tagNovels and NovellasEducating Anne Ch. 6

Educating Anne Ch. 6

byquinn rogan©

The man tipped the bottle sharply and the wine flooded into Anne's mouth. As it hit the back of her throat, she choked, and coughed, and the wine spilled over her chin and down on to her shirt. She grabbed the neck of the bottle and pulled it away from her mouth – but the big man held it tipped downwards and watched as it slowly emptied its contents over Anne's white shirt.

The red stain spread across the girl's chest, turning the shirt transparent, and outlining, first, the shape of her flimsy brassiere, then the dark circles of her aureole and nipples. Still coughing and choking, Anne tried to struggle to her feet, but the man pushed her shoulders back, then, in a swift movement, grabbed her wine-soaked breasts in his huge hands and squeezed them, hard.

Anne screamed, then choked again, and the man grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it apart. Plunging his hands in, he got his fingers under Anne's bra and pulled it violently upwards. Her breasts bounced free and the man dropped to his knees. Pulling Anne up towards him, he planted his mouth on her left breast and grabbed her wine-soaked nipple between his teeth.

Anne beat her hands against his back, wildly, but to no avail.

"Kate!" she screamed, jerking her head frantically to see her friend, but she was nowhere in sight. Then her assailant switched his attentions to her other breast and Anne could see Kate struggling in the grip of the other three men. One of them had her in a half-nelson, her arms imprisoned behind her back, and the other two were dragging her shorts down her legs.

Already, her abundant pubic bush was exposed and, as Anne watched, horror-struck, a hand forced Kate's thighs apart and she let out an ear-splitting scream as two fingers disappeared inside her. Then her shorts were flung aside and the three men pushed her down on a pile of sacks. One knelt behind her, one hand holding her shoulders down while the other plunged down the neck of her shirt and roughly fondled her breasts.

The other two were holding Kate's legs apart as she writhed frantically. One of them still had his fingers working busily inside her spread vagina and, with a lurch of horror, Anne saw the other one open his trousers and pull out his penis. It was already erect and, as he sank to his knees between Kate's splayed thighs, the man at her head finally managed to tear her shirt apart and expose her small breasts.

It was then that Anne felt a hand tugging at the belt of her own shorts, and her screaming redoubled in intensity. But it did not drown out Kate's agonised cry as she felt the fingers invading her vagina being withdrawn, and replaced by a hard, rampant cock. Anne could no longer see, but she heard each of Kate's moans of protest as the rapist withdrew, then thrust into her again.

Anne couldn't see what was happening to herself, either, but her terrified despair mounted as she felt the belt on her shorts loosen, then the zip being dragged down.

"No!" she cried, tears now streaming down her face, her buttocks writhing frantically. "No! Please!"

Then she felt the fingers pressing on the gusset of her panties.

"Oh, no!" she sobbed. "Please leave me alone!"

Then a finger slid past the thin material and plunged inside her defenceless vagina. It slid in easily, Anne realised through her terror, and a momentary recollection of David's tongue sliding into her the previous night flashed into her mind and she knew it was thoughts of him which had lubricated her and made her such an easy insertion for this man, whose face she couldn't even see!

Then, suddenly, the big man holding her down pushed himself up and she could see that it was the same man who had fingered Kate's vagina who was fingering hers. But the big man was standing up, now, hands busy at his trousers, and, with a brush of his arm, he swept the other one away.

In vain, Anne tried to roll away, sobbing and screaming in terrified protest. The big man grabbed her round the hips and dragged her panties down with one swift movement, to join her shorts, halfway down her thighs. Then he lifted her feet effortlessly and pulled panties and shorts over her thighs and calves and flung them aside.

Again, Anne tried to get away, managing to get to her hands and knees, but, before she could move, he was behind her, clutching her hipbones, pulling her back towards him. He, too, was on his knees, and as he pulled Anne back inexorably towards him, his knees forced her calves, then her legs, apart, and she realised what he was about to do. She tried to rise, but the other man held her shoulders down, easily – then she felt the hard warmth of the big man's penis on the inside of her thigh.

"No!" she moaned. "Please!"

But then it was probing at the spread lips of her vagina, and Anne's protests were choked as he plunged it into her. His hands reached underneath and caught her swinging unfettered breasts, then he withdrew his hips and thrust again. Now, Anne's screams were coming in staccato bursts as her breath was taken with each violent invasion. His hands on her breasts were hard, squeezing and relaxing in time with the long strokes of his cock, but her breasts were not hurting.

Through the haze of her outrage, Anne realised that she was not undergoing any actual physical pain, at all, and, under different circumstances, it was just possible she could enjoy sex like this.

It was then that she realised that Kate had stopped screaming.

"Oh, God," she thought. "Surely they haven't ... "

She looked round frantically and saw Kate on her back, on the sacks, but something was different. The man's hips were still jerking up and down on top of her friend, but Kate's hands were in his hair, and her body was moving in time with his. She was still moaning, but quietly, intensely – like she had done on the boat, with Marco. As Anne watched, Kate pulled the man's mouth down on to hers, and kissed him, fiercely.

Then, suddenly, the pressure on Anne's breasts increased as her violator tensed, and Anne tried desperately to wriggle away from him as she realised he was about to orgasm. But he held her to him and, with a final huge thrust, his cock plunged deep inside her and she felt him start to shudder as his climax overtook him and his cock slammed against her hips repeatedly as he spurted his seed deep inside her.

Anne sobbed hysterically as the storm gradually weakened and her assailant relaxed his grip on her breasts and hips, then she felt his penis limply slipping out of her vagina and he allowed her to slump, face down, on the sacks which covered the floor of the truck.

All she could think of was that she had been raped – that a man, a low, common peasant farm worker she hadn't even seen before, had taken the most intimate liberties a man could take with a woman. She must have the courage to go to the police as soon as ...

But then, other hands grabbed her shoulders, and she was roughly turned over to lie on her back. The sun in her eyes obscured her vision, but she could see two dark shapes bending over her. She tried to struggle up, but her shoulders were pinned to the floor – then she felt a hand moving over her exposed breasts, and she screamed again.

"Oh, no!" Anne cried, as she realised that the nightmare was not over. "No! Please! No more!"

Then her words were lost as one of the shapes moved over her and she felt her ankles being pulled wide apart – and, suddenly, roughly, her vagina was filled again as another hard, heavy cock plunged between her unwilling thighs. As he covered her, her latest attacker obscured the sun and, with a shock, Anne saw that he was just a teenage boy, younger than her. He was plunging in and out of her much faster than the last one and he could not keep his mouth away from her defenceless breasts, his tongue and teeth teasing her nipples to distraction.

Anne moaned continuously as her firm young body was violated. His mouth was now on hers, his tongue laving the inside of Anne's mouth. Her ankles were no longer being held, but she could not rise because of his weight pressing down on her. She realised that her ordeal would only finish when he, too, climaxed and shot his load inside her, and she started to move her hips in time with his thrusts, in an effort to curtail this dreadful experience.

She could feel him stiffening inside her and she raised her legs, wrapping them round him, to hold him in, and make him come. She returned the pressure of his tongue in her mouth with his and she put a hand on the back of his head, to pull him closer. His strokes grew faster and deeper and, to excite him, Anne began to gasp in simulated passion, thrusting her cunt on to his penis, and using her vaginal muscles to squeeze it, to make him come.

And it worked! Suddenly, his back and his whole body straightened and, with a shudder of release, he gave a strangled cry and, this time, Anne felt the force of the first few jets of sperm as they were released into her womb. Still far away from her own climax, Anne envied him his cry of pleasure as his body jerked wildly in the throes of orgasm, then he collapsed on top of her, taking great gulps of air. She could feel his heart thumping wildly against her chest as his cock shrivelled in her damp vagina – then, with an effort, he rolled off her, leaving her lying on the floor, naked.apart from the remnants of her blouse and bra, legs splayed.

Another figure loomed over her and, unresisting, Anne looked up – into the face of Kate.

"Are you OK?" said the older woman. Anne was about to reply when she realised that Kate was totally naked and, as she knelt to speak to her friend, was having her naked tits caressed by a man kneeling behind her.

Without surprise, Anne felt fingers slide up her inner thigh to the exposed lips of her cunt. "My cunt!" she thought to herself, as a finger slid along the damp, warm slit and she moved her hips involuntarily, pushing against it.

"Yes, it's not a 'vagina' any more," she reflected. "I think it qualifies as a fully-fledged cunt now – three pricks in the last twenty-four hours!" And maybe one or two more, before they finished this journey, she thought.

She deliberately didn't think about her now vanishing outrage at having been raped. That they had been raped was indisputable, but they hadn't been injured or humiliated. With a shiver, almost of pleasure, Anne reflected on the urges that had gripped their fellow-travellers to the extent that they had to have these two English women. Had to strip off their clothes, fondle and feel them – then spread their legs and fuck them.

It was so different from her experience with David last night. Thinking back, Anne realised that, while it had been intensely enjoyable at the time, it had left her strangely unfulfilled. David had played her body expertly, like a musical instrument, hitting all the right notes and making the right sounds, but it had almost been like a scientific experiment. As far as she could recall, David had not climaxed once – whereas the whole object for her 'lovers', today, had been to fuck her until they came. This was sex – real, animal lust – and, Anne knew, deep down, it had opened a door she hadn't known existed before. A door she would want to pass through many times in the future. A door that Kate was obviously very familiar with …

"Yes," she answered. "Yes, I'm OK."

Kate smiled understandingly, then shut her eyes as a hand slipped between her legs and a thick stubby finger disappeared inside her dark pubic mound. She turned to kiss the big man who had taken Anne first, and slipped her hand unerringly down to caress his re-erecting cock.

Anne relaxed and lay back. A head was now between her open thighs – a tongue lapping, inexpertly, at her clitoris. Another mouth was on her left breast, and Kate raised a hand to tease the unattended nipple of the other one. Sometime, she would have to face reality, home and England, but now she was in a vacuum, and there were two cocks on this lorry which hadn't yet been inside her ...

Half an hour later, Kate and Anne dropped from the tailboard of the lorry, just outside the dock at Vicenzio. The previous thirty minutes had been, for both women, a transport of delight as, resistance gone, they had allowed themselves to passed around, naked, between all four men, for an orgy under the sun of fucking and fondling. Anne had achieved her ambition of having her cunt stretched by all four cocks, and had also sucked one to orgasm while on her knees being screwed from behind by another. She had also held hands with Kate during her only orgasm, as they lay on their backs beside each other, legs spread, being fucked by the two youngest men on the truck.

As they dropped to the ground, the farmhands were playing cards again, and they didn't look up as Kate pushed the tailboard back into place. Just as the truck began to move off, Anne had a sudden thought.

She ran to the front and banged on the door. The truck stopped. Anne reached up and opened the door. She climbed into the passenger seat. The old driver looked at her. Anne pulled up the front of her shirt and the driver's eyes widened as he took in her naked, luscious breasts. Anne reached over and placed his hands on them. The old man grinned, toothlessly, and squeezed. Anne shivered with pleasure then, leaning forward again, unbuttoned the fly of his corduroy trousers and deftly extracted his thick cock.

Closing her fingers round the shaft, she gripped it tightly and moved her hand up and down it. It stiffened, and his hands closed round her sensitive tits, gripping her swollen nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. Dropping her head, Anne closed her lips round the bulbous swollen end of the driver's cock and, slowly, began to masturbate him. His prick lengthened and he began to grunt. His hands squeezed her breasts and nipples harder, and she felt the now familiar flooding between her thighs.

She manipulated his cock faster and faster, then felt it twitch – and the first jet of come hit the roof of her mouth. She began to suck on the end of his dick, her hand squeezing the shaft, milking every last drop out of him. He was sighing with pleasure, his hands now just playing with her tits as his energy went into releasing his load. When she was sure he had finished, she cleaned his cock one last time with her tongue, then released it.

Anne jumped down from the cab, and the truck moved off. Kate was sitting on the grassy verge, looking up at her, quizzically.

"Did you just do what I think you did?" she asked. Anne nodded, then gave a little embarrassed laugh. Kate leaned back and surveyed her. Anne's braless breasts were clearly outlined against the thin material of her shirt, nipples poking arrogantly outwards. Her shorts were pulled up tight against her groin, a few stray wisps of blonde pubes betraying the loss of her panties, which were lying, forgotten and discarded on the floor of the truck.

"I think you'll have to start giving me lessons," laughed Kate. "Now, I think we'd better get some fresh clothes on before we catch that ferry ... "


The Fiat was still where they had left it, in the harbour car park in Colebria. The return crossing had been uneventful, and both girls had seized the opportunity to catch up on some missed sleep. The chalet area was quiet, most of the holidaymakers out for the day.

As they entered the silent house, Anne reflected, with incredulity, on the changes to her life since she had last walked through that door. No regrets, though, she told herself – except, perhaps, that she wished she had been a little quicker in the hotel room, with the beach runner ... She felt her nipples rise, and chided herself.

"I must have a shower," she announced, briskly – at exactly the same moment that Kate said exactly the same thing. Kate laughed. "Race you!" she exclaimed, and ran into her room, flinging off her clothes as she went.

They arrived, naked, at the shower room door, simultaneously, and laughed again.

"Oh, let's share," said Kate. "There's room for two in there."

"OK," replied Anne, happily, and they entered together. There was plenty of room, although there was only one shower, and they took turns at standing under it, then soaping themselves thoroughly, away from the streaming hot water.

Kate was busily covering herself with shower gel, while Anne luxuriated in the torrent of steaming water, washing away the accumulated results of her recent exertions.

"Can you do my back, please?" asked Kate, and Anne squeezed some gel on her palm and began to massage it into Kate's slim shoulders, stepping out of the shower to do so.

"Oh, that's nice, Anne," said Kate, as the girl's hands travelled over her shoulder-blades, down into the small of her back. Kate purred like a cat and twisted her limbs sinuously - then turned, suddenly, so that Anne found her hands moving over the underslope of Kate's small breasts.

Startled, Anne pulled her hands back.

"Oh, please carry on," said Kate, softly. "It's so relaxing."

Hesitantly, Anne raised her hands again and diffidently ran them over her friend's shoulders. She tried not to look at the twin mounds of firm flesh bobbing gently just under her palms. Kate had her eyes closed, breathing softly, a contented smile playing round her lips.

"That's so nice," she said. "You're very good at this, Anne."

Anne said nothing. Was it her imagination, or were Kate's nipples becoming darker – and larger? Now that Kate had her eyes closed, Anne looked at her breasts, then, guiltily, down at the dark forest between her legs.

"Do go further down, now," said Kate, and Anne realised that her eyes were open again. She flushed at being caught looking and, automatically, did as she was asked. At the last minute, she avoided putting her hands directly on Kate's breasts, but ran them up and down her sides, then across her stomach, in a sweeping sort of motion.

But, after a few passes like this, Anne realised that the motion was awkward – and also rather silly. Taking a deep, but silent breath, she summoned up her nerve and, on the next upward sweep, allowed her fingers to traverse the tops of the breasts. Kate did not react, and Anne relaxed. Squeezing out a little more gel, she massaged it gently into the soft yielding tissue, including the now undoubtedly engorged nipples.

It was a pleasant sensation, especially when her thumbs rubbed against the tips of Kate's nipples and, without being really aware of it, Anne's attentions became entirely devoted to the small firm breasts nestling so softly and comfortably in her hands. Kate's eyes were closed again, but Anne was dimly aware that her breathing was not quite as relaxed as before.

Anne was also conscious of a heightened tension within herself. Never one for self-delusion, she realised that she was deriving pleasure from this, as well. She could feel a flush of warmth pervade her body, and a dryness in her mouth.

She started nervously as Kate's hand suddenly touched the back of one of hers. She looked into her friend's face, but her eyes were still closed. Kate gently gripped the back of Anne's wrist and lifted her hand away from her breast, pulling it downwards.

Her heart leaping, Anne knew where Kate was taking her, but she allowed herself to be led. Her fingers drifted over Kate's belly, then touched the springy expanse of hair beneath, then they felt the silky-smooth tops of her thighs. Kate's fingers released Anne's wrist and, cupping the back of Anne's hand, gently, insistently pushed her fingers into the junction of her thighs.

As Anne took the initiative, and ran her middle finger along the moist lips of Kate's already lubricating vagina, she was not surprise to feel the tender pressure of fingers against her own right breast. She inserted the tip of her finger into the entrance to her friend's sex, and raise her eyes back to her face.

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