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Edging On


My second story. I asked some friends to read the last one and they felt there wasn't enough detail but when they read this one. Well, they needed some personal time. Love to have some feedback especially as I'm a new writer still working out what works and if I'm any good at this.


He enters the room, orders her to strip whilst he watches. She's not allowed to cover any part of her. If she does she'll get punished. Yanking her head to one side and kisses her neck. With the ribbon laying on the bed he blindfolds her, but she feels exposed so she covers her breasts and pussy. He catches her and pulls her arms above her head, holding then there with one hand and whispers in her ear "I warned you" and then bites her ear. He walks off to get her punishment

He tries to spank her using his hand but she likes it so he teases her by pulling her nipples.

He decides to push her on her knees and makes her suck his dick. He was in control of her the whole time by pulling her hair but last time he pulls her hair, she wasn't ready and accidentally clenched her teeth a little and he has to punish her. He walks off.

The ribbon on her eyes starts slipping as she sweat dripping down her face. she can see over it and peeks to see what he's about to do. She saw him holding a whip, she titillated at the idea of the pleasure she will get.

But he isn't pleasuring her. He's punishing her. He whips her arse cheeks making her count each one. If she moans he whips harder but with each whip she moans from pleasure and pain. He decides she's enjoying it too much so he ties her legs to the end of the bed. He gets a spanking paddle and not only spanks her arse but also puts it between her legs and spanks her throbbing, engorged clit

The sudden pain on her clit gives her tingles, she asks him to stop but really she wants more. But she knows he won't do more if she says she likes it... He spanks her clit again but this time bending her onto the bed. He thinks about another but sees how wet her pussy is and decides he wants to be inside her. First, he lightly brushes his dick up her inner thigh, she quivers because she expected another spanking. He holds his dick up to her clit, raw from before - making it feel new. He pulls her towards him by her hips (legs still tied to the bed) as he inserts his big, erect penis he seems to slide right in. Making him moan the second he stuck it in

He decided to get a magic wand and as he makes her go back and forth (she needs to do it as part of her punishment. He's not going to make it easy for her) first he teases her with the wand by having it vibrate on her left nipple, going round it and then tickling it. He pinches her other nipple and then grabs her breast making an overflowing handful. And feeling it jiggle with every movement.

He slowly brings the wand down her body giving her goosebumps and finally reaching her clit. At first when it touches her clit she jumped (still raw) but after a couple seconds of him holding it there she starts to groan with ecstasy.

As she groaned he felt cum drip down his dick. He wasn't happy. "I didn't give you permission to cum." He slapped her nipple. Pulling out he gets the weighted clamps, he clips it to one (very heavy) and then clips it to the other. He gets on the bed, pulling at the clamps. Every time he pulls she bends down further. He has the best seat, able to watch her drip from her pussy, able to see both breasts, a bead of sweat dripping down her erect nipple and licking it off her silky skin. He pulls her hair and as she bends over he noticed her head was getting closer to his dick. He slides towards her and pulls her clamps some more. He can feel her breathing on his dick, tongue out when she moans. He knows a better use for that mouth.

She begs him to stop pulling but one more and she's there. Her mouth engulfs his penis, her tongue lapping up her own juices from him. She massaging his dick with her tongue. Each time he moans he tugs opening her mouth a bit He pushed her Further down.

His dick quickly swallowed by her. He doesn't want to be too cruel so he makes sure to keep the wand on her. Her moans are muffled by his dick in her mouth. She quivers with every tug. He pulls her, by her hair, away from his dick, a string of saliva hanging from her mouth to his dick. She begs for more but he only teases her, he lets her lick the tip of his dick but quickly pulls her away again. He sits up and kisses her on her lips, nibbling the lower lip, kissed her again and bites her lip leaving a drop of blood. He makes her suck two of his fingers, in and out, in and out, turning his fingers in her mouth

She rolls her tongue up and down his fingers. When he gets bored he pulls his fingers out her mouth and removes the wand. He pushes his lubricated fingers into her heaving pussy she squeals with excitement. He uses his thumb to rub her pulsating clitoris.

She orgasms very quickly but he is relentless. He continues to finger her, curling his fingers a bit on her Gspot she makes the loudest noise but as he continues her steady loud noise turned to a loud stream of panting. He pulls her by the clamps until he is beneath her pushing the chain from her nipple clamps behind his head and slips his dick in her prepared pussy (wet, sensitive, and asking for more) she careful not to pull too far away from him so the clamps wouldn't hurt too much but she pulls away just enough to let her arch her back in pleasure. Giving him a get view of her arse. He put both hands on either side of her cheeks yanking her closer thrusting his dick further inside her. He separates her cheeks and reaches for his butt plug. He make her spit in her hand, rubbed it all over the plug and he Lent forward to push it in. As soon as the largest part of it goes in he allows her to cum. Feeling her warm cum surround his penis and flood out of her he is ready to cum. He pulls out, stands on the bed above her and cums in her mouth. He makes her clean herself up but only by her licking herself. Not allowed to be untied nor get dressed until she has licked it all off and he has inspected her.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/11/17

1 for writing,4for content

Good story, but bad grammar and missing words make it hard to read. Use the review tools before you submit.

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