Educating Emma Ch. 02


It can be quite vexing to find one's letters so tampered with; but Kiki knows from experience, just as her father does, exactly what can happen to curious little children who look where they are not permitted to look. And I believe that I can trust her discretion in this regard after all the summary impositions I have made upon her delightful derriere.

Oh yes! The dear girl has squealed on numerous occasions as I have applied my entire armoury to her rounded rump. I love her hesitancy as she bends over. I adore the way that she looks back at me pleadingly. And I delight in making my mark on the poor pet's posterior.

Sometimes I do get a little carried away I admit and have to slip off my knickers to caress myself as I whip the impudent Cordele as thoroughly as I dare.

I do, however, hate untidiness and will always find a place for my panties in Cordele's sweet little mouth. I do believe that she is getting quite a taste for my perfumed panties and it does serve as a way to muffle her groans.

Now don't misunderstand me. I love Cordele and treat my responsibilities very seriously indeed. I would never want to see any real harm come to her. After all, she is in my charge, but self-preservation is the least of my worries.

I do have to say though that something changed between us once I had caned her for the very first time; when I hit out at those soft young flanks for the very first time.

Maybe it was the smell of her when she began to get a taste for punishment. Maybe it was the fact that her father was excluded from the room and could only listen and groan as I laid into his delectable daughter. I smiled to myself to hear him through the door to what I declared was my schooling room. I don't know.

It certainly excited me too, though. I've stolen into her father's room and have found his photographic albums and I've had the opportunity to compare his dirty photographic efforts with the real thing.

A photograph is nothing when you have seen those breasts in reality. She has large nipples and lovely areolas that I just want to tweak and pinch after I've tawsed them. Sometimes I make things up just to punish her, so I can spank her breasts and her buttocks.

I like to have her over my lap and love to press my fingers into her tight, young nineteen year old bottom. I've even caressed her sex and pressed little plugs against her pussy lips, taking care not to breach her hymen of course. There are so many common or garden objects that serve when educating a young lady.

Does she protest I hear you ask? Well, she did at first, but she got used to it and has gradually come to realise that I am not doing this for anything other than her own good.

I've also had my fingers up lovely, little derriere. She was very submissive when I first took her under my wing - a tribute to the fierceness of her father, bless him.

And she has since learnt that I will not brook any disobedience. I tell and she does. That is the way things have been from the start. It pleases me to develop her in this way.

My clever little tortures appear to excite her now. And if she is very good, I'll let her play with herself with her clever little fingers until she has orgasm while I watch proudly.

However, I wish to develop her. Repetition is not my game. When she is quite ready for something new, something a little more advanced, I take her forward a step.

Kiki is rather naive about some things, having led a rather sheltered life thus far, despite her father's imagined philandering. And that's where my little box of toys comes in.

They are such useful accessories to play with as I play with her. They certainly help me to teach her new things. And they enable me to have the greatest fun in the world with her too.

At least with them, as opposed to that disgusting beast of a predatory father of hers, as with me guiding them in and out of her, I know that she'll be safe and contented in my care. And that is my duty after all.

Now, talking of duty of care: let me just get my strap-on out, so that I am quite prepared to fill young Cordele with learning when she finally returns. My teaching on this occasion will certainly involve showing her that her tight little bottom hole is such a delightful fit for her tutor.

I like to bend her over to use her. I usually make her leaning on the arm of a chintz sofa, so that her lower back bends nicely as she makes herself comfortable on the seat, where my bottom reposed but a few moments before.

I prefer her to slip her panties on after spanking her. This foible means that I can take fresh delight in flipping her skirt up to observe the contrast between her freshly reddened skin and her pantied behind right in front of my face.

She will tremble when I put my hands on her thighs and draw my face into her tight little bum. I slide them greedily into the little black cotton knickers that stretch so indelicately over her naughty little cunt and tight little anal orifice.

Such moments as these are sheer bliss for an enthusiastic governess and disciplinarian and certified lesbian such as myself. Yes, heaven can wait. I always find paradise when I push my face into the crack of her backside, pressing her knickers into her cleft. I smell her teenage scent. I stick my tongue into her bottom crease, through her knickers, as far as it will go. And I close my eyes and dream.

And you know what: Kiki loves it. In no time at all I usually find that my dear little charge is starting to push back with her hips, wanting me deeper. Her surrender is always a wonderful moment. It's enough to make me swoon.

That's my cue to place my hands further inside the elasticised waistband of her panties and to roll them slowly down, looking at her lovely sex, so pert and pink and prepared to be penetrated.

"Spread your thighs, mademoiselle," I can hear myself saying, as she lies there, still whimpering a little from my recent attentions. And lo - like magic - see how Kiki spreads her legs for me, stretching the panties that are at knee level by now.

And I sit back, crouching there, breathless, looking at her lovely young cunt - so ripe and ready to be fucked. It was a beautiful pearlescent sea-shell, almost ready to be opened, but there is the tightly furled arsehole too.

How can anyone resist: the arse and cunt of one's employer's daughter. It is quite revolutionary of me. And yet they are ready and waiting for Miss Grey to enjoy herself so utterly and thoroughly, that she will have to shower with the girl later. And I tell you, I will certainly have the naughty little chit lick her pussy with that delicate little French tongue, until Miss Muriel's lust is entirely sated.

One day I freely admit that I hope to open her pussy right up, but, for now, I am content with the tight brown hole. I will also have the pleasure of that sweet little mouth that sings so wonderfully when I cane her. Listen to our dialogue as she straps me up and you will realise that her submission is entirely consensual.

I like to tease and to flirt and to bring my charge out of herself, reminding her how she likes to play, once I have punished her hard for holding up the post and being late for her lessons:

"You like toying with your behind, don't you Mademoiselle Cordele?"

"Yes, Miss Muriel, I do."

"When you play, I've seen you put your fingers into your rectum, haven't I?"

"Yes Miss. You have."

"You are so naughty. Now, spread your cheeks, mademoiselle. Do it for Miss Grey, like a truly repentant girl ought to."

And she will look shyly up at me, twisting her arms from under her to reach round her hips and spread for her governess. The further exposure of her bottom hole and the little pucker marks around it always leave me transfixed.

I could watch her forever, with my fingers in my mouth, licking and tasting. Yet I don't. It will be no time at all before I'm spitting a large blob of saliva onto the palm of my hand and another directly onto the crack of her sweet, obliging, little bum.

My fingers will twist and turn within her. She can almost see, as well as feel, the sensations as I press into her with my ring finger and then my index finger.

Kiki loves to moan to excite me further. I think there is hope in her eyes that I will pull her panties out of her mouth, so she can converse like a civilised, young bourgeoise, instead of being buggered like an inarticulate peasant.

I do like to discuss her lessons and all she has learnt, as I look down and do up my lovely big strappy. I know Cordele is looking round, her eyes growing bigger to see the size of that which is soon to penetrate her arse.

She knows what is coming once I have inserted my fine Scottish finger into her refined, French derriere. I always work my spittle into Kiki's behind, reaming her out quite thoroughly with the fingers before whipping her panty gag out of her mouth and having her clean those self-same digits.

"Ohh...Umm," Kiki will utter, rather like a village imbecile, between licks.

"Oh, Miss," she may continue. "Please show me just how bad I've been, delaying all your important mail, miss."

And I watch as she massages my dirty fingers with her lovely tongue, while playing with her inexperienced clitoris at the same time. And that is my cue to bring my strap on to that slightly opened hole and to rotate my way into her darling little sphincter.

"UUUhhhhh, Ooohhh," she may exclaim as I tell her how it is for her own good to have seven, thick inches of rubberised plastic thrust between her freshly spanked buttocks. I love the way Kiki will often reach behind herself and spread herself as far as she can to ease the burning sensation in her bottom.

I love to pump my big, fat strappy in and out even more and leaning over her to whisper in her ear: "You've been a very bad Kiki today. Are you ready for more discipline?"

"Yes miss, please spank me as you take my little hole," she may whine. "Please. I've been so very naughty and most wicked."

And at that moment I know that she is lost to her family and her friends. She is all mine for the taking: to dip her into whatever delicious bowl of eroticism I choose.

I know that I can't have her virginity yet. I may never have it. These French bourgoises are saved for rich, young men. Or if the one chosen for Cordele is as effete as her father truly is, then perhaps I will venture to have her last but not least hole in the future. Her most precious treasure may well be mine.

But right now she is quite ready for the full length of my toy. This is it. I will take her deeper than I've ever taken her before. I will take my Pierrot's daughter's backside as it has never been taken before in a fury of lust, ignoring her helpless cries: "Miss! What's happening, Miss? Your strap on is bigger than ever today. It is so large. Please, no, Miss. Please not that!"

Finally! I will pull out and push her off the sofa where she can lie on all fours, mewling quietly in the floor. Then I will lift her body up, tugging the lower half of her nubile body towards me.

There we go. Imagine me impaling her inexorably on the fat magenta strap-on that stood so proudly just below my abdomen. I won't worry about working it in. Enough of Miss Nicely Nicely Grey. Time for Mistress Muriel to bugger her little pet, working in and out of her teenaged arse to a chorus of moans from my lovely charge.

Kiki may then begin to enjoy herself, relaxing her sphincter muscles, as I start the rhythmic fucking of her rear end. I know just how tight she is. My mons crashes against her bottom cheeks, adding to her bruises as if I were a freshly cut bundle of birch sticks. I sink in and we both sing like larks as she comes and comes and comes...

Yes, (cough), I do have to say that it really is such a sweet lark to spank Cordele over my lap; and to cane, flog and fuck the darling girl with all with the authority of her benighted father.

Well, I concede that the face fucking and sodomy were not identified as key elements of our unwritten agreement; but, there again, who knows what lies between the lines of such an imaginary document.

I certainly feel that it's more than worth the paper that it has still to be printed on. And now you know why...Oh yes, you do...Kiki is my gentille alouette.

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