tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEducating Yelena Ch. 03

Educating Yelena Ch. 03


Women come in all shapes and sizes. Derek had never before encountered someone like Yelena. She was from a very different culture for a start. She didn't have any of the hang-ups of English women he had dated. Of course she was stunning, and men openly stared at her and desired her. She quietly enjoyed the adulation but never courted it. In some ways she was very open and honest, yet there were hidden depths he could only guess at.

Yelena had come to live with Derek on a visitor's visa. Both of them were very clear that she would never again return to live in the Ukraine. They needed now to regularise her status.

Their relationship had blossomed so unexpectedly quickly after that first meeting in Kiev (unexpected to Derek, at least) that neither had planned how it would develop. It came as a shock to discover that they couldn't apply for a permanent fiancé visa for Yelena in England. She would have to return to Kiev and apply from there. Irrational fears developed: what if the British Embassy refused their application? Would they renew Yelena's visitor visa if her fiancé visa application failed? How could she ever go back to her former life again, away from her lover and his beautiful English home?

They resolved to make a three day whistle-stop-trip back to Kiev. The visa appointment was booked for the third day, which left little enough time to make the rounds of Yelena's friends and family.

Kiev was typically warm for mid-summer and they were glad of the air-conditioned 'refurbished' room in their hotel near the Olympic stadium. That first evening they played host to a dozen friends and family at the hotel's outside restaurant. As the beer and vodka flowed freely, the volume of their chatter and laughter increased. When their guests had departed, Yelena asked for a brandy. Derek knew well the effect brandy had on her mood and libido and was pleased -- but worried that he might have perhaps drunk too much. Brewer's Droop now would be a pity, with Yelena in this vivacious, sexy mood.

"I don't want to go to bed yet," she announced, "let us go to nightclub."

This wasn't Derek's scene but he agreed provided they didn't go too far from the hotel.

Yelena changed into an outfit Derek hadn't seen before. It was another clinging minidress, this time in shimmering silver. "It was meant for yours eyes only, but tonight I feel sexy," she said. With her long, brown legs and silver stiletto heels, anyone would have found her sexy.

A neon sign announced the presence of a club in a nearby hotel: just far enough for Yelena to negotiate the distance in those heels. From the foyer they could hear the muted music wafting up the stairs from the basement, and paid the entrance fee to a hard-faced country woman sitting innocuously at a desk, looking for all the world like a government official. Neither knew what to expect from this club.

The club was small with a curve- fronted bar in one corner and a small circular stage with a pole against the far wall, at that moment deserted. Small tables surrounded the stage, many of them occupied by men in black suits and equally black shirts, incongruously wearing dark shades, under-dressed tarts sitting beside them mostly looking bored. The clothes, and a tart were the identifying uniform of local mafia types. A few other men sat alone nursing drinks, being attended to by minimally-dressed hostesses. A haze of smoke hung in the air, giving the room a sleazy air.

A matronly Madame approached them and ran her eyes up and down Yelena's figure before raising a quizzical eyebrow at Derek. "Table for two," he ordered as assertively as he could muster, realising all too late that this was not a disco venue.

Yelena cast her eyes around the room and surveyed the 'competition'. She would not want to be mistaken for a hostess. Derek wondered how she would react.

Before she could speak, a man in white collar and bow tie approached, bearing a small round table which he placed in a convenient space just in front of the stage. Derek wasn't in black shirt uniform so wondered what type of person this proprietor assumed him to be. When the man turned his attention to Yelena, Derek knew it was her appearance which promoted him up the rankings. A beautiful woman was good currency in this establishment. The man assumed this one must be very expensive to maintain.

Yelena had cottoned on and decided to play up to her role. She ordered Derek, in imperious Russian, to buy her a French brandy. Brandy was of course the only word he recognised.

As they seated themselves a hostess approached and took their order. The music changed tempo, the lights dimmed and spotlights lit up the stage. A leggy blonde made up as Marlene Dietrich in a long slinky cream satin dress appeared from the gloom dragging a round backed cane chair behind her onto the stage, and began to dance around the chair. The music was a slow piece on an accordion and she stroked her breasts beneath the satin material as she moved to the music.

She descended from the stage after a few minutes and draped herself around one of the solitary drinkers. She buried his nose in her bosom then turned to sit on his lap, grinding her bottom into his crotch. She stood up, turned her back to him and gestured for him to pull down the zip of her dress. The dress slipped from her shoulders, clung momentarily to her hips, before falling to the floor. She had a slim, shapely figure and now revealed a white basque with suspenders, white stockings, and thong. The sexual tension in the club increased as she straddled the man and rubbed her thronged pussy area against hi crotch, no doubt to check his erection, and prepare him to welcome the attentions of an approaching hostess. This seemed a well-worked routine.

Derek found himself torn between watching the dancer and Yelena.

Yelena's eyes were shining with pleasure. She turned her eyes to him. "Vot gorgeous body."

The dancer returned to the stage to dance some more and show off her curves, undo her suspenders then begin to unhook her basque. She turned round slowly to show the whole audience her naked back, then shrugged off the basque. For a moment she covered her breasts with her arms and surveyed the room, then left the stage.

The room lights came up and Derek was disappointed at the unfulfilling floor show. But the music continued. Then the lights dimmed again, the woman re-appeared with a long white feather boa draped around her neck and concealing her breasts. She mounted the stage again, made a few languorous circumferences of the chair then sat down. Slowly, elegantly, she raised one leg vertically, reached up with both hands to her ankles, and stroked her way down her the back of stockinged calf towards her thigh. She was supple.

She kept the leg upright with one hand and with her other hand caressed the exposed flesh of her upper thigh. The thong was stretched taut and no more now than a string. Her vaginal lips protruded either side of the thong. Her hand moved across the exposed under side of her bottom until her fingers encountered her pussy lips. For a moment or two she played with them with an expression of heightened arousal on her face. Then she let the leg drop slowly to rest cross her other leg. Slowly she removed the stocking, rolling it down her leg to her toes. She uncrossed her legs and stretched them wide to display the area between her legs for a few seconds , barely concealed by the stringy thong strap. Then she turned her attention to the other leg. The second stocking removed, she stood up. Now she wore only the white thong and the white boa, still draped down covering her breasts.

A hostess brought further drinks to Derek's table unbidden. Yelena had already downed two cognacs, and it was having its usual liberating effects on her libido and self-restraint.

The stripper turned her back to the audience and lifted the boa high above her head to show her slim almost naked physique from the rear. As she gyrated her hips, and shifted her shoulders, the sides of her large breasts flopped gently beyond the sides of back; a very sexy sight to Derek. Then as she turned to face the audience she once again draped the boa back in place on her front to conceal her breasts. Her timing was good, for maximum teasing effect.

For a moment she strutted around the small stage to the beat of the music then she turned to face the audience, shrugging one end of the boa off her shoulder to expose a large breast and erect nipple. She stroked the nipple as she surveyed the audience. Derek and Yelena caught her eye and she headed towards them, leaving one end of the boa in a trail on the floor as she advanced, the remaining end rising up her body. As she reached Derek, the boa fell off her shoulder and she caught it in her hand. Now both her breasts were exposed. Pulling the boa back to her she draped it around his neck and pulled his face in to her breasts as she straddled his lap. Her breasts felt large, soft, warm and sweaty against his skin as she brought forward her shoulders to wrap her tits around his cheeks. She moved her barely concealed crotch back and forth against his trouser so that his penis strained against the fabric, yearning to escape and bury itself deep inside this erotic creature. He wasn't used to this sort of entertainment and didn't know how to react. But he was thoroughly turned on.

Then Derek's normal reserve kicked in and he pulled back his head away from her breasts. The woman leant back and studied his expression, then gave a mocking smile and de-mounted him. She pulled the boa back in place over her breasts and went to move away, then stopped and turned back. After a momentary glance back at him, she turned to Yelena. Their eyes met and whatever communication passed between them prompted the woman to advance on Yelena and straddle her lap instead, looking all the time mockingly at Derek.

As the music continued its sensuous accompaniment the woman offered up her left nipple close to Yelena's face. Yelena's lips parted and the woman pushed the nipple between them. Yelena looked up into the stripper's eyes and took the proffered nipple into her mouth, sucking it in further to massage it with her tongue. Both women gazed deep into the others eyes. The stripper thrust her crotch hard against Yelena's lap and leant back so that her nipple was stretched taut in Yelena's mouth. Yelena released her grip on it and it came free, bouncing and quivering for a moment as the woman pulled away. Then she offered her other nipple to Yelena's mouth and again Yelena took it in and sucked on it.

Derek could not hide his astonishment. Yelena had scoffed at any suggestion in their short time together of making it with another woman. Yet here she was, playing a willing part in this erotic game.

The music was now playing a classic tango and the woman stood up and draped the boa around Yelena's neck, tugging gently to suggest that she stand. Yelena allowed herself to be pulled along as the stripper slowly stepped backwards towards the stage in time to the tango beat. The woman stepped onto the stage and gently jerked on the boa some more to get Yelena to follow. There were encouraging murmurs from around the room now and a smattering of applause.

Yelena hesitated, then turned back towards their table. The woman let the boa unravel around Yelena's retreating neck and stood looking regretfully. All but one in the room assumed that the stripper's gambit had failed. The exception was Yelena who was enjoying the game with this sexy stripper and remained caught up in the eroticism of the moment. She sought only 'Dutch courage' in the third glass of brandy on the table to continue to play along. With one swig she swallowed it then turned to head back to the stage, and in tune with the tango beat advanced and mounted it to face the woman again. There were loud cheers from the gloom now and some whistles.

Derek didn't know how to react to this development. It was totally unexpected. Yet he began to get as excited as the rest of the audience at the reaction Yelena was provoking. For her part Yelena was turned on by this unique situation, and ready to surrender herself to the moment. After all, what was the worst that could happen with another woman?

The stripper pulled Yelena against her body and they briefly smooched to the tango rhythm. It was a strangely exciting sight: the naked dancer but for a stringy thong, embracing the woman in a shiny silver minidress. As they moved apart Yelena involuntarily placed her hands on the dancer's shoulders then dropped them to the woman's breasts which she brushed lightly as her hands fell away.

The woman moved behind Yelena who had her back to the audience. She kissed Yelena gently on the lips then ran her hands down Yelena's sides until she reached the exposed skin of Yelena's lower thighs. Slowly she placed them against the backs of Yelena's thighs.

Yelena was dancing gently to the music, shifting her weight alternately from one hip to the other in time with the tango beat. She put her arms around the woman's neck as if to dance with her. Her senses were dulled by the effects of the brandy and she didn't anticipate what was about to happen. The woman continued the journey of her hands up the backs of Yelena's legs, under the hem of the minidress , and lifting it in the process to expose first Yelena's legs then her bottom, then her back as the dress rose up and off Yelena's shoulders. Yelena was slow to react because of the brandy and realised too late that she was being undressed; but her arms were up on the woman's shoulders so that it was a simple task for the woman to pull the dress down Yelena's outstretched arms and away from her grasp as woman backed away from her.

Yelena stood there no longer moving to the tango beat as she sought to make sense of what was happening. The audience quietened down as they caught sight of her almost naked form from the rear. She was wearing a shiny metallic silver bra and strappy tanga briefs. The tanga was cut high on her waist so that it framed her superb buttocks perfectly. The overall effect of the back view of Yelena in her silver stiletto heels was nothing less than stunning.

Derek was as astonished as these strangers. Yelena had evidently brought this outfit with her on the trip to entertain him in their hotel room. Now she was unexpectedly entertaining this roomful of onlookers in a Ukrainian strip club.

The stripper took charge as Yelena stood confused. She took Yelena's hand and directed her to sit on the chair facing the audience, then began to dance around her, bending down to brush lips then turning to sit gently on her lap so that their thighs touched skin to skin. The woman then moved behind the chair and leant forward over Yelena's head, dropping her breasts onto Yelena's hair and her hands down onto Yelena's bra. She gently massaged Yelena's breasts through the silver fabric for some moments to gauge Yelena's reaction. Getting none, she slipped her hands inside the bra cups and kneaded Yelena's breasts. She removed her hands and whilst she inserted her left hand into Yelena's right bra cup, with her other hand she stroked her way down Yelena's front until she reached the front of the thong. Without pausing the woman pushed down inside the thong to find Yelena's pussy and on making positive contact she began to massage back and forwards. Yelena was coming to her senses but was now again taken by surprise as her body reacted of its own volition to this two pronged sexual stimulation of her right nipple and moist clitoris. Her body pushed upwards and outwards from the chair seat into a limbo position, the backs of her shoulders balanced on the top of the back of the chair. Derek saw the slightly darker shadow on her silver tanga made by her moist vaginal juices.

Then Yelena sank back onto the chair and her breasts began to heave as the woman continued to massage her pussy with urgent fingers. Derek wanted it to stop but then again he was enjoying the scene as well, and the reaction of the audience. It was clear to all the onlookers that Yelena had not consented to this sexual assault, but was complying through a heightened state of arousal.

Yelena was gasping with the onset of an orgasm as the woman came round in front of her and pulled Yelena upright out of the chair to face her. With a hand concealed by Yelena's back to the audience, the woman dropped her right hand down again into the silver tanga to resume her massage of Yelena's now very wet pussy and clitoris. Yelena opened her legs and her torso jerked toward the woman, her bottom pushed outwards to the audience as she reacted to this renewed stimulation. The woman simultaneously found the clasp to Yelena's bra strap with her left hand and opened it with a practised flick of her fingers. She turned Yelena to face the audience and standing behind her, dropped her left hand down inside the tanga once more, using her right hand to pull the bra down Yelana's arms whilst Yelena stood stupefied. The onlookers were now cheering and whistling whilst the tango beat continued to pump up the atmosphere.

Derek had his hand on the crotch of his trousers as he felt juices oozing out of his prick and a warm yearning in his loins. He wanted to stop this stripping of his fiancé but was as fascinated as every one else to see how this performance would conclude.

With a final flourish the woman removed her hand from inside Yelena's tanga and reached for the side straps. As she pulled them down Yelena's legs, Yelena instinctively clasped one hand over her exposed pussy and bent down to grab at the retreating tanga with her other hand, her breasts now exposed. This was the signal for Derek to leap out of his chair and move to Yelena's rescue. Grabbing her dress and bra from the floor as he approached, he reached Yelena and helped her pull up her tanga. Then he took her by the hand and dragged her from the stage as she sought to cover her breasts with her arms.

There was wild cheering all around them as they scuttled towards the door. A burly figure Derek had not noticed before barred their way. After a moment's thought Derek delved into his trouser pocket, pulled out some high denomination Hrivna notes and thrust them into the doorman's hands. They ran up the stairs, across the foyer and out the front door of the hotel into the dark night.

Derek turned to study Yelena to see how she was reacting to the situation now. He found the hem of the silver dress and offered it up to Yelena's head and arms. She was wearing only her tanga and heels.

She turned to face him, panting with shortness of breath, wild-eyed, glaring at him. "Fuck me," she screamed, "fuck me now!"

There was cover from many bushes nearby so he chose a large one several yards distance from the hotel entrance and dragged her behind it. They might be seen from a downstairs window of the hotel but he didn't care.

He gallantly pulled up his shirt over his head and spread it down for Yelena to lie on, then hurriedly unzipped his flies and pulled down his trousers and underpants. As Yelena lay panting, glaring up at him, eyes on fire, he pushed up her legs vertically and yanked her tanga up her legs and off, careful to leave the sliver stilettos on her feet. With her legs still high in the air, he thrust his prick deep inside her oozing pussy and began to pump her frantically without any thought for her satisfaction. She clamped her ankles against his ears, and he felt the rough tips of the stiletto heels scraping the sides of his head.

She immediately began to climax and for the first time since they had met she howled her orgasm at the top of her voice. Their first fuck in the open air. Derek felt himself cumming too as his semen flooded into Yelena's cunt, and with an immense feeling of release he ceased pumping and lay for a moment leaning against Yelena's upright legs, before she dropped them wide and encouraged him to lower his torso belly onto hers. Her shoes fell off and he lay on top of her, groin to groin, his upper body weight supported along the length of his arms and elbows.

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