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Ed's Nocturnal Funhouse


For Trina, an amateur oil wrestling tournament was a great opportunity. The chance to show off her body in a bikini, and cash prizes if she made it far enough. The grand prize was a thousand dollars. She didn't think she would actually make it that far, but it could happen. What Ed, the club manager told her was that she would only have to win three matches. If she lost even one though, that was it.

Two matches had already taken place and now it was her turn. She walked out confidently, smiling at the hoots and hollers from an approving audience. The swimsuit was actually fairly modest for a bikini, but it still let them enjoy her amazing figure.

The wrestling ring was just plastic lining on the floor and low barriers on all four sides. She stepped in carefully, expecting the oil to be too slippery for easy movement. She was surprised to find that it wasn't as slick as she had expected. In fact, there was almost a stickiness to it. The thought of being covered in this stuff, whatever it was, wasn't appealing, but the enthusiasm of the crowd kept a smile on her face.

Once she was in the ring, her opponent was led out. Ed announced her as Karla. The crowd cheered as loudly for Karla as they did for Trina. Karla clearly kept in shape. She also seemed to have nothing but confidence as she stared Trina down. Before Trina had time to be too intimidated though, a bell rang and Karla moved in on her. She didn't move too fast though. The 'oil', though it may have been somewhat sticky was still enough to make you slide if you tried to do anything but walk.

Karla's arms engaged Trina's and before even ten seconds were over, they were both down in it. The oil coated their bodies quickly as they rolled around each other. The stalemate that both girls enjoyed at first became frustrating. It was easy get a grip, but not so easy to keep it, partly because of the oil, but mostly because they were very evenly matched. They grunted and strained until they were forced to back away from each other, breathing heavily.

Kneeling in opposite corners, the girls eyed each other warily. After a few seconds and some goading from the men in the crowd, they prepared to wrestle again, Karla sneering confidently now. They slid over and around each other until Karla took an unfair advantage. She grabbed hold of Trina's bikini top and pulled it to one side. As one of her breasts was thrust into view, Trina screamed in panic. She could no longer wrestle Karla. Instead, she struggled to hold onto her top while using one hand to cover her boob.

It only got worse for Trina. Karla wouldn't let the top go and with her other hand she managed to pop the snap on the back. Trina's panicked little squeals became exuberant shrieks as her top was pulled over head. The crowd yelled in a lustful frenzy, offering whistles, compliments and jeers. Trina tried desperately to cover her tits while trying to reclaim her top, but Karla, able to play out their little tug of war two handed, ripped the top from Trina's hands. The top was tossed outside the ring and Trina was left in a panic, unable to move momentarily, crouching down with her arms over her breasts.

Karla grabbed her from behind and began to force her arms away from her chest. The crowd was enthralled with the glimpses of Trina titty they'd get every time she lost her cover. Trina struggled without knowing what to struggle for other to spare herself from embarrassment. She took quick panic breaths and periodically let out shrill screams.

Those brief screams became one long one when Karla finally managed to pull her arms back, exposing her boobs completely to the crowd. Trina was trapped. In her humiliation, she stared out into the crowd that stared back. Over a hundred pairs of eyes thrilled at her bare, jiggling bosom. It was almost a kindness when Karla forced her back and pinned her, ending the match. As soon as she could, Trina rushed backstage with her arms folded across her tits.

Part 2 : Sarah

Sarah was of two minds about entering the oil wrestling competition especially at a place with a name as screwy as Ed's Nocturnal Funhouse. On the one hand, two of her friends had done it last year and had gone on and on about it for a month. It had to be a lot of fun. On the other hand, it really isn't the kind of thing that Sarah usually does. She's not too reserved, but she certainly isn't an oil wrestling kind of girl either.

She almost chickened out before her first match. They had called her name first so she didn't even have the protection of another girl to distract a bit of attention. No, she had ot go out alone, in a bikini, in front of a throng of leering men. The bikini itself wasn't that bad. In fact she owned a smaller one that she sometimes had the courage to wear in public. It wasn't that she was insecure about her looks either. She knew she was pretty and her body, even though it was slender, had curves enough to turn heads. It was the attention of all those men directed at her. At first she had been very visibly shy, but that wore off after a moment or two of cheering from the crowd. That had bolstered her confidence not quite to make her immune to the circumstances but she could enjoy it more than being bothered by it.

Much to her surprise, she had won her first match. It was difficult, especially since her opponent was more than a bit stronger than herself. She was still wondering how she did it and if she could do it again.

The uncertainty of winning wasn't the only thing that bothered her though. One of the other girls had rushed to the dressing room topless and blushing. One of the club employees had been kind enough to bring her top back, but they wouldn't let her leave. They wanted all the girls present in case they needed an alternate. At least that was their excuse. So this poor girl had to wait until the end of the tournament before she could even go home.

What Sarah didn't know was that Karla, the bully of a girl that stole that top, was the same one that she had just entered the ring with for her second match. It started much the same as Sarah's first match had, circling around the ring, keeping just out of Karla's reach. Eventually they were down in the oil again though. Sarah squirmed just to avoid being pinned, but she did it well enough to break free several times in a row.

Karla didn't need near as much frustration as she had endured the first time. Now she knew how to win and she didn't hesitate. The moment she had an opening, she pushed Sarah down and was on top of her back. From there, it was easy to unsnap the top. Sarah gasped, then squealed as Karla tore the top off of her. Karla was enjoying this now not just because she was winning, but because she was humiliating another girl. Sarah, too busy covering her boobs to slide away, couldn't effectively fight back. Karla, still astride her, turned her over. Sarah had her forearms clutched tightly against her breasts. She glanced with wide, frightened eyes at the wildly exuberant crowd. She almost managed to get out from underneath Karla but Karla pulled her back. the crowd was chanting, "Show her tits! Show her tits!" Karla, with a smug expression of triumph, gestured to the crowd momentarily, then she grabbed Sarah's wrists. She pulled Sarah's arms away as Sarah screamed. Her eyes were clenched tight as she struggled to get away. Karla let her go momentarily only to grab her again when she got to her knees. Then Sarah's arms were pulled to her sides giving the crowd an even better look. Catcalls and whistles sounded from all over. Sarah started crying helplessly.

Karla was satisfied now, having given the men a good long look at those pretty little tits. She threw Sarah backwards and effortlessy pinned her. Instead of letting her up immediately though, she pulled Sarah's arms behind her to give the crowd one last look before letting her go.

Being back in the dressing room wasn't entirely a comfort for Sarah either. Some of the other girls had started laughing at the sight of another topless girl running backstage. Sarah and Trina both had to endure some taunting as the evening wore on.

Part 3 : Cindy

It was the final match of the night. Out of eight girls, only two had wrestled twice and won both times. One is Cindy, a highly attractive college girl who is fairly short but also highly athletic. Enough so that she has managed to overpower both of her opponents so far. The other is, of course, Karla who has won not by outmaneuvering her opponents, but by stripping them.

It will come as no surprise that she had already decided that bikini top snatching is the best tactic, in fact the only tactic that will win tonight. Karla sized up Cindy as Cindy posed for the crowd, flexing an impressive body. Especially the tits. For a girl with so little fat on her, Cindy had an impressive set of tits. Karla smiled to herself, already exposing those tits in her imagination. Will she scream, like Trina did? Or will she cry like Sarah did?

The moment the bell rang, the girls lunged at each other. Cindy was, not surprisingly, faster and more agile. She managed to get Karla under her three times before Karla got the upper hand, but Karla couldn't keep Cindy down. In moments Cindy was on top of her again. Instead of struggling to free herself completely though, Karla freed only one arm. She was able to reach around then and, having practiced backstage, she unsnapped Cindy's top with one hand. The sudden pop startled Cindy so much that a moment passed before she realized the danger of exposure. That moment gave Karla the chance to sieze the front of her top. Karla pulled at that top as Cindy struggled to keep it on. That interesting little tug of war gave Cindy little opportunity cover herself. Her exceptionally firm breasts bounced freely for the crowd. "Stop it! Let go!," Cindy shouted, but of course, Karla ignores her. Karla, after a lot of struggle, managed to get the bikini top, much to the delight of the crowd. Of course she didn't stop there. Cindy was covering up, desperately trying to find a moment when she might get past Karla to reclaim her top as Karla asked the crowd, "Wanna see her tits?"

Everyone was on their feet trying to get a better view when Karla rushed forward. Cindy found her arms in Karla's grip and managed to keep herself covered for a bit. At last, Karla managed to get Cindy's hands away from her body. Cindy twisted away and covered again, but only momentarily before Karla had her down and started pulling her hands away. Cindy screamed loudly for help again and again. The crowd of course was cheering for Karla. So who could help her?

Cindy's cries for help did not go unheard though. Some of the girls in the back had kept the door to the dressing room open to listen, waiting to see what would happen. Trina and Sarah both charged out of the dressing room and towards the ring. One of the club's bouncers moved to stop them, but Ed, seeing the crowd's reaction, waved them away. With nothing else stopping them, the two formerly sulking girls had nothing to keep them from getting even.

Karla wasn't even aware of them until it was too late. She had Cindy held down, breasts exposed to the world, when Trina and Sarah dragged her off. Karla shouted protests and expected someone to intervene but she was on her own, outnumbered two to one. Trina and Sarah managed to keep her from getting away until Cindy was able to get her top back on. Then it was three against one; then it was easy. Cindy latched onto one of Karla's arms, while Sarah held the other. Trina moved around behind her. They made certain to hold her up and straight toward the audience to offer the best view possible. Trina shouted menacingly, "All right then! Do you boys want to see HER tits now?"

"Nooo!," Karla screamed, but the crowd shouted her down. With a satisfied grin, Trina popped the back of Karla's top. It dangled there and Karla's struggles stopped for the moment to try to keep it from moving. Trina took an arm from Cindy, allowing her the honors of removing it. Cindy made quite a spectacle of it, waiting as long as possible to get the loudest response from the crowd possible. Karla could only moan in humiliation as her top was swiftly pulled off. Karla struggled to get away, but she couldn't. She was held in place, giving over a hundred men the chance to take in the sight. Horrified, Karla noticed that some of the men there were taking pictures and even video. She couldn't bring herself even to scream. She just gaped, open mouthed at her predicament.

Seeing the phones and cameras, the other girls became painfully aware that there must now be videos of their breasts out there as well, but that only steeled their resolve. Cindy took the arm held by Sarah. She and Trina pulled her to her feet and Sarah, with a surprisingly sweet voice and smile asked the crowd, "You want more?"

"WHAT!" Karla demanded, but only a moment before Sarah began pulling her bikini bottoms down. Then, Karla screamed. It was a long, shrill scream of sheer embarassment. Sarah made sure to hold Karla's legs in place (with some difficulty). Now Karla's small patch of very well trimmed, dark bush was on display. The crowd was so active and so loud that the whole place seemed alive, alive and with over a hundred pairs of eyes to view the naked girl, held in place by her enemies. After a few, agonizingly long minutes, they finally let Karla go, everyone laughing and pointing as she ran, fully nude to the dressing room.

Trina threw Karla's bikini to the crowd while Cindy was crowned champion by forfeit. The thousand dollar prize was hers, but she graciously gave three hundred apiece to Trina and Sarah.

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