tagNovels and NovellasEducating Anne Ch. 4

Educating Anne Ch. 4

byquinn rogan©

"Yes," repeated Kate, softly and seriously. "And I suppose I have to admit it wasn't at all pleasant at the time – in fact, I was terrified. But, now – well, it still gives me a thrill to recall it. I had just turned eighteen and I was on holiday, with my parents – under serious protest. We were in Weston-super-Mare, and I had taken up with a local boy, called Jim. He worked on the deckchairs and he was a bit rough, but I had to have some company apart from my parents, and he was quite good-looking, so I saw quite a lot of him."

"And he saw quite a bit of me! - but above the waist only! Nobody had got into my knickers then and I wasn't going to let him and, although he kept trying, he was O.K. about it. Well, one afternoon, my Mum and Dad and I were on the beach, sunbathing on deckchairs, when Jim passed by in front of us. Mum and Dad didn't notice him – they had only seen him a couple of times and I had never introduced them. As he passed, he sort of jerked his head at me to follow him and I got up, pretending I was going for a dip in the sea. I followed about ten yards behind him."

"He walked in a wide circle and eventually slipped inside the opening of a canvas changing-tent thing – right behind my parent's chairs! It was quite big – about three yards square, and about eight feet high. After a quick look to make sure my parents hadn't spotted anything, I crept in after him. There was nothing in the tent – just Jim and a lot of soft sand – oh, and a travelling rug. Of course, as soon as I was inside, he kissed me, then he told me he had put the tent up deliberately there because he knew it was where we sat."

"We had to keep our voices down, because we were only about two yards away from my Mum and Dad, but, of course, that added to the thrill – as he well knew it would – and especially when he started touching my breasts, on top of my swimsuit. I was really turned on, but I got a bit frightened when he started trying to pull my straps off my shoulders and I stopped him at first. But eventually the thought of him touching my naked breasts so close to my parents got too much for me and I let him pull my swimsuit down to my waist and play with my bare tits."

"Then we lay down on the travelling rug and I was lying on my back with Jim kissing my nipples when, suddenly, the tent-flap opened and three boys came in! I saw them immediately and pushed Jim off me and pulled the front of my swimsuit up to cover myself. Jim just rolled over and stood up, and I struggled to my feet. By then I had recognised the boys. One of them was Jim's older brother, Colin, who was about twenty-one, and the other two were friends of his. They were a bunch of wasters who just hung about the beach when the pubs were shut, and I had had nothing to do with them."

"I looked at Jim, waiting for him to get rid of them, but he was smiling, sheepishly, and standing apart from me, and I realised that this was no surprise to him. I turned back to Colin, and he pointed to where my parents were sitting, outside the tent, and put a finger to his lips. Then Jim took hold of my wrists and Colin forced my hands open and pulled my swimsuit out of them and it fell back down to my waist."

"Jim held my hands behind my back and they all looked at my breasts. I couldn't do a thing. I didn't dare make a noise, or even struggle, in case my parents heard. Then Colin touched me, then the others, and their hands were all over my breasts and nipples. Then one of them pulled my swimsuit right down to my feet, and I was completely naked. I was crying, but I even had to do that quietly, and, anyway, they just ignored me."

"I just stood there, naked and shivering and crying, while they touched and felt me all over. Jim was feeling me, too. He let my wrists go, but I couldn't defend myself against four pairs of hands. I really thought they were going to rape me . . . but, they didn't."

"What happened?" asked Anne, her eyes like saucers.

"They just suddenly . . . left," said Kate. "One minute, there were hands all over my body, then I was alone in the tent. I collapsed on the rug but, after a few seconds, I suddenly thought they might come back, so I stood up again and put my swimsuit back on, then I slipped out of the tent and ran down to the sea and dived in. I swam for ages, crying from fright, and relief, then went back up the beach and rejoined my parents. They accused me of sneaking off to meet 'that boy' again!"

"What did you say?"

"I said I had been for a long swim," said Kate, simply. "In fact, I don't suppose I was in the tent for more than a quarter of an hour, at the outside, so it was mostly true."

"Did you see Jim again?"

"Well, I saw him, but I didn't speak to him. Actually, he looked quite embarrassed. ."

"I should think he did," exclaimed Anne, hotly. "He's lucky you didn't go to the police!"

Kate shrugged. "What could I have said? It would have been my word against four of them and, anyway, I'd have had to admit, in front of my parents, that I'd been letting Jim play with my tits. Anyway, there was no real harm done. Nobody raped me – in fact, they didn't even put a finger inside me, although they all had a good feel between my legs ...'

She laughed. "Of course, I spiced it all up a bit for Philip – as far as he's concerned, they made me spread my legs and they all felt me inside, then masturbated on me!"

Anne shook her head, wondering how Kate's husband could enjoy hearing about that sort of thing, then, suddenly, Kate jumped to her feet.

"Come on," she said. "It's getting late. We'll have to find somewhere to stay the night – unless you want to go back with Marco and Roberto … "


It was only a small hotel, but it was clean and comfortable, and their rooms backed on to the long, undulating beach. Each room had a shower and a small bed, easy chair and dressing table, with a balcony, equipped with deckchairs, overlooking the beach.

Anne had had a long shower, her mind filled with the images of the day, but she now felt relaxed as she slipped into her two-piece blue swimsuit and looked forward to the pre-dinner dip in the sea, which Kate had suggested.

There was a knock at the connecting door, and Kate appeared. Anne was not surprised to see her friend wearing a startlingly brief bikini – in fact, by now, she would have been surprised by anything else! It was bright scarlet, and left little to the imagination. For a second, Anne had a fleeing sense of admiration at Kate's courage in wearing it – she knew she would never dare to. But then, she reassured herself, there was a bit more of her to cover! As a reflex action, almost, she picked up her beach robe and slipped it over her shoulders.

Kate strolled in and made for the balcony. Anne followed. It was nearly six o'clock and, although it was still warm, there were only a few people left on the beach, mainly strolling by the distant shoreline.

There were also one or two joggers, and Kate nudged Anne and pointed at a tall male figure, in very brief trunks, running along the edge of the water. Even at this distance, they could see he was very fit and well-muscled, with long black shiny hair, tied back in a pony-tail. He seemed to catch the movement of Kate's hand as she pointed, and his head turned towards them. He lifted a hand in greeting and Kate waved back, enthusiastically.

Hesitantly, Anne raised her hand, also, but almost immediately dropped it by her side again.

"You don't see many of those at Weston-Super-Mare," chuckled Kate and, although Anne smiled in reply, she felt a first little twinge of concern as she observed the runner now veering slightly away from the water's edge.

"Shall we go now?" she said, quickly. "We don't want to have to rush for dinner."

But she was too late. Kate, too, had seen the change of direction and, eyes brightening with increased interest, was watching as the runner headed away from the water, in a wide circle, loping easily along the sand. The circle, both women could now see, would bring him past their balcony. They could also see that he was incredibly good-looking – mid-twenties, tanned, broad-shouldered and narrow-hipped. He moved with the easy gait of a stalking animal and his eyes were now fixed on the balcony from which Kate and, less obviously, Anne, were looking down at him.

As he got closer, they could see dark eyebrows over jet-black eyes, a straight nose, and white, even teeth gleaming in a confident smile. He began to slow as he got nearer, and Anne realised, with a tremor of fright, that he was going to stop.

"God!" whispered Kate. "He's gorgeous!"

"Oh, Kate," responded Anne. "Please don't … "

But the runner had stopped beneath them and was looking up.

He uttered a few words in Italian, and Kate replied. His eyes left Kate and moved to Anne. There was another short passage of conversation, then Kate whirled and, grabbing Anne's room key from the dressing table, dropped it over the balcony. The runner caught it neatly, looked at the number, and, with a final gleaming smile, disappeared from their view.

"Kate!" Anne almost shouted at her, but Kate raised a hand.

"It'll be all right," she said. "He's just a boy. I can handle him. And we'll be in plenty of time for dinner!"

Before Anne could reply, there was a gentle knock and the door opened. He walked confidently into the room and put the key down on the dressing table, then stood, facing Anne and Kate, his hands dangling easily by his sides.

He was very tall, Anne realised – at least six foot three – and perfectly-proportioned. He could be a professional sportsman – or a male model – or both. He was relaxed and calm as he allowed the two women to look him over – Anne surreptitiously – Kate with a much more obvious interest.

Kate spoke to him again and he smiled and nodded. Then he looked, again, at Anne, and asked a question. Something in his look caused a frisson of real fear in Anne and she retreated back to the wall. When she felt her back come into contact with it, she slid down and sat, cross-legged, on the floor, knees drawn up, with her robe covering her down to her ankles.

Kate gave him quite a long reply to his question. He listened carefully, then nodded again. Again, he glanced at Anne, but, this time, there was a sort of respect in his eyes, which Anne found puzzling, if reassuring.

"What are you saying to him?" she hissed at Kate, whose eyes were now glittering brightly.

"I told him how beautiful he was – and how much we would like to see the rest of him," said Kate, in a low voice.

"Well, I don't," said Anne, fiercely. "What were you saying about me?"

"I told him you were a virgin – that you are to be married next month. His culture respects virginity – he won't trouble you. Trust me!" Kate's voice was low and serious, as though what she was saying was very important.

Anne didn't distrust her friend, but she could not get rid of the nagging suspicion that Kate was leaving something out. She began to rise from her sitting position.

"No!" said Kate. "Stay there! He – he wants you to stay – to see him. Please, Anne – for me?"

Anne sat down again. Deep inside, she knew it was more than loyalty to her friend which was keeping her there, but she snapped back at Kate. "All right – but then you go to your room. OK?"

Kate smiled in relief, then turned to the runner, and nodded. He looked back at her, then down at Anne. Anne curled tighter into a ball on the floor, but could not quite tear her eyes away.

His trunks were fastened with strings at the sides. Deftly, he unfastened one side, then the other. Turning his back on the two women, his hand over his crotch, he pulled the back half forward through his legs, exposing his tight hard-muscled buttocks. For a second or two, he made some rearrangements at the front, then his trunks fell to the carpet and he turned to face them, his hands loose at his sides.

His pubic hair was tight, curly, jet-black. His testicles were large and heavy, hanging low. His penis was circumcised and thick, dangling to just below his testicles.

Kate gave an audible sigh of pleasure, while Anne sat motionless and silent but, nevertheless, unable to tear her eyes away from the display of arrogant male nudity.

He didn't move, but Anne could feel his eyes were on her. She looked up and met his expectant gaze. She stared up at Kate, who shrugged, and looked away.

Then, in a low voice, she said – "I'm sorry, Anne. I had to tell him - he could see you. He won't touch you, but he wants to look at you. He wants to see you – nude. He thinks you are very beautiful. And you are … please do it for him. Please."

Anne was completely confused, her mind and body sending conflicting signals. She could feel her nipples rock-hard against the constricting material of her swimsuit and the urge to slide a hand between her legs to relieve the itch there was almost overpowering.

Without quite knowing what she was doing, she somehow rose to her feet. She stood, facing him, and felt Kate slip the beach robe from her shoulders. She dropped her eyes from his face, and stared, as though hypnotised, at the sight of his penis beginning to stir, and lift.

She felt Kate's hands at her back, pulling the strings holding her top. She shook her head and reached up her back. Kate retreated and went to stand behind the runner, from where she watched as Anne slowly undid the ties at her back.

When they were loosened, Anne let them go and holding her arms away from her sides, let the forces of gravity complete the task of exposing her full young breasts to the two pairs of eyes intently watching her.

Her insides churned as she watched the effect of the exposure on the runner's penis. It grew darker as it filled with engorged blood, and rose steadily until it jutted out from his flat stomach. The sac round his testicles was tightening, and pulling them up into his groin. And his hands were no longer hanging loose – his fists clenched, his knuckles white.

Anne knew her vaginal area was now soaking – it might even be showing through the material of her costume. With that thought, as much as anything, her trembling fingers grasped the side ties of the lower half of her swimsuit, and undid the bows. For a second or two, she held them, undone, then she eased her feet slightly apart and let go.

She was totally naked and, for the first time, she looked into the runner's eyes. What she saw was an incredible mixture of admiration, appreciation and longing, and her response was instinctive and unstoppable.

She reached a hand forward to take hold of his jutting, pulsating organ – but, suddenly, another hand encircled it. A small female hand, belonging to Kate – a now completely naked Kate – who had also grasped the runner's hand and plunged it deep into the black forest between her thighs.

The runner half-turned, his middle finger slipping effortlessly into Kate's warm, inviting channel. Kate gasped and pulled his head down to her waiting mouth and the runner's other hand slid up and cupped one of her hard-nippled breasts.

Anne watched, unbelieving, as Kate, still holding the runner's erect cock, gently steered him towards the connecting door and they disappeared into the next room. For the first time in her life, Anne felt a deep yearning to have her soaking vagina plugged to the hilt with a length of hard male flesh, and she just managed to stagger over to her bed before her knees gave way and she flung herself down on the duvet in sheer frustration.

Automatically, her hand plunged between her thighs and her fingers sought out her aching clitoris – then, as she started to massage it, to gain relief, she heard Kate's moans of pleasure from the next room.

"No!" she thought to herself, through her deep longing. "I'm not going to lie here playing with myself, waiting for him to finish Kate off, then come through to let me have what's left."

With a sudden resolve, she leapt off the bed and pulled her swimsuit back on, then ran as fast as she could out of the hotel, across the beach, and plunged into the cooling sea. A strong swimmer, she spent a good half hour in the water, until, at last, she felt more or less normal, then emerged – to find Kate sitting on the sand, waiting for her.

Anne approached Kate, with mixed feelings. Although the worst of her frustration had worn off, she still felt she been used, betrayed – even set up as the bait in Kate's honey trap to arouse the runner for her friend's benefit!

Kate smiled at her. "You OK?" she asked. Anne nodded, stiffly, and sat down beside Kate, who immediately put an arm round her shoulders.

"Hey," she said. "He wouldn't have been any good for you. He only lasted five minutes – and he was only interested in himself. I only wanted him because he was so beautiful – but the beautiful ones are never any good where it matters."

Anne looked up at her friend and smiled, shakily.

"But you're ready, now, aren't you?" Kate asked. "It's time you got Clive out of your system – finally – isn't it?"

Slowly, Anne nodded her head.

"That's good," said Kate. "Because there's someone I'd really like you to meet … "

(Continued in Chapter 5)

* * * * *

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