tagBDSMEdges Ch. 01

Edges Ch. 01


The peculiar scent of hot sun on packed earth rose around them as they browsed the displays. The typical mixture of hand-made local crafts and cheap imported replicas filled the stands at the fair. Roni wandered slowly and looked over the wares, Jesse at her side. She saw his interest in the display of knives and swords imported from India and smiled to herself. Jesse did have a liking for cold steel. These were poor quality imports though, and she wandered past them, to his unvoiced but never-the-less obvious disappointment.

She browsed the clothing stands a bit. Eventually she picked out a shirt for Jesse, a loose white one with billowing sleeves and a poet's collar. It would look good on him the next time they went to one of these fairs. They enjoyed the chance to play the roles in public that they lived in private. Nobody took it amiss at a Renaissance Faire if she acted the Lady and he her servant.

The last booth in the row was set near the more permanent smithy built on the fair grounds. Roni heard the ringing of a hammer on steel and looked over to see a heavily muscled man beat a fold into a strip of glowing metal destined to become a blade of some kind. Returning her gaze to the handmade jewelry before her, she thought for a second.

"Jesse, find us some cold drinks please." Her glance at him was as much a command as her statement, and he bowed to her.

"Of course Mistress, right away." She watched him walk away and enjoyed the fit of the snug breeches above the boots he wore. She took a great deal of pride in this young man who chose to serve her. He denied her nothing, and she did her best to assure he was satisfied in his service.

He would like her latest idea. She stepped over to the smithy and looked over the items laid out there. Some fine blades indeed were set out for viewing, the distinctive rippled gray of folded steel. Other items were there as well, shackles, chains, and more mundane things in steel, candle holders, trivets, a variety of household fixtures.

"Anything I can help you with Ma'am?" The deep voice of the smith made her aware the noise of his hammer had ceased. She looked up slowly, enjoying the broad sweat-beaded chest that stood before her. He grinned in her eyes when her gaze reached his, and she smiled back.

"You do custom work?" She had certain ideas in mind, things not generally found pre-made.

"Certainly. I would be most happy to serve your needs, Ma'am." His emphasis made her smile, and gave the words a great deal more meaning than the surface would indicate.

She took his card and the catalogue laid out on the counter and tucked them away. "You will be hearing from me. I'm sure we can come up with some way for you to serve me." She grinned at him and stepped to the booth across the way before Jesse could return with the drinks. She was still sampling the essential oils for sale there when Jesse came back, two large cups in his hands. He approached her and knelt, setting his own cup aside to offer hers with both hands, head bowed. Roni recapped the small vial in her hands before she turned. She caught sight of the smith grinning at them before she smiled gently down at her lover and took the cup from his hands. "Very good Jesse." She enjoyed the cold of the lemonade, if not the rather kool-aidish taste. "I believe it is nearly time for the next show. Let's head that direction."

"Thank you Mistress, yes Mistress, I would enjoy that." He rose, picked up his cup as he did, and stepped in behind her. He stood with eyes down, and brushed the dust from his knees only after she passed him. She enjoyed his natural attention to such minor details; it showed his respect and service to her. She had never had to train him to such niceties. It seemed to be instinctive to him. She just enjoyed him.

The show was the King sitting at court, with his courtiers presenting themselves to him for various purposes. One recited a poem that received both praise and good-natured revilement. The over-all plot for the fair was continued as a lady requested that brave knights be sent a-questing for her missing husband, though it was noted that the poet's words had been addressed more to her than to the court in general. There was gossip about a mystery knight who had entered the jousting scheduled for an hour hence. The costumes were wonderful.

Roni enjoyed herself, leaning into Jesse and sharing comments with him as the performance continued. They happily followed the court as it left to attend the next performance, a puppet show presented by traveling entertainers. By the time they reached the jousting arena it was hot indeed, and Jesse filled their lemonade cups from the ice water pitcher of a wandering water-bearer there for the visitors' convenience. The jousting demonstration was exciting, especially when it was revealed that the "mystery knight" was the missing husband, returning to find proof of his lady wife's infidelity with the poet. The resulting fencing demonstration was beautifully performed, ending in a surprise upset with the knight on his back, the poet holding both swords to his throat. The king spared his life, of course, and the crowd finally dispersed to enjoy whatever they had yet to see.

Jesse was full of comments on the show, especially the fencing. Roni considered looking around to see if there were lessons he might take in the sport. She would enjoy it as well. It was late by the time they reached home, and she was quite ready for Jesse to draw her bath and rinse the dust from her skin and hair.

Roni relaxed, the sandalwood bath oil she had purchased earlier filling the air as Jesse slowly ran the sponge over her. He loved bathing her, his face showing his total concentration as he stroked her. Her skin woke, tingling lightly to his touch as he moved over every inch of her. Last he discarded the sponge and let down her hair. His fingers smoothed the long strands through the water. Her mind drifted as he worked, massaging the shampoo down to her scalp. She envisioned exactly what she would request from the smith, and how she would use it on Jesse, and smiled. Jesse bent to softly kiss her forehead, thinking the smile was for him. It was, of course.

Her hand stroked his thigh as he rinsed her hair from a pitcher of fresh water. He poured it gently over her head as she tilted it back for him. Finally she rose as he dried her with one of the soft over-sized bath towels they both liked so much. He wrapped her in her robe and quickly dried himself as she took her seat, leaning back to drape her hair over the back of the chair for him to comb out. It had become a ritual for them; they both treasured this time together. Jesse had told her that it was when he felt closest to her, even more than when she worked him through a scene. She felt the relaxation melt through her body and mind as he cared for her, the outside world at a distance that became of no importance at all.

Jesse finished with her hair, and Roni went to the bedroom, leaving him to tidy up behind them. She slipped on a short silky chemise, the cool fabric caressing her warm skin. Jesse had turned the bed back earlier and she propped up some pillows, laying back to wait for him. Her hand slipped between her thighs, her head back, eyes closed. She wasn't really thinking about anything, just relaxed and warm and it felt good as her fingers slipped along her lips. She grazed her fingertips along the edges, teasing herself until her lips started to part on their own.

Roni's middle finger slid deeper and the length of it ran lightly along her clit. She trembled slightly and drew in a deep breath. Her eyes opened to see Jesse standing at the foot of the bed, his erection showed his enjoyment of the view. He smiled at her and she pulled her hand from her pussy and offered it to him. He crawled onto the bed, kissing and licking her legs on his way up. He raised his head and looked in her eyes as he brought her hand to his lips and slowly licked it clean of her juices.

Roni felt herself grow wet and tight at the touch of his tongue, her breathing quickening. She watched him as he bent to bury his face between her legs. Her hands brushed his hair back, then clenched in it as his tongue ran over her center. "Oh fuck Jesse you do that so well." She groaned and let her head fall back as the burn swelled through her. His mouth moved on her, knowing exactly how to touch her. Her small clit flattened under his tongue as he ground it on her, his chin moving between her lips at her entrance.

She had never been a woman who came easily, but Jesse had learned her so well, he could give her slow building pleasure forever, or have her at the peak in minutes. Tonight he brought her close, then eased up. He licked her firmly, letting her enjoy the intense sensations for as long as she liked. Roni felt his tongue at her entrance and moaned as it traveled up. The feelings seemed to spread ahead of it, until she thought she would ignite when he lapped at her clit, then he started back down and she ebbed with him.

Finally her need to be filled was too much and Roni pulled him up to her. Jesse smiled and kissed her. He knew she enjoyed her taste on his lips. He slid home in her, deep inside her as she reached around and dragged her nails down his back, making him arch and groan into her mouth. He pressed in deep and rocked his hips against her and she answered his groan. Roni's thighs gripped his hips and they moved together in a rhythm born deep inside them both. His hardness moving through her, sliding against her walls was a sweet fire. She was barely aware when she raked his back again. She pulled her hands down to grip his ass hard. Her climax was nearly on her and she bit him, feeling the pain in her shoulder as he answered her. The flare swept through her and she came hard, her depths clenched down around him as she screamed. He drove into her again and again, rode her through it with his body locked in determination.

She felt the tension in his arms wrapped around her, felt the need in the rock hard flesh inside her. "Cum Jesse, cum for me, cum now..." Her voice was more moan than speech but he heard her and cried out as he released. Another thrust, two, and he flooded inside her. She cried out again as she felt his orgasm and rolled her hips, pulled it from him, kept him going. He shuddered and cried her name, holding her tight to him. She held him in turn until they stilled, tight together, as tremors ran through them both.

Slowly they relaxed, slowly he shifted slightly off of her, slowly she stroked his back, and slowly they sank together into sleep.

Roni entered the big barn-like building and paused to look around for Gerard, the smith. She had been here three times before since the big man insisted she inspect each blank to see if it fit her ideas before he would do the finish work on it. His knowledge and suggestions had refined her ideas until the set of five blades would be more beautiful than she had dared hope. That wasn't the only thing she enjoyed about her visits, though. Roni wondered what she would find to order from Gerard when the knives were done. She was sure she could come with something as she spotted the smith walking toward her.

He was shirtless, as always, and bathed in the sweat of his work. He tossed aside the apron he had removed. His eyes wandered over her as he strode up to her. She felt a shiver run through her body just before his hands gripped her waist and lifted her to a table. One large strong hand ran through her hair and pulled her mouth to his as the other opened his pants. She ran hers up his chest, his hard muscles making her feel as helpless to his strength as the metal in his forge and nearly as hot.

She wasn't sure how they had gotten to this from his offer to be of service to her at the Ren Faire, but she wasn't disappointed. He laid Roni back on the worktable and pulled her pants off her hips and down her legs. She knew her pussy was already wet before he slid one wide finger inside her. Roni was usually a Domme, but there were times she craved this chance to let go, needed a man who could just take her. Jesse knew this, and needed his own chance to be in control once in a while. They trusted each other, so these occasional outside needs could be filled.

Gerard pushed her shirt up under her arms, pushed her arms up as well and held them over her head as he bent to suck and bite at her breasts. She groaned when he ground his hard, denim-covered hips between her legs. The feel of denim on her inner thighs did something to her, something deep and visceral. She didn't know why, didn't care, just arched her back and pulled her legs up around his hips. He held her down and sucked hard on her left breast, chewed at it roughly. Roni felt herself let go and let the feelings wash through her. Her groin burned with hunger and she pulled him against her with her legs.

He pulled back and straightened up to look down at her. "Need it bad today, don't you Roni?" Gerard grinned at her, and she grinned back and sort of stretched on the table, her arms still over her head, back arched. His grin widened as he took his cock in his hand and placed it at her entrance then shoved into her hard.

"Oh fuck yes..." Roni's eyes closed and her hands dropped suddenly to her sides, her fists clenched as he filled her. "Fuck me Gerard, ooh yeah..."

He grabbed her wrists and yanked them back over her head, holding them there as he ground into her. Gerard growled into her neck, his cock filled her completely and moved in her. He barely pulled out and shoved back hard, his hips ground against her. Roni's moans grew louder, the constant movement and pressure on her most sensitive areas drove her crazy. He bit her and she cried out, and he pulled back and fucked her harder, long strokes changed the rush of sensation through her.

He pulled her wrists down to her shoulders and braced his arms under her, and drove into her. He took her, took his pleasure from her, she could feel it in the tension of his body on hers, the demand in his movements. Her legs pulled up high around his back and she felt him slide deeper, that sweet feel as he stretched the limits of her pussy. Gerard tightened his grip on her arms and raised his head to look into her face. He kissed her once, hard, then growled at her, eyes locked on hers. "Cum Roni. Cum now. Cum for me NOW."

She did. She screamed and her body exploded through her mind. His cock drove her higher and harder and she screamed again. He never slowed; he held her down and drove himself inside her writhing form, his eyes intent on her face. He bared his teeth and sent her through spasm after shuddering spasm, kept her going until her screams became moans and muttered pleas for him to cum.

Gerard sped up, closed his eyes and dropped his forehead to her chest, and drove himself to his own pleasure in her. She felt him swell, felt the tension rise through him and rose with it. Roni arched and screamed again as she felt him reach his peak. He threw his head back and roared as his climax burned through them both. His body shuddered and his hips moved on their own, driving him in hard, sudden thrusts with each pulse of sperm through his shaft. She felt herself clench around him, felt him so deep, so damn hot.

Finally he rested on his elbows on either side of her, his forehead back on her chest. Her legs were still wrapped around his back as he released her hands. Roni ran her fingers through his hair and idly stroked his shoulders as they caught their breaths.

"Fuck, Gerard, I have got to come up with something else to order from you." She grinned into the air as she felt his low rumbling laughter more than heard it. "I'm sure we can come up with something for me to do for you, Ma'am." She laughed with him this time then gasped as he straightened and slid from inside her.

She half rolled off the table, reaching for her bag, and pulled out the little package of wet wipes she'd brought with her this time. Gerard laughed at her but took one to clean himself with as she cleaned up and got dressed. The smithy just didn't run to such things as washcloths, and she hated wandering around in wet pants.

He walked off and came back a moment later with the last of the three blades Roni had ordered from him. Still black from the forging and unfinished, it held the image of what it would be soon. It was beautiful, more graceful than she had envisioned with its curving edges. She played with it a moment, feeling what the balance would be like with the extra long and heavy tang to counterweight the outsized blade.

Gerard grinned at her like a kid, proud of his work. "Do you like it? I never had an order quite like this. Makes me really want to see what you plan to do with them. I've had so many interesting thoughts while I've worked on this set." His eyes twinkled.

"Oh, I have no doubt you can come up with your own ideas for them. These are special though, and for only one person. My Jesse will love them." Roni smiled, her face lighting as she thought of when she could finally show him her surprise.

"Damn woman," Gerard's face was serious now as he looked at her. "the man who's earned that expression from you is one lucky soul."

Roni actually blushed, and then flushed with something warmer at the deep rumbling gentle laugh Gerard gave her.

"I'll have it done next week for you, though it's tempting to work slow." He smiled, and she laughed, enjoying the easy friendship that was growing between them.

"I'll think of something for you to do by then, I'm sure."

"Roni, you don't need an excuse to come and visit me. You are welcome here any time. You know I'd love to do any work you come up with, but you quit being just a customer some time ago. Stop by whenever you like." Gerard's smile earned him a good solid hug before she pulled away regretfully.

"Thanks, Gerard, for everything." She winked at him as she gathered her bag. "I do have to get going. Give me a call when it's ready. Or anytime. My friends can call me any time." They traded one more smile and she headed out to her car. It was a lucky day, that day at the Ren. Faire.

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