming, and her fangs finally dropped. She snapped and snapped at the priest, fighting her bonds.

Eden would have ripped his throat out had she been able too.

He back handed her face hard. So hard she saw stars and almost passed out. While she hung there limp, he ran a finger across the cuts, wetting it with blood then in a quick evil movement, smeared the blood across her lips.

Eden regained full consciousness with the bright smell of fresh blood streaming into her brain. She moaned and licked at her red lips in eager yearning.

"Time we whipped a bit of that sass out of you." Gunther said.

He wrapped his fingers into her butchered blouse and with a jerk, stripped her of that too. She hung there then in just her bra and panties.

"Yes," he smiled. "Time for the whip."

Shaking her head, she trying to regain some measure of control. The blood on her lips was maddening though. After all the tease and minor pain, without any real relief, her nerves were firing like rockets. It just rolled out of her.

Eden screamed at the top of her lungs in pure frustration!

She jerked and fought her bonds, cursing the priest and the Church and the Houses and anyone she could think of remotely involved in the situation. She cursed herself, she cursed Aireanna, who was at the root of her perdiciment. She struggled and cursed for several minutes until finally she collapsed, shaking with anger and lust.

The priest just stood there smiling at her tantrum.

"If you are finished?" he asked. Eden just glared at him, breathing hard. He chuckled and shook his head. "Shall we get started, then?"

He picked up the big flogger and the smaller coiled up whip.

"Do you have a preference, Fraulein?"

"What?" she gasped.

"Which one would you like me to use on you first?"

"I have a choice?" she asked. Eden straightened. "You want me to pick..."

"Yes, please." Gunther said. He set both down. "Most Inquisitioners wouldn't give you the option, but fair is fair, considering your situation."

He walked around to stand before her.

"Have you never been whipped?" he asked.

Eden slowly shook her head.

"Oh, that's what Mistress Seaside meant..." The priest laughed. "She said I might find this assignment particularly fun."

Eden silently cursed Aireanna and her humor.

Gunther stood there looking at her near naked form for several moments, almost in thought it seemed to Eden. She had a tiny sliver of hope, looking at his face, that she would actually survive the night. This one had a sense of humor and would that be to her advantage or not?

"I will explain then," he finally said, clearly coming to a decision.

"The flogger hits a bigger area of your body." He reached behind him, picking up the mass of leather. "The many strands spank in a wide hard blow."

He swung it slowly back and forth.

"It can be like the punches to your back I gave you earlier were. Hard and intense."

He set it down and picked up the smaller whip.

"The single tail," he snapped it forward, uncoiling it's length. "You will call to God when I use this on you."

He gave it a flick and it cracked like an old time bull whip!

"It tends to wrap around your body and the pain is sharply focused since the area it strikes is so small." He rolled it back up. "It also has a habit of breaking the skin so it can be a bit bloody."

He gestured behind the table.

"I also have a riding crop, a paddle and several thin birch canes." He crossed his arms. "Canes are like the single tail, they strike a smaller area and usually they break the skin." He seemed to consider it. "Riding crops are nice for the beginner, though I will warn you, your bottom will be quite red once I use it on you. The paddle, well you understand that, I assume."

He gave a small nod.

"So, which one?" he asked.

Gunther smiled.

"Which one shall I beat you with?"

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