Educating Mom: Andy's Story Ch. 02


"Oh Andy......that feels so good," she gasped raggedly as her head rolled from side to side on my shoulder. "I.......I.......AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I felt her start to twitch and shake as, just like yesterday, a jolting climax overwhelmed her as I pleasured her sensitive breasts. I held onto her tightly and sucked on her huge hard nipple as the delicious contractions of her tingling orgasm washed through her in wave after tingling wave. With my lips plastered against her sumptuous chest, I could feel her heart racing as she continued to shake through her release, my sucking mouth never leaving her huge breast and stiff red nipple.

I felt her legs start to go out from under her as she nearly collapsed with the intensity of her climax. I held her sagging body in my arms, reluctantly pulled my mouth off her succulent tit with a sucking 'POP' sound and gently eased her down to the floor until she was on her knees before me.

"That felt so good," she said softly as she looked up at me, her eyes still clouded with blissful ecstasy, her face and chest flushed pink, a warm glow of perspiration glistening on her smooth skin. Oh fuck, did my stacked mother ever look hot!

My own cock was hard as a rock and as I looked down at her, those tremendous tits beautifully framed by her open sweater.....fuck......they looked so fucking perfect. I knew I had to get off right now or risk going off in my pants. I ripped open my belt and undid my pants hurriedly, pushing them down to the ground and kicking them to the side. I didn't worry about my shirt and socks, I was so enflamed with desire; I didn't care what I looked like.

As I stood before her, my unfurled dick sprang forward from the confines of my underwear and reared up mightily before me, the enflamed head looking purple and angry as I quickly wrapped my hand around it and started jerking it off towards her. My mother's eyes were big as saucers as she watched me, her mouth gaping open as she breathed raggedly. I pumped away at my surging prick as I looked down at her gorgeous body kneeling before me; her tremendous breasts fueling my raging libido. With her eyes never leaving my stroking hand and throbbing dick, I watched as she raised herself onto her knees before me and slipped her hands beneath her breasts. She wordlessly lifted her big melons upwards, presenting them to me as a wickedly inviting target for my rapidly-approaching orgasm. Seeing my gorgeous mother do that was all it took to send me over the edge. As I looked down at that tremendous rack, glistening with perspiration and a shimmering coating of my own spit, I felt that delicious sensation as the boiling semen within me started to speed up the shaft of my pulsating cock. My hand pumped furiously as I inched forward and aimed the red engorged crown down at her voluptuous tits.

"I'M GONNA CUM," I moaned loudly as I started to shoot. My warning fell on deaf ears as my beautiful sexy mother was in no hurry to be anywhere else except beneath a shower of my incestuous cum. I pointed my throbbing prick towards her magnificent rack and the first thick creamy rope shot forth and splashed forcefully onto her chest, leaving a milky ribbon streaking from the tip of her right breast upwards toward her left shoulder. I moved my pumping hand over and the second pearly strand jettisoned forth onto her other breast. I pumped again and a third heavy wad hit her full on her left nipple.

"OHHHHHHNNNNNN," she groaned again as another tingling climax shot through her. Oh fuck, she was right about her breasts being sensitive......and I loved it. I knew it wasn't just the feeling of my cum splashing down on her body; the illicit thrill of what we were doing was fueling her raging libido just as much as mine.

She was groaning softly as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her lush mature body as I continued to flood her chest with shot after shot of my milky seed. Having my mother's huge tit and big hard nipple in my mouth was even better than my dreams, and the forbidden wickedness of it had me cumming and cumming. Having her climax as I unloaded all over those massive jugs of hers just made my own release that much better. My orgasm went on for a long time, my throbbing erection spewing and spitting from within my stroking hand as I pumped out wad after wad of pearly semen all over her voluminous tits. Finally, I felt the last exquisite twinges go through my body, and a tingling shiver went down my spine as I released my cock and looked down at her.

"Oh my God, Andy," my mother said as her eyes went down to her cum-covered chest, "look at how much there is." She was right about that, her whole chest was glistening with my milky cum. Bizarre patterns of silvery cum crisscrossed from one huge tit to the other, while slithering trails seeped into her deep inviting cleavage. Massive heavy gobs clung to her smooth soft skin, the pearly fluid shining erotically as one heavy gob started to slowly flow into another. Seeing a huge load like this on my own mother just fuelled my wicked incestuous lust for her even more.

With her fingertips tracing curiously around the outlines of her cum-covered tits, she looked up at me, wanton desire still lingering in her hooded eyes. "Andy, you''re still hard," she said softly as she looked at my throbbing prick, mere inches from her pretty face. She was right; I was still hard, my pulsing erection bobbing up and down menacingly with each beat of my racing heart. I could see the wanton interest in her eyes as she watched my cock pulse and throb right before her eyes, my bobbing manhood luring her in hypnotically. "Do you want me to use my hand again?" With her eyes glued to my thrusting erection, she reached slowly forward. I was of half a mind to let her do it, knowing I would absolutely love it.....but I wanted more.

"Just hang on a second," I said as I stepped down the hallway to the linen closet. I grabbed a couple of towels and hurried back, not wanting her to have time for any second thoughts. Stepping over to the dining room table, I rifled through the pile of packages I'd brought for her until I located the one I wanted.

"What's that?" she asked as I pulled a plastic bottle out of the bag.

"Baby oil."

"What's that for?"

"You'll see. Trust me, Mom, you'll love this." I took her by the hand and helped her up before moving over towards my father's favorite armchair, my heavy dick bobbing before us. I set the bottle of baby oil and one towel on the little table beside the chair and spread the other towel out on the seat cushion.

"'re going to sit in your father's chair?" she asked hesitantly. She had a fearful look of trepidation on her face, the specter of my controlling father still haunting her. I quickly peeled off my shirt, tossed it aside, stood before her and put my hands on her shoulders. I looked into her deep blue eyes and could see the nervousness lurking within her, thoughts of my manipulative father still running through her brain.

"Mom, do you love me?" I asked softly as I calmly stroked her shoulders.

"I do, Andy. More than anything."

"I love you too, Mom. Like we talked about earlier, after what your life has been like with Dad all these years, you deserve to be happy now. I want that for you more than anything else. I know you can be happy if you'll just let yourself try. I'll do whatever I can to help you do that." I paused for a second, and as I looked down into those soft blue eyes, I saw her start to well up with tears once more. "Will you let me do that for you, Mom? Will you let me do whatever I can to make you happy?"

"Oh Andy, you are so good to me. I couldn't have asked for a better son." Her eyes were brimming with tears of happiness as she looked at me tenderly, the love we had for each other making both our hearts soar with overwhelming joy. "That is so nice of you to want to help me. I don't think you know how much I care about you. I trust you like no one else. I love all these things you've gotten for me. You don't know how happy you've already made me. If you think I need to be happier than this," she said gesturing to the array of packages on the table, "you can do whatever you want to help me." I loved the sound of that...... 'do whatever you want', she'd said. We'd just have to see about that.

I held her shoulders firmly and made sure she was looking right at me before I spoke, "Mom, listen to me.....Dad's gone." She looked at me and nodded slowly. "I'm going to be the man in your life from now on....starting right now. I want you to understand that. I will take better care of you than Dad ever did; I promise you that. I will never let anyone say or do anything to harm you." I looked at her intently and saw a single tear roll down her cheek. "I love you so much, Mom.......I always have and always will. More than anything else, I want you to be happy. And I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I promise you that too."

"Oh Andy," she replied, her lip starting to quiver as she fought back the tears, "I love you so much. You are so good to me." She flung her arms around me and pulled me close as she hugged me tightly, her massive tits pressing into my chest, the silvery coating of cum feeling warm and slippery against my skin. Realizing what she had done, she pulled back and looked at the pearly gobs, some of which were now clinging to my chest. "Oh my, look what I've done. I'm so sorry."

She looked nervous, as if I would be upset about something like that. "That's okay, Mom. You don't have to worry about something like that. I don't want you to ever be nervous or anxious around me. I want you to feel you can say or do anything and not feel that I'm judging you. I mean that."

She smiled happily, and it lit up her whole pretty face. She stood on tip-toes and gave me tender peck on the lips. "Okay. What do you want me to do?" There, that was more like it. Now she definitely seemed more interested in seeing what I had in mind.

"Well, let me just take this off first." I reached towards her and undid the last few buttons of her sweater. I pushed it off her shoulders and tossed it onto the couch. I then reached for the front of her bra and undid the clasp between the two cups that held the whole thing together. I drew it away from beneath her voluminous tits and dropped it on top of her sweater. She stood before me in just the little denim mini and those cute strappy sandals, her enormous breasts swaying seductively on her broad chest, those big red nipples pointing up at me provocatively.

"Just kneel down here," I said as I reached over and grabbed another throw-pillow off the couch and threw it on the floor in front of my father's chair. She compliantly did as I asked and once she was on her knees, I stepped in front of her and sat in my father's chair. After what I had just said, I knew this was a big moment for her, seeing me in this chair. In some bizarre sick way, it was almost like a young prince taking his place on the throne for the first time after his father's untimely demise. And as I settled into the chair and saw my mother look at me with trust and longing in her eyes, I thought this throne was gonna fit me just fine. Yes, I thought as I looked down at her huge swaying tits, it was time for the new king to give his queen a nice creamy bath.

"Hold out your hands," I said as I popped open the lid on the baby oil. She extended her hands face up and I poured a generous amount of the slippery liquid into her cupped palms. "That's good. Now, I think you know what to do with those." I set the bottle down on the little table beside me and sat back in the chair. I could see a smile of curiosity on her face as she brought her hands forward and then let them slip around the shaft of my burgeoning fuck-stick.

"Yeah, that's it. That's perfect," I said softly as her warm slick hands quickly coated my stiffening shaft with the slippery fluid. Her magical hands worked up and down my glistening member teasingly, and within half a minute, I was hard as a rock again.

"Oh Andy, it feels so hard......and it's so big," she whispered huskily as her eyes remained riveted on my thrusting erection, the broad crimson crown appearing and reappearing provocatively from inside the hot buttery corridor of her stroking hands. It felt fucking fantastic, and I felt like just melting into the chair and let her wonderful milking hands do that to me forever, but I wanted more.

"That feels so good, Mom," I said as I sat forward slightly and started to pour the baby oil into my own hands. "Let's see how you like this." I reached forward and started to spread the shiny fluid all over those huge tits of hers, the baby oil mixing in lewdly with my own cum I'd shot onto her just a few minutes ago. Her stupendous knockers glistened lewdly as my slick fingers spread the slippery goo all over her. I let my oil-covered hands slide downwards until my fingertips found the objects of their desire, those thick rubbery nipples of hers. I grasped them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and rolled them teasingly.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh......" She let out a long moan and I saw her eyes close as my fingers toyed with her sensitive breasts. I slid my big hands beneath her massive guns and spread the slippery fluid all over them as I lifted, her voluptuous breasts feeling incredibly heavy in my hands. Oh man, what a fantastic body my mother had.....a lush curvy body built for one Again, as much as I wanted to just push her onto her back and fuck the living shit out of her, I knew I had to take my time. But I wasn't worried, I knew whenever it would would be worth it.

"C'mere Mom," I said as I inched forward and sat on the edge of the chair. She looked a little unsure at first of what I wanted her to do, but she quickly caught on as I held her oil-covered knockers in my hands and pulled her towards me. She leaned forward and I lifted those magnificent breasts until she used her stroking hands to place my thrusting erection right between her huge tits. I pressed the sides of her voluminous fun-bags inwards, trapping my throbbing prick deep within her slippery hot cleavage. I brought her hands to the sides of her own body and let her take over. She got the hang of it right away as she pushed those hot slick pillows of flesh all around my rock-hard cock until all that was left visible was the enflamed tip, the red eye peeking wetly from the top of her mile-deep cleavage.

"Oh yeah, that's it, Mom. That feels so soft." She started to move her body up and down a little bit at a time, the slick friction feeling luxuriously erotic on my enveloped prick. Her huge tits were just so soft and warm against me, and the slippery baby oil made everything that much better. I gasped with pleasure as she pressed those swollen mounds of flesh against my rigid member, her upper body continuing to move slowly up and down as our mutual pleasure escalated. I looked down at her stiff red nipples, the huge beacons glistening wetly with the slick oily coating. Oh fuck, were they ever big. My mouth watered just looking at them.

"Oh God, it's so hard," she groaned and I watched her eyes close as waves of pleasure rolled through her. Oh man, she looked hot. I loved those sensitive breasts of hers; the ample mounds of tit-flesh seemed able to readily bring her the sensual gratification her lush body was craving after all those years of denial. I reached forward and grabbed those huge nipples as she continued to move her enormous 32Gs up and down on my slick throbbing erection.

"Mmmmmmmm," she purred wantonly as I rolled the stiff rubbery buds between my fingers. I kept it up, the hard oily buttons pushing back against my fingertips, both of us gasping raggedly as we pressed our slick bodies against each other, our warm flesh meeting deep in her hot slippery cleavage.

"Oh Andy, you feel so hard....." Her head rolled back and her hot sweet mouth gaped open as the intense friction between our slick oiled bodies got hotter and hotter. I felt my overflowing balls draw up close to my body and knew I was close. I had dreamed forever about tit-fucking my stacked mother and cumming all that dream was about to come true.

"Mom.....just......just keeping doing that," I said with a low groan as I continued to fill my hands with those enormous tits of hers while she pressed her monstrous slick pillows of flesh around my engorged member.

"OHHHHGGGNNNN......" Her long drawn-out moan of pleasure was all it took to send me right over the edge. I felt those delicious contractions start in my midsection as the boiling semen sped up the shaft of my pulsating prick.

"MOM......I'M.......I'M GONNA CUM," I warned as I looked down at the dark purple head of my engorged cock, still sliding in and out of the top of her deep oily cleavage. I watched as the wet red eye gaped open and was filled by a milky gob for a split second before a long white rope spat forth, the silvery ribbon of cum hitting her forcefully on the underside of her chin. As the first shot hit her, she looked down and a second pearly strand jettisoned forth to splash against the lower part of her face. A nasty jolt of wicked delight tore through my brain when I saw the long rope sticking to her upper lip, then continue right down over her mouth before the rest of the thick silvery strand dangled lewdly from her chin. The illicit thrill of seeing my cum hit my mother in the face had me thrusting harder upwards as a third and fourth shot burst forth. My aim was good as those shots too hit home, one plastering itself against her cheek while the other one spewed up her chin, over her lips and along the side of her nose before ending just beneath he lust-filled eyes. As she pressed her slick oily tits against my spewing cock, I continued to unload, my cum flying everywhere.

"OH ANDY......I......I..........OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......" She let out a deep guttural growl and I watched her start to shake as a tingling orgasm shot through her. I gave her huge nipples a firm squeeze between my oily fingers and another low moan followed the first as she gasped and shook as my hands pleasured her. I looked down as she continued to press her massive oily breasts against my spitting prick as I continued to cum, the remainder of my shots covering the upper swells of her shiny voluminous tits.

It was so fucking hot that she could cum while I worked on her tits; having my hands full of her magnificent breasts and having her see me cum seemed to be enough to send her over the edge. I loved it. As the final few shots oozed from the tip of my spent dick, I released her swollen nipples from my grasp and softly stroked my fingertips over her slippery chest. She stopped moving as well, but kept my slowly deflating cock hidden deep in her slick cleavage as we both stayed still, each of us gasping raggedly as our racing heartbeats slowly returned to normal.

I sat back and looked at her. Oh man, she looked incredible. Her eyes were half-closed from the intense sensations of the nerve-shattering release she'd just experienced, but she had a look of pure serene bliss all over that pretty face of hers. That sultry look wasn't the only thing on her face that made her look so desirable; there were a few sizable strands and heavy gobs of my thick milky cum covering the lower part of her face. I looked down slightly and took in the rest of this second big load I'd unloaded all over her, those enormous tits of hers once more covered in a swirling pearly mess of my cum and glistening baby oil.

I looked back up to her face as my eyes were drawn in by two huge gobs of cum dangling from each side of her chin. Did that ever look sexy; my own beautiful mother sitting before me with my creamy semen hanging off her lust-filled face. I was totally mesmerized by the slowly swinging strands, the bigger one starting to slowly distend downwards. I watched as the extending silvery web connecting the heavy gob to her chin got thinner and thinner before breaking, the pearly-white drop landing teasingly on her right breast and sliding erotically towards her thick red nipple. I looked back up at the other gob and was happy to see that it was clinging tenaciously to her chin as her eyes slowly opened to look at me.

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