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Edited Emails


What follows are extracts from emails between M and J over the course of a few days. They start off describing a casual encounter and some semi-public sex ... but go on through sex with a dark stranger and some BDSM We explore areas that we each knows will excite the other as well as ourselves. The pleasure is 3 fold .. writing for another, imagining how much it will excite them .. and receiving their thoughts. In exploring this way we can discover a lot about our own limits.

* * * *

FROM HER .. a simple enough start

Party (again!!). You had a row with the wife and decided to come alone.

As you walk in the room you are full of pent up energy and anger. I look up as you walk in and our eyes meet. Something goes "zing" across the room and we both smile ...... then proceed to ignore each other, each perfectly aware at all times where the other one is.

A couple of hours later I go alone to get another drink. You follow me. Our backs to the room, you reach out and cup one of my tits in your hand, rubbing my nipple with your thumb. I catch me breath, but still haven't looked at you. Finally I turn, and nod slightly. This tells you what you want to know.We go back to ignoring each other for the rest of the party.

Finally it gets late. People seem to be re-locating to the kitchen, all talking and laughing still. Hubbie is challenged to a drunken game of chess - we know it will be awhile........ you walk to the kitchen door and look at me. I follow.

Back in the lounge, it's dark, smoky and very loud slow music is playing. A couple sit talking and kissing on the sofa - another few people dance slowly - unaware of anyone else. You lead me to a corner, push me up against the wall and kiss me. I can feel your hard cock pressing into me. I wear a floaty skirt which you gently pull up at the front. Earlier at the loo, I'd taken my knickers off in readiness for you. You reach down to touch me, and smile at what I've done. Kissing hard, you use your fingers to fuck me, rub me, touch me. You say simply "I want to fuck you".

I help you undo your flies. Lifting one leg around behind you, I use my fingers to gently pull my lips apart, granting you easy access. You enter me quickly, we're both panting, desperate and longing. Standing there, fucking, wondering if anyone will see - will anyone break from the kitchen and come looking for us???? Touching my clit as you fuck me - god it feels so nice. Kissing deeply all the time, between ragged breaths. You tell me to cum. Saying words you know will work, talking, your breathing turning me on even more. I cum for you. Trying to be quiet, although who would hear over the music? You cum with me ..............

Is that the end??

FROM HIM .. knowing her preferences

No .. it's just the start ..

When you regain your breath and open your eyes you look over my shoulder and right into the eyes of a big black man who's grinning at you .. "is it my turn?" he asks.

I look at you and we are both instantly alert .. neither of us know him .. but I can tell you are turned on so I simply nod at you .. and you nod at him.

I pull my cock from you and my cum immediately starts to trickle down your leg. As I adjust my clothes and walk a few steps away he takes my place between your legs .. and you suddenly realise he is massive and completely rigid.

There is no time for you to reach down and prepare yourself .. but also no need .. you are so wet, slippery and wide open that he starts to slide in easily .. what makes you catch your breath again is how far he goes .. how thick and long this new black monster is.

You see me watching from the corner of your eye .. but you can't stop the waves of pleasure that are flooding through you .. and he isn't going to stop.

I walk towards you and look over his shoulder right into your eyes ..

“enjoy yourself, Slut, you'll suffer for it later!"

Is there more???

FROM HER .. she wants to go to darker places

oh my god yeah!!! Do I taunt you..... you know I can wind you up, it makes you think of more to make me suffer ..........

I smile at you and say, "but he's so big". I'm sure that'd wind you up enough - lol. You whisper "later" and move away slightly, just watching.

Hopefully by this point, hubbie has passed out in the kitchen otherwise I'm in trouble - and no, I don't want to bring him into this! This is about you and me.

Previously, we'd agreed to no kissing between me and the others. You watch me getting fucked really hard by this monster ....... he's almost pushing me up the wall. For a while, its all I can do to hold on and enjoy the ride......... but I'm so turned on, I start to touch him, run my fingers over his body, caress him - you remember how that feels - recall the many times I've done it to you. He kisses me, for all he wants a quick fuck, he's got a gentle manner, kissing deeply and expertly.

He cums quickly. I didn't.

So he continues to kiss me while he fingers my cunt. Rubbing the mixed cum over my thighs. I cum, moaning deeply into his mouth.

Very, very briefly, my thoughts have left you, and you know it.

What do you do? I can't decide, does he go down and suck your mixed cum out of me, or does he ask me to suck him.

Either way, I need your permission??? Or have I gone far enough already?

FROM HIM .. going with her

You have to feel pain now.

You know that you've gone much too far .. one glance at my face and you see more than disapproval. I'm angry! You kissed him! You let him come in you! You came!

You are not going to come again now .. he is not going to lick and suck you.

You're right about hubby .. he's so busy he won't notice you for hours .. but I will .. and intend make you suffer.

I tell the man, who is now wondering what to do, to get lost and as he quickly turns away and zips up I grab you by the hair. Dragging you upstairs to the host's bathroom I tell you what a fucking dirty slut you are .. and you deserve all that you're going to get.

First I want to make you clean - I push you into the bath .. pull up your skirt and turn the bath taps on full... then turn the water to the shower spray and direct it at your legs, cunt and arse.

I'm not particular about the temperature and first it hits you as a freezing cold gush .. then it starts to get hotter as I direct the jets to where you are must sensitive .. and messy. I spray deep into you and watch the mixture pour out and run over your legs and now soaking skirt. I push the nozzle hard against you and turn off the hot supply to make you suffer again.

I keep this up until I am sure you are absolutely clean and whimpering for forgiveness .. then I turn your face up and look at you .. and I can't help but slap you hard three of four times for your greed. I see you relish the pain .. your face is red and streaked with my fingermarks.

I tell you again what a filthy bitch you are .. no self control .. begging for it with the complete stranger .. you deserve more pain.

I throw a towel at you and tell you to tidy yourself .. we're going to explore the house for chances to make you pay.

Is this what you want??

FROM HER (3rd party description) .. making herself write what she wants to feel

She stands holding her wet skirt round her waist. He's holding her other wrist tightly whilst the shower presses hard against her cunt. The cold water gushes at her. It's agony.

When he's finished, he drags her out of the bathroom, and into a bedroom. He pulls at her skirt to get it off, the fabric rips. Somewhere deep inside him, he recognizes that she has to go back downstairs later, so he steps back and says in a steely voice

“Get undressed, now!"

She does. He undresses. She realises that his anger is genuine and for the first time that night is a little afraid.

He pushes her back on the bed. Climbing on top of her, he pins her arms down with his knees, yanks her head back by the hair and leans in close.

“You are a dirty little slut and you're going to pay for what you've just done" he tells her.

“Marcus, please, I'm sorry" she says, but he's not listening.

He thrusts his cock deep into her throat, pushing all the way in. She gags, but lies still.

Then she struggles and tries to get away from him, moaning "no... no". He slaps her face, pinning her hands above her head with one of his as he shoves her legs apart.

“Not like this, please, not like this" she begs him.

“Shut up and open your fucking legs" he tells her.

Her cunt is cold from the shower and at first very dry. He doesn't care. He thrusts into her, past her pain barrier, thrusting, thrusting. When he's in, he holds her hips, impaling her on his cock. Leaning forward he bites her. Shoulders, chest, fleshy tits, nipples, biting, sucking, hurting.

She feels her desire begin to build. Oh god, what should she do. If she responds he'll call her a dirty slut, if she doesn't he'll say she only wants the big black monster.

“Marcus, can I cum please?" she finally whispers. He stops, it breaks the spell.

He looks down at her, sees the desire in her eyes, the hard, red hand mark on her cheek. He pushes deep into her and tells her

“Yes, I want to hear you. Cum - for me!"

“Thank you" she whispers. "Cum with me."

He fucks her again, still biting, still hurting, but gentler this time. Its what she wants. He'll do it because it brings out his dark side - and he likes it.

That's how she wants it - his lover!

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