tagErotic CouplingsEducating Paddy Ch. 02

Educating Paddy Ch. 02


Some kind people have suggested that "Educating Paddy" demanded a sequel. Here is the sequel, with my thanks.


It was just over a week since the phone call had come out of the blue from Marge. "I need you to help me with Paddy," she had said. Not in my wildest dreams could I have suspected that helping Marge would involve fellatio and cunnilingus all in one evening. With a beautiful nineteen year old girl. Since then I had wondered if I should ever meet Paddy again, and thought a lot about how I should greet her if I did.

"Paddy? Oh yes, I remember. You're the girl who asked me to kiss her pussy." Hardly the best way to start a conversation.

And then Marge phoned and asked if I'd like to come round to dinner because Paddy was going to be there and I might like to see her again.

I gulped, and my prick did a jump and started clamoring against my Y-fronts, and I tried to sound casual as I said. "Sure, that sounds nice." I wasn't sure how I was going to face Marge. I hadn't seen her since she had climaxed the episode with Paddy by impaling herself on my shaft. And I do mean climaxed. I didn't have the nerve to ask if dinner was all I should be eating. But you can bet I spent the day imagining a variety of scenarios, all of them involving pussy---either Paddy's or Marge's, and preferably both.

Dinner was a fairly lively affair. Marge kept us well served with a nice red wine, and Paddy was no longer the shy, reticent chick I remembered. She was talkative, and funny, and met my eye without a hint of embarrassment at having asked a week before if she could suck my prick. And then Marge poured us all a liqueur and said, just as if we'd been discussing it all evening, "Last week has left Paddy with a lot of questions, Patrick. She says you were so nice and understanding then, she'd rather talk to you about it than me. Is that alright with you?"

I said, "Er---sure" What I really meant was, "What else can I tell her that won't turn her off? I'm not exactly a psychiatrist."

Marge got up from the table. "Paddy's staying overnight, so she's got the guest room. Why don't you take Patrick to your room, Paddy, and you can talk all you want in private."

Paddy led the way, not at all shyly. This was the first time I had been in Marge's apartment, so I was interested to see what a feminine apartment looked like. The guest room was nicely furnished, but there was only one chair and that was cluttered with Paddy's things, so we sat on the edge of the bed. Paddy took my hand immediately. "Patrick dear, I didn't know whether to phone you about last week or just pretend it hadn't happened. I felt so guilty about it, guilty at making you do those things. But Marge said you must have enjoyed it. I do hope you really did enjoy it. But anyway I want to thank you for being so sweet and sympathetic and gentle and understanding and---."

"Don't thank me, darling," I interrupted her. "I would have been happy enough to be teaching you mathematics, but being able to help you with something so personal and intimate like that was great for me. And if you really enjoyed it with a scarecrow like me, just imagine how it got my rocks off doing fellatio and cunnilingus with a beautiful doll like you."

Paddy squeezed my hand. "That's something I wanted to ask you about. Do you mind talking about it?"

"Honey, if I can't be doing it, talking about it is a good substitute."

"Do you really like it as much as that? You weren't just letting me do it to be nice to me? The girls at the office said it's not nice, and only the wrong sort of people want to do it. They say you have to be a pervert to want to do it."

I swear I wasn't making a play for her, I just wanted so much at that moment to make her feel good about herself. I put my arms round her and looked close into her eyes. "No darling, I wasn't just being nice to you. It was wonderful for me. Now tell me honestly, did you really enjoy it, too, sucking my prick and having me suck your pussy?"

She wouldn't meet my eyes. "I couldn't help myself. Seeing what I was able to do to make your lovely prick grow so big made me want it for myself, I just had to suck it and love it. It was such an intimate thing it was making me all squirly inside."

This conversation was well on the way to making me feel all squirly inside. I could feel it must be getting quite obvious. And I could see Paddy was staring down at the bulge in my jeans. Staring hard.

"That's the wonderful thing about sex," I said, and felt ashamed of myself for being such a phoney psychologist. "If it was nice for you, and it was nice for me, and it wasn't doing harm to us or anyone else, then it was no more perverted than fucking. And none of us would be here without fucking."

"People say a girl shouldn't---do it---until she's married."

That was the big one. "I 'm not the one to advise you there," I said. "People have different opinions about that. It rather depends on what your family and close friends think about. It's difficult swimming against the tide."

"I don't know what I really thought before I came here tonight." Paddy looked away and stopped. Then, in a rush, "I only know now that when I think about last week I get that same feeling inside me again.. I want to experience all the sexy things there are to experience. I want to do everything there is to do. I want to be really awful. And I want to show off and tell you all about it. Right now I want desperately to play with myself. I would be playing with myself if you weren't with me. Does that make me a pervert?"

"No darling, it doesn't. It means you're responding quite naturally to foreplay. Foreplay is all the things lovers do to excite each other so they both can't wait to fuck."

"Are we lovers? Because I'm going say it, I can't wait to fuck. I've never done it, and last week I would have been horrified at the thought. Would fucking give me an orgasm like you gave me sucking my pussy? Now I'm being terrible, I'm saying all the things I've been thinking. But I'm all squirly inside again. I want so badly to touch myself. To masturbate." She stopped again. Then she whispered in my ear. "Would you think I was terrible if I told you I want you to play with me? I want you to masturbate me. I want you to make me have an orgasm. I want you to watch me. Would you take your clothes off for me? I long to see you just like you were last week. Naked. That's another dirty word, and I love it.. I can see you've got an erection. It's showing in your pants. I'm sorry, dear, does that embarrass you? Would you undress and let me see it? I want to play with it" She drew a deep breath. "I want to masturbate your prick and make you ejaculate .again. It was so exciting last time."

Paddy was squirming in my arms, her hand thrust up her dress. I held her closer, and found my hand on one of her breasts. I just couldn't help myself, my hand fondled it, feeling the protruding nipple hard under my palm. Undress for her? At that moment I would do anything for her. "Are we lovers?" she'd asked. She wanted me to masturbate her. To fuck her. Was there any other word but lovers?

But at that moment I didn't want to fuck her. I just wanted to hold her close and kiss her and kiss her again and tell her I loved her so much that nothing mattered but making her happy.

Then my conscience told me I mustn't risk making this girl fall in love with me just because she was horny. She was sex crazy at the moment, and I was supposed to be helping her, not seducing her affections. What I should do was tell her this was no way to behave with a man she hardly knew,

But I didn't. Instead I struggled to keep the lust out of my voice and told her, "Stand up, darling, and I'll undress for you. And you undress for me and we'll both be naked. Stark naked. Will that be nice?

Paddy sprang up. "Oh Patrick, you don't mind? Tell me you really want to fuck me. You're not just pleasing me?" She was already unzipping her dress, and as it came down I realized just how much this evening had been a set-up. She was wearing no brassiere. Her breasts were bare, the nipples more tumescent than they had been the week before. And she was wearing no panties. Her cunt was bare. Her whole body had been naked under her dress, and as she stepped out of it there was no sign of shyness. She stood up straight and proud, deliberately displaying her body to me, her breasts thrust out, her labia open and glistening with juice from her hungry cunt.

No, I didn't mind at all. It took me a little longer to strip before I was able to join her, standing naked belly to naked belly with our arms holding each other close. I was almost past caring whether this was the way to behave with an inexperience girl who trusted me, but then I realized how fast she was losing that inexperience.

With all the intimacy we had shared, we had not yet kissed each other. Paddy's face was radiant, beautiful, her mouth slightly open in a smile. I pressed my mouth to hers, taking advantage of her parted lips to slip my tongue inside and taste the excitement of imminent orgasm. Her tongue did not respond immediately. Perhaps she was as inexperienced at kissing as she was with everything else that was sexual. And this was not just a friendly kiss, it was indeed a sexual kiss. I wondered if it wasn't in fact becoming a loving kiss on my part. And then her mouth opened, learning how to respond to mine. Our tongues pressed and fondled each other like two copulating snakes. Paddy reached into my mouth with an urgency that matched the pressure of her whole body against mine, and our hands explored each other's nakedness as if there was no more time. At length she struggled out of my arms and knelt in front of me. "I want to look at your magnificent prick. I want to hold it. I want to eat it. I want to own it. I want to make it perform for me. I want to masturbate it and make it cum and ejaculate for me." She took my swollen knob into her mouth and caressed it with her tongue and sucked it as she would a lollipop.

She stopped and looked up to my face. "Am I doing it right? Is this what you want? Which is the best part to play with?"

"Honey it's just great," I said. "I guess it feels like what your cunt feels like when you masturbate. When you rub my knob with your tongue the skin is so sensitive it's just excruciating. It's so intensely exciting I can hardly bear it. The vee place underneath is the sensitive part that gets me worked up, and if I didn't have an erection already squeezing my whole prick right there would get me going. And then squeezing all the way down my prick stretches the skin everywhere and takes me all the way. It's just like what the inside of your cunt would do to it."

"Oh Patrick that sounds lovely." Paddy let go of my prick and stood up to put her arms round me and press her breasts to my chest once again. "That's so wonderfully intimate. You're being so sweet to me and teaching me such lovely things, The trouble is the more intimate we get the more intimate things I want to experience. I want to explore your prick, and explore every part of your body, and make you feel as squirly inside as I do. I'm desperate to have an orgasm, but I want to make you have one too. If you fuck me can we both cum at the same time?"

I doubted it. I felt as if was going to cum at any moment. And all that talk of exploring was reminding me of the exploring of Paddy's body that lay ahead for me. "I think we can, darling," I said. "Lie down and let's try it."

Paddy was the most enthusiastic pupil I could have wished for. She let go of me and was stretched out on the bed almost as I spoke. "How do you want me?" she asked, holding her arms provocatively open to me. I realized that this was the first time I had been able to look properly at Paddy's body, at every part of her extended invitingly for me to love. The last time I had been underneath her, my view limited to the extent of her genitalia. The scenery had been delightful and intensely intimate, but not all embracing.

"I want you any way you are," I said, "especially naked like this and begging to be fucked. But first I have to ask you, are you a virgin?"

Hardly tactful, but I needed to know whether I should be hurting her. Paddy looked at me archly. "That's not the sort of question a gentleman should be asking a lady," she reprimanded me. "But I know what you mean. I've never done this before, but I've done a lot of horse-riding and my hymen broke a few years ago. And Marge made me go on the pill. Will that make it alright?" I began to feel that I was being manipulated. Who was it being educated, I wondered.

I stretched out over Paddy's nakedness, taking my weight on my elbows, and put my mouth to hers. Her mouth opened hungrily. It was as if in her eagerness she wanted to take me inside her, to consume me. And I would have been happy to be consumed. In a moment my prick had found the wet opening between her cunt lips, even though her thighs were demurely together. My knob felt the pressure of a virgin vagina, and I hesitated. If I waited any longer I would be ejaculating before I had entered her, but I must at all cost be gentle.

Paddy solved the problem for me. Pushing my face away from hers so that she could talk, she whispered urgently, "Don't stop, Patrick darling. I need you to fuck me. Please darling, I'm ready for you."

Her legs parted and her pelvis rose off the bed to meet me. As I wondered how she knew I needed her to open her thighs I found myself thrusting, opening the restraining walls of her tunnel and sinking deeper inside her belly. Paddy squealed in delight. "Darling Patrick, you're really fucking me. I never dreamed it could be like this, I feel as if you belong inside me. For ever and ever." As my groin locked against hers, I felt a wave of tenderness envelop me. "My darling, I'm feeling the same way. You've taken me as far into your body as it's possible to be. I've become a part of you.. You own me. I'm not just penetrating you, I'm part of your body. Physically and mentally,"

Every muscle in my body seemed to relax. If my bladder had been full I would have voided. Instead it was the semen that had for so long been building up in my testicles that poured out of me, spurting into Paddy's virgin vagina as if it was my whole manhood pouring into her very entrails


And then she was crying, sobbing and crying my name, and I was kissing away the tears while I wallowed in the voluptuous ecstasy of losing my whole body and soul deep inside her.

Her orgasm seemed to last a long time. And when she seemed to be coming down I felt her cunt muscles clenching on me, and she came again, squirming beneath me to feel my prick moving inside her. We lay like that for a long time, not moving, not speaking, till I could keep my weight off her no longer.

My prick slid out of her and I rolled off her and lay beside her, our hands gently exploring each others' bodies. Paddy locked one thigh over me so that I could fondle the wet softness of her vulva, and I slid down in the bed so that my mouth could find her breast. We slept like that, with my mouth fastened to her nipple as if I would never let her go,

I never did let Paddy go!!!

-The end-

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