Educating Mom: Andy's Story Ch. 02


"Oh Andy, you're so sweet," she said as she opened the bag I'd pointed to. I watched as she reached in and pulled out a couple of colorful knit tops. She held up the first one, a vivid emerald-green short-sleeved cardigan type with a deep scooped neck with a number of buttons leading down from the top of the bodice to the waist. When I saw this one in the store, I knew her large full breasts would push that top and those buttons to the breaking point.....perfect.

"I love the color." She held the top up in front of her, the color looking exquisite against her smooth creamy skin and lush chestnut hair. She set it down gently on the table and picked up the second top. This one was a bright cherry-red sleeveless turtleneck of a light stretchy material. I have to admit I have a weakness for tight turtlenecks, sleeveless or otherwise. They are usually made with vertical ribs in the fabric, like the one I'd gotten her yesterday, and like this cherry-red one today. I love the look of those vertical lines stretching and wrapping around a nice full set of tits; and my mother definitely had what it takes to fill out any sweater.

"It's such a pretty color; I've never had anything like this in my life." She was right about that; under my dad's controlling hand, I could only picture her wearing beiges, browns and navy. I could never remember her wearing anything bright and vibrant. I knew once she'd had a taste for things like this, she'd love them.

"Look and see what else is in there," I said as I gestured to the same package. She reached further down and pulled out two little skirts I'd picked out for her.

"Oh Andy, they're so cute," she exclaimed as she held up one at a time. The first one was a faded denim miniskirt. It would fit nicely about her trim matronly waist and wide womanly hips. It wasn't one of those low-slung hip-hugging ones that young teenagers wear; that just wasn't my mother's style. She was definitely a MILF, and this demi mini would suit her perfectly. I knew paired with either of those sweaters I'd gotten her, it would emphasize her mature hourglass figure, the clinging fabric of the tops following the substantial curves of her voluptuous bust and narrow shapely waist with the soft blue denim skirt drawing attention to her sensual motherly hips before ending high on her shapely thighs.

She set the denim one down and picked up the second one; a brilliant white mini with a little zipper at the back that would hug her trim waist before following the smooth flowing curve of her flared hips downwards, this short skirt ending high on her lush creamy thighs too. I knew the bold white fabric would mold itself to her lush round bottom, emphasizing every smooth contour and inviting line of her curvy body.

"There's something in that little box there to go with them," I said as I gestured to the smaller of two shoe boxes on the table. She put the second skirt down before eagerly pulling off the lid of the small box. She reached in and pulled out a pair of white flat sandals with a number of tiny white leather straps that would crisscross her foot sensually. The sandals had a thin sole with a little wedge heel that would be comfortable and would be a perfect match for these more casual outfits. The higher shoes were yet to come.

"I love them," she said as she held the shoes up in each hand. "They'll go perfectly with these outfits." She held the shoes close to her chest and I saw her breathe deeply as she took in these new gifts. She set the shoes down and stepped over to me, tears of joy filling her eyes. "Andy, thank you so much." I simply stood there as she slipped her hands up the front of my chest and raised herself on tip-toes to give me a kiss. Her lips were soft, warm and sweet. I felt the exquisite wetness of her sensual mouth as her tongue slid between my lips and she feathered it into my mouth. As my tongue sought out hers, she slipped her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me; the huge swells of her breasts feeling deliciously soft and full against my own firm body. This was no longer the quick thankful peck of a mother to her son; no....this was a deep passionate kiss between lovers.

"Mmmmm," she purred as I slipped my hands down onto her full round behind and pulled her close to me, my quickly stiffening prick rubbing against her abdomen. I pressed forward with my tongue, and she softly sucked our dueling tongues back into the warm recesses of her own mouth. I wanted her right then and there, and I knew from the way she had kissed me that it was going to happen again, but I wanted to see her in some of the new things I had purchased first. I thought this might have to wait for the other things I'd gotten her, but I needed her now. After yesterday, I knew I wasn't going to have any problem giving my mother multiple loads. With what I had for her later, there was no way my cock wouldn't be snapping back to attention.

"Mom," I said as I reluctantly pulled my mouth back from hers, "why don't you go and try one of those outfits on? You can open the rest of the things after that."

"Okay," she said as she stepped back and looked at the spread out clothes. "What do you want me to try on first?"

"You're wearing the black bra and panties from yesterday, right?"


"Then how about the denim skirt and green top? The white skirt might not look so good with the black panties."

"Okay, you're right," she answered as she scooped up the emerald-green top and faded denim miniskirt along with the little sandals. When she disappeared intoher room and I pulled out my phone and set it to camera mode once more. She'd really enjoyed our little photography session yesterday, and I hoped to repeat it today. The more material I had of her to jerk off to, the better.

"How do I look?" she asked as she came out from her room a few minutes later. I noticed she was smiling and her voice sounded so much more confident than it had yesterday.

I looked at her as she walked towards me, a slow smile spreading across my face. I had definitely been right about that green top; it looked amazing. Her huge rack had the tight fabric wonderfully stretched over those two sumptuous mounds before the clinging material flowed sensually inwards at her waist to hug her mature hourglass figure. The little capped sleeves looked cute, but my eyes were immediately drawn to that deep scooped neckline. She had both the top and bottom button of the cardigan undone; just the way you're supposed to wear it. The open top button drew my eyes to her cleavage like iron filings to a magnet. The deep dark line between her soft-looking breasts looking deliciously inviting; a perfect place for my cock to nestle between. As the wicked incestuous thoughts of what I wanted to do with her swirled through my head, I couldn't control myself.

"Mmmmmm..." A little moan of desire vibrated in my throat as a tingling surge of excitement went to my midsection.

"You okay, honey?" she asked with a note of concern.

"I'm fine, Mom. You just look so good." She smiled at my response, put her hands on her hips and posed as I looked her up and down. The soft denim of the skirt flowed smoothly over her wide hips before ending high on her thighs. Her toned legs looked great as my eyes followed them all the way down. Her feet looked cute in the little flat sandals. The thin white straps looked teasingly erotic as they crisscrossed over the tanned skin of her feet and around her ankle; as if her delicate feet were in bondage. I looked her up and down once more and realized I'd chosen wisely; this was an outfit that she could wear out to the mall or wherever, but still looked incredibly sexy. This was a look I wanted to remember. "How about some pictures?"

I held up my phone and she kind of smirked, but I could see the playful twinkle in her eyes. "Oh, alright." I didn't have to do any arm twisting to get her to agree today; I could see how happy she was that I'd asked. "What do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you stand in front of the table and kind of lean back as you face me?" She did exactly as I had instructed and as she leaned back supporting herself with her arms behind her, it caused those tremendous breasts of hers to thrust out towards me, just as I'd hoped. "That's perfect." I started snapping pictures and she willing posed in the positions I placed her in. One of my favorites was having her lean forwards with her hands on the back of one of the dining room chairs. I was looking at her in profile, her huge tits suspended pendulously beneath her outstretched arms. Oh man, was this ever getting me hot. My cock was swelling in my pants as I looked at the enticing lines of her curvy body. I pictured just walking up to her and sliding my hands up her front beneath those round heavy knockers. Jesus, they were big.

"Okay, Mom, try giving me another one of those like you did yesterday, where you look at me over your shoulder with your hands on your hips and your feet a little bit apart." She moved into position and I snapped picture after picture as she pulled back her arms and thrust out her chest, just like I'd had her do yesterday. She put her feet about shoulder-width apart and the denim mini stretched smoothly across her curvy backside. Looking at her round lush ass and the silhouette of her huge tits in profile had me almost ready to go off in my pants.

"How does this look, sweetie?" I watched, totally enthralled, as she held the pose and then lifted her hands to her head. She slid her fingers beneath her hair and lifted it up, teasingly showing the smooth sensual lines of her soft neck. She accompanied this with a wickedly smoldering look that sent an electric jolt right to my groin. Jesus, she looked so sexy, I could have just stayed there staring at her all day.

"Oh Mom, that's incredible," I said as I forced myself to snap out the hypnotic reverie I was in and took a number of shots. Her half-closed eyes and wickedly teasing smile looked hotter than anything I'd ever seen in any magazine or movie. It was so hot; you would have thought she'd been posing like this her entire life.

She turned and gave me a similar pose from the other side, her slim fingers still lifting and sliding wantonly through her lush chestnut locks. With my cock an iron bar in my pants, I couldn't take it any longer. I set my phone down and walked up behind her. I pressed my muscular chest against her back as I slid my arms around her. "Mom, you are so beautiful," I whispered softly into her ear. I nuzzled my face beneath her silky hair and placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck. She'd put on a delicate citrus perfume and the warm fragrance permeated my senses to inflame my raging libido even more. The soft smooth skin of her neck felt wonderful against my lips as I trailed a series of tender kisses up towards her ear.

"Oh Andy, what are you....mmmmm...." Her protest turned into a soft moan as I feathered my tongue along the line of her ear and teased the tip into the sensitive tissues of the warm opening. I felt her shiver and her head came back as she leaned against me, erotic sensations starting to flow through her voluptuous body. I let my warm lips follow the soft hollow of her neck downwards, leaving a trail of flickering kisses in its wake. Bringing my mouth upwards to her jawline, I pressed the side of my face to hers as she instinctively turned her head towards mine.

"Oh Andy," she moaned longingly as her lust-filled eyes looked into mine. Her mouth was partway open and I could see her inviting warm wet lips moving towards mine. My mouth slid over her soft cheek and I pressed my lips to her open mouth, my tongue sliding slowly into the luxurious hot depths of her moist oral cavity. With my body wrapped around her small curvy form from behind, I pulled her close to me as we shared a deep passionate kiss.

"Mmmmmm," her low groan was music to my ears as I pressed myself against her, my tongue slowly exploring the hot sensuous depths of her willing mouth. As her tongue followed my own back into my mouth, I slid my hands up the front of her luscious body.

It felt incredible to be doing these things with my sexy mother, things I had only dreamed of. I could feel myself overflowing with joy at the way things were working out. This plan to educate my mother to find and accept the beautiful sexy woman she had dwelling inside her was going perfectly. I always felt there was an untamed sexual woman lying within her troubled soul, just waiting to be released. Her responses to my initial advances were working out just as I'd hoped. As she leaned back against me, her open mouth willingly accepting my kisses, I could feel the sensuous woman inside her coming to the surface, her hidden desires rising to meet my own lustful needs. I was overwhelmed with excitement, knowing that I, her son, was going to be the joyous recipent in the discovery of her lusty sensual nature.

My hands continued to slide up the front of her body until I encountered the swells of her projecting chest. I spread my fingers over the rich emerald-green fabric and let them slide beneath the warm fullness of the straining bra-cups. With the structured bra-cups filling my hands, I gave her voluptuous breasts a soft squeeze as our tongues rolled warmly together.

"Mmmmmm," she purred into my mouth as she pushed herself even harder back against me. My stiff pecker pressed into the warm crevice of her backside as I pulled her close and slid my protruding bulge up and down against the smooth denim of her little miniskirt. With my hands full of those magnificent 32Gs, I slid my fingers all around the undersides of those tremendous tits and then lifted them slightly upwards.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed again as I felt the incredible weight of those beauties. Oh fuck, they felt amazing. So big, so full, so heavy.......I wanted more.

I pulled my mouth away from hers, both of us gasping from the intense heat of our searing kiss. With my head next to hers, I looked down over her shoulder at her heaving breasts, the imposing swells rising and falling with each beat of her racing heart. My eyes followed the flowing contours of those voluptuous orbs downwards to see her stiff nipples thrusting provocatively from beneath the rich green fabric of the straining top. My hungry eyes zeroed in on the line of buttons leading enticingly down the front of her sweater. Licking my lips with anticipation, I knew what I had to do. She'd already left the top button undone when she'd put it on, so I reached up and deftly plucked open the second button. I watched as the tightly stretched material of the top seemed to thank me by relaxing slightly as my action took some of the tremendous pressure off it. The material gaped outwards slightly before settling into position; exposing more of that illicitly exciting deep line of her spectacular cleavage.

"Andy, wha......?" Her half-hearted protest died on her lips as she looked down while my fingers plucked open the next waiting button. The tightly stretched material sighed with relief again as it spread even further out to each side, the top of her lacy black bra coming into view. I popped open the next button exposing more of her overflowing bra cups. She watched mesmerized as I delicately opened two more buttons, leaving about three more holding the sides of the top together beneath the thrusting shelf of her voluptuous tits. I looked down at the upper swells of her magnificent breasts all but spilling over the lacy top edge of her bra and felt another tingling surge go through my stiff prick. Those last two buttons I'd just undone had allowed the form-fitting material to split further open until the colorful emerald top was teasingly framing her massive exposed chest, her incredible 32Gs exquisitely displayed in the heavily-structured black lace bra.

"They're so beautiful," I whispered warmly into my mother's ear as I allowed my hands to slide smoothly around her body until I was cupping both of her magnificent knockers from behind. She turned her mouth wantonly towards mine and I kissed her deeply again as my hands lifted and gently squeezed her enormous tits.

"Mmmmmm," she purred into my mouth again as we kissed hotly. She was squirming against me as I kneaded and let my exploring hands roam over those massive tracts of land. I remembered yesterday how sensitive they'd been to my touch; how easily she'd been able to cum while I'd felt her up, and from the way she was gasping and pressing herself against me right now, the same thing seemed to be happening today.......perfect!

I brought my hands up further on her heaving chest and spread my fingers as I started to move my hands downward. I looked down and watched as I slid my fingertips beneath the lacy top edge of her bra cups and inserted my hands between the insides of the warm lacy cups and the incredibly smooth skin of her ample tits. I pushed my hands deep into the confining garment until I was cupping both of her massive breasts, letting my thumbs slip beneath the edge to rub teasingly over her stiffening nipples.

"Oh God," she moaned with pleasure as her swollen nipples pushed back against my rolling thumbs. With my hands full of her voluminous tits, I lifted upward and pulled them from within the confining bra. Man, they were heavy. Once released, I gently let them go and watched as they bobbed and quivered under gravity as they settled on her exposed chest. Oh fuck, were they ever big! For the immense size that they were, they didn't sag noticeably, but rode proudly on her broad chest. The tremendous natural weight of them resulted in them falling slightly lower due to gravity, but they were still beautifully round and full. Her stiff erect nipples were absolutely breathtaking, pointing sensuously upwards; beautiful beacons of lustful need, begging for attention. I felt my heart race with excitement as I stared in awe at my mother's spectacular set of tits.

As I looked at the incredible mounds of warm tit-flesh, I remembered my friend Connor saying how much my mother reminded him of a more mature version of the busty model, September Carrino. I had jerked off many times to images of the voluptuous Ms. Carrino, always with thoughts of my own stacked mother running through my head. Looking down at her heavy pendulous exposed breasts right now, I felt a flush of heat go through me as I realized how much my mother's amazing tits actually did look like September Carrino's. My mother's breasts had the same immense round size and delicious fullness of September's, and their areolae and large nipples were almost identical; the huge rubbery buds erotically beckoning for a hot mouth to suck on them.....and I had the mouth to do it.

I slipped my hands beneath one huge breast and lifted the heavy tit towards me as I lowered my mouth over her shoulder. My hungry eyes feasted on the stiff nipple as I brought it closer and closer to my waiting mouth. With the heavy weight of her breast cradled tenderly in my cupping hands, I opened my lips and slipped them over the enflamed red bud.

"Ohhhhgggnnnn," she groaned and I felt her lean against me as I closed my lips around the hot rubbery protrusion and sucked gently. "Oh Andy, what are you doing to me?" Her whispery voice encouraged me as I pushed a wad of saliva to the front of my mouth and bathed the stiffening bud with my hot spit. I could feel it swell even more and get harder within my mouth as I continued to suck.

"Oh God, they're so sensitive," my mother moaned softly as I bathed the pebbly surface of her areola with the flat of my tongue. I could feel her quivering within my enveloping arms as waves of pleasure rolled through her. I squeezed her massive breast gently, forcing the swelling tip further up into my sucking mouth. With my lips adhered tightly to the smooth round globe, I flicked my tongue over her protruding nipple once more, pursed my lips tightly around it and sucked. I felt her body lurch slightly against me and she started to tremble, the delightful sensations of ecstasy spreading out from her sensitive breasts to the rest of her wanton mature body.

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