tagBDSMEdwina's New Life

Edwina's New Life


Edwina gritted her teeth as 19 year old Kipling Searle swung the razor strop around, landing it across Edwina's left breast. Hanging as she was from a rafter in her own garage, it was one heck of a swat.

Kipling had been driving his older brother, Keating's Mustang, drunk, and had rammed the back of Edwina's Subaru.

Kip had almost immediately sobered up, horrified, as his brother and their dad Keating Senior had been on a college campus tour, and neither of the Keatings expected baby brother to be tooling around, intoxicated or otherwise, when they were gone.

But Edwina, a well preserved thirty six year old with curly ash blonde hair and amazing boobs, had paid for the damage to Kip's car, even though it had been his fault, really...and then she'd taken the bewildered high school dropout to dinner...

That had been three weeks ago. Somehow Edwina had been able to explain to Kip that she had a need for hard discipline. Can you train your own Master? Edwina had been up to the challenge.

Edwina had gone through extensive training through fifteen years of various dominants, male and female, and although it amazed Kip that she could hang from her fingers from a rafter and not feel impelled to grab her nipples after the cruel strop had slashed them, the lady was full of surprises.

Now, Kip looked questioningly at the slave-girl twenty odd years his senior.

"I'm-I'm all right, Master." Edwina bit her lip and smiled through her tears.

"I could tie your wrists up there, you might let go if I hit you too hard and fall-"

"Master Kipling, your girl is up to this exercise, sir. And I-Oooh!"

Kip suddenly interrupted his sub's reassurance by slashing her full right hip with the strop, causing a long red welt to appear on the creamy skin.

"You talk too much, Edwina." Kip shook his head.

"Y-yes master."

Edwina had almost fallen from the rafter. Clinging was getting difficult. Edwina was thankful that she'd been working out a good deal at Crossfit, that her formerly fat ass was lighter now.

Was Master Kipling impressed with Edwina's amazing slave skills? If he'd been in the scene for longer, had dealt with lesser submissives, perhaps he would be.

So many fat-asses at the PainCafe, at the Tawse Society. But Edwina was shy to take Kip there, because she worried he might be stolen from him. Such a beautiful young man.

He could use a haircut. And his fashion sense-all those concert tees- was deplorable. But the slight muscles, which rose from a mystery of no physical or mental labor, were a glory to behold.


"Ohh!" Edwina screamed, and inadvertently, grabbed her midsection.

And, of course, fell to the hard garage floor.

Kip, triumphant at having surprised his slave girl, stealthily having switched to his favorite weapon, a radio aerial from his granddad's '65 Chevy Chevelle...

And then doing a quick slash across Edwina's tender navel as she was mentally wool-gathering...

As Edwina lay on the floor, stunned, Kip moved up and began whacking her buttocks and back, and then her breasts.

"So, you WHACK were so goddam WHACK WHACK proud of yourself, you conceited old WHACK WHACK bag, being WHACK able to hang on WHACK to the rafter-"

The stings of the wire ariel were surging over Edwina's skin, and she curled up in a ball to protect her tits. Still, her clit was so wet, and she longed to rush and masturbate...so intense!

"Get up on your knees, you stupid cow."

Wearily, Edwina got up on her knees, putting her hands behind the small of her back.

Edwina was very pleased with her ability to keep her hands back there when having her breasts or ass tortured. She didn't need handcuffs, like many other so-called pain sluts did.

Did Kip appreciate this? Was he amazed at the trophy he had landed?

WHACK! Oh...right across the nipples.

"God, I love your tits, Edwina." Kip said as he leveled another lash at the large pink nipples.

"Thank you, Master."

Edwina tried to push her legs together, to give her needy clitoris a little stimulation.

Kneeling here naked as her clothed, muscular punk boy whipped and insulted her, was driving Edwina a little nuts.

At work, Edwina was so hard core, so nasty. She was critical and acid tongued when visiting her siblings as well. It was a relief to-

Suddenly, Edwina felt her scalp being grabbed, and Kip was dragging her to her feet.

"Let's get with it, girl. I invited Lucien and Robertina for dinner, and you gotta get dinner. Maybe that hen thing we had the other night."

"Cornish Game hens, Master? That takes a lot of prepara-"

Kip's palm and fingers, replete with painful skull rings cracked across Edwina's jaw.

"I didn't ask for, like, a Julia Child lesson, bitch."

"Robertina is coming, Sir?"

Edwina loathed Lucien and Robertina. Lucien was a hideous genetic failure, in her opinion, no idea why he and Kip were so close, some story about how they'd been thrown out of Cub Scouts years before.

And Robertina, Lucien' obese girlfriend had this surreal misconception that Edwina was after her man.

Kip was a sweet young kid, but his friends were so unacceptable!

That was the big problem for Edwina-much as she loved Kip, and was aroused by their time together, she and Kip didn't have much in common otherwise, and you really couldn't take him places, his table manners were terrible, and his friends were very much slackers.

That was when Edwina missed Peggy the most. Peggy had been Edwina's admin at work. Somber, prim, and no-nonsense, Edwina still could not remember how their relationship as Mistress/slave had started, but oh, how glorious it had been!

"Four spelling errors, Miss Melnick."

"What, in my memo? You're the secretary, Peggy, it's your job to clean it up for me before we circulate it to the partners."

Peggy's bun had bobbed as she'd rolled her chair back (only the best, good lumbar support). "You're getting sloppy, Miss Melnick. Go into your office and we'll discuss it."

Edwina, who had been leaning against the open door of her office, talking to Peggy at the secretarial station, had blanched.

"We-we don't have to discuss it now, Peggy. Why don't I take you to dinner tonight-"

Standing, Peggy waved a long pink nail into Edwina's inner sanctum. "I don't have time for this, Miss Melnick. Your sloppiness is inexcusable, especially for a managing partner of this firm."

At fifty-five, Peggy was trim, and quite shapely, but she did look a bit school marmish. And, as Peggy stood, she opened a desk drawer with one hand, taking out a large wooden hairbrush.

Clicking her Sally Hansen Hard as Nails manicure against the brush, Peggy smiled, and then turned to her trembling employer.

Edwina had gone into the office, and Peggy had followed, closing the door. The other partners had questioned the need and expense of Edwina's requesting to have her space sound-proofed, but it had been worth all the hassle.

Edwina's office was extensive, and had a long sofa, and was the envy of the other partners and associates. Peggy walked to the end of the divan and sat down. "Come here, Miss Melnick, and pull up your skirt. We have to address your incredible mismanagement, and these misspelled, badly worded memorandums."

Edwina's panties had been soaked as she'd tottered over to the implacable administrative assistant, and she'd bit her full lower lip as Edwina yanked down the soggy underwear, pulling Edwina across her stockinged knees.

After fifty burning swats, the sobbing boss had been shoved on the floor, and had been ordered to pull down Peggy's pantyhose and go to work with her tongue.

After twenty minutes of enthusiastic munching, there had been a beep on the intercom, and Edwina had risen, clutching her sore cheeks, and she'd buzzed back "What is it, Grace?"

"Mr. Othmar and Ms. Hagemayer are ready for the meeting, Ms. Melnick."

Edwina had summoned her bitchiest tone. "Grace, can't you tell them to wait? Give them something to occupy them-Brie, whatever. Why do I pay you to lollygag?"

"Mr. Othmar is in a hurry, and he says he scheduled this for-"

"Grace, you will be scheduled for the unemployment office if you can't distract him for twenty minutes."

And then Edwina had joyously crawled back to service her goddess secretary. And Peggy could be taken to events, tiresome work parties where Edwina never knew if Peggy was going to escort her upstairs to a private bedroom or bathroom for a quick correction...it had been glorious. But melanoma had taken Peggy from her, and it had been difficult to find a dominant to replace her.

Now, Edwina nodded at Kip and she gathered up her clothes and walked painfully into the house from the garage. And, what do you know-Lucien and Robertina were there already, watching "Sportscenter"

Why the hell had Kip given Lucien a copy of Edwina's keys?

As if reading Edwina's mind, Kip said "I hear you need a new admin-Peggy died? I heard the story from your typist. Robertina can file a bit and can keep you in line at work. She's going to move in here and get you jumping, since I got other stuff going on."

Edwina thought dispiritedly of the contrast between Peggy's elegance, and Robertina's obesity, and her low-IQ bullying.

"Get with it, Edwina! You got a day to plan for tomorrow with Robertina!"

Her panties soggy again, Edwina "got with it!"

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