Educating Mom: Andy's Story Ch. 03


"Oh God, that's so good," she moaned as her head lolled from side to side as her pleasure escalated. I worked over one mound of tit-flesh thoroughly before letting it go and hefting the other one towards me. Man, were they ever heavy! I slipped my lips over the hard red nipple of this one and swirled my tongue in a slow teasing circle all around the pebbly areola. Her tits were soon covered with my warm spit as I sucked and licked at those sensitive beauties of hers. Her breathing was getting more and more ragged and I felt her legs start to scissor uncontrollably as her climax got closer and closer. I loved those sensitive tits of hers. It was incredible to think my gorgeous stacked mother could cum so easily from me working over those huge round knockers.

"I.......I........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH," she groaned loudly as she started to cum. Her body was quivering and I kept sucking at her stiff throbbing nipple as she thrashed from side to side against the mirror behind her. I quickly shifted my sucking mouth to her other huge tit and sucked hard at her thrusting nipple as she continued to twitch. Finally, her orgasm subsided, a final quivering shiver tripping through her thrumming body. I slipped my lips off her sumptuous tits and sat back, a pleased smile on my face. I hadn't touched her below the waist and yet I could smell the warm alluring fragrance of her flowing nectar. I knew that when I went down for what I really wanted this time, I'd find a nice hot pussy overflowing with warm cunt-honey.

"Oh Andy, that felt so nice," she cooed as she looked at me through half-closed eyes, a dazed look on her pretty face. "I can't believe how sensitive my breasts are."

"Like I said, Mom, I love that they're so sensitive." I reached forward and gently cupped the tremendous swells in my loving hands. "Every woman would love to have such sensitive breasts." I gave each one a tender kiss on the very tip before releasing them, the ample mounds settling low and heavy on her broad chest.

"I never knew I was capable of feeling so good."

"That's what I want to show you, Mom," I said as I slipped my hands around her hips once more. "I want to show you how much pleasure this spectacular body of yours is capable of providing." Not to mention how much pleasure I knew I was going to be getting from her amazing body too. With my hands on her hips, I pulled her backside slightly forwards until that exquisite shaved pussy of hers was sitting right at the edge of the counter. "Now, I want to see how sensitive you are down here." With a wicked leer of incestuous lust in my eyes, I lowered my head and kissed the soft flesh of her abdomen.

"Andy, wh....what are you doing?"

"Sshhhh......just relax, Mom."

"But I......I never....I mean, nobody ever...."

"I know, Mom," I said softly as I looked up into her nervous eyes. "Trust me.....please." I sincerely felt sorry for her, knowing that she had never been pleasured this way in her entire life. She could see the comforting look in my eyes as I looked at her intently, waiting for her to answer.

"Okay," she finally said as she leaned back, but I could still see her nibbling on her bottom lip nervously.

"That's better," I said as I kissed her abdomen once more. "Just relax and enjoy it. I promise you if you don't like it, I'll never do it again."

"Okay," she replied softly. I kept my eyes locked on hers as I reached forward and pushed her knees to each side, opening up the space between her smooth creamy thighs to give me freer access to the delectable meal that awaited me.

"That's a good girl," I said with a warm note of praise as she let me position her legs exactly where I wanted them. I pulled my stool slightly forward, my body poised between her spread thighs. I kissed her just above one knee on the inside of her thigh, then moved slightly higher, trailing kisses as I went. When I got up halfway up that warm smooth thigh, I shifted over to the other one and repeated my tender butterfly kisses.

"Mmmmmm," she gave a little purr as I shifted back to the first leg and picked up where I'd left off, my soft warm lips pleasuring that incredibly soft skin on the inside of her thighs. I think the tantalizingly soft skin of a woman's inner thighs is one of my favorite parts of their entire body. There is nothing else that feels so exquisitely tender yet sinfully alluring as the soft smooth skin you find there.

"Aaahh." She gave a little gasp as I got closer and closer to her honey hole; my lips now mere inches away. I could smell her fragrant scent intensely now; the enchanting allure of my mother's intoxicating scent swirling through my senses. I turned my eyes forward and looked at her beautiful shaved pussy, both inner and outer lips absolutely glistening with her flowing juices. Her full inner lips were a brilliant pink and looked swollen with need....and I planned on using my mouth to satisfy that need right now. I breathed deep, the luscious fragrance of her bubbling snatch firing my libido once more. Not wanting to wait any longer, I lowered my mouth to the base of her dripping gash and licked slowly upwards.

"Mmmmmmm," she cooed blissfully as she felt her pussy being licked for the first time. I pressed the flat of my tongue against her smooth warm sex and lapped the entire surface of her soft warm mound. Her juices settled on my taste-buds warmly as I savored the delicious flavor of her womanly nectar. I let the taste of her seeping cunt-honey burn itself into my senses, knowing the taste of her was something I could never do without from here on in. Instantly wanting more, I lowered my mouth to her gushing twat and slipped it between the hot pink folds of her glistening labia.

"Oh my God," she groaned as I felt her slump back against the mirror behind her. I feathered my tongue deep inside her weeping little box, her warm juices flowing into my welcoming mouth. Man, was she ever a gusher. I rolled my tongue all around in slow teasing circles deep inside her; probing all over the velvety soft folds of flesh way up inside that hot buttery canal of hers. I had my hands on her hips holding her firmly in place, but I could feel her backside squirming beneath my grip as waves of unknown blissful delight shot through her.

"Aaahhhh......aaahhh," she moaned continuously as I licked and sucked at that beautiful pussy of hers. Her juices flowed readily onto my waiting tongue as I deftly lanced it deep inside her. After a few minutes, I slowly withdrew my tongue and teased it provocatively all around her gushing opening, my tongue slowly licking higher and higher. I looked down at the enflamed spire of her erect clit, the red button beckoning for my hungry mouth. I slowly circled the sensitive organ, bathing the area in my warm saliva before tenderly pressing my tongue right on the tip of the swollen enflamed bud.

"Ohhngggghhh," she groaned loudly as I circled the fiery engorged spire with my bathing tongue. I slipped my lips right over it and sucked, my vacuuming mouth giving the sensitive nodule a delightfully wet embrace.

"OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD," she bellowed as a shattering climax shot through her mature body. Her body started shaking and convulsing as if an electric jolt had just gone through her. I kept sucking on her throbbing clit as her wide motherly hips bucked up against my working mouth. She seemed to forget all about her drying nail polish as her hands clasped firmly onto my head, her fingers pulling me even closer into her gushing cunt. I could feel her juices oozing out of her and flowing down my chin as she continued to cum, her whole body shaking like a rag doll under my oral assault.

"Aaaaahhhhhnnnnn....." A final incomprehensible gasp of contentment escaped her lips as she released my head and collapsed back against the mirror, here lush mature body sagging as she gasped for air. I slowly withdrew my mouth from her enflamed clit, now hypersensitive from her intense climax.

"Oh Andy," she said in a raspy voice as her breathing slowly returned to normal, "that was unbelievable. I've never felt anything like that in my entire life."

"It looks like we've got a lot of time to make up for then," I replied devilishly as I lowered my mouth and feathered my tongue between the swollen petals of her glistening pink labia, eagerly licking up her flowing discharge.

"But Andy, I....I........OHHHHHHHH," her words of protest died on her lips as I settled in and put my mouth to work on her once more. This time she held onto my head lovingly as I slowly, sensuously ate her out. I was merciless as I worked her over; torturing her by taking her to the brink of orgasm many times before slowing my oral assault and then slowing re-building it until she reached the next shattering crescendo. For the next half hour I kept her squirming about on the counter, my mouth plastered to her gushing twat as I licked and sucked, taking her to five more orgasms before I finally drew back from her trembling exhausted body. I could feel her warm juices covering my entire face as I slid my tongue out and circled it around my lips, gathering in as much of her rich cunt-honey that I could.

I had become incredibly turned on as I'd been pleasuring her, my previously-drained balls recharging under the illicit incestuous thrill of eating out my own mother. My cock had poked its way through the folds of the towel around my waist and I felt it rearing up before me, like a stallion in heat. I was so tempted to lift my mother's spread legs in my hands and slam my rock-hard prick deep into that juicy cunt of hers....but I knew that time had not yet come. I stared at that lush sweaty body of hers slumped back on the counter, her enormous jugs heaving with each ragged breath. I then looked down at my thick rigid cock, the enflamed head so taut and engorged with need that I knew what I had to do.

I popped the lid off the jar of Vaseline and quickly scooped out a generous amount of the viscous goo. I stood up, shucking off the towel as I wrapped my hand around my tumescent member and started stroking vigorously. I stepped closer between her splayed thighs, the head of my dripping prick pointing right at those spectacular tits of hers. My mother looked at me through glazed eyes, her limp shaken body still incapable of movement from her series of blissful orgasms.

"Mom, you are gorgeous," I crowed as I felt myself start to cum. Through half-closed eyes, she watched me stroke myself, her sweet red lips wet and parted as she gasped wantonly. As the first tingling contraction pulled at my midsection, I pointed the enflamed crown at those huge breasts of hers. We both watched as the first thick creamy rope launched itself from the gaping red eye, the white streak hitting her full on her left breast. I kept stroking as I moved the tip across her body, just in time for the second thick strand to jettison forth onto her other massive tit. I kept cumming and cumming as I pumped my throbbing prick vigorously, cum flying everywhere. My heart was racing as I kept stroking my slick hand back and forth in a warm loving corridor, my pearly semen spurting forth and covering those tremendous fleshy mounds of hers. I continued to jack away at my pulsating fuck-stick as I unloaded, flooding her luscious breasts with my hot thick cum. The final contractions coursed through me as the last drops of silvery seed shot forth, landing in the swirling puddles of cloudy fluid already sliding sluggishly down her voluptuous breasts.

"Oh my God, much again," she whispered hoarsely as we both looked down at her cum-covered chest. She was right, even I was amazed at how much I'd cum this time. There were huge gobs and silvery ribbons crisscrossing those spectacular guns of hers; milky strands and pearly wads of shiny cum everywhere. I could see some running deep into the dark line of her cleavage, while other thick gobs dangled from the tips of each nipple. There were thick heavy gobs pasted to the upper swells of her big tits at the same time as other silvery rivulets disappeared from view beneath the undersides of those huge curvy spheres. I looked up and could see the burning desire in her eyes as she looked at the milky mess of swirling cum covering her body; and I watched as her tongue subconsciously slid from between her soft red lips and ran around mouth wantonly. Seeing the hungry look in her eyes, I knew just what needed to be done. I had watched her do something earlier in the day that had been an incredible turn on.......I wanted to see her do it again.

"Here, Mom," I said as I stepped forward and hefted one huge breast, turning the cummy nipple upwards towards her. "I think this is what you need." In her dazed state, she sat forward and leaned her head down as I lifted her massive tit to her descending mouth. I watched, totally enthralled, as she slipped her lips over her own stiff nipple and sucked. I reveled in the nasty wet sucking sound as her lips and tongue ran over her voluptuous mound, her eager tongue searching out and gathering up my precious seed. With my hands lifting the heavy orb, I moved it all around so her searching mouth could reach as much of the cum-covered tit as possible. When she was finished cleaning one, I released it and hefted the other one up for her attention. I could hear her purring contentedly as she licked and sucked, my pearly nectar disappearing within the deep recesses of her hot wet mouth. For the remainder of my cum that she couldn't reach with her lips and tongue, I helped her by using my finger to scoop up the rest and feed it to her, those warm lips of hers closing delightfully around my finger as she licked it clean.

"I think you got nearly all of it," I said when she was finally finished, every morsel of my masculine cream safely contained within her welcoming stomach. I slid my finger deep into her dark cleavage and scooped out one last heavy white gob, which she eagerly sucked off my glistening finger. "I think we both need to get into the shower again." I got the shower running once more and slipped her robe fully off her trembling body. She was near exhaustion and I had to all but carry her into the big stall. The hot pelting water revived us both as I held her close and kissed her softly, my love for her overwhelming me like never before. Her eyes flicked open and looked deep into mine, and what I saw there echoed my own feelings for her.

"I love you, Andy," she said softly as she slipped her arms around my neck.

"I love you too, Mom." We held each other close for a few minutes as we let the hot water flow over our satiated bodies, the sluicing spray washing away our temporary lethargy.

" must be getting hungry," she said as she finally started to come back to life. "When we're finished in here, how about I make us something to eat?"

"I've got a better idea, how about we go out to dinner to celebrate?"


"Yeah, we'll celebrate you and me, our new relationship; teacher and student. And so far my favorite student has been getting nothing but A-pluses. What do you think?"

"Okay," she replied, a beaming smile covering her pretty face. "But where will we go? What will I wear?"

"I know just the place. And there's something in those package still out there," I said as I gestured towards the dining room where she still had some unopened presents, "that I think will be perfect for where we're going."

"Oh Andy, you're so good to me," she grinned excitedly as she stood on her tiptoes and covered my face with kisses. We kissed deeply once more before sharing the soap and cleaning each other, our slippery hands continuing to explore each other's bodies. It was hard to tear our hands away from each other, but we finally shut the shower off and grabbed some clean towels to dry off with. As I rubbed the towel over my freshly scrubbed skin, she turned to me and I saw that devilish glint in her eyes once more.

"Andy.......?" She paused in what she was saying and I looked at her questioningly, "when we get back, will you teach me more?"

"It would be my pleasure." would definitely be my pleasure.

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