tagBDSMEducation of chelsea: The Bath

Education of chelsea: The Bath


"Draw me a bath."

I glanced up at him from where I was nestled between his thighs, long dancer's legs folded beneath the curve of my ass as my right cheek lay pressed to the inside of his leg. His words had snapped me out of my euphoric dream-like state that I always had at just being near him, pressed up against his body as he sat on the couch watching a few of his favorite shows.

In the moment that our eyes met I could see the promise of things to come coupled with those simple four words and I could feel the uplift of a sultry smile flirting with the curve of my lips. "Yes Master," I replied softly, pressing a kiss to the inside of his thigh.

I lifted up between his legs and I could feel his gaze watching my every move. I didn't have to look to know exactly how he was looking at me. He enjoyed watching his property move and just knowing it brought out the sultriness in which I moved ... fluidity in every motion: in the roll of my hips, the subtle brush of my fingers over the curve of my hip ... even in the simple movement of my hair back over my shoulder as I cast him a wanton look before moving away to do his bidding.

The sound of water filling the tub was soothing even as I felt my nerves building. There really was no reason to be nervous but I always got like this just out of my own desire to be pleasing to him. Kneeling beside the swirling waters in nothing but slave silk that rode dangerously high on the tops of my thighs and the simple steel collar locked around my throat, I waited and continually checked the temperature as the curling mist of perfumed water enfolded me in its comforting embrace.

I sensed him approach before I actually heard him enter the bathroom and glanced up from my place near the faucets, reaching to turn off the water simultaneously with his entrance, a soft beguiling smile lifted up towards him. He looked exhausted ... stressed and I knew tonight would do him some much needed good. He approached and even though a part of me knew that I should wait for his command, another part of me knew he just needed me to do what I had been trained to do: take care of him.

I was at his feet in an instant, gently lifting one foot and the then the other to remove his socks and shoes as he balanced himself by placing a strong hand on my head, his fingers reflexively toying with the long strands of honeyed auburn that he loved so much. Setting aside his shoes, I bent low to press a soft kiss to the top of each foot before lifting up on knees as my fingers quickly worked with the buttons on his jeans, glancing up at him with a sultry wanton smile as I began to work his jeans down over his hips, taking his boxers with it.

I couldn't control the soft purr that rumbled from my lips as his cock sprang into view. It wasn't hardened to his full length but it was beginning to grow as I gazed at it for a long moment, my thoughts interrupted at his soft laugh and the feel of his fingers tightening in my hair. "Not yet, love," he teased and I grinned at him as I felt him pull me to stand, my fingers pulling at the edge of his t-shirt, lifting it up and over his head to toss aside.

He was beautiful ... in a handsome, rugged way and I couldn't help but let my gaze linger momentarily on him before stepping aside to give him room to get into the deep water of his heated bath. As he sunk down into the depths of the water, I sank down to my knees, a soft smile lifting on moist lips as I heard his appreciative moan at the soothing heat of the water as it enveloped his tired form. Reflexively I reached for the sponge, stretching some over him and I gasped softly as I felt his fingers tug on an extended nipple that was inadvertently presented to him. My fingers squeezed the sponge momentarily as a soft moan lifted from my lips and I heard his husky voice murmur, "You're such a sexy slut."

I cast him a sultry gaze as he released my nipple and sank back in the tub, my nonverbal cue to take care of him. Dipping my hand into the hot water, I filled the sponge wordlessly and began to squeeze out the water over his shoulders and chest. At times like this we didn't need any words ... just our actions alone spoke volumes that were clear between us both. I loved taking care of him and he knew it. It made me feel needed by him ... something I wanted more than anything. I needed him to NEED me and little things like this made me feel like I was right where I belonged.

I watched him as he relaxed, his eyes closing as my gaze lingered on his face ... something I loved to do. A lot of Masters had this thing about girls not being able to look in their face, always keeping their gaze lowered. I had heard over and over that it was a "respect thing". But to me the eyes are the window to the soul and I connected with my Master simply by locking gazes with him. I couldn't hide anything in that moment from him and in return, I could see exactly what it was that he desired of me without even a spoken word. Thankfully Master had never denied me the opportunity to show him everything inside of me with that one simple gesture. Masters who denied their girls the ability to look them in the eye were missing out ... I was sure of it.

Setting the sponge aside, I reached for the netted bath squishy and a bottle of scented bath wash from my favorite bath store. It wasn't a flowery fragrance but instead a clean, crisp scent of white tea and ginger. As I poured a small amount onto the netted sponge, I could feel his gaze on me and I glanced over at him with a soft smile. "Feel good?" I asked as his hand lifted to lovingly tuck an errant curl back behind my ear.

He just smiled at me before sliding his hand into my thick mane to pull my lips to his in a searing kiss. My own fingers slid to the back of his neck, dancing along his hairline in an erotic caress as our tongues slowly tangled together. I felt him pull back and as he did, I smiled as I began to wash him lovingly with the soaped mesh over his shoulders and neck and across the wide expanse of his chest as he watched me, his hand releasing my hair so I could work.

I washed him thoroughly ... lovingly as with small gestures and movements we seemed to move together like a well-oiled machine. He knew when and where I wanted to wash next and he would move and shift so I could reach without me even having to say a word. Our smiles were indicative of our knowledge of how well we worked together, even in a simple task as bathing him. But with every moment that passed, every pass of the meshed lather or the drizzle of warm water that washed away the soap, I could feel the hunger growing between us in a slow, erotic sizzle.

Honestly, what I wanted more than anything, was to slip right into the water with him and fuck him until we had splashed almost of it out! But now wasn't the time and I knew he was taking pleasure both out of me bathing him and just the act of following his commands like an obedient little slut should. However, the imp in me couldn't help but look forward to the washing of his sex as I set aside the mesh sponge and lathered up soap between my hands as I gazed longing into his eyes.

"Behave, you," he said with a laugh, catching the look gleaming in my eye.

I smiled sweetly at him, long lashes fluttering innocently as I cooed, "I'll be good ... I promise." I purposefully left the sexual innuendo hanging in the air between us. I knew that he always appreciated my endless teasing as I reached down to lovingly begin to wash his semi-erect manhood. I could hear his intake of breath as my fingers wrapped around the shaft and began to slowly stroke and massage it in the pretense of simply getting it clean.

And for a short while, I lost myself in my task ... in the pleasure that I always took from stroking him and feeling his cock harden and lengthen against my palm and between my fingers. I could both see his chest rise and tighten and hear the soft groan that escaped his lips as his head fell back for a moment as my fingers tightened around his girth and then pulled upwards in a slow twisting motion before his eyes snapped open, blazing with lust as he looked at me.

Mmm ... just the look I was waiting for.

He pushed my hand away from him and stood in the water, his rigid and thick cock jutting out proudly from his body and I smiled, sitting back on my heels momentarily as I reached for one of the thick, warm folded towels that sat beside me. Lifting up on my knees as I shook it out, I opened it up in waiting for him as he stepped out of the water onto the mat that I knelt on.

As I started to enfold him in the softness of the towel and its warmth before beginning the task of drying him off, I felt him take hold of the towel and pull it from my grasp somewhat harshly. My gaze immediately snapped up towards his face, eyebrows furrowing some as I couldn't help but wonder immediately if I had done something to displease him.

"Not the towel, chelsea ... not this time," he said with a half growl as his fingers plunged back into my hair.

I smiled brightly as a soft purr erupted from my half–parted lips and leaned in to him as my hands slid up the back of his thighs towards his ass, my lips and tongue immediately beginning to lap and suck at the droplets of water that beaded along his skin. I definitely loved THIS part of the bath and where it would, eventually, lead to.

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