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Edge of the Earth


His voice loud and clear, Jared sings one of the bands most popular songs, jumping down between the safety barrier and the stage. The fans go crazy, screaming and reaching out to touch him. He slaps at their hands as he passes by, singing the lyrics to 'The Kill'. When he gets to one of the girls, that he noticed from the stage, one who was actually listening to him sing, and not screaming while pulling her hair out, he takes a few seconds longer to make contact with her. Wanting to let her know, somehow, that he appreciates her not screaming, or for that matter scratching at him. She was smiling at him as he approached, her hand out, hoping for a touch, just like the hundred others along the barrier. He takes ahold, wrapping his fingers tightly around her hand, while he sings the song.

As soon as they make contact, an electrifying spark happens. Starting with his fingers, it races through his arm, exploding throughout his body. Tiny sparks of light fill his head, the sound of the screaming crowd, suddenly silenced. The only sound he hears is his own heart beating, and something else; another heart beat. His knees shake from the sensation. A warm tingle in his crotch, his cock stirs and comes to life.

They both jerk from the sensation. She quickly yanks her hand away, a shocked look on her face. He steps back, his feet feeling heavy, as if he was wearing concrete shoes. The words he was singing momentarily forgotten. The girl looks at her hand, wiggling her fingers.

The moment between the two of them, seems like a slow motion movie. Jared looks at his own hand, seeing the fingerless glove cover the majority his hand, his fingertips visible, yet his hand doesn't feel like his hand. Its numb. He too wiggles his fingers, watching as if they belong to someone else. The feeling in his hand returns as does the sound of the crowd. His whole body is tingling, even his sex, he feels invigorated, renewed. Remembering that he was in the middle of a song, he brings the microphone back to his mouth. Smiling, he winks at her, then continues on, singing.

Normally Jared would go from one side to the other, sometimes jumping up to a balcony, if there was one. Here there were no balconies, just a large sports arena with their stage set up at one end. Section after section of seats surrounding the floor. He was at the other side, about to go back up on stage. But he has second thoughts, the brief sensation that had coursed through his body when he had touched the girl, is hard to ignore.

He decides to make his way back around curious to see if the same thing would happen again. He is looking for her in the crowd, as he sings, holding the microphone out, catching the fans sing the chorus.

His heart is beating fast, his pants rubbing and pressing against his cock as he walks, making his growing hard on, harder. Fans still screaming and trying to grab at him as he walks by. He finally he sees the girl. She is pressed against the barrier, being smashed from behind as fans lean over her, squishing her, as they scream, vying for his attention. Jesus Christ, she is gonna get crushed, or at least have some terrible bruises along her ribs. He winces, feeling her pain. He approaches her. He stops in front of her, singing the last line of the song as security guards on either side of him hold the crowd back. He takes a deep breath as the song ends. He smiles and holds his hand out to her. The crowd screams even louder. The security guards, grunting, presses in, holding them back, hoping the barrier stays up for Jared's sake.

The girl gets jostled, hands appear all around her, reaching out for Jared. She looks at Jared's extended hand, biting her lower lip, hesitating. Slowly she reaches out, her arm being jerked and scratched at by jealous fans, trying to get their hands in the way. Jared quickly grabs her hand, holding on tightly. Once again the electric current rushes through his body.

The sensation wasn't as shocking as the first one. It still hit him hard, making his body jerk, but this time there was a pleasant tickle, a flutter, as if a million butterflies were landing on his body. A warm heat filled him, it was like sinking down into a hot bath, causing him to catch his breath sharply. Again the sounds of the crowd fade as Jared closes his eyes, dropping the microphone to his side. As the sensations became more pronounced, his cock jerked, throbbed, begging to be released from the confines of his pants. He felt like he was about to have an orgasm.

His eyes fly open as the hold is suddenly broken as his hand, his arm is roughly jerked away. Jared sways, a security guard catches him, holding him up. The contact broken, the sounds of the screaming fans assault his ears, making his head hurt. The mother fuckers could be so annoying with their screaming. The guard drags him away, pushing him back up on stage.

Jared looks back at the girl, wincing as he notices her being shoved, the crowd around, her pushing her into the barrier. She is going to be crushed. Jared yells at the guards, telling them to help her, to get her to medical. His feet feeling heavy, and his knees weak, he stumbles up on stage. Turning to watch as the guards pull the girl up over the barrier, setting her down on the other side. She briefly looks up at him, her mouth open, gulping for air. She gives him an odd look, nodding to the guard as he asks her a question. She smiles, this time winking at Jared, as the guard helps her walk away. She hugs herself, in pain, and limps off. Poor thing, he thinks, she probably has broken ribs and toes, all because he had paid just a little bit of attention to her. Yet something inside tells him, that what he had experienced when they touched, she had felt it too.

He heads over to the drum set, where bottles of water were placed. He grabs a bottle, taking a moment to gulp some down, his hand quickly readjusting his hard on. Shit, he thinks, just what he needs right now; to be on stage with a raging hard on and for all to see. Fuck.

Shannon, the drummer and his older brother looks at him, "What the fuck was that about?"

"What?" Breathing hard, Jared looks innocently at his brother.

"What? You nearly got yourself killed out there. Why do you insist on doing stunts like that? One of these days they aren't gonna let you go. They'll rip you to pieces."

Jared smiles, his brother was always so worried about him. He looks back at the audience, "No they won't." He hears Shannon sigh in exasperation. They have had this discussion too many times.

A stage hand comes up to Jared, handing him his guitar, "That girl that was just taken to medical, run over and give her a backstage pass, okay? She has long brown hair and is wearing a purple shirt, kay?" Jared tells the stagehand, as he swings the guitar strap up over his head. Thankful that the guitar will hide his hard on, and hopefully by the end of the song it will be gone. The stagehand nods his head in understanding and runs off. Jared nods his head to his brother, signaling the start of the next song.

Later, after the concert is over, and the pit at the bottom of the stage has been emptied, the crew sets up a table, where the band comes back out and signs autographs for at least four hundred fans. It was a signature mark of theirs, an opportunity for their fans to have a brief moment with them. While the roadies break down the stage, pack up the equipment, and load the trucks. The fans line up, excitedly and patiently wait. The event is run like an assembly line, Jared and the boys sign CDs, pictures, t-shirts, whatever is presented in front of them, usually ninety minutes later it is over and the floor is once again cleared.

Meanwhile backstage, a room is set up with food and drinks, a small area where select fans, concert promoters, event planners, the press and local bigwigs can gather and wait, for their private moment with the band. Girls who were lucky enough to score backstage passes, pimp and prim, waiting for their favorite to notice them. The evening passes, and the band is deluged with congratulations and slaps on the back, from people telling them how much they enjoyed the show. How they thought it had been a success (it should have been, since the concert was sold out), and how much they were looking forward to the boys returning and doing another show in the future.

Jared is milling about, politely chatting with various people. He keeps an eye on the door, waiting to see if the girl shows up. When he had first entered the room, he had quickly done a once over, looking for her, hoping that she was here waiting for him, but not seeing her, his hope had turned to disappointment. He checked with the stagehand who tells him he had found her, and he had indeed given her a pass. So with that information, Jared asked around, wondering if maybe she was too injured to come. Someone remembers her and tells him she was fine and had left on her own accord, but didn't know anymore. No...they didn't remember what her name was.

The evening seemed to drag for Jared from that moment on. He works the room, stopping and talking to people, always watching for her. Several girls come up to him, flirting, batting their eyelashes, thrusting their breast at him, touching his arm. With every touch, he held his breath waiting to see if the sensation he had experienced with her would return with somebody else, but it never did.

Jared sighs, the day catching up to him, he is tired and ready to go to the bus. His bunk looking really appealing to him. He starts towards Shannon, to tell him he is heading to the bus, when out of the corner of his eye he sees her enter the room. Jared's heart skips a beat. He stops, keeping to the far side of the room.

She pauses just inside the doorway, looking around, fingering the pass hanging around her neck. Without the barrier in front of her, Jared can check her out. She is wearing a form fitting lavender shirt, with three quarter inch length sleeves. A scooping low cut neckline fits tightly across her breast, lovely big rounded breasts. Jared licks his lips, his eyes trailing down over her slender waist, the shirt tucked into dark low rise jeans, black boot style shoes on her feet. The backlight from the hallway, silhouetting her hourglass form. She has dark long brown hair, cut in layers that softly frame her face and cascade down her back.

Jared watches as she self-consciously tucks her hair behind her ear, and nervously smoothes her shirt down, wiping her hands on the sides of her pants, before she takes another step into the room. Somebody walks pass her on their way out the door, she moves out of their way, shyly smiling at them. Jared notices the guy look back and check out her ass. She was very attractive and sexy without trying to be. She wasn't what you'd call your normal groupie, Jared thought. She wasn't a teeny bopper, and he got the feeling she wasn't a college student. She was probably around his age; a full grown, gorgeous, sexy woman.

She takes another look around the room, then moves towards a ransacked buffet table. She looks over what remains, and nervously gathers up some grapes, Jared noticing her hands are shaking. Clearing she is uncomfortable in a roomful of people she doesn't know, who wouldn't be. Why wasn't she with somebody, he wondered. Didn't women normally travel in packs; especially back stage at rock concerts? He glances at the other girls in the room, all of them with another girl or a pack of em. Even when he was out and about at clubs or events, girls he noticed were never alone.

He returns his attention the woman across the way, watching as she pops a grape into her mouth. She moves away from the table, slowly walking around, nodding her head to people, politely smiling, hoping for that chance to be included in a conversation. She stops near a sofa, her body relaxing as she recognizes somebody. Jared follows her gaze and realizes she is seeing Shannon and Tomo, his fellow band mates. The guys are hitting on, or being hit on by some girls, Jared wasn't sure which.

Jared looks back the woman and sees one of the roadies come up to her, offering her a drink. She smiles, politely refusing. The roadie takes a sip from the cup and strikes up a conversation with her. Strangely jealously flares up in Jared, he slowly makes his way around the room, keeping an eye on them.

He comes up behind her, and gives the roadie a look, Jerking his head, silently telling him to buzz off. The roadie sees Jared's squinty eyed stare and understands. The woman notices the look on the roadie's face, realizing somebody is standing behind her. She starts to turn around, when Jared puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Don't." He feels her body tense up under his touch. Strangely no electrical current zaps him. "Don't be afraid." he says to her as he rubs her shoulders, easing the tension away, the fear. "I'm glad to see you're okay. They didn't hurt you too badly back there, did they?"

"Back there?" A shiver runs down her spine as his fingers massage her shoulders.

"When they tried to crush you against the barrier."

"Oh that...no, I'm fine."

Relieved, Jared leans in closely, smelling her hair. Brown sugar? vanilla? she smells like cookies. His lips touching her hair. "You're not part of the Echelon are you?" he says softly.


"I didn't think so." He can feel her shoulders starting to relax, he moves his fingers down her back, massaging, digging in. "So what song is your favorite?"

"Hmm...I don't have any one favorite, I like 'The Kill' and 'Buddha for Mary'."

"Why do you like that one?" Surprised by her response. Some people have told him they don't like 'Buddha for Mary', they feel its degrading to women.

"Ah, I guess it the way you sing it, when you get on your knees...very sexy." her voice goes low, so quiet, he almost can't hear her. Then she speaks again, "I like 'The Fantasy' too."

He smiles, that one was his favorite.

"Why that one?" He continues massaging, coming back up to her shoulders, then down over her arms, just then his fingers touch bare skin. Zap! There it was. That electrical shock. She jumps, as does he. His fingers flinch away, he had been hoping for the feeling, and then surprised when it did happen.

"Don't move." he whispers, his fingers lightly touching her again. Zap!

"Ow!" she moves away, turning around to face him. "How are you doing that?" she asks him, rubbing her arms where he had touched her.

"I'm not doing it." He reaches for her again.

"Don't..." she takes a step back.

"Does it hurt?" he asks, stepping forward.

She takes another step back, "No...it makes me...it just feels...weird."

"Tell me why you like 'The Fantasy'." he continues towards her.

She nervously laughs, "Hmm...what...what are you doing?"

"Nothing, just talking to you."

She bumps into the wall. Surprised, nervous and anxious she blushes,looking around him to see if anybody is noticing what is going on. He puts his hands up on either side of her head, just above her shoulders, basically pinning her in. He was so up close and personal with her, she was embarrassed.

"Hmm..." she giggles uncontrollably at his nearness. She covers her mouth with her hand, afraid to look at him, at his cerulean eyes, afraid she will burst out with uncontrollable laughing due to nervousness. "Hmm, this is really awkward."

"Just relax." he tells her, touching her shoulder again, picking up a strand of her hair and rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger, the cookie smell wafting in the air. "We're only talking."

She swallows, nodding her head, "Yeah, we're only talking." She closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath, as if trying to convince herself of that. "Just talking." she breathes out.

It was just too hard to resist, Jared touches her neck with his finger. Zap! She gasps sharply, opening her eyes and looking at him. He smiles.


"Shhhh, just feel it." He presses his palm against her neck. The electric current going from a tingle, to the butterfly tickle, then the warm water sensation floods over him. His breath catches in his throat, as the sensations course through his body, getting stronger the longer he maintains contact. He feels his cock once again jerk and harden. He glances down, her breast rising and falling rapidly with her breathing. Her breasts straining against the fabric of her shirt, the nipples hardening into pointy peaks.

"You were going to tell me why you liked 'The Fantasy'." He deeply breathes in her tasty, almost intoxicating scent. Letting the strange, highly erotic sensations take over his body. It was like being on the verge of an orgasm, almost there, but not quite. He can feel her relax under his touch, a soft moan escaping from her lips.

Watching her face, he wonders if she was feeling the same sensations. If so, she had to be just as turned on as he was. He steps closer to her. She puts her hand up on his chest, trying to push him back, but he presses in. His hand going around to the back of her neck. Their bodies almost touching. He bends his head forward, breathing on her face.

Her eyes half closed, she leans her head back against the wall, her lips briefly touching his chin. Her breath hot on his neck. His knees are starting to get weak, he presses against her, using her body as a cushion to help hold himself up. He takes her hand and pulls it away from his chest, holding it down beside her thigh. His fingers pressing against her wrist, feeling her pulse. He leans against her, pressing his chest against her breasts, feeling her hard nipples through his shirt.

She moans softly as her knees weaken, she sways a bit, her back pressing against the wall. Jared takes the moment to put his leg between hers, which she surprisingly parts for him. He presses his thigh in and up, pressing his hard cock against her upper thigh, rubbing it over her pelvis. She gasps, closing her eyes, her body melting like butter.

"The Fantasy, tell me why you like it?" he whispers, his eyes closing.

"Hmm, because you can close your eyes and...ah..." she catches her breath, as his lips briefly touch her cheek, his breath ever so softly lingering, sending shivers down her spine.

"And..." he coaxes, his lips barely touching her skin as he moves them over her face.

"and...you can have...your own fantasies."

His lips touch hers, softly, barely at all. Her breath catching in her throat again. He moves his lips to the tip of her nose, back to her cheek, down along her jawline, then back to her lips, still barely touching her.

"What kind of fantasies do you have?" he releases her hand and puts his hand around her waist, pulling her towards him, his hand sliding down over her rear, squeezing her ass. His cock throbbing through his pants. Damn he wanted to fuck her. He presses against her, their hipbones grinding against each other.

Their eyes still closed, their foreheads touch. Instantly images flash through his head. Images, pictures of naked bodies, pressed together, hot and sweaty, fucking. Images of hands touching, lips kissing, tongues tasting, hips grinding. Each image that flashes through his head, he can feel as if he was actually experiencing it.

He realizes the images were of him and her. The warm, fuzzy, just on-the-verge of cuming, gets stronger, he presses his hips harder against hers. They moan simultaneously. His lips cover hers, kissing her hard, his tongue parting her lips, darting in, tasting. What was happening to him, to them? He's never wanted anyone more, than he wanted her right now.

"Hey there, you guys might want to go get a room." Shannon says, poking Jared in the ribs.

Jared jumps, hating when his brother does that. His lips unlock from hers, his head lifting, his hand coming away from her neck. Their connection broken, the images instantly gone, but not forgotten, the sensation slowly ebbing. Jared growls, angry to be interrupted. The woman opens her eyes, keeping them downcast, her hand shakingly wiping at her mouth.

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