Educating Lila

byKentucky Blue©

Lila McCann walked to the back of her tour bus and closed the door to the room she went to for "quiet time" after concerts. She was always tired after a show, but was especially tired after this one. Whatever the reason, Lila wanted nothing more than to relax. She slid out of her skin-tight blue jeans, and then lay down on a queen size bed in the room. Lila closed her blue eyes, slipped her hand down her white cotton panties, and began massaging herself between her legs. She started letting out small moans, in which she slid her middle finger inside her moistened loins. Lila slid her finger in and out, rubbing around her pussy with her other hand.

"Oh, oh!" Lila moaned as she felt her pussy become hotter and wetter. "Oh god that's great! Oh yes!"

As Lila was about to bring herself to orgasm, the door to the back room on the bus flew open. Lila quickly removed her hands from her sopping wet pussy, trying to look like she was just relaxing. She looked up and found a beautiful blonde woman standing in the doorway. It was Faith Hill.

"Lila honey, what are ya doin?" Faith asked in her sexy Southern drawl.

"Oh, I, um, I was just relaxing," Lila sheepishly tried to explain.

"That's a great way to do it!" Faith said with a smile. "But don't ya think it's better with a man?"

"Well, uh, I wouldn't know," Lila said, visibly embarrassed. "I've never been with a man before."

"Well do ya want to hon?" Faith asked.

"Like you wouldn't believe!"

"Well let's take care of that!" Faith answered.

Faith reached for a cellular phone she had in the back pocket of her leather pants, walking to the front of the bus. Lila sat in the room by herself, nervous as to what Faith was up to, but also excited because she would finally lose her virginity after twenty years of waiting. She wondered how it would be, feeling a cock inside her tight little pussy, wondered if he'd be gentle with her or would simply fuck her brains out. She didn't really care one way or the other; as long as she finally got a good cock inside her she'd be fine. After a few minutes, Lila heard a man's voice inside the bus. Faith and the new visitor entered the doorway to Lila's room, and Lila was surprised to find Faith's husband Tim McGraw standing with Faith.

"Cute lil' Lila here wants to get fucked," Faith told her man. "Think you could help her out honey?"

"I know I could," Tim answered. "Pull off your shirt."

Lila sat up on the bed, starting to pull her tight blouse over her head. The sexy blonde revealed a pair of large C-cup breasts to Faith and her husband. Lila's breasts were so full, yet still stood up with youthful exuberance and were tipped with two large pink nipples. Lila's entire torso was tanned, and her stomach was tight, toned, and chiseled.

"Wow Lila, I always thought you'd have great tits, but I never expected them to look that good!" Faith told the blonde virgin. "Doesn't Lila have great breasts honey?"

"Oh yeah," Tim answered hungrily. He sat down next to Lila on the bed, and then kissed her full lips while laying her back on the bed. He removed the soaking wet white panties off Lila's sexy long legs, looking at a patch of light brown curls that covered Lila's feminine areas. Tim wrapped his hands around her luscious thighs, spread her legs, and thrusted his hardened member inside Lila's hot, wet pussy. She let out a loud, pained gasp, but her lover continued to fuck her hard.

"It hurts don't it," Tim said while pumping furiously inside Lila. "Well, you wanted to fuck, so I'm giving it to you, you little slut. I'm gonna fuck you like my favorite whore, 'cuz that's what you are. A sexy little whore."

"Ahhh! Please don't call me a slut," Lila cried while getting penetrated by the older man. "This is my first time."

"What would you call a twenty-year old girl who fucks a married man," Faith said as she watched her husband take Lila's virginity. "Com'on hon, fuck that slut harder!"

Tim did as his wife asked, picking up his pace inside Lila's pussy. Lila tightened her pussy around Tim as he fucked her faster, and soon the pain was replaced by a tingling sense of pleasure.

"Damn you're a great fuck," Tim told Lila. "You're so fuckin' tight."

"Oh god, fuck me!" Lila called out. "Oh, oh! Make me cum!"

Tim thrusted even harder inside Lila, her tight pussy wrapped tightly around his cock, and felt his massive load travel to his cock. He filled the twenty-year old with his cum, and removed himself from Lila, leaving her in her bus alone, covered in sweat.

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