tagErotic HorrorEdgar's Eyes

Edgar's Eyes


I guess you could say I was a little jumpy, but listen, just because I am jumpy doesn't mean I am crazy. It's just that my senses are heightened, well not all of them, mainly my sense of hearing and my sense of sight. It's not an affliction, it's more due to a concern... a concern that I have had for only a short while, but a concern that keeps me on edge.

You still think I'm crazy, well I am not, and to show you I will tell you my tale and when you watch how calmly I talk, when you see what has happened, you will understand completely. Now listen, some of the things I express will seem ungainly for a woman of my position, but please keep in mind, I am passionate, as you well know. Sometimes my passion drives me as much as a man's would I think. It's something inside me.

It was this passion that brought me to him; something in his eyes inspired me. They were dark and would glare in a peculiar way when he was... how can I say it... aroused. Yes, I can imagine no wolf or bird of prey glaring so fiercely when moving in for the kill. And when he moved to take me, that glare possessed me. Beneath those heavy, black eyebrows, the blackness would sparkle, as if lightning bolts would strike me, leaving me in a weakened state, willful to anything he wanted.

The rest of his face was not handsome, without his eyes, I would never have noticed him. Hell, I probably would have avoided him. His jaw was rounded and weak; it curved along a neck that seemed to puff out like a bullfrog. An unkempt beard curled from under his chin, not full enough to hide the seemingly swollen neck, just enough to draw attention to the fat.

His nose was long and crooked, perhaps it had been broken in his youth, and his mouth was very thin. He had a way of curling his lip when he talked that disgusted me. But for all these faults, when I looked in his eyes I could feel myself change. For no reason other than those eyes, my nipples would harden and I became wet. I knew that I would soon succumb to those eyes.

I was not the first woman to fall into his darkness, and though I wanted more of him and did all I could to hold onto him, I was not the last of his women. Oh but when we were together we were grand, though I will never be sure whether it was because he was so good a lover or because I was simply enthralled by his eyes.

Our first time together was the most magical. We both lived in the same boarding house at the time, my door just across the corridor from his. I had been late for dinner that day, as had he, so we shared a kitchen table to eat leftovers.

"Why is it I have never noticed you before?" he asked.

"I guess we both keep strange hours, you're rarely here during the day and I have classes in the evening."

"Well, seeing you tonight, I realize I have been previously deprived," he said, looking gently into my eyes.

"I... I... I don't know what to say," I responded.

"Simply say yes," he said so quietly, I wonder if he really said it, or if I just wished those movements to his lips."

"Yes," I whispered.

Leaving the dishes in the sink, we walked up the stairs and into his room where there was no denying what would happen from the moment we sat down for dinner. Once inside, he immediately unbuttoned my dress and then watched as I stepped out of it. My corset and under garments were quickly discarded too.

Then, still fully clothed, he reached to me, took him up in his arms and carried me to the bed. I watched as he undressed, until he came to me. If he kissed me, if he caressed me, if he held me, I can not recall. All I can remember was his eyes and his member. Though his beautiful eyes held me, I was frightened by the grotesque form between his legs. I have a man before, so I knew of them, but this was different, so wildly out of proportion with the rest of him.

What frightened me more than his size was the odd bend it had near the head. I believed I could open myself to his size, but I could not but fear what would happen as he curved inside me. I shuddered in fear as he leaned above me, but when I looked in his eyes, I could not resist.

It was strange and wonderful the way I molded to him as he slowly entered me. Though when he reached to my greatest depths it hurt, I was so enflamed that I couldn't help but grab to pull him closer. I found myself soaking him as I came and came, only calming after he arched his back and flooded me with himself.

As he withdrew, still partially hard, I looked at his cock as it receded, feeling that same fear I felt before his eyes captured me and he lay upon me. Even as it curled toward the ground, the odd monstrosity bent in that strange angle. It was at that moment that I was seized with a purpose, I suddenly realized that I must protect myself and other women from this abomination. Though I had been satisfied like never before, I realized it came from something deeply evil, that my response to him was evil. I ran from the room to plan.

Within the week, I hatched my plan. While he was gone, I sneaked into his unlocked room and hid within his closet waiting for him. The first night, he brought another woman in, possessing her with his eyes as he did me. And though I was ready to strike him, when I saw his member, throbbing with desire, I hesitated. I could not move. And I knew I could not act upon him if I saw him engorged.

I watched him as he drove the woman wild. She spread her legs wide as he plunged time after time into her. I watched her come flowing out of her, running down her ass onto the bed. And I watched, as he arched his back and came inside her, I waited until they fell asleep and slinked out of the room.

We repeated events for five nights in a row, each time with a different woman. Each time a different woman, but with the same result: she came savagely as he ravished her. I could do nothing but watch, until finally, he came into the room alone. I watched as he undressed for bed, afraid he might decide to pleasure himself, but his organ was quickly and safely closed inside his night clothing.

In an instant I struck, efficiently killing him with very little noise. I carefully took the body back to my room and hid it beneath some planks I had worked loose in the floor. I waited until the next day when everyone was gone from the boarding house, to carefully nail the planks down.

I knew he would be missed after a day or so, so I made a date with a good friend for the following night. He was a deputy constable for the county and I hoped this would help relieve any suspicion once my neighbor was discovered missing. I finished out the day cleaning my room and then got ready for bed. I picked out a dress for the next day, something frilly, but cut low in front.

After getting ready for bed, I calmly read for a while from my favorite book of poetry. I found myself quietly reciting "Annabel Lee" to myself as I read. I closed the book imagining myself by the sea. I felt the silken threads of sleep begin to fold over me when I suddenly heard a sound. Very soft at first, the sound grew and grew until it was a decided "thunk".

I sat upright in my bed, unaware of what it could be, the silence then seemed to close over me as I glanced around the moonlit room. Just as I was about to lay back down, I heard it again, over near the dresser, over near the floor planks where I hid his body. I watched in silence and waited. It was several moments until I heard something again. With the sound, I could swear it looked as if the floor planks bucked upward.

I climbed out of bed and watched more closely then in a moment, yes... I saw the plank buck up as I heard the sound. This was an area away from his arms, more toward the middle of his body. Suddenly, I realized what it must be. I knew that his monstrosity was somehow getting hard, and banging violently on the floor plank.

I grabbed my hammer and nails, and damn the hour, I nailed the plank down more firmly. I then moved the dresser, so it sat squarely on the planks. Still shaking, I climbed into my bed and watched. Though I sat there for an hour, the sound had not returned. I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke to sunlight cascading in the bedroom. I looked to the dresser and it had not moved (as if it could have). I whispered to myself: "It all must have been a very bad dream."

At breakfast several people mentioned hearing a knocking, but I did not mention my midnight carpentry work. They said it sounded like a hammering, so I imagine they only heard the hammering, that the other more ghastly sound was just part of my dream. I left for the morning shopping, looking forward to my evening with my friend, Steven. We had dated casually off and on over the last few years, never really getting very serious. I has slept with him several times and found him to be an adequate lover. More importantly now, he was built more normally that what I had recently experienced.

After returning from shopping, I got into my dress, and as I stood at the dresser putting on a necklace, I watched the dresser carefully. I stood for many minutes, wondering if anything would happen, watching intently, but nothing moved. Relieved, I went downstairs to wait for my date.

The evening with Steven was delightful, delightful enough that I wondered why I had not tried to spend more time with him in the past. The evening was delightful enough that I invited him upstairs to my room. I wanted to fall into this ordinary man in an extraordinary way.

As he stepped into the room and sat on the bed, I turned off the lights. Carefully walking to him in the moonlight, I sat down next to him. Without a word, we began kissing and I felt his tongue against my lips and I opened them to him. Feeling his tongue enter my mouth, I reached my arms around him to pull him tighter. It was then... I thought I heard something. I paused, pulling slightly away from him.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"A thumping, I think. But... no, it was nothing," I replied.

"Okay then, where were we?" he smiled, leaning forward to kiss me again. His hand clasped my breast as his mouth met mine. I felt my nipples harden as he reached to unbutton my blouse. Suddenly, yes, I heard it again.

"You must have heard that," I exclaimed. Realizing that what I was hearing was the same sound from last night, I knew now it wasn't a dream.

"I didn't hear anything."

Now trying to cover up the sound, I leaned onto him forcefully. As he fell back, I kissed him long and hard, all the while, hearing the repeated "thunk" coming from under my dresser. I reached my hand down and grabbed his cock firmly, trying anything to distract Steven from the noise.

"Calm down baby, you're about to pull it off there," he said, sitting up and pulling my hand away. "I do like an enthusiastic woman, but let's be careful."

I looked over at the dresser and noticed it literally lurch into the air. The thumping had gotten so loud it was maddening. I finally pulled both hands to my ears and exclaimed, "Make it stop, please make it stop!"

"Make what stop? Are you okay?"

"No I'm not okay. It's haunting me."

"What's haunting you?" he asked.

"The cock."

He looked down between his legs and then back at me. "My cock?"

"No not yours, his", I cried.


"My neighbor's."

"Your neighbor's, but what does that have to do with us."

"Don't you see, it's banging on the floor beneath the dresser. It's moving now from the "thunking", the dresser, it's moving," I screamed.

"Now calm down baby, tell me slowly what is happening."

"Just make it stop... Oh, it's now use. That fucking cock, his fucking tell-tale cock. I killed him, two days ago I killed him and put him beneath the floor."

"You what?"

"I killed the man. I put his body under the floor," I explained.

"But... who...?"

"I don't know his full name. His first name is Ed... Edgar I think. Just make it stop," I cried, leaping up and pulling the dresser aside. I grabbed the hammer from one of the drawers and began prying up the floor.

Steven stood up, staring at me. "Wait, what are you doing?"

"I have to make it stop." I pried up one of the boards as he stepped over to me. Looking down I saw the expression on his face suddenly change when he saw the body.

"Okay now baby, look, I'll make it stop. First you have to sit down over there."

I sat on the bed as he picked up the phone. I watched him dial the phone; he kept his eyes on me during the entire conversation. As he hung up, he came over cautiously, "Okay, now let's stay calm and we will figure all this out."

I felt a tear roll down my face as I realized, the sound had stopped. We sat in the blessed silence for a few moments and then I heard the distant sirens.

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