tagBDSMEducating Alex Ch. 02

Educating Alex Ch. 02


Alex stood on the steps of the front door, her heart thumping like a teenager on a first date.

"Christ, this is stupid." Alex berated herself. She was 19 years old, and old enough to do what she wanted to do without anyone telling otherwise.

And yet, Richard, her tutor, was well over twice her age. She also knew that once she rang that doorbell and stepped inside, then she was offering herself on a plate to a dirty old man who fucked like a rhino.

She thought back five days to that private tutorial session, when she had almost thrown herself over his knees so he could spank her naked bottom. And the sex – his cock in her mouth and then from behind as she lay bent over on the table.

She moaned to herself and squeezed her thighs together. It had all been so fast and yet so right, so wonderfully dirty.

Two days after that when she had received back her last assignment, (with an improved mark she noted) taped inside was a scrap of lined paper with a scribbled note.

"Saturday. Dinner at 7:30. 24 Wishburne Drive. R. x."

It wasn't an invitation- it was a bloody summons. She loved it, and that Saturday afternoon she had taken particular care over her outfit.

Firstly, a session with the razor to remove all traces of hair below the neck, and some lotion to soften the skin over the mons. She couldn't help running a finger through the moistening slit as she remembered his fat cock at her entrance.

This was followed by a bath with ylang ylang oil to give her that "Touch me, fuck me" skin.

And then the outfit.

"Mmmm," she pondered, "nothing with too many zips or buttons, but not so short that I look like a slut – this time at least!"

She settled on a mid thigh length black dress with a scoop neck front, and an even more scooped back. Slip off the thin shoulder straps, and gravity would do the rest. Bra and knickers were considered, and immediately discarded. She was getting sex, and she didn't need any seduction kit to ensure that. A black pair of high heels completed the look. High enough to accentuate her legs – not so high that she was in danger of twisting an ankle.

Meanwhile, Richard was busy in the kitchen. Alex's return note of "why not?" had said it all. He hummed happily to himself as he checked the preparations.

When the door bell rang, he poured two glasses of wine, and left them in the living room on his way to the front door.

He opened the door, and stopped as he drank in the sight of the beauty in front of him. She was elegant, and sexy, and yet looked vulnerable and defenseless. He wasn't sure whether to eat her – or tuck her up in bed.

Richard smiled and raised his eyebrows in greeting, stepping back to allow Alex into the hallway. She smiled back, and brushed past him – letting her perfume drift under his nose. White musk – she wasn't holding back tonight.

In the living room he handed her a goblet of cold Chablis – the glass misted with condensation.

"To your continuing education." Richard toasted her.

"And to my thoughtful teacher." Alex smiled back.

At dinner they talked much, but said little. The words were about past lives, parents, hopes. The real communication was in the glances and brief touches; her foot brushing his leg, his hand on her bare shoulder as he moved behind her to fetch some more wine.

Every time she put some food in her mouth, Richard could have sworn Alex was fellating it. Every time Richard looked at her mock sternly, Alex's bottom felt the warmth of his spanking.

Eventually, the dinner was finished, and the last of the wine emptied into the glasses.

There was a pause in the conversation, and the silence stroked them like velvet.

Richard stood, and moved to the other side of the table – standing beside Alex.

She looked up at him, knowing what was going to happen next, longing for it, but captured by the need to wait for his lead, her master's command.

He reached down and took her hand, gently pulling her out of her seat. She tilted back her head and closed her eyes in submission as he gently kissed her full soft lips.

"Shall we continue your lesson?" He whispered

"Oh yes sir, please sir. I'll be a very good pupil."

He took her then by the hand, and led her down the corridor to the bedroom. The room was lit by dozens of candles, and the scent of a joss stick filled the air. On the bed were some scarves, and a pillow placed in the centre.

Richard held her head gently in his hands, and kissed her, more deeply and firmly. She felt her insides melt, and her sex moisten with desire.

"Do you trust me?" Richard's voice was hoarse with tension,

As Alex looked up she could see his need in his eyes. She stared straight back.

"Yes sir, I do. I am your pupil to do with as you wish."

Richard closed his eyes and breathed a prayer of thanks for this wonderful girl.

Silently, he took the dress straps and slipped them along and down her shoulders. Without any hesitation, Alex shrugged the material off her body, feeling the fabric slide over her aroused skin. She stood, naked; her arms by her side, letting this man inspect her.

Her breathing quickened as she felt his possessive gaze travel down her body, taking in her arms, her neck, her pert breasts with their up tilted nipples, her slightly rounded stomach and the cleft of her sex. And then down her thighs and calves to the feet still clad in the high heels.

Richard reached out and brushed his fingers over one of her taut mounds – sliding up to grasp and tweak the nipple.

Alex cried out softly at the pain, but her knees almost buckled at the shock to her sex.

"Nice, very nice."

Richard's comments could have been about a piece of furniture, a new car, rather than the young woman who was his lover. And yet, Alex was proud, was intensely happy that he was pleased with her. Subconsciously, she stood up straighter, pushing her shoulders back.

He walked behind her to continue his inspection – his actions affirming his mastery of her.

All the marks of his previous spanking of her had long since disappeared, but he looked any way – again entranced at the twin globes that called for his disciplining. He ran his hand down her spine to cleft of her buttocks, and felt her shiver at his soft touch.

He stood close behind her, and cupped one arse cheek in his hand as he leant in to whisper to her.

"I think that you are a dirty slut. You came here pretty much completely naked, because as a wanton slut you want me to fuck you. Isn't that right?

Alex whimpered and pleaded.

"Yes master, I am. I need to punished for it because every time I think of you, I can't help wanting you to fuck me"

Richard pushed his hand between her legs from behind, and rubbed a finger between the swollen lips of her weeping sex.

"Well, at least you are an honest slut. But don't think that your punishment will be any the less. I am going to spank you properly this time – not like the gentle taps of a few days ago."

"Oh God, please do sir. Please spank me properly. Please make it hurt so that I will be good next time."

"Then bend over, and put your hands on the dressing table in front of you. Look into the mirror. I want you to see your face as I redden your arse and the look of pleasure on my face as you take it."

Alex had to lean down a bit to place her hands on the low table top, and with the high heels, her bottom was now above the level of her head – poised above her straight legs. She parted her legs slightly so that he could properly see the ripe fig of her sex – ripe for his cock.

Richard stood to one side –gauging the distance to the proffered bum cheeks. Alex bit her bottom lip as she waited for the first strike – determined not to make a sound when the blow landed.

With the sound of his hand connecting firmly with her flesh, Alex cried out.


God, that was definitely harder than the last time.

"And? Young lady? Are you just going to complain or are you going to count the spanks and thank me for them?"

"Sorry sir. One sir. Thank you sir"

"Good – and don't let it happen again."

At that, Richard hit the other buttock

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Two sir, and thank you sir."

Standing up certainly let Richard use his arm with greater effect. Even after only two strikes, the redness was rising on the arse in front of him.

Alex knew that this time Richard was doing this properly; hitting her with the force she really needed and craved. She pushed her bottom out further to encourage her tormenter.

Both these were on the same cheek, one below the other.

Three sir, and four sir, thank you sir.

"Five sir, and six sir. Oh thank you sir, thank you."

Alex had dropped her head, letting the sensations take over. Richard didn't chide her for this. He understood that she was entering her special place where the pain became pleasure and his use of her a reward for both.

"Seven sir – thank you sir"

"Eight sir – Thank you sir for punishing me".

Richard paused, and once again slid his finger into the now dripping cunt. He added a second finger, and slid them in and out of the engorged opening.

Alex whimpered and groaned – thrusting her hips against him as if he was rutting with her. She was so hot for him, so fucking hot.

He slid the juice coated fingers out and up to the crack of her anus – which was clenched tightly like a newly formed rose bud. He pressed a wet finger against the muscle ring, and listened to her whines of complaint – but noticed she made no move to stop this invasion of her bum hole. With a twist he lodged his fore finger in her clutching orifice, and Alex gasped out.

"Oh sir. I'm a virgin there. Please sir, if you are going to punish me properly, you will have to use your cock in there too."

Even Alex was amazed at her suggestion – but she had felt the finger in her behind sending new and darkly interesting signals – promising forbidden pleasures if done right. Somehow, she knew that her Richard would know just what to do, and she wanted to give him the gift of this virginity.

"All in good time, my little fuck toy, all in good time."

Richard chuckled to himself at the way Alex was leading him through her dark desires.

He withdrew his finger and recommenced his punishment of the red posterior bent over for his delight.

Six more times his hand rose and fell. Six more times the taut spheres absorbed the force of his hand. Six more times the pain coursed through Alex.

By now, the tears were beginning to flow – and she began to beg for forgiveness.

"Please sir, I'm so sorry sir. Please stop sir and I'll be very good. I promise to do whatever you want, anything at all sir. Oh Sir!"

This last cry was in response to the final hard driven blow to a very red and tender arse cheek.

Richard's hand was now also sore, but his prick was ready to have its own fun, and there was a very tempting target just waiting.

But Richard also knew that if he rushed things now, then he would be throwing away a better trained slut in the future. It would be better to give her pleasure now, and then to fulfill his own desires.

He reached into the dresser, and brought out a pot of cold cream. Gently he massaged it into the hot behind. Alex's tears changed to moans and sighs of pleasure, especially as he made sure that her wet cunt was also received plenty of attention.

"That's a good girl," Richard murmured, "that's my very good little girl."

Alex almost purred with pleasure at this praise. She was only just holding herself up with her arms, and she was grateful when Richard lifted her up and made her stand facing him.

"Well done my little darling. Now I have something for you to enjoy."

Meekly, Alex let Richard tie one of the silk scarves over her eyes. The absence of light served to make her even more passive, and she allowed herself to be led over to the bed, and stretched out on it.

Firstly, her arms were pulled up and apart, and the wrists secured by more silk scarves to the upper corners. The pillow was wedged under the sore cheeks, lifting up the hips and the needy cunt between them. Then, her legs were spread and the ankles also tied by silk scarves to the corners.

Richard stroked her hips, and bent down to lap first one, then the other pink nipple. She was so lost in her haze of arousal – he could do want he wanted. But just now, he wanted to lick her wet, juicy, shaven pussy.

Her stomach tightened and her legs jerked as she felt him breath on the sensitive tissues. She was so high, it was almost painful.

Gently and carefully, Richard licked the labia, keeping away for the ultra sensitive clit. Up and down his tongue lapped at her; drinking in her wetness, her scent, and the sharp tang of a recent visit to the bathroom. He pushed his tongue into her and probed deeply, then withdrew and licked from her perineum to almost her clit.

He listened to her cries and whimpers, and felt the way her hips bucked.

But every time it seemed she was getting close to cumming – he stopped.

"Not yet, my sweet slave - not yet"

She was in agony/ecstasy now. She was frantic for him to do more.

He took pity on her eventually. He slid two fingers into the soft folds of her sex, and slowly twisted and pushed and pulled them in and out.

Meanwhile, he started to lap ever closer to her engorged clit, now poking from the cleft of the outer lips. Every now and then, he actually brushed his tongue on the sensitive bud – and Alex squealed at the sensation.

Harder and harder he went – increasing the sensations, until Alex was teetering on the edge.

And then, he took the fore finger of his other hand, and eased it into her back passage – the cold cream providing excellent lubrication – all the while finger fucking her cunt and licking her clit.

Alex caught her breath, and then screamed out loud. She had been wound up so tight, that her climax threatened to shake her to pieces. Richard continued to assail her sensitized bud, and despite the almost pain, Alex felt the continuing shocks of the stimulation as mini climaxes. At last, it was over, and Alex was left panting, her limbs leaden and slack.

She was laid back, open as any sacrifice on the altar of lust, and Richard was in no mood to delay the ceremony any further. Without even pausing to remove blind fold from her eyes, Richard mounted the slim opened body, and thrust his straining member into the drenched cuntal opening. With the pillow forcing it up, the depth was incredible – and he was sure he was at her cervix when he had bottomed out.

Alex was too exhausted to do more than groan a deep yes to his possession of her. She was his, and if he wanted to fuck her displayed body, then she gladly gave that to her master.

Richard looked down at his willing victim, marveling at her smooth body and her tight sex. This time he moved slowly, feeling each fold of her inner flesh grip and caress his rigid manhood. Even tied and almost asleep, she couldn't help pushing back at this man, using her hips to urge him in deeper, to use her totally.

Her mouth opened in a silent "O" of pleasure and ecstasy, and her response was the all the trigger he needed. With an almost silent groan, he filled the womb of this girl, pumping his seed into her, making her his forever. With a sigh, her cunt spasmed around him – milking him and submitting to him.

He leant down onto his elbows, and kissed her soft lips.

"Well done my darling. Well done" He breathed.

"Oh Master, thank you. Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for using me for your pleasure. I am yours."

Richard smiled to himself; pleased at her response, but not taking it too seriously. Alex had a lot to learn before she would truly be able to call him Master.

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