tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEducating Yelena Ch. 04

Educating Yelena Ch. 04


I'm sorry if some find this story slow to develop, but it is essentially true and I wrote it as I recalled events. Give me your comments, good and bad.


Derek and Yelena had come to Kiev to get her a fiancé visa. Last night in the strip club had been an unexpected bonus. Now they must concentrate on the matter in hand.

The British Embassy was busy and the June morning was already stiflingly hot. Derek and Yelena had travelled on a clanking, rusty, airless tram for 45 minutes, and waited over two hours for Yelena to be interviewed. The formalities done, Yelena was instructed to return mid-afternoon to collect her passport, duly endorsed.

They lazed around the hotel's ornamental pool, wishing they could dive in and cool off, drinking the local cold beer and waiting. The pool was strictly for decoration, though. Yelena could not settle; she wanted to return to England so much and as quickly as possible. She didn't want to remain in Kiev any longer. Her home town held no attraction for her now.

That afternoon, they subjected themselves to another ordeal by tram and were back at the embassy by the appointed time. Yelena was summoned. Some time later she returned to Derek. "Your passport, please."

The horrified look on his face told her that he hadn't got it with him. "I thought they were done with it," he explained. "I left it in the room safe. I didn't want to risk losing it."

They were flying back to the UK early next morning and Yelena just head to be on that 'plane.

The embassy official was sympathetic and told them they had 75 minutes before the embassy closed. Without further ado, Yelena grabbed Derek's hand and yanked him out of the building and broke into a run towards the tram stop. They knew they couldn't get to the hotel and back by public transport in time. She felt her world collapsing around her and was at first distraught. Then, pulling herself together she began to wave down passing taxis. None would stop.

After several minutes that seemed like eternity she stepped into the road in front of an oncoming car and forced it to brake hard. Derek stood bemused as Yelena explained their dilemma to the driver. Miraculously, they were soon in the back of the car and speeding away in the direction of their hotel. She explained that she had offered the driver a lot of money if he could get them there in under 30 minutes. Derek would have to pay him in dollars. The man wouldn't accept Hrivnas, she explained.

The driver was driving as fast as the conditions would allow but after Yelena's hurried exchange with him in Russian, he accelerated hard and began to weave his way recklessly through the traffic. He was in his late forties, scruffy in appearance, but seemingly very anxious to oblige. Derek hoped his mature age was accompanied by good driving skills.

"What did you say to him?" asked Derek.

"I told him I must get visa tonight or not be able to go to England. He understands; everybody wants to leave. I told him you would pay him $100 to get us to hotel and back to embassy in one hour."

It was probably about four miles in busy Kiev afternoon traffic, but this kamikaze driver was seemingly up for it. At first, he merely drove aggressively, overtaking at will and playing chicken with oncoming traffic before pulling back into the traffic stream at the very last second. The car careered around one corner after another, Derek and Yelena thrown about in the back. Derek felt distinctly sick, but Yelena leaned forward in her seat willing this crazy driver to ever more risks. This was not the Yelena Derek had come to know but then again, she was desperate at that moment.

Then they were trapped in slow moving traffic on a one way street. With three lines of vehicles occupying every inch of road, they had nowhere to go except wait. After several minutes of slow crawl the driver veered off to his right down an apparently deserted street. For seconds they sped along on a bumpy potholed surface at break neck speed without hindrance. Derek could see traffic crossing them ahead. Then the reason for the empty street became apparent. The traffic stopped crossing and they were faced with a row of cars waiting for traffic lights to turn green ... to head in their direction.

Their driver had gone the wrong way down another one-way street. Whether this was deliberate or not, they were now faced with a surge of traffic accelerating towards them. In London there would have been angry flashings of headlamps. In this Kiev Street, the traffic merely parted to let this lunatic through, as if it was an everyday occurrence. Then they turned left into the cross traffic and out of immediate danger. "Tell the driver 'thank you' but don't do that again," said Derek.

Yelena obliged and the driver merely chuckled and yabbered away in Russian. Yelena summarised, "He wants you to appreciate his skilful driving."

"Tell him I'm impressed, but I will be even more impressed if we get there in one piece!"

True to his revised instructions the driver kept to the right-way traffic flow but, at the next hold up, he simply drove onto the wide pavement and negotiated the car's way past groups of scattering pedestrians, hooting his horn to alert those who couldn't see them coming. Derek decided Ukrainians must be crazy to accept such mad behaviour.

Soon enough they were at the hotel. Derek retrieved his passport and they set off back to the embassy, this time against the heavy traffic flow. They were back where they started with 20 minutes to spare and Derek paid off a very proud and beaming Ukrainian with his $100 bounty. "That's probably a month's wages," explained Yelena.

"It's almost certainly wiped ten years off my life," countered Derek.


"They flew home to England next day, Yelena the proud bearer of a permanent 'Leave To Remain' sticker in her passport.

She showered thoroughly then told Derek to expect a Far Eastern Delight. He went into the lounge to fix her a Courvoisier.

"Put on 'Kashmir'," she commanded from upstairs.

As Led Zeppelin got into their eastern stride Yelena appeared, dressed in another new outfit. She had on a sheer, see-through, full-length black veil which covered her whole body. It was held in place on her head by a thin black band bedecked with a string of imitation gold coins. The veil was open at the front and halfway down the front edges two wrist bands were attached, also covered by a row of coins. These wrist bands allowed Yelena to open and close the veil at will by her arm movements. Beneath the veil she wore a bikini bra and thong made again almost entirely of gold coins, strung together on thin black bands. They gave the illusion of coverage from a distance but in fact very little of her skin beneath was concealed. Close up Derek could see her nipples poking through the coin bra.

"eBay," she explained. It may have been a cheap outfit but on Yelena it looked fabulous.

After downing the brandy she began to dance in what Derek assumed to be eastern concubine style. She dropped to her knees facing away from him and raised the veil onto her back to show that where the coins stopped on the thong was an open crotch all the way up to her rear waist band. In all their months together, she had never been more seductively dressed. He wished he had his camera to hand but didn't want to miss a second of this performance. She stood again and gyrated to the music, shedding first the coin bra then opening the straps to the side of the thong bottom. She was now naked beneath the sheer veil.

Led Zeppelin were blissfully unaware of this erotic floor show and had moved on to 'In The Light'. Yelena now began to undress Derek. Having stripped him at the sofa she returned to the centre of the floor to perform a dance of the one veil. Her dance moves were improving with frequent practice and she enticed him with glimpses of her voluptuous naked form beneath the veil, until he could wait no longer. Leaping up and grabbing her by her wrists he threw her face down into the sofa cushion, tossed the veil up over her head, entered her from behind and pounded away until they both quickly cried out in ecstasy.

Every bout of lovemaking was a new adventure of discovery. Yelena had excelled this time as a sultry temptress and sent him to new heights of desire and arousal.

He was developing an extensive film library of striptease performances, and with each successive floor show Yelena found ways to be more exciting and explicit. If only he could persuade her to perform for another whilst he watched...


How could one improve on near perfection? Yelena confided her disappointment with her small bust. One operation later her upper body profile was transformed from a 34B to a 36D. Whilst before Derek had thought her slender body beautiful, now she seemed more balanced between her upper and lower body. Months of British cuisine had helped her to fill out her hips but she had kept her hour glass shape and she was transforming into a voluptuous vamp. Builders whistled as she walked past. Yelena loved the attention, yet she would take a lot of persuading to wear a mini skirt or tight trousers in public.

Six months later they were married and in Tenerife for an autumn honey moon. Derek had done his research on the Web and found a nudist beach away from the tourist throng. It was reached by a lengthy stretch of road with countless hairpin bends, cut into the steep side of a hill. The hair-raising driving experience ensured that it remained a secret from casual tourists, and was the preserve mostly of some locals. Yelena was the passenger and had to endure Derek's fast negotiation of blind bends, winding hills and descents with gritted teeth.

The beach, which was not particularly big, and enclosed on three sides by overhanging cliffs, was composed of soft grey volcanic sand. There was a scattering of sunbathers, mostly nut brown and most of them naked. Yelena sat on her towel dressed in a stringy bikini. Derek dropped his trunks and suggested she get undressed too. She declined.

"I can't do that in front of other people," she explained.

"You can't be that embarrassed." said Derek, "After all you've paraded naked in front of me often enough."

"This is different. It's public area."

"What about Kiev, in that night club? You let that woman strip you"

"This is different."

"OK, let's go back. I'm not staying here on a nude beach if you won't get undressed." He guessed she would yield to his ultimatum.

Yelena thought of the scary journey it had taken to get there. The prospect of repeating that hair-raising drive so soon was too much. She stood up, quickly stripped off her bikini top and bottom and ran quickly to the water. Derek followed her naked form with his eyes all the way to the water's edge, then followed. Yelena didn't wait to get accustomed to the coolness of the sea water. She ran in until it reached her thighs, dived in and began to swim. She screamed in sheer delight at the shock of its temperature and the sensation of the water on her naked body.

They frolicked about in the water for ten minutes or so then came out to relax on the beach. Yelena had already forgotten her shyness and she walked up the beach with her normal proud, upright posture without a hint of embarrassment. Derek watched as men threw sidelong glances at her body. Even with her pale skin in this company, Yelena made heads turn.

He took lots of photos of her rolling about in the surf that day, her curves glistening wetly in the water. She posed obligingly, flattered by his attention. This marriage made in heaven suited both voyeur and exhibitionist.

Thereafter, after every swim, Yelena would return to her towel and stand upright, arms in the air or on her hips, allowing the warm breeze to dry her body. Such a blatant display did not go unnoticed by other men around them. Derek wished only that other women would similarly oblige.

"I never want to wear a bikini again," she declared.

Yelena had taken another step towards fulfilling her exhibitionist potential.


For months Derek enjoyed their sex games, Yelena's dressing up and stripteases, her performances for the camera, and her explicit posing for his home movies. Yet gnawing away at him was the desire to see her display herself to other people again.

He found a swingers club in London on the web. When he first broached the subject Yelena was adamant she was not into that sort of thing. "I want only you." She explained. Nevertheless, she reluctantly agreed to go with him one Saturday evening.

Yelena enjoyed showing herself to Derek, but found it sufficiently fulfilling not to need to display herself to anyone else. She saw however how much Derek was turned on by fantasising about other men watching her, and was willing to explore the possibilities just once, but she would promise nothing.

Tonight she had chosen a peasant style dress in a sandy gold lace fabric: more holes than material. Normally she would have worn a flesh covered slip beneath it but she had discarded that this evening. The dress was cut above the knee and full, its hem cut asymmetrically, so that it showed much of her left thigh. Beneath it she wore a flesh-coloured bra and thong set. The bra pushed up her breasts to make a cleavage which made for an interesting sight from the plunging 'V' neckline. The outfit was completed by gold stiletto heels, which made her slightly taller than Derek. He didn't mind though because they made her legs look even longer and more slender. It would be hard to credit her age. She looked twenty years younger.

The club was behind a parade of shops in a suburb. The entrance looked like the entry to a dungeon, and flaming gas torches burned either side of the door high up on the wall. They got there after 10pm but the club was still almost deserted on their arrival. Derek and Yelena had time to look around inside and get acquainted with the surroundings. There was a long bar to one side near the entrance, some changing rooms, a large open wooden floor area with requisite pole in the centre, and at the far end some play rooms. There were no windows and the corners were in shadow. Some coloured lights, a small spotlight and a glitter ball illuminated the centre of the floor around the pole. Lighting around the bar was subdued, just enough to serve by and collect the money for drinks.

Posters indicated that tonight was all-comers night. Other evenings in the week would be for BDSM, fetish, bondage, etc.

The play area consisted of a suite of rooms. One was very dimly lit and housed a narrow oblong cage with vertical bars set fairly wide apart. Next door was a largish square room with padded bench seating all around against the walls. A third, smaller room contained a spot lit double bed, and was decorated with flock wallpaper, mirrors on three sides and an open viewing area to the front. Yelena did not appear to be impressed with the décor. A tart's boudoir, she thought. Derek was apprehensive about whether she would stay.

Yelena was content to go with the flow for a while and see what happened.

As the club filled they introduced themselves to other couples. The drink was flowing and they began to relax. One pair in particular, a middle aged couple named Charles and Vicky, seemed very taken with Yelena. The four of them were the only people sitting in the dance area. Everyone else was either propping up the bar or in the play rooms. Charles chatted to Yelena whilst Vicky engaged with Derek.

Derek sensed after a while that Vicky was tasked to keep him occupied whilst her husband worked his partner. These two were old hands at this game.

After a while, Charles offered to show Yelena the play area and they disappeared into the gloom. Derek didn't like him and was reluctant to let them go off without him. Vicky barred his way with a smile and did her best to keep his attention.

"You're besotted with her," she stated matter-of-factly. Derek agreed. The unspoken question might have been, then why bring her here? He was beginning to ask himself that self-same question.

Vicky described some of the couple's past exploits to Derek for a while, probably hoping to arouse him. Then her hand dropped to his crotch. She brought her shoulders together and leaned in to Derek to show him the view down the front of her dress. She was bra-less. He wasn't interested. He announced politely that he was off to see what Charles and Yelena were up to. They had been gone long enough to get up to mischief, although he was confident Yelena was not interested in Charles either.


Yelena had gone with Charles out of politeness. He guided her to the cage area. The subdued lighting made it hard to see what was going on until their eyes grew accustomed to the ten watt bulb. In the cage were a young black man covered head to foot in a black rubber suit with holes for his eyes and mouth, and a cutaway area at the crotch to expose his prick and his balls. On all fours kneeling with her back to him on a padded bench was a youngish blonde woman with big rounded tits and shapely body. She was naked. The cage was narrow enough all round for anyone outside to reach in and touch the caged participants. People were indeed grasping her breasts as the rubber man pounded her from behind.

Amongst the onlookers were some naked and semi-naked men and women, pressing their bodies up against the bars, or against each other. At one point the blonde reached out with one hand whilst being fucked by the big black prick, to grab a stiff penis poking through the bars and masturbate it.

Then she disengaged from the black cock and went to the bars to suck on some proffered tits before turning her attention to another erect penis thrust optimistically through the bars. As she bent to take it in her mouth her bottom pushed against the bars on the other side and a pair of hands reached through, pulling her buttocks against the bars, and forcing a prick into her from behind. She acquiesced.

The rubber-suited black man approached the bars further down and two men seized a naked woman and forced her bottom up against the bars bent at the waist. The black man fucked her through the bars for several minutes. It was not clear whether or not she had consented to this assault but she cried out with apparent pleasure until another man forced his prick into her mouth. The crowd seemed to know the routine well.

Yelena had no choice but to watch since she was hemmed in by bodies all around her. After a while she felt a hand up her dress, probing her bottom. Simultaneously, unseen hands grasped her dress at her breasts and began to knead them. She shrieked. Charles came to her rescue and pulled her away out of the crowd which immediately pressed in to fill the gap she had vacated.

"You go there at your peril," he explained.

She smiled at him in relief. She was curious but not particularly been enjoying enjoying the spectacle.

He took her smile as a signal that she was OK about it and took her to the next room. Men stood in the middle of the floor in various states of undress stroking their penises in readiness to be summoned by women sitting or kneeling on the benches around the walls. Some women were being serviced by two or three men at the same time. One or two were entertaining other women. It was very orderly and felt clinical to Yelena.

She turned away and found herself facing the spotlit bed. Two young ladies were commencing a show for more onlookers. Charles pushed Yelena to the front. She watched fascinated as they began to undress each other, caress each other's breasts in turn. One was youngish, dark haired and brown skinned, slim, in black underwear. The other was more mature, Amazonian build, dyed blonde hair, large breasts and hips, and wearing only a bra which was pulled down to her waist. The dark woman turned the blonde onto her back and proceeded to suck her clitoris. Something in the scene excited Yelena and she opened her legs and briefly touched her groin without thinking. She immediately felt a hand up her dress against a bottom cheek. She turned and saw that her groper was Charles. She was about to speak when Derek came up on her other side and suggested he get her another drink. They moved away.

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