tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersEdie's Journey Ch. 05

Edie's Journey Ch. 05


Waking up sometime later and remembering everything Grandma told me I was still exhausted and overwhelmed as I made my way into shower and dress. I opted for basic day wear clothing donning jeans and a light pink sweatshirt over my matching beige panty and bra, wearing no hosiery or socks as I slid into some straw colored canvas espadrilles giving me a little height. I combed my hair, now quite long, and using a barrette made a simple ponytail. I applied some mascara and lip gloss not needing makeup as I had quite a rosy glow to my face, undoubtedly from the night with grandpa. I was a bit sore where grandpa had entered me but it was worth it as I still savored the ecstasy of it all in my mind.

I made my way downstairs to the kitchen trying to decide what to do as the situation was something well beyond anything I could have expected. I also realized that in truth my whole life was a bit more than could have been expected and that made me smile. Grandma saw me smile as I entered the kitchen and she came and hugged me not knowing the actual reason for my smile but I suspect she interpreted the smile as my acceptance. I did not shatter her illusion.

"What would you like for breakfast Edie Dear?" she asked sweetly. I was very hungry but I had been so religious about my diet that I opted for some yogurt, fruit and coffee. "We'll put a little of that grain topping you like so much on the yogurt, right Edie?" grandma said as she placed the yogurt already covered with the topping before me. I said thank you and ate as grandma joined me having just coffee.

I asked where grandpa was and my tone must have sounded amusing to her as she smiled almost wickedly and said, "Oh your husband is in his workshop as usual!" I stopped eating and said in exasperation, "Grandma!" But she just laughed and told me to relax as if she meant no harm. I was unnerved enough but now I was really becoming uptight. Grandma just continued having her coffee and looking at me in an amused fashion.

After I had finished eating she said she wanted to talk to me about something but first wanted me to come with her to grandpa's workshop. I had never actually been inside in the year or so I had lived there so I was curious and also I wanted to see grandpa, my emotions getting the better of me as I had him constantly on my mind. Could I be less different than any girl who holds a special place in her heart for the man who deflowered her, as grandpa did for me – yes for me as I had never experienced such a sexual thrill but an emotional thrill as well. I could not say it was love but it was definitely a fondness. So much so that I felt my heart race and my face flush as we walked across the front porch to the adjoining workshop.

I followed grandma inside and saw that it was a very large space with wood working benches and tools, a fireplace, couch and a table and chairs. It had high ceilings, very rustic looking. Grandma watched me turning and looking all around me as she explained it was a converted barn from the days when they raised pigs. At that point I also noticed the workshop extended further and had chain hoists attached to the rafters and two large stainless steel tables, very similar to hospital operating tables. Grandpa emerged from one of the corners wearing a leather apron and upon seeing him I said in a very excited voice, "Hi grandpa – good morning!" whereupon grandma said to me, "Call him David from now on Edie – go ahead!" So I did, "Good morning David!". Grandma was delighted and laughed as grandpa came over and gave me a kiss on the lips lifting me off my feet. I was not expecting that but was not upset by it either. Neither was grandma who clapped her hands and almost did a jig.

All the while I started to feel light headed and was about to begin a swoon, thinking the emotional rush had affected me thus. I needed to sit but grandma placed her hands on my shoulders and said, "David, pick her up and place her on the cutting table please." Cutting table I wondered as I felt grandpa's strong arms lift me effortlessly and place me on one of the stainless steel tables. I felt utterly weak and yet complacent – odd I thought but I felt so relaxed.

"Edie, remember our conversation this morning regarding your concerns about your little testicles?" grandma asked me as she removed my shoes and began to unfasten the button on my jeans.

"Yes, gram" I said dreamily. Grandma continued, "Good girl! Well as you know we used to raise pigs and one of the things I did to sweeten the meat on the young male pigs before slaughter was to remove their balls surgically – castrate them. I did it here in the old barn and it's really a simple procedure. I put some tranquillizer into your yogurt this morning and you should be nice and relaxed now. I'll give you some additional anesthesia so you won't feel a thing. I shooed David away so he won't see his beloved "Josephine" with little balls and in a few days you can sleep with him again. Until then I will!"

Of course I should have been struggling to get off the table but somehow it did not seem to matter and I simply smiled and lay there as grandma removed my jeans and panty. All I remember after that is grandma placing some sort of mask that had a strong chemical smell over my mouth and nose as I lost consciousness.


"Hello Patsy, it's your mom"

"Hi mom, why are you calling? Is everything alright?"

"Yes everything is fine. I just wanted you to know that Edie is ok after her procedure"

"Mom, I honestly don't think that was such a good idea, removing her testicles. Now she can never change her mind - she has to live as a woman!"

"It was the right decision and you know it! Edie would never make it in the world as a male. She has always been a weakling and as such is not fit to be a man in this tough old world. Besides she took to being a girl like a duck to water and that you cannot dispute."

"Sigh, I know mom but this whole thing is just crazy – understand that I am Edie's mother and I cannot help feeling this way. Her father is very upset with me and you. I cannot tell him about you removing Edie's testicles or he would probably try to kill you and me!"

"So do not tell him! Now there is more to tell you. I have been supplementing Edie's hormones with the same hormones we gave to the livestock and the results are amazing. You should see her hips and breasts! It's a shame she cannot bear children – she has the build for it now!"

"Oh mom, really? What did I let you talk me into? I am not a good mother!"

"Yes, you are a good mother and so am I! We do what we have to in order to survive in this world and as a woman you should not forget that! There is one more thing I need to tell you. Check your email and open the file I sent you."

"Ok, hold on. Yes, I have it – oh my! Is that Edie? She looks just like you at that age and come to think of it she looks a lot like me too!"

"Yes Patsy, so that is what has prompted me to do what I am about to tell you. Grandpa thinks Edie is me when we first met and were married. He is stuck in that time period in his mind and I am unable to fulfill my wifely duties anymore. I am much frailer and he is still a bull of a man with an insatiable sexual appetite. Edie will now be his "Josephine" in the bedroom and perhaps much more. Patsy I'm not in the best of health anymore."

"Oh mom, why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I didn't know myself until just after Edie arrived. Somehow seeing her and how closely she resembles both of us formed this plan in my mind. I have to provide for grandpa – I love him so!"

"I'm coming as soon as I can Mom! You take care of yourself and my Edie!"

"Yes, Patsy – you know I will!"


I awoke lying in my bed and it was dark outside and the light in the room was dim. I was dressed in a lovely white cotton embroidered night gown, my hair brushed and laying aside my head as I was propped up by numerous pillows. I felt thirsty and just a little uncomfortable in my groin area. I was still somewhat groggy and was trying to collect my thoughts as I must have reached under the bed sheet towards my groin. I heard a woman's voice say, " No Edie, you mustn't touch or you will undo the stitches." It was my mom! I raised my arms to her and she leaned in hugging me tenderly careful not to touch my lower body.

"Mom, what happened to me?"

"Edie I know this is all so very sudden and I want to tell you but I think tomorrow would be better. Grandma will explain everything!" I must have been still under some kind of tranquillizer because I just accepted mom's words and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was more alert and mom and grandma both helped me into the bathroom and carefully washed around my bandage giving me a sponge bath and fixing me up. I returned to the freshly made bed and grandma brought in some tea and buttered toast on a tray. They coaxed me to eat a little and I did. I looked at both my mom and grandma and my eyes welled up with tears and my mom started crying too.

"Now stop that nonsense both of you!" grandma said as she fought back her own tears. After I had finished I could see my mom was a wreck and I was angry but still without the energy to demonstrate it. I could only shake my head and cry, which I did sobbing loudly for more than a few minutes. They let me cry and when I had run out of tears I asked a not so simple question, "Why didn't you let me decide?"

My mom looked at my grandma sternly and we both awaited my grandma's response. So I learned that my grandma was in failing health and that she figured, correctly, that I would refuse her the right to remove my testicles. But that she felt it was for my benefit. And then she outlined what exactly she had done. Usually with the male pigs the testicles were removed and the wound cauterized but that would leave a lumpy scar. Instead she surgically removed my balls and keeping most of the ball sac, stitched a labial skin around my minute penis which would in time heal to look like a vagina, hanging just enough below the penis to allow access to my anus from the front. She reasoned that the contact with a man's penis on the underside of my tiny penis would only add to my pleasure.

I was dumbfounded. But then my grandma added the part about her failing health and how she worried about grandpa. I was affected, still being angry with my grandma but not wanting her to be ill either.

I asked to be left alone and they acquiesced. I lay there crying and thinking and crying some more. As is usually the case after intense emotional upset, sleep arrived and I did not fight it. I awoke a few hours later and felt refreshed enough to think more clearly. I did enjoy being female and I never did have any use for my little balls anyway. I did enjoy making love to grandpa and in spite of her rash decision I still loved grandma. I did not blame my mom in any of this simply because I loved her so very much. So I came to terms with my situation. I was still young, very young, and I could be helpful to both grandma and grandpa without fearing my youth would be lost to me. It was indeed all so very unique but then apparently so was I.

When my mom and grandma came back later on I told them I was ok with everything and my grandmother broke down and sobbed as my mom held her. I tried to lighten everyone's mood by saying I had never felt the need to cry so much in my entire life. My grandma smiled through her tears and told me that now with my testicles gone the production of testosterone would be virtually gone and I would be very emotional, much more so than I had previously. My mom explained mood swings and they both laughed when I said at least I wouldn't have to worry about having a period.

The next day I was ready to get up and grandma removed my bandages and observed the stitches were doing very nicely although I could only see swollen skin. I was able to pee without pain and the stitches were removed near the end of that week. I looked in the mirror after grandma removed the stitches and although it felt weird not having the little ball sac between my legs anymore I was very pleased with my new "vagina" which was still a bit swollen. Grandma said I was not to see grandpa until the next week and she still had the strength to please him for the next few nights.

My mom stayed a few days and we talked now as mother and daughter more than ever before. She was worried that this was all a mistake but I assured her it was not – for the time being and I think she understood my reasoning.

I healed quickly and with grandma's approval I returned to grandpa's ( David's) bed each night. The first time he took me after my surgery it felt so strange yet wonderful. He started with foreplay, kissing and then sucking on my larger than ever breasts. Then he mounted me missionary style which was a first for me. It felt so wonderful to have his huge body encompassing my tiny frame as I opened my legs wide and he guided his lovely large penis into my "vagina" and because of its size easily reaching beyond to my wanting anus. Grandma was so right about the contact on the underside of my tiny penis with grandpa's monstrous member. I never felt such a sensation ever!

Grandpa just kept on going and I never stopped squealing with delight as he thrust into me ceaselessly and I rocked my hips with his movement. I must have had at least three or four orgasms and he still wasn't finished. Eventually I sensed his tensing and raised my hips higher so he could deliver his load of semen deep into me. And he did, stream after stream of hot cum. I actually wrapped my legs as far as I could around his large frame and held him there inside me until my spastic sensations of orgasm ended.

What a sensation during all of this to have his balls slapping against my ass as he plowed me well and truly. We fell asleep in each other's arms as he whispered his love to me, Josephine, and I to him, David.

And this was our custom night after night, week after week and month after month. I had never felt so fulfilled. I introduced something grandma had apparently not tried on grandpa, namely sucking his cock. At first he was resistant but I coaxed him along and soon enough like all men he expected it.

The first time he allowed me was after our usual love making then sleep. When he awoke before dawn and expected another round of traditional sex I just pushed him back onto the pillows and started to lick his balls and shaft. He said, "Josephine you don't have to do that – you're a proper lady!" But I just told him to hush and knelt between his long legs and began licking. He lay there quietly at first but when my tongue found the tip of his cock he responded nicely starting to harden. I immediately put my lips over the head of his penis and took all I could of him into my moth, careful of my teeth, and found that if I relaxed I could take more of him slowly. I actually was enjoying finding out how much I could take of him and I managed to have him reach the back of my mouth and then being daring I allowed his cock to enter past that point actually breeching my throat. It was so unlike having his monstrous cock stuff my "vagina" where I felt ecstasy at the filling of my cavity. No, this was me having to fight my natural gag reflex which I did.

He sensed the change and pushed slightly making me a bit startled but gladdening me as I knew he was starting to enjoy it. And enjoy it we both did! He had the ability to hold back from ejaculating as I had experienced from all the times we made love. This was no different. I sucked and sucked and he got into it. In time I was about to stop reluctantly because my jaw was hurting from being open so wide for so long but then all of a sudden he gasped and sent a massive load into my mouth and throat, most of which caught me by surprise but still I managed to swallow plenty. Although some slid down the sides of his cock and out of the corners of my mouth I was drowning in his cum. I gulped and moved my mouth higher up his shaft so I could swallow more easily. It was so delicious! I remember the other two times I had tasted mens semen. Michaels was nice but my cousins, the bastard, was poisonous tasting to me. Grandpas was sweet, warmly tantalizing on my tongue. Even the smell of it was so manly and marvelous! I would later ponder if women favored the cum of men they were in love with, prejudicing the taste by some emotional attachment.

It was such that now I was acting as the woman of the house as far as grandpa was concerned. But that was fine with grandma who actually looked rested and less frail since she could sleep through the night soundly. I asked her if she missed grandpas affection. And she explained being menopausal had it good points too! We laughed at that but grandma said no, she did not miss it at all. I on the other hand could not get enough sex and neither could grandpa. We started taking afternoon "naps" and every so often grandpa would call me into his workshop and I would give him head which he really liked now.

Another year passed, I returned home for visits and everyone marveled at the new me. Truly feminine in all appearances with wide hips, round ass, ample breasts and that glow only young women in love seem to radiate. While visiting home my cousin Anne came to visit and we were up in my old room. She was engaged to be married. She was 23 and I would turn 21 in just a few weeks. I congratulated her and she asked me all about my life being remarkably impressed with my appearance and demeanor. I could not tell her about grandpa and she asked if I was seeing anyone. I only said it was a local boy near my grandparents farm. That pleased her and she had to ask if he knew about me being a boy and so I showed her grandmas handiwork. She was most impressed! This made me feel very good! What made me feel even better was the fact that she told me her brother who forced himself on me in my car had been arrested for drugs and was serving 2 years in prison. I tried not to show my glee but I secretly hoped he was gang raped daily for as long as he would be imprisoned.

We celebrated my 21st birthday at grandma and grandpas. Mom, Dad , my bothers and their wives all came and it was so very nice. My sister-in-laws were so eager to girl chat with me and it was non-stop all the time they were there. My brothers were nice to me and I think it was honestly on their own volition. My dad looked sad and I quietly took him by the hand and we sat on the porch in a swing chair and we talked. He told me he was upset for me but I told him it was what I wanted, or actually needed. He did not know, of course, about grandpa and me or my missing testicles, but seemed relieved when I assured him I was happy. It was the nicest birthday I ever had!

About a month later one night when grandpa and I were in bed having fallen asleep after our first sex, he awoke around dawn as was his custom and I awoke at his prodding. He allowed me to sit on top of him and I lowered myself carefully onto his awaiting shaft. I had my legs bent behind me so that I was facing him and we began, he filling me completely and I moving slowly and calculatingly up and down his cock. He picked up his rhythm and I followed exactly. He intensified and so did my pleasure. He was lifting me up with his thrusting and my old friend orgasm was saying hello to me again. I went forward onto grandpas chest never losing stride and we began to kiss as we made love. Kissing always enhanced everything for me. We were going along and I had my usual orgasms making so much noise I must surely be waking grandma. Finally grandpa tensed and started to cum inside of me. As I felt the immensely pleasurable gusher of semen blasting inside of me, grandpa suddenly looked at me gasped, rolled his eyes back and went still. I mean not breathing still! I screamed! I dismounted his still rigid cock and started to shake him as I screamed, "Grandpa –grandpa! Help, grandma help!"

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