tagBDSMEducating Alex Ch. 03

Educating Alex Ch. 03


That Saturday evening, after the scarves had been untied and they had held each other while the emotions subsided, Alex and Richard agreed to spend the Sunday together. The more immediate decision, though, was for Alex to be taken back to her halls of residence.

Without having to say anything, they both recognized that sleeping together at this juncture would be too vanilla – too ordinary and tame and a blunting of the D/s edge they were exploring.

In his Morgan, they were both quiet; comfortable with each other yet lost in the swirl of memories of the evening - the sounds of the spanking, the scent of the joss-stick, the warmth of the skin, the released of shared sex.

When they finally arrived at the halls, Richard leaned over and kissed Alex on the lips.

"Until tomorrow morning - at 8:00."

She smiled back, a conspiratorial glint in her eye.

"Until tomorrow – o teacher of mine."

Another kiss – longer and more intimate and then a quick movement as she opened the car door slid out and ran swiftly up the steps to the double doors of the building's entrance. She twisted the Yale key in the lock, pausing only to wave briefly before slipping inside and closing the door gently behind her.

That evening, Richard spent a good hour sitting in the dark of his garden, lulled by the hum of the London traffic and watching the moths dancing around the light on the patio. He knew that this relationship was turning serious, and that it was breaking most, if not all, of the rules in the book. Not just the rules about student/teacher contact, but also his rules about the way he felt about his students, whether they ended up in his bed or not.

It wasn't just about the physical attraction either. He had slept with girls just as attractive as Alex before, and he didn't favor a particular look.

It was more the emotional/intellectual understanding and connection. Somehow he knew that he saw her more clearly than anyone else had done before. She may have toyed with spanking and domination games, but he sensed that so far they had only been minor aspects in her previous relationships. This time, though, these elements were key – they defined the power plays going on, and they were the core of her sexual response. He really was treading virgin ground, and he felt an overwhelming sense of honor – and responsibility. Her submission was a precious gift, something to be commanded, not demanded. He closed his eyes and breathed a solemn vow that he would strive to be the Master she needed and desired – training her to find even more intense fulfillment in her obedience. And if/when she eventually moved on to other relationships, he would make every effort to let her go for her sake, happier and more fulfilled than when they had met.

When Richard finally turned out the lights and settled down to sleep, he would have been heartened by the coincidence that Alex was doing exactly the same thing in her room. She too had been thinking – pondering the mystery that had led her to be so open and wanton with a man more than old enough to be her father. And yet, that age and experience was necessary. She had placed herself in the most vulnerable of positions, and experienced the most amazing sensations. Like a dance where both partners lead and follow, they had explored their darker desires – but to their mutual fulfillment. Only a man who really knew what he was doing, and could listen to both himself and to her was capable of opening her up like that. For the moment, therefore, she would seize the opportunity of learning from him – and seek to please him in return.

On the dot of eight the next morning, Richard pulled up at the bus stop around the corner from Alex's residence. They had agreed that although Sunday morning would find most – if not all the other students still asleep in bed, there was no point in tempting fate. She could wait at a bus-stop on the way in to college without arousing suspicion, and her tutor would naturally give her a lift if he happened to be driving to the same destination.

Alex was dressed in tight blue jeans and open sandals. A white cotton blouse was tucked into the waistband, the top three buttons un-done. She had gone for simple white knickers that morning, to emphasize the virginal and innocent look, although the lack of a bra was suggestive of other things. Over her shoulder she had slung a small rucksack, with a collection of some of her favorite toys (for private consumption only!).

Richard had the top down on the car, his cherished Morgan being one of the few luxuries he allowed himself. His parents would have called it a Hoover – used for picking up bits of fluff. Well, there was definitely something more than fluffy about his companion in arms this morning – apparently brash and confident in her sexuality – yet a wonderfully submissive and slutty partner underneath.

Richard negotiated the early morning traffic without difficulty, setting them on course to a large wood he knew on the northern outskirts, a bit too far off the beaten track to be popular with Sunday picnickers. By nine they were pulling into the deserted car park, just a simple earthen clearing dappled by the sunlight filtering through the ancient trees.

He opened the boot and retrieved his rucksack packed with a rug, some food and a bottle of wine, along with a few extras for the day. Alex took the opportunity to stow her bag in the boot – the contents being more appropriate for later that evening.

Like any new couple away from the gaze of others, they relaxed and held hands as they walked along the soft paths deeper into the woods. The absence of other human sounds helped them to lose their own inhibitions with each other. At one point, crossing a small stream on an old wooden bridge, Richard put his hands on Alex's hips and pulled her towards him. He kissed her upturned lips and gazed into her laughing eyes.

"You do realize that as your tutor, I am never off duty – and that I plan to use this day to help continue your education?"

She put one hand on his chest, feeling his heart thumping through the fabric of the shirt. With a pleasant shock she suddenly realized that he was as nervous as her .

She smiled half shyly at him.

"Of course sir, I am always ready to be taught by you and to learn whatever pleases you."

His look of delighted happiness was all she needed, and she leant up on tip toe and kissed him.

"I mean it – I want you to teach me everything."

They set off again, heading to a small secluded clearing that Richard had discovered by accident the year before, away from the main tracks.

The clearing was no more than 8 foot across, and almost completely circular. Across one side were the remains of a large tree trunk of about 2 foot diameter. Newer trees stood around the circumference, one of which had a long bough stretched low across part of the clear ground. It was under this shade that they stopped and Richard set down his pack. He turned to Alex and drew her into his arms. Gently at first, but with increasing passion, they kissed, caressing each other through the fabric of their clothes. Their only sound was the murmurs and gasps of passion and desire. His hands roamed over her back and down to squeeze the tightly encased bottom, pulling her roughly to him, rubbing her crotch into his engorged prick. She wrapped her arms around his neck, molding her body to his, rubbing herself like a contented cat against his hardness.

He broke away, panting, and looked at her thoughtfully.

"Before we go any further, I think we need to talk about safe words."

She looked up at him quizzically.

He smiled at her understandable ignorance – he was the one with the real experience.

"I recognize that I might not always do something that you are happy with, and sometimes you might want to act as if you want me to stop, but actually carry on. So, we need a set of code words that you can use to tell me that I do need to slow down, or to stop completely."

He smiled wickedly.

"That way you can protest all you like and pretend that I should stop punishing you, but know that I will not stop for real unless you use a certain word or phrase."

Put like that, it all made perfect sense to Alex, and only increased her confidence in Richard. In addition, the ability to pretend that she wanted him to stop, although he wouldn't, was deliciously dirty, and her pussy twitched in response.

"Obviously we need something you aren't going to struggle to remember. May I suggest Amber for pause, and Red to stop?"

"And if I don't use those words, but cry out and struggle and beg you to stop, you won't?"

Alex asked.

"Until I am ready to stop, or I think you've had enough."

Alex kissed him again, and murmured,

"That sounds perfectly wonderful, and I am wet just thinking about it."

"Are you?" Richard stood back as if in shock.

"You dirty little girl. You are wet at the prospect of me spanking your pretty little arse?"

"Yes sir", Alex adopted a meek tone. "Am I really bad?"

"Very bad", said Richard sternly. "So bad that I am going to pull your trousers down and spank your behind even harder than last night."

"But please sir. If you spank me too hard, then I won't be able to stop my hands from rubbing my sore bottom, and that would get in the way."

"Don't you worry my little pet, I have just the solution to that."

Richard unzipped a small pocket at the side of the rucksack, and retrieved a pair of padded handcuffs with a length of chain between each manacle. Alex licked her lips, and felt the butterflies of sexual tension.

Deftly, before she could react, Richard had one cuff on Alex's right wrist, thrown the chain over the bough and cuffed the other wrist. The chain and height of the branch meant that she could keep her feet on the ground – but she was otherwise securely held.

Richard stood back, gazing at his helpless captive, vulnerable to him in these woods.

"Right." Richard said sternly. "I think we should pull those trousers down."

"Oh no sir. Please don't sir. Someone might see us. I would be so embarrassed sir. Pleeeease sir."

Despite her apparently heartfelt pleas, Richard undid the button at the front of the jeans and pulled down the zip. Slowly, he peeled the material down her legs, until they were encasing her ankles.

In the same way, he slowly eased down her now wet knickers, catching the scent of her wetness on the fabric and between her legs.

Alex could now only move her legs slightly apart. The cool air around her nether regions was so incredibly naughty, and she felt her arousal stiffen her nipples. She was half naked, standing in a wood and chained to a tree, about to be spanked again. God, this was better than anything she had experienced before.

Richard had deliberately left the blouse buttoned up, as if to emphasize the nakedness of her posterior. Instead, he stood to one side, and lifted it enough so that he had a clear view of her curves.

"Now remember, we are in the open. So you would do well to keep as quiet as possible while I administer punishment. No need to count out or thank me. We wouldn't want any one else finding you here and taking advantage of you, would we?"

Alex was sure Richard was only joking about that, but somehow she didn't really want to find out. So, she set herself to keep the noise down to a minimum.

At first, Richard confined himself to rubbing and squeezing the defenseless orbs. He kneaded the pliant flesh, making it submit to his attentions.

Alex felt her breath become short and she was panting with desire. His strong knowing hands were making this part of her his own, and she felt her body yearning for sexual release.

"Ok", said Richard firmly. "I'm going to spank you twenty times. That is ten on each cheek. And remember, keep the noise down."

Alex nodded – anxious, biting the side of her lip.

At that, Richard set to mercilessly with a will.

The first four strikes were slow and measured –warming her up. But almost immediately he quickened his pace until his hand was moving up and down like a piece of machinery.

Her bottom reddened and recoiled under the onslaught of rapid blows. She hardly had time to catch her breath before the next explosion hit her. He covered the whole of both cheeks, even the crease where the thigh and buttock met.

This was so different from the previous times. This was hard and demanding, and she felt herself being overwhelmed by the sensations. There was no space or time to cry out, only a mouth opened in silent pleading and tears coursing down her cheeks.

And yet, and yet, he knew what he was doing. Alex felt his command, his mastery, his taking of her to a new level. He was punishing her for being a dirty slut, and at the same time waking up that very same slut and inflaming it with passion. He was in charge, and she pushed out her bottom in submission.

At the end, all Alex could do was to stand there, shuddering, her breath coming in ragged gasps, her bottom still twitching and jerking. She had been conquered, captured, enslaved. At this point she would have done anything for her teacher. Her whole body was his to use and abuse as he desired. All she longed for now was for him to unlock the firestorm of her orgasm burning deep inside her.

He stepped around to stand in front of her. She looked up at him, her flushed face glistening with her tears, her eyes pleading for release.

He kissed, and praised her.

"Well done. You took that very bravely. Would you like your reward now?"

She nodded mutely, too overwhelmed to speak.

Again, Richard kissed her but this time he slipped one hand between her hot wet thighs, and slid two fingers up into her ready cunt. Alex half closed her eyes and gave herself up to this, pushing back against his fingers, grateful for the sensations that would lead to her climax.

Richard intently watched the face which reflected the lust boiling within. He listened to her sighs and moans, and felt her set a pace which gave her the best sensations. He watched and shepherded her towards her destination, helping her to find her pinnacle.

He added his thumb, rubbing on her clit, and her voice rose to a keening wail. To her, his hand was now a cock ravaging her, and she drove back against it frantically. She opened her eyes wide, as if in shock, and opened her mouth .

"Ohhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddddddd. I'm cumming. I'm CUMMMMMMIIIING"

With that, Alex went into free-fall as her endorphin charged orgasm slammed into her. Juices squirted from her cunt, drenching the invading fingers, and her body clenched and released repeatedly.

Richard stood close and let her head fall against his chest, his fingers now motionless within her.

"Oh thank you sir, thank you, thank you, thank you."

Alex repeated this mantra as her body regained its equilibrium. She was as slumped against him as was possible with her arms still suspended by the branch over head. When he was sure that she wouldn't collapse onto the ground, he undid the cuffs, and gently lowered her down.

With a grimace/smile, she made sure she wasn't sitting on her bottom, but had her legs curled to one side.

He knelt down beside her, and held her to him, her scent still on his fingers.

"That was mind blowing," she breathed, "bloody painful, but oh so good. How on earth do you do that?"

"Do what" he said, "make you cum?"

"No, you daft thing. Spank me so hard, and yet make me so hot."

"I don't do that. Or rather, I spank you, but you make yourself hot. You just needed the right trigger. Of course," he said with a grin, "only I know where the trigger is."

She smiled back.

"And so sir, what trigger do you need today?"

"Since you ask so nicely, I remember a student who went down on me and took my cock in her mouth the first time I spanked her. I think that it would only be appropriate that you do that again, except that this time I won't be letting you stop until I am completely satisfied. Come with me"

Richard picked out the picnic rug and led Alex over to the tree trunk in the clearing, she was still shuffling from the jeans around her ankles. He sat on the trunk, and placed the rug, folded between his feet. Without a word, Alex knelt before him. Richard undid the buttons on her blouse and pulled aside the fabric, exposing her champagne breasts. She had always been rather disappointed with their size and lack of weight. His evident delight with them was just one more reason she was so happy to give herself to him.

Carefully, Alex unzipped Richard's trousers, and released the semi engorged member from the underpants. She bent down and kissed gently, licking it and stroking it as if it were the most precious thing in the whole world. She focused her whole attention on this part of her master, willing him to receive his pleasure with her hands and her mouth. More than anything else, she longed to have him spend in her mouth, so that she could feed on his essence.

As she licked and suckled him, she felt the flesh swelling and stiffening. As it grew in her mouth, her attention shrank to this potent symbol of his mastery over her. She was worshipping him, abandoning herself to him, urging him to take her and use her for his desires.

Her hands stroked the silky shaft as her lips encircled the girth. She bobbed her head slowly up and down, her tongue licking and swirling. Sometimes her tongue would rub up and down the sensitive skin on the under side. At other times, she sucked and worked on the swollen mushroom of the head. Each time she pushed down, she attempted to push him further into her mouth. She had never been that keen on the idea before, but with Richard, it seemed the only appropriate thing to do. She was his, totally and 100%. How else could she show it except by taking him totally into her body? To her frustration, she seemed unable to push the head very far into her. She looked up in desperation.

"Please help me, sir. Help me to take you all into my mouth and throat."

Richard was stunned – amazed that she would be so eager to do this difficult thing.

He held her head and looked intently at her.

"You don't have to do this, but if you really want me deep in you, you must listen carefully. Firstly, you must go slowly, and relax your throat. Secondly, as I get deeper, swallow me in, and then pull up. When you are more relaxed and comfortable, I'll also push down, but only when you are confident at the feel of me."

Alex nodded, and bent again to the task. She took note of what her master had said, and this time she swallowed when she felt his cock-head lodge at the back of her throat. To her surprise and joy, this seemed to work, and she felt the gap between her lips and his balls narrow. She moved her head and hummed, and then pulled up, pleased at the sounds of increasing arousal coming from Richard. Several more times she pushed down and swallowed, each time taking him deeper and deeper into her. Her movements became more confident and firmer, and when she felt his hands on her head, she let him set the rhythm.

So it was that Richard lost himself in the exquisite sensations of fucking the mouth of his slave. Her hands were now resting loosely on his legs, all her focus was on accepting his hardness into her compliant throat. He tilted his head back and arched his hips forward. Three more times he levered himself into her. At the final thrust, he felt his sac tighten, and with a groan of ecstasy, released the flood of his spunk down her throat. At first she swallowed, but the final couple of spurts were more into the mouth as she breathed through her nose.

She lifted her mouth to him, showing the white stickiness on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed noisily, before opening it and showing it empty.

"Look sir, all gone sir. Have I been a good girl sir?"

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