Educating Mom: Andy's Story Ch. 03


"I love it that you're so sensitive, Mom," I said softly as I pulled my other hand from her warm soft breast and put both hands between her legs. I looked at her with a devilish twinkle in my eye as I ran the fingertips of that hand all over the soft folds of slippery pink flesh as well. "How about we give you another one of those?"

"Andy, I.......I......ohhhhhhhh....." Her reluctant protest died on her lips as I slid one finger deep inside her while I ran the index finger of my other hand teasingly over the hyper-sensitive tip of her swollen clit.

"Just lean back and enjoy it, Mom," I said as I stepped back slightly and looked down between her spread thighs. She did exactly as I said, leaning back slightly, her arms straight behind her with her palms face down on the dining table. It gave me a perfect view of those tremendous tits of hers, stretching that cherry-red top almost to the bursting point. As I started to work my fingers in and out of her, I watched her chest heaving up and down as her heart raced; her sweet full lips wet and open as she gasped raggedly.

I used the backs of my hands to push the hem of her little white skirt further up out of the way as my hands really went to work beneath it. I slid my fingers deep inside her, her hot little box bubbling like a geyser as I stroked and probed at the hot folds of pink flesh way up inside her. She gasped and moaned continuously as my talented fingers worked her over, her lush mature body flexing and bucking against my probing fingers. I felt her shake and convulse through four more orgasms before I finally ceased the mercilessly blissful torture I was putting her through with my hands.

"Oh Andy, no more," she gasped as her arms slipped out from behind her and she collapsed back onto the table, her huge tits heaving rhythmically beneath her tight sweater. Her eyes were closed and her head slowly lolled from side to side as a low blissful moan escaped her lips. She seemed woozy; punch-drunk from the succession of shattering climaxes I'd just put her through. Looking at her in this dreamy, almost semi-conscious state put a nasty little thought into my head. Yes....that perverted little idea just might work out. In this trance-like state, she just might be agreeable to going along with what I had in mind.

"Mom, you look so beautiful right now," I said softly as I looked down at her. They say that some women have a certain glow when they're pregnant. Well, with my mother, I could see that when she was sexually aroused, and blissfully satisfied like right now, she had a similar kind of look about her.....something special....undefinable....something wonderfully charismatic and comforting that drew you to it like bees to honey. And she had that look right now.....she was positively glowing. With her in this blissful state, I hoped you would continue to be compliant.

"Oh Andy, nobody's ever touched me like that before," she replied, a warm smile turning up the corners of her pretty mouth.

"It was my pleasure, Mom." I leaned down over her and gave her a gentle kiss, letting her know how much I loved her. "I'm just glad I can make you feel good."

"That was better than good," she replied as she pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked down at the prominent bulge in the front of my old faded jeans through hooded eyes.

"Did......did touching me do that to you?" she asked, nodding towards my bulging crotch. Having her ask this question was even was fitting into my sordid little plan without me even having to start things myself.

"Just being around you has always done that to me, Mom," I answered honestly.


"Yes, ever since I was a teenager."

"I......I.....," she stammered; totally taken by surprise by my admission. "Since you were a teenager?"

"Remember how I'd always come home after school and you'd make me a snack and we'd talk about what our days had been like?"

"Yes." She had a totally bewildered look on her face, but the curiosity in her eyes told me she wanted to know more.

"And then after that I'd always go into my room to study?"


"Nine times out of ten I'd have to go to my room because I'd be like this from being around you." I lewdly slid my hand over the front of my jeans and wrapped it around my stiff prick, knowing she'd be able to see how long and thick it was through the faded denim. She just stared; her eyes open wide as I slid my hand along the pronounced shaft. "And do you know how I'd make it go away?"

She just shook her head innocently, her wide eyes never leaving my stroking hand.

"I'd take my clothes off; like this." I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it aside. Now, I wasn't a gym rat that pumped iron every day, but I did take good care of myself and was in pretty good shape. I felt a sense of pride in myself as I watched her gaze roam over my toned pecs and muscular torso. I reached for the button of my jeans, her eyes following my hands hypnotically. Her full soft lips were wetly parted as she watched me slowly draw down my zipper. I saw her gulp as I reached into my spread jeans and slowly drew out my stiff cock, pointing the enflamed mushroom head towards her.

"Oh my God," she mumbled under her breath as I pushed my jeans down and kicked them aside.

"After I took my clothes off," I said in a soft lulling voice, continuing to pull her further into this trancelike state I could see she was in, "I'd reach into my bedside table and pull out some of this." As I said this, I reached into the bag from the drug store that was sitting right there and pulled out a jar of Vaseline, Baby-Fresh Scent, the best lubricant by far for jerking off. She simply stared in shock as I popped off the lid and scooped out a generous amount with my fingers.

"And then I'd start spreading it slowly back and forth." Her eyes were big as saucers as I slowly.......teasingly........started to stroke my gooey hand back and forth over the full length of my rock-hard boner.

"Yeah, every day after school after I saw you, I'd go into my room and do this." She was breathing rapidly now, and I could see her massive tits heaving beneath that gorgeous tight sweater as her heart rate escalated. She was mesmerized by my stroking hand, her eyes riveted to the lewd exhibition of incestuous lust I was giving her.

"And not just after school, Mom," I said as she continued to watch me jack-off right in front of her, "I'd usually do it at least twice more after dinner. And first thing every morning after I woke up." She gulped in shock at my confession, and I could see a fine sheen of perspiration on her face as her own excitement increased. "And every time......I'd be thinking of you."

I slid my glistening hand slowly back and forth, my brick-hard cock absolutely throbbing beneath my stroking grasp. Pre-cum oozed from the engorged flared head, shiny strands dangling from the wet red eye and dropping to the floor. I could see that she was totally enthralled as she watched me, her eyes never leaving my hard throbbing prick. I kept speaking to her in a soft lulling tone, hoping in her rapturous trance that she'd eagerly do as I was about to suggest.

"As I did this, I'd keep wondering......wondering what those magnificent big breasts of yours looked like. Wondering what they looked like underneath whatever you were wearing that day. And as I stood in my room, my hand stroking slowly along the full hard length of my cock, I'd picture you kneeling before me." As I said this, I reached out and gently nudged her shoulder at the same time nodding towards the floor in front of me. She subconsciously got my intent as she slid off the edge of the table and onto her knees before me, her eyes still glued to my slowly stroking hand.

"I'd think about standing right in front of you," I said slowly as I stepped closer to her, "and have you slowly take your top off for me." I didn't have to say anything else. I simply kept slowly pumping my shiny hand back and forth in a warm loving corridor as I watched her reach down to her waist and start pulling her sweater over her head. As I'd suggested, she did it slowly....provocatively, finally pulling the sweater completely off and shaking her lustrous hair until if fell sensually about her shoulders, her spectacular tits wobbling and settling sensually on her broad chest as she tossed the sweater aside.

"That's it.....that's perfect," I said with a warm note of praise as I looked down into the deep valley of her alluring cleavage, those lavish breasts beautifully encased in that sexy black lace bra. Man, did they ever look fantastic. This whole little scenario had me so turned on that I could have cum right there and then all over those heavy round babies, but I had a different ending in mind.

"After you took your top off, you'd put your hand down between your legs as you continued to watch me." I kept my voice in the same lulling mesmerizing tone as I continued to speak to her. I was happy to see her hand seem to move of its own volition down the front of her body and disappear between her spread thighs.

"And then I'd think about that pretty face of yours," I said as I edged even closer, the dripping head of my rampant erection mere inches from her face. "I'd think about those warm blue eyes of yours that I love so much. I'd think about your soft smooth skin, and the way the light caught your cheekbones sometimes when you smiled, and how pretty you look all the time. I'd think about that beautiful mouth of yours, those full red soft and inviting.....and how much I wanted to kiss them."

She was breathing rapidly now, her face flushed and glistening with that fine sheen of perspiration, her excitement increasing as she watched and listened to my hypnotic voice. I looked down at those ravishing huge breasts heaving with each breath, spots of my dripping pre-cum now shining on the imposing upper swells of the heavy mounds.

"And then I'd think about you kneeling before me like this.....with your top off.....your incredibly sumptuous breasts beckoning to me.....just like they are now." I could see, as she watched my stroking hand, that she was extremely aroused, her upper chest flushed pink with excitement, her round full tits swelling and quivering with each ragged gasp.

"And then I'd picture looking at that exquisite face of yours.....seeing the excitement in your eyes.....just like now......and I'd know that's where I'd want to cum." As I said this, I stepped even closer and pointed the head of my surging prick down towards her. Totally mesmerized by my spellbinding words, she simply watched me, a look of pure lustful desire on her face. I felt my balls draw up close to my body as the first rush of boiling semen sped up the shaft of my pulsating erection.

"OH YESSSSSSSSSS," I let out a long hiss as the first thick rope of milky cum jettisoned forth. It hit her forcefully on her left cheek just beside her nose; the powerful strand streaking upwards to leave a long ribbon up across her forehead and disappearing into the dark waves of her lustrous brunette hair. I moved my pumping had to the other side of her face and the second shot pasted itself against her other cheek, the massive wad splatting sideways towards her ear. I continued to stroke my turgid cock insistently as I moved it all around her pretty face while I continued to unload, my pearly seed splattering and clinging to her warm skin.

"Oh God," she moaned and I could see her eyes partially close as my cum raining down on her triggered an orgasm within that sensitive lush body of hers. Her forearm was flexing as her own hand was busy pleasuring herself beneath her little skirt. I could see those huge tits of hers quivering delightfully as her tingling nerve-endings set her lush mature body twitching erotically.

"Open your mouth, Mom," I said quickly as I pointed the head of my spitting prick towards her lips. She eagerly opened her pouting lips into an inviting "O" as I pulled my pumping hand back to the broad thick base and took a long stroke forwards, positioning the engorged head an inch away from her open mouth.

"OH YEAH!" I groaned loudly as I watched a long thick rope shoot deep inside that gloriously sexy mouth of hers. I kept stroking as I continued to unload, the pure illicit wickedness of my incestuous lust causing me to shoot the biggest load of my life. I kept flooding her face as I came, unable to control where I shot any more. Through half-closed eyes, I watched some of the silvery strands paste themselves all over her mature face, while other shots hit dead center on my desired target........right inside that hot hungry mouth of hers. Finally, I felt that last heavenly shiver go down my spine as the last shot spat forth, the heavy milky gob landing on her upper lip and drizzling into her open mouth.

I simply stood there and looked down at her as I released my spent prick, my greasy member looming over her face, the tumescent shaft bobbing up and down with each beat of my racing heart. She looked so fucking sexy with my cum all over her face. It was everywhere; gobs and strands all over her cheeks, forehead, across her nose, in her hair, covering her chin and even running down her neck to join a few stray shots that had fallen on the upper swells of her massive tits. Even better was seeing the milky gobs all round her mouth and clinging to her pouty lips. But sexiest of all was seeing the sizable puddle of pearly nectar pooling on her tongue, knowing I had just cum inside my own mother's mouth for the first time. I knew right then and there it would be the first time of many. I planned on giving her a regular dose from now on.

"Oh Mom, you look even better than all those times I pictured it. You look incredible with my cum all over you like that." I reached over, grabbed one of the towels I'd brought out earlier and wiped off my greasy hand and prick. She simply looked up at me through glassy eyes, her own wanton desires still controlling her. I knew I had to keep going while she was still in this blissfully aroused state. "Swallow, Mom. I want to see you swallow my cum." I watched her soft red lips close, her eyes closing as well as she savored the masculine flavor of my warm seed. I could see her moving the milky fluid around inside her mouth as the new sensation rolled over her taste-buds. After a few moments, I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed.

"Mmmmmm," she mewed like a kitten with a saucer of warm cream as my silky cum slid down her supple throat to a nice warm spot in the pit of her stomach.

"Let me give you some more." I continued speaking softly as I reached forward and drew my index finger across her cum-covered face. I smoothed my finger from her cheekbone down towards her waiting mouth, the volume of cum gathering at the front edge as it got closer and closer to her parted lips.

"That's a good girl, open wide." I was happy to see her lips part even more as I shoveled the creamy white goo right into her mouth, the heavy wad falling onto her pink tongue. "Now, lick that finger clean." Her lips closed around my probing digit and I could feel her sucking gently as her tongue rolled over the surface of my finger, lapping up as much of my precious nectar as she could. Fuck, did it ever feel good to have those soft warm lips sucking at me, even if it was just my finger right now. I knew I'd have those pillowy-soft lips wrapped around my hard prick soon enough.

"That's it.....that's the way," I whispered encouragingly as I drew my finger slowly back and forth between her closed lips, casually finger-fucking that perfect mouth of hers. I withdrew it with a little "POP" and reached to her other cheek, my finger gathering up more of my milky discharge. She turned her head slightly that way and her open mouth beckoned to me, like a little bird waiting to be fed. I eagerly shoveled more of my silvery semen between her lips and she immediately closed her lips around my finger again and started sucking. Oh Jesus, from the way her lips felt on my finger, I knew the cock-sucking lesson I planned on giving her was going to be amazing! After she'd sucked my finger clean, I went back to her gooey face for more and continued feeding it to her with my fingers until all that was left on her smooth skin was a shiny residue of my drying cum.

With my raging libido temporarily satisfied, I was interested to see if asking her a direct question would snap her out of the semi-trancelike state she seemed to be in. "So, did you mind me cumming on your face like that, Mom?" I looked down at her, knowing the sight of my imposing form looming over her would continue the subtle impression of control.

"," she responded, her face flushing as she seemed to finally realize what had just happened. She seemed embarrassed by her admission, but not ashamed of herself to the point where I thought she might flee.

"So I take it you and Dad never did anything like that?"

"No," she answered emphatically with a shake of her head. "Like I said, your father would just do his business as fast as he could and then move over to his side of the bed."

'Stupid idiot,' I thought to myself. Man, he didn't know what he was missing. I wondered what was wrong with him. "So, you've never tasted cum before these last couple of days?" She just shook her head, her massive tits wobbling suggestively within the intoxicating confinement of that stunning bra.

"Do you like the taste of my cum?" I asked slowly.

She flushed even redder, but nodded a "Yes" as she looked down at the floor; her embarrassment at admitting her own lustful desires almost overwhelming her.

"That's okay, Mom. I love that you let me do that; and that you swallowed all of my cum." I reached down and tipped her head up to mine as I kneeled in front of her. "I love you so much. I want you to know how happy you've made me today. What I said was true, Mom; I used to think about you like that all the time. And today.....what we did today was better than I ever imagined." I punctuated my words by leaning forward and giving her a soft loving kiss, letting her know everything was alright. As I drew back, I could see by the calmer look on her face that I'd done the right thing.

"Did you.....did you really think about me as much as you said when you did that?" she asked, nodding towards my slowly deflating dick.

"I did; more times that you could ever imagine." I paused for a second as my words seemed to register deep inside her. "Do you like that I told you, Mom?"

She flushed slightly again, but not as much as before. A soft smile played at the corners of her mouth as she looked at me, her teary eyes full of love. "Yes, I....I do like it. I'm so surprised that a handsome young man like you would find an old woman like me to be desirable."

I reached down, took both her hands in mine and brought them to my face. I kissed her hands and then looked deep into her eyes, "Mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me; nobody else even comes close. And you're not an 'old woman', you're only 42." I paused for a second as her eyes filled with tears once more. "I love you with all my heart; I always have and I always will."

"Oh Andy, I love you too," she gasped as she pulled me close and buried her head in the crook of my neck, her body starting to shake with sobs. "All I ever wanted in my life was to take care of you and make you happy."

"You've been a wonderful mother," I whispered softly in her ear as I held her close. "This is just another way that we can show how much we care for each much we want to make each other happy."

"Do you really think we're going to be okay?" she asked anxiously as she pulled back slightly and looked at me, shiny lines from her tears running down her cheeks.

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