tagAnalEducation of Chelsea: New Lesson

Education of Chelsea: New Lesson


There had been a lot of changes since the first time I had been with the man that I now called Master. I couldn't even imagine calling him by his first name now; it just didn't seem natural. The most natural things in the world to me now were things that I would have, at one time, turned my nose up and gotten offended at just the mere mention of a man wanting me to do to and for him. There was a day, not too long ago in fact, where I would have told any other man to take that suggestion and shove it up his ass and then see if he could crawl up there alongside it and stay; which brings about the topic of my next story ... something that is a very touchy subject: my virgin ass.

I remember the first time that I had told my Master that my ass was untouched territory. Now that doesn't mean it hasn't been groped or felt up and what-not. I'm talking about penetration, something other than the caress of a finger over that rose-hued puckered hole. You can imagine my Master's hunger for that one part of me that no man had ever had before. Maybe it was part of his ego. Maybe it was his determination to stretch my limits. Maybe it was ... just because he could.

It was one of those nights where we had been curled up on the bed together; Master was stretched out with his head laying against the arm and I was laying on top of him and slightly to the side with my head resting on his chest. The television was on with an old movie that we were half paying attention to. But honestly, all I could really remember was the feeling of his fingers toying in my hair and the completeness I felt laying in his arms.

When he started nibbling on my neck, I couldn't help but giggle and wiggle against him right up until he whispered for me to go get a stick of butter from the refrigerator. I laughed and glanced up at him from where I was laying in his arms, knowing my eyes must have been full of unspoken questions.

"Butter?" I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. But all he did was nod silently and release me

There was a myriad of questions that popped instantly into my mind: Does he eat butter raw? Is he going to rub it all over me and lick it off? I had to admit, that one brought a smile to my lips. But the way he had nodded silently had started the nervous fluttering of butterflies inside of my stomach. I just never knew with him.

But I would never just NOT do what he had told or asked me. I couldn't even fathom it. Instead, I simply drew a blanket around me that had been on the end of the bed and stood. I could feel my eyebrows furrowing some as I simply fetched the butter for him. But I still couldn't help but wonder what in the hell he was going to do with butter, of all things.

I loved him though and it showed in the way that I proffered the butter to him, playfully pressing a kiss to it as I sunk to my knees and offered it up over my head teasingly like all those online Gorean slave girls we see when we go into chat. "One stick of butter, Master," I quipped, casting him a playful wink but then I saw something that suddenly erased the playful mood that I was in ... on the bed, laid out on a towel, was a string of five beads that ranged from a small half inch vaginal bead to a large one and a half inch bead at the end of the string.

'Oh shit' ... the unvoiced comment reverberated in my head as I felt my whole body stiffen and it suddenly dawned on me just what he had in mind. Snapping my gaze back to him, I couldn't help but slink further down in my kneel.

Master simply pointed to the bed and uttered his will in a soft but unyielding voice, "Lay on the bed, Chelsea ... on your back. Tuck the pillow under your head and place the butter above it."

I just blinked at him for a moment, feeling the fear suddenly grip hold of me. 'Please not this ... anything but this' is what I wanted to scream at him and then throw myself at his feet, begging for mercy. I felt my eyes glance reflexively back to the bed and to the beads before looking again at Master piteously. His face was unchanging and I knew that there would be no changing his mind.

Crawling to the edge of the bed, I could feel my eyes welling up with unshed tears. I was scared. I couldn't help it. I just was. But as I lifted up to crawl onto the bed nervously, I knew that nothing short of absolute obedience was expected of me. I tried to find comfort in the fact that I knew Master would ever hurt me even as my teeth worried my lower lip. It was a nervous habit of mine.

I watched him move onto the bed down by my feet. The soft whimper that escaped my lips as he slid two straps over my dainty feet was reflexive. I was nervous and as he moved them up over my legs slowly, I trembled in response. "Relax," he said and I tried to smile at him bravely. By the chuckle that followed, I knew he saw right through my false bravado.

His hands were sure and steady and worked somewhat in soothing my nervous state as I felt the small butterfly vibrator come to rest on my clit. I tried to take a few deep breaths to calm my racing heart as he strapped it around my hips, keeping it firmly in place.

And then he winked at me ... that sly, playful wink that he always gave me right before he introduced me to something new. I figured he turned the vibrator on just to distract me as his gaze locked with mine. "Time for a brand new lesson, pet," he said and I almost fainted with the fear of it.

I wanted to cry as my eyes closed but I was determined to do as we had talked about so many times before; to try it. He always said that there was no way that I would know if I liked something or not if I had never done it so I knew he wouldn't accept any excuse; especially when it was so apparent that he was determined that this was going to happen tonight. But all I did was nod, swallowing the lump in my throat before I found my voice to softly replay in a cracked whisper, "yes Master." But even as the words left my lips, I felt somewhat sick as my teeth sunk into my lower lip to keep from crying.

It was then that I felt his hands sliding up my body as he moved to kiss me. I was trembling almost violently beneath him as the vibrator buzzed on my rapidly engorged clit. But it was starting to get to the point that I couldn't really tell what was affecting me more ...the vibrator or the feel of him against me.

My lips parted beneath him once again, hungry for his kiss as his hand slid down between my shifting thighs to turn the vibrator up. "Oh god ..." He was going to drive me crazy with need. I gasped as I realized what he was trying to do; butter me up, quite literally, to ready me for the beads that he was going to use on my virgin ass.

I could feel the buzzing insect flutter on my swollen clit and I shifted beneath him as his middle finger dipping into my well-used sex. A wanton whimper escaped my lips as I arched up into his touch. No matter what, he could get me beyond care with just a simple touch and right now I needed to just get lost in that.

As our kiss deepened, I could feel his finger slide deeper up inside of me and the shift of his other hand as it turned the control on the butterfly to high. My body reflexively shuddered beneath him and felt like it was on fire as he ignited the wanton being in me to a raging inferno. The buzzing on my clit coupled with his thrusting finger and then his tongue sliding into my mouth time and again was starting to send me into a lustful frenzy, my body arching against him as I moaned deep into his mouth.

When he pulled back just enough to speak, I whimpered, pulling him closer. 'Please don't leave me,' were my thoughts even as he gave me permission to cum when I needed to and then my fears melted away again as his mouth claimed mine once more. His finger was stroking that ever-elusive g-spot while his thumb was pressing the vibrator more firmly against my swollen clit, causing me to cry out into the recesses of his mouth.

That did it! I jerked beneath him, the multiple sensations coupled with the erotic knowledge that he had claimed me as his personal slut sent me right over the edge once again! Spasmming hard beneath him, my hands clung to him as long nails dug into his hips, just trying to hold on as my body simply responded.

I was gasping for breath as he pulled back enough to give me a chance to breathe. My eyes were wide and filled with a lustful passion that only he could bring out in me. I eagerly pulled him back for more, my lips parting naturally beneath his as his mouth claimed mine slower this time, lingering and giving me a chance to just explore with my tongue as his fingers continued to stroke up inside of sensually.

Moaning deeply into his mouth, my tongue tried to keep up with his as my hips arched up wantonly into his fingers. My whole being was desperate for all that only he could give me. Gasping, my body stiffened beneath him as his thumb pressed firmly against the butterfly vibrator, pushing it harder against my swollen petals and I shuddered as the contraption fluttered deeper, another rippling orgasm gripping me. My cries were erotically muffled by his lips as he sucked hard on my tongue causing my nails to score his lower back and hip as my body quaked in a second wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Oh God! This was heaven ... I had crossed over into an orgasmic pleasure world that existed for only the two of us. At least, that's how it felt ...

Just when I thought I couldn't take much more, Master suddenly stood and watched me a few moments as I whimpered softly, reaching out to him only to see him shake his head in reply. With a soft cry of frustration, my hands reluctantly fell away from his body to clench at the bed sheets beneath me.

Gazing up at him with lust-filled eyes, my hair was like a golden hued halo of fire around my body that seemed to tremble non-stop beneath his gaze. I watched him stand up, our eyes locking for a long moment before he commanded me to roll over.

The tenderness I felt for him was, no doubt, reflected in my blue eyes as, with a soft moan, I rolled over onto my stomach to reveal the smoothness of my back. I could feel my hair fall to one side and over my arm as the curve of my heart-shaped ass reflexively pushed up some as the vibrator continued to buzz below and I had to bite back the urge to moan his name.

But I would never speak his name again ... now I saw him for what he was; my Master.

"Raise your hips, Chelsea." I obeyed without even thinking, lifting my hips as straight white teeth sunk into my lower lip out of the sudden remembrance of the butter over my head. I could feel my nervousness returning slowly, but surely.

His commands came softly but firmly and I obeyed even as I fought the urge to cry. I couldn't help the nervous tears that stung at my eyes as I put my face into the pillow and raised my ass higher, shifting reflexively at his demands. I tried to remember to simply breathe as a shiver ran down my spine.

The prickly fingers of apprehension continued to slide over me but even so, I trusted him completely. Even when he commanded me to open my own ass for his amusement, I still trusted him. I had to turn my face some so that I could draw in deep breaths to try and calm my nerves.

Still, a single low word spilled softly from my lips, "Master ..." The word was hesitant because I wanted to beg him not to do I could hear the lust in my voice, knowing that there was that part of me that wanted to experience this with him.

I felt him move behind me then and my mouth dropped open in utter lust as I felt the warmth of his breath as he blew hot air over my aching cunt and then over the crack of my ass to the base of my spine. I shuddered in response as a moan lifted from my lips, my ass wiggling some as silken thighs seemed to part more.

I'm sure it was apparent that I desperately needed relief as the constant buzzing on my aching clit and the position I was holding before him was starting to drive me mad with desire. But then it came ... the command that I had been secretly hoping he would change his mind about. "Unwrap the butter."

I could feel the puckered hole clench just at the thought of what he had in mind as I turned my head just enough to lock gazes with him for a moment. There was no changing his mind; I could see it in his eyes. My own closed momentarily as I swallowed past the cry for mercy that burned in my throat.

Turning to look at the stick of softening butter, I slowly reached out with slightly trembling hands to unwrap it for him. I gasped and nearly dropped the butter as he suddenly pressed his tongue to my cunt just below the vibrator and suckled softly along the slit. My ass naturally pressed back as if to beg him to put an end to this exquisite torture as my fingers dug into the butter with a soft cry of need.

"Don't you mangle that butter," he warned.

Oh God ... I could only hope that it wasn't mangled already. My fingers fumbled some but finally I was able to do his bidding, gritting my teeth as I shakily handed the butter back to him. My other hand clenched into the sheets as my body spasmmed against his mouth.

He took the butter, freeing my hand to claw into the sheets as well, unable to stay still as his next command came; "Hold your ass open," he said firmly, mercilessly.

Whimpering softly, I could taste the slight movement of fear take hold as my eyes closed tightly shut. Trembling hands moved back once more to the soft cheeks of my ass, pulling them apart slowly as I trembled uncontrollably before him.

"Relax, Mine."

And I tried ... oh, I tried. But the moment he pressed the blunt, hard end of the butter against my anus, I couldn't control the instantaneous clenching of my ass as my eyes squeezed shut even more. I was afraid and apprehensive about this new experience and he knew it but I knew that there was no turning back.

I could feel his free hand on my spine, stroking it softly and slowly, slowly I finally started to relax some, a soft mew expelled from my lips at his next words; "Good girl." His words were like an aphrodisiac to my soul. He planted a soft kiss to the base of my spine as his fingers stroked up to my shoulders and then back down again.

Concentrating on the sound of his voice, I turned my cheek to the pillow as I tried to relax even more. The kisses were definitely helping so I concentrated on making sure that my fingers continued to hold my ass cheeks apart for him.

He pressed the cold, blunt, flat end of the butter firmly against my quivering hole. I was amazed that a little stick of butter like that could instill any amount of pain, but it could. He stroked my spine but still held the mercilessly pressure against the small, puckered rosebud.

I cried out some in surprise at the sudden prick of pain that seemed to spread through my sphincter muscles as they clenched in an attempt to expel the hardened stick. Gasping for the breath that seemed to be suddenly snatched from my lungs, a lone tear slipped down my flushed cheek.

As he pressed the stick of butter against me, the whole process seemed to steal away my sense of time ... like the stick was being held there for hours. But in reality, the butter was softening quickly so it was only a minute ... maybe two at the most before it began to slip past the ring and inside of my virgin ass.

"Oh God ..." This was it. He was actually doing it.

I moaned through the cry of surprise that almost made me come up off the bed. Digging my nail into my own ass cheeks, I tried to grasp onto something to keep me from breaking position. A feeling of fullness that I had never experienced before began to send a shudder down my spine. Couple that with the buzzing on my clit and I was beginning to writhe before him on the bed uncontrollably.

He pressed the stick deeper into my ass until he suddenly shifted and pulled it back to show it to me, clucking his tongue playfully in mock disappointment. Regardless of how it had felt, like he had been pressing his arm into me, the stick had only made it an inch or so.

God, how embarrassing; I must come across as some kind of wimpy wannabe slut!

Interestingly enough, the top of the butter had melted some and it now looked much more like a cock head than anything else.

"You want it up your ass deeper, don't you?"

Gasping, I dared a look back at his face, the blush in my cheeks almost matching the color of my hair. Honestly, I was somewhat ashamed to admit that it was turning me on far more than I had thought it would. I tried chalking it up to the fact that it was HIM that was the one to finally take that part of me that was still in tact ...

All I could do was nod with a soft whimper in response.

He pressed the stick against my asshole once again and this time it slipped in almost easily. Sure, it still hurt, but he pressed it harder against me all the same, slowly beginning to move it in and out of to butt fuck her with the butter.

My eyes clamped shut, willing myself to relax as a soft groan erupted from my lips. The buzzing on my clit was starting to get the best of me as I trembled beneath his ministrations. Long lacquered nails dug into my own flesh to keep from letting it go as my whimpers slowly turned into moans.

"Play with your pussy."

Moaning, one hand moved quickly from my ass to slide between my quivering body and the bed, immediately burying the slender digits into my quivering cunt, pushing deep to elicit a deep guttural groan.

He kissed the back of my neck hotly, pressing the stick deep into my ass this time all the way. I could feel it stretching me as he bit down softly to add to the sensations that were driving me towards my first orgasm.

I cried out and panted for breath as the orgasm suddenly ripped through my entire being, more intense than the ones before as he continued to press against me. My fingers went rigid deep inside as hot nectar began to flood over them and down my palm.

Master just smiled as he watched. I felt so incredibly sexy, oddly even more so as my ass clenched down over what was left of the stick of butter. "Hand me the beads, Chelsea. You didn't forget about them, did you?" he teased.

I gasped at his words and my breathing came in more rapidly. Glancing back at him momentarily, I could feel the fear well up in me one more time. But I had gotten this far ... I could do this; couldn't I?

"No ... I - I didn't forget," I croaked softly. I could feel my nectar coated fingers slowly begin to pull out of my spasmming cunt to reach for the beads, a soft whimper escaping as I slowly handed them back to him.

As he took the beads from me, I could feel the butter beginning to drip out of my ass. I moaned softly as he kissed his way up my spine to my neck before kissing me firmly on the lips. My tongue darted out against his for a moment as I felt myself get lost again in the sensations that only he could bring out in me.

"You're still going to be a big girl about this, aren't you?" he asked. "I'm going to take your ass again."

I could only nod in response, swallowing past the nervous lump that was suddenly in my throat. I knew that what he was really building up to was taking my ass eventually himself.

He carefully rolled me over onto my back and kissed his way along my body in a lazy fashion down to my rock-hard nipples. I moaned, my hands moving deftly to his hair, pressing him closer as his lips traversed over my flesh. As he lingered there for a time to lick and nibble, I knew that it didn't take much for him to get me more than excited enough.

"Stand up," he said, pulling back just as I started to respond to him nestling between my legs to tease at my swollen lips.

Hearing his words, I slowly rose from the bed with a whimper of desperation until I was standing on trembling legs before him. My hair cascaded down over my shoulders like a curtain of satin as I watched him stand from the bed for a moment and then, in a surprising movement, moved to kneel in front of me.

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