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Ed's Hot Wife


Another reactionary story. After perusing far too much porn on another site, I decided to write a little story in response to one of the trends I saw. This could be in interracial, loving wives, or non-erotic. Expect my normal sarcastic nature to come out. Don't take me too seriously; I certainly don't. Love it or hate, I hope you at least enjoy reading it. Oh, and before you lambast me for being a racist for depictions of people or language or attitude, realize that this story is a reaction to trends, not to a race.


Jamal pulled into an empty spot just down the block from the house, and looked over at Perry. Perry looked out the window, ignoring Jamal.

"Now look, man," Jamal started. "This guy is nice and he can do a lot for me. Don't fuck it up."

"Yeah. Whatever."

"Perry. I'm not kidding. Ed's a nice guy, and I don't need you fucking things up by nailing his wife upstairs while the game is on. I've seen you do it before. Go in, eat some chilli, enjoy the game, and maybe catch a buzz on somebody else's beer. Just stay away from his wife. Got it, Perry?"

"Can I help it if white bitches can't keep their hands off me? Besides, don't call me Perry. I'm P-diddy now."

"I don't care if you call yourself Obama. That whole black-white attitude of yours is going to get you in serious trouble some day. Don't forget that my wife is white; you try that shit on her and I'll bust your fucking kneecaps." Jamal slipped the car in park and turned it off. "Look, just keep it in your pants, will you? His wife is fucking hot, and I don't need to get hosed at work because you can't control yourself. Besides, if it gets around that you were hitting on his woman, you might not make it to the end of the probationary period. And if you get fired, it ain't gonna look good for me."

"Yeah. Whatever."


Ed settled into his favorite chair. This was his favorite time of the year. One day, one game, the epitome of all football games on television, and he felt like a king. Surrounding him were twelve other guys just as in to the game as he was. Close friends, office mates, strangers off the street - it didn't matter. A bunch of guys brought together for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of watching sports. Candy, his beautiful wife, always went overboard preparing for parties, and this was no to be no exception.

He watched her as she made her way around the room, taking coats and drink orders with the ease of a practiced hand. She didn't like football and wouldn't stick around for most of the party, but made sure that everybody was content before she left.

Ed knew that she got hit on a lot. At thirty she was even hotter than in her youth; time had been very good to her. But he also knew that she loved him, and wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Unlike some wives they knew, Ed could trust Candy to handle herself in any situation in which she might find herself.

Ed opened a beer as the last of his guests vied for the good seats, and made a mental note to limit himself to three today. Life was good.


Perry was in the kitchen and watching her for almost two minutes before Candy noticed him. She was busy at the sink, cutting vegetables under the running water, then adding them to the bubbling chili. He watched her and knew: knew what she wanted, knew what she would be like, if given the chance. Even under the loose fitting jeans and sweatshirt, Perry could tell she had a killer body. And the modicum of makeup was just enough to let him know that she could be wild in bed.

Perry watched her work at the sink. She would have made a perfect trophy wife for some high level exec. This was no housewife, despite the frumpy attire and dishwashing gloves might indicate. That ass was just aching to be tapped. Those lips were made for sucking cock. And he had no doubt that her pussy had never received the stretching he was going to give it.

"Something I can help you with? There's more beer in the garage fridge if you guys are running low already," she said when she noticed him.

"I was just heading for the bathroom, and I couldn't help but look."

"Look at what?"

"At you. I haven't ever seen anything that sweet before."

"Ah, a sweet talker. I thought you might be the type. Are you sure they won't miss you in the living room?"

"Nah. I'd rather be in here with you, anyway. You're a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than those guys, and you smell better, too."

She nodded her head in thought. "Is this where you start talking about how good you are in bed, or how big your penis is?"

That caught him off guard. It was exactly where he was going, but she sort of got to the point first and threw him off his game. "Well, now that you mention it-"

"Oooh, a big black cock. I've heard the legends, you know. How thick and long all black men are, and how once I sample it, I'll be a slave to the pleasure. That won't happen to me, will it?" Candy turned to faced him, dropping the last of the chopped vegetables into the crockpot. "Once you go black.." she said, at the exact same time as he did.

"..you never go back," Perry was saying. Again, he was caught off guard. "Well, it's true. I was-er, um, they call me P-diddy..."

"I thought he was a rap star or something," she said. "What about my husband? Do you think he'll mind? I mean, you are talking about slipping away for a little something, aren't you?"

"I think-" he started, but she cut him off again.

"Maybe he'll realize that my pleasure is what our marriage is all about, right? Hell, maybe he'll watch, then clean me up afterwards. He likes when I do kinky stuff, you know. But we've never had another man in our bed." These last statements weren't really directed at Perry. Instead, she seemed to be talking to herself.

"Well, I-"

"You would be my bull, wouldn't you? And I could be your slut? I like being the slut for my husband. I dress up in all sorts of kinky clothes, and let him pleasure me while he uses me. Would you do that for me...I don't even know your name."

"Uh, it's Perry, but like I said, they call me P-diddy-" She cut him short yet again with her staccato responses.

"Well then, into the bathroom, P-diddy. Hurry up, will you? I can't risk anybody catching us." Candy licked her lips in a very seductive manner. "Though I can't be held responsible if the screams attract attention."

Perry moved to slip a hand onto her waist, but Candy twisted away coyly. "Here's the deal, Mr. B-B-C. You try to make me do anything I don't want to do, and the first thing I do will be to demonstrate my second degree black belt. And when my brother the cop shows up, I'll have your ass hauled off to jail. Now, are you going to show me this cock of yours, or am I going to have to live the rest of my life daydreaming about it?"

"Baby, once you see it, you'll be dreaming about it for the rest of your life. Once a hot white woman like you samples a little chocolate, their's no going back to vanilla."

She was in such a rush she didn't even bother taking off her dishwashing gloves as she led him to the back bathroom. ---oooOOOooo—

The first quarter was incredible. Neither of the teams really interested Ed in the least, but the game was exciting in that both teams were going all out. In fact, none of the guys there were fans of either team, but it was the sense of brotherhood that made it fun. That, and his wife. She knew just what it took to make him happy, and always made sure he was loved.


Candy crouched down in front of Perry as his pants and underwear dropped to the floor. He was already fully erect and she grabbed his thick cock in one gloved hand, while the other fondled his balls and rubbed the area leading back to his anus. Instead of a light touch, Candy was massaging and tugging with a little more intensity than Perry preferred. If there had been any doubt to the state of his erection, her touch had eliminated it.

"Not bad, P-diddy. You must be proud. Something so big is going to need a lot of lubricant. My husband usually eats me first. That gets me really wet." He smiled in response, but Perry wasn't used to the rough handling. This was more an examination than a prelude to sex. Candy's hands gripped tight as they quickly stroked and rubbed every square centimeter of his genitals and then, as abruptly as she had started, she let go.

"Don't be so rough, baby!"

"What, did I hurt you?" She stood up, and gave his erection a playful slap.

"A little. Why don't you give him a little kiss to make the pain all better?" His dick was starting to tingle in a most unusual way.

"Kiss it?" she said. "Why the fuck would I kiss it?" The playful banter was gone, and she was genuinely angry now. "To begin with, the only cock I'll touch with my bare hands, let alone kiss, hangs between my husband's legs. And second, I wouldn't even touch his if it was covered in that white pepper oil; those things are too fucking hot. Ten minutes after a single drop of the oil touches my lips I'm on my way to the hospital," she continued, as she held out her hands. "That's why I wear gloves to protect myself whenever I handle them."

The fiery pain spread across his gentials like lava, and Perry reached out to hit her in retaliation. Her hand was faster. Definitely smaller, maybe weaker, but quicker by far and much more proficient at locking his wrist and giving it a deft twist. He hit the floor with a thud. "Would you prefer a cab, or an ambulance?" she said to his prone body. "I'd rather not disturb Jamal about a trip to the doctor, and I really don't think he wants to leave."


Candy was putting her coat on as she entered the living room. The ambulance had left about five minutes ago and everybody was settling down agin. She timed it for one of the commercials that was already repeating so as not to further disturb the boys. She greeted her husband with a loving peck on the cheek and said to the group, "Chili's are in the crock pots; regular in the brown, five alarm for those insane enough to try it in the white. Vegetable tray is on the counter. I'm heading out to do a little shopping. I'm sorry about Perry; he gave me the impression that he could handle the hot stuff, but I guess it was a little too hot. He also needs to wash better before touching himself. Let me know if he's okay, alright?"

"Sure," Jamal replied. "When I hear something, I'll tell Ed."

"Shopping?" said one of the amassed. "Why would anybody go shopping during the superbowl?"

"Well, I need to say,'I'm sorry' to Ed about the disruption earlier. To console him if his team loses, or celebrate with him if they win. I hear Victoria's Secret is having a superbowl special." She had a devious smile on her face as she spoke, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The room went quiet for a moment, then erupted into cat calls and slaps on Ed's back. As the door closed behind her and the game resumed, Jamal leaned into Ed. "Damn, Ed, if my wife was like that, I wouldn't ever leave the home. She's incredible!"

Ed smiled. "You have no idea. Pretty much my definition of 'loving wife' and 'hot wife'. That's just one of the things I love about her."

The group erupted into another cheer as a long pass was caught, and Ed settled back into his chair. Life was good.

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