tagBDSMEdge of Exctasy

Edge of Exctasy


The day was slowly creeping away, and as the moon rose, so did my excitement! I sat at the edge of my bed, waiting, and hoping that my Master would call for me soon. Thinking it about him, made me tingle with excitement. I could still feel the soreness in my ass cheeks from earlier in the day when he had corrected me. I spoke when I should not have, he whipped with love and kindness telling me it was for my own good. I knew this to be true. Thinking of the skill that he yielded the whip with made me wet. It hurt so much but he assured me that I deserved it and he only does it for my own good, and to teach me my place. He is so wise and I want only to please him. Although he said I probably did not deserve a treat, that he had a special evening planned for his sub anyway. He said we were to have visitors, he did not say who, or when, or what would transpire, but still I knew it would be exciting.

Master had laid out an outfit for me to wear this night; I was not to put it on till he instructed me to do so. It was a leather teddy, made of crisscrossed straps, my breasts would be fully exposed in them, as well as my pubic area and ass. This was a treat he had gotten for me a month ago, as much as I begged to wear it, I had not been allowed to until tonight. The outfit had heavy metal rings placed around the mid section and sides. Master liked to tie me up, and suspend me often, so I had a good idea what they were for. I was told to wear no make up, bare feet and my hair brushed and down. I busied myself getting ready while I eagerly waited for his demand to get dressed.

I heard his footsteps approach my room; he always walked quickly, not one to waste time. My door opened and my heart raced with excitement! “Are you ready to get dressed my sub?” he said with a firm but not unkind voice.

“Yes Master, I am ready to get dressed.” I responded quietly. I had to keep my tone down, as he did not like it if I spoke to him loudly.

“Are you wondering what is going to happen to you tonight?” he asked.

“Yes Master, I am wondering very much.” I responded.

“Well my little slut, you shall be told nothing, you will find out when it happens, now get dressed and be quick about it!” he demanded firmly. “When I ring the bell you will come downstairs and kneel beside my chair, you will say nothing, and you will do nothing until I tell you to. Good I see you are wearing your collar, as I instructed. Now hurry my slut!” he said as he walked out, closing the door behind him. I finished getting dressed, the leather outfit fit perfectly, the leather was a bit stiff and not too comfortable, but still a good fit. I sat at the bed letting my mind drift, while I waited for the bell to summon me.

The ringing bell brought my thoughts back. I hurried down the staircase and rushed into the sitting room, Master was sitting in his chair, and I quickly went to his side, kneeled on the floor beside him and let my eyes rest on the ground.

“Hmmm, you were a bit slowing coming down sub. Next time be faster, I will let you away with it for this one time.” He said as he ran a finger down my cheek.

“I am sorry Master, I will be faster next time.” I said quietly. Master picked up the leash that was hanging off the arm of his chair and secured it to my collar. He then took a soft looking satin blindfold out of his front pocket.

“I want this to be a surprise for you my sub, so you will wear this until I take it off of you, or instruct you to.” He said. Master then put the blindfold on me; all I could do was rely on my hearing to figure out what was happening after that. I could hear the doorbell ring, and the Masters servant answered the door. I could hear muffled voices, but could not make out what was being said.

As the guests were led into the sitting room, I heard my Master greet them all. No names were spoken and it was hard to tell how many people where there. I took a rough guess of maybe 6 including my Master. I could hear laughter and chatter going on around me. I longed to have the blindfold removed to see who was there. Master made no effort to do anything with me. I had to just wait.

“Please everyone, make yourselves comfortable, my servant will refresh your drinks, as you wish and there is a table with snacks if anyone cares for a bite.” I heard my Master say. Suddenly I felt a yank of my lead. “Up to your feet my sub, I want you to slowly turn around so everyone can view my property.” I did as I was told, my legs a bit stiff from kneeling for so long, but I turned slowly in a circle as my Master instructed. “Good girl. Come with me!” said Master.

Master led me a few steps and I was told to stop and stand still. He then grabbed me and shoved me against what felt like a wall. “Drop to you knees slut!” He demanded. I instantly fell to my knees with my back against the wall. “Good, now do not move!” he said. I felt him undo the leash from collar, and turn it around, I could feel a strap being attached to the collar, and I had little movement, I was attached to the wall! Next my hands where roughly grabbed and placed over my head, they too were strapped to the wall. Next were the rings at my sides. I was almost unable to move at all! The only strap that allowed movement was the one attached to my collar. Fear and excitement welled up inside me. The fear of not knowing but the excitement of what it might be was almost too much!

“Now my sub, are you ready to play? Are you excited yet?” He asked.

“Y-y-yes Master.” I said nervously. I could feel my body tremble with excitement. “And so you should be!” he said.

“ Now you are going to be a good girl, and do all I say?” said Master. I could feel him tracing my face with his riding crop; it was a favorite toy of his that I knew well. He ran the crop lightly down my face to my exposed breasts, stopping to lightly tap my breasts with it.

“Yes Master, I will be good!” I said in hushed voice.

“ Good, as you know what happens to bad little sluts!” He said as he slapped me firmly across each nipple with the crop. I could not help but to wince at that slap. I was so wrapped up in what was going on that I had all but forgotten the guests in the house. I was quickly reminded that we were not alone!

“Would you like to get some use of this little slut?” Master asked one of the guests.

“Mmmm, yes I would I can think of something I would like to do to her,” said a husky voice.

“Play with my toy then, my friend.” Said Master. The stranger came to me, and grabbed my nipples, pinching them very hard, I groaned in response to the pain.

“She has lovely nipples, we should clamp them!” said the guest with excitement in his voice. I could feel clamps been placed on my hard nipples, they were very tight, and quite painful. But the pain just excited me that much more, I could feel the wetness between my legs.

“Open your mouth sub!” demanded my Master. I opened my mouth, and had cock shoved it in very hard! “Show him your talents slut! Suck his cock, but do not get him off!” said my Master. I sucked this large cock, I could feel the man thrusting it deep into my mouth, and I was trying not to gag on it! It was very big, but I worked my tongue and relaxed my throat so it could slip further back into my mouth. I could hear the man start to groan as I sucked harder. All of a sudden the cock was yanked from my mouth. “That’s enough for him! Next!” I heard my Master say. Three more cocks followed, and I was to do the same with each, suck them good but not get them off. “Good slut!” Master praised.

Suddenly I was unstrapped from the wall. Someone pushed me to my hands and knees. Now I was told to lean over, and in my face was a pussy. I was told to lick and suck this pussy until the woman came. If I could not make her cum I was going to be whipped! I did as I was told, sucking and teasing her clit, sliding my tongue in and out of her hot pussy. She tasted good. “Is that a nice pussy my slut?” Asked Master.

“Mmmm yes Master.” I said between licks. The woman was starting to squirm and moan, I knew she was close to coming. I took her clit gently between my teeth, held it solid and flicked my tongue quickly across it. I could feel her buck and squirm as she panted and groaned heavily. She gushed out sweet sticky cum as she had an orgasm!

“Lick her clean little slut!” demanded Master. I licked her very clean. I was getting so horny that my own pussy ached with desire to be filled. I could feel my own wetness dribble down my legs. I would be fucked soon I hoped.

My wish was to be granted! “Put your ass up and your face down slut!” demanded my Master. I was not fast enough, because someone pushed my shoulders down hard, pushing the side of my face into the plush rug. Master slapped my ass a few times with his riding crop, which stung over my old welts, but it made me even wetter! “Be faster next time little slut and you wont have to be whipped!” said Master. “Do you want your hot pussy fucked slut?” He asked.

“Oh yes!” I groaned.

“We will see slut, maybe you will get your wish, and maybe you wont!” Said Master. I let out a quiet groan. “Give me that one!” Master said to someone. I felt a sharp pain as a very hard and large dildo was shoved up my wet pussy, my muscles tightened out of response, it was very tight! It hurt and I cried out in pain. But Master kept pumping me with that large dildo, the pain quickly turned to pleasure. I could feel myself just on the edge of total ecstasy! “You are about to come my slut?” Asked Master kindly.

“Yes I am going to cum!!” I groaned. As fast as the dildo was put inside it was pulled harshly out!

“You will not cum until I tell you too, you little slut! Now shove your ass up higher and spread your legs further apart! Said the Master.

“Y-yes Master.” I sobbed. I needed to cum soooo badly!

Master took the very wet dildo, and quickly shoved it up my tight ass! I cried very loudly in pain. I had not had anything that big shoved up my ass before. The pain was almost unbearable! “Do you like this up your ass little slut?” asked my Master.

“Noooo!” I cried. “It hurts so much!”

“Good sub, you need to learn that you cannot learn to appreciate pleasure without learned to respect pain!” He said. Master worked my ass slowly with the dildo, I started to relax and forget the pain, then the pleasure started to come. It was so intense; I was going to explode for sure! I felt a smaller dildo slip inside my pussy; I could feel the two pushing between the thin wall inside me that separated my ass from my pussy. “

M-m-master, please may I cum?” I pleaded.

“Yes you have been a good slut tonight, you have pleased me and you may cum now.” He said. As I pushed against the dildos pumping me, I felt a wave of ecstasy rip through my body, I let out a very loud moan, and I could feel myself collapse!

“Oh yes!” I screamed! I could feel orgasm after orgasm rip through my exhausted body! It was heaven!

Master let me lie there for a moment to regain my strength, still blindfolded he instructed me to sit on my knees. I could hear the guests shuffle around me. All of a sudden I could feel myself getting soaked with cum. The guests where jerking off on me and covering me in the sticky white cum. “Open your mouth sub!” said Master. I did as I was told and got a guests abundant load shot right into my mouth. “Swallow it sub!” demanded my Master! I did as I was told.

When everyone was done I was told to stay where I was, and to leave the blindfold on. I did as I was told. I could hear Master thanking his guests and bidding them a good night.

“You did a good job my sub, you pleased me and you pleased my guests!” Said my Master very kindly.

“Thank you Master.” I said quietly.

“Now remove your blindfold and go to bed, do not shower till morning, you will sleep with this cum on you to remind you of this night! Master said as he left the room.

I never did see or know who any of them where, but it was a special night for me. Life is almost always a mystery but never boring with my Master.

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