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Egyptian Moon


1. Egypt, Ages Past

When the Pharaoh's ruled Egypt, Ana Neba Keru was born and raised as the virgin daughter, schooled to be a priestess of Bast. She couldn't really remember the first time she had felt the stirrings between her legs and the excitement of self-fulfillment, but at the age of thirteen she began the practice of leaning naked in her palace window and masturbating under the stars. It was a great escape from her wrathful, hateful father.

When the moon beamed full down upon her youthful body upon her eighteenth birthday, she prayed to Bast and asked her to send her a great prince that would show her the pleasures that she yearned in heat every night, laying in her grand window.

Several miles away a man was born from the sand. He didn't know what he was or why he was there, but he knew he desired something that only the city would bring him. As if to give himself life, he named himself Tet-Ba.

* * *

2. Cairo, Today

He picked the young lady up when at the bar, feeling horny and needy. While his strange ailment stopped him from enjoying the pleasures fully, he tried with all his might in pleasuring the women that he found. This one was an exotic beauty, possibly from the Mideast, but she spoke English well.

Back at his apartment, they began to touch lips, tongues and to feel each other's bodies. He slid his hands over her small back and tight ass, squeezing and sinking his mouth into her neck. The girl moaned and begged for more. He took off her clothes, one by one, and massaged her ample breasts, stroking her stomach to her pubic thatch. She smiled and rolled her head and he pushed his fingers through her wet slit of flesh.

"That's it. Don't be shy. Feel my pussy," she said. He stroked and tugged gently on her lips and inserted a finger inside her slightly to get it nice and wet. Then he circled her hardening clit and she moaned, grabbing him and they fell on his bed. He rolled her over and began to kiss and lick down her neck, over her rising nipples and down her sweet stomach to bury his face between her thighs. Her hands went to his head and she writhed as he began to lick slowly around her pussy lips and hard nub. As her moans increased, he applied more pressure with his tongue, lapping more frantically and inserted a finger into her warm, tightening hole.

"Yeah, yeah," she said. "That's it. Eat my fucking pussy. Eat it. Eat it!"

Her undulations became heavier with bucking motions as she tried to grind her hot, fleshy vulva into his mouth and chin. He felt his soaking chin drip with her sweetness as she moaned and screamed out, her buttocks dropping onto the bed with resounding relief.

"You're a fucking god," she said. "But now it's your turn."

He shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I really can't. But thanks for letting me give you some pleasure."

"Well, honey?" she said. She aimed for his package and she could feel his penis, but then she pulled her hand away. "Oh my god, it's you!"

"I-I'm sorry. I just thought that—" He looked away, ashamed.

The girl wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. He could hear her heart beating, slowing from it's athletic romp.

"No, no. It's okay. I understand. Were you born like that?" she said.

"Yes, but I can still get excited. I just can't do anything about it," he said.

There was no pity, just sympathy from her. He caught her glimpsing at his daily paper, which had a large headline: NEW MUMMY EXHIBIT OPENS TODAY. Then she looked him straight in the eyes and said: "I have a story to tell you. You might not believe it at first, but you must listen. I know about your condition and I've been looking all over the world for you and for a very long time."

"How long?" he said.

"It's easier to explain," she said and then she began to tell him a story that sounded immediately true. He couldn't believe his ears, but listened as she grabbed her large purse and began to open it. He found out later what she had inside and it was to save him from his a curse...

* * *

3. Egypt, Ages Past

As Tet-Ba wandered the desert, in search of his city and the One Reason why he had come, he noticed that there was something between his legs. A hose of sorts, accompanied by two sacks that rose once and awhile beneath it. He fondled it absently, realizing that it could bring him pleasure. He stroked it until it grew, expanding and lengthening. His sacks would rise to become harder balls and they tingled with much delight. Tet-Ba knew that it was special, but he didn't exactly know what. These sacks held a formula that he was meant for...someone. But who?

After many more days of traveling, he began to realize what he had, or was it some type of remembrance of what it was all about? Either way, he knew that he carried an immortal elixir for someone special. It was so that the two of them could live in the Eternal Bliss together. But how was he going to find this person? How was he going to fulfill what Ra had sent him to deliver?

Contemplating, he finally came across a city in Northern Egypt. Their eunuch guards descended upon him, took him to their prison, clothed and fed him. But he was not a guest. He was a prisoner and he wondered what Ra had in store for him.

Then that night he had a dream, an omen. It gave him what he needed.

* * *


Eunuch guards presented the Desert Traveler to the Pharaoh, bringing him into the royal court. Several harem ladies and eunuchs stood to the side, watching to see what happened. The ladies saw him and gasped. Several of them shuddered and moaned as if in ecstasy, which disturbed the Pharaoh much. The Pharaoh looked the Desert Traveler over, disgruntled. So, here he was, supposedly: the One Promised of Ra. Tet-Ba.

"How can I believe you?" the Pharaoh asked.

The Desert Traveler said: "You will know when the Egyptian Moon becomes blood red. It will stay thus until I have found the One for whom I am searching."

"Then we will see, won't we?" said the Pharaoh. To the guards he said: "Lock him up. If what he says is true we will perform the appropriate arrangements to get Tet-Ba what he asks."

Once the Desert Traveler was gone, the Pharaoh turned to his consorts.

"What do you think?"

The consorts shook their heads, but one. The consort, older and wiser than the Pharaoh, said: "Ra would never make Tet-Ba a commoner."

The Pharaoh, of course, agreed.

* * *


Sashet-Meru was one of the ladies who shuddered when she saw the Desert Traveler brought in. Not only was he a beautiful stud of a man, but he brought with him a resonance that went straight between her legs. Right there, right in the courtroom, Sashet-Meru felt her pussy twist and climax in pleasure, just by sighting the man alone. Horny and delirious with lust, she knew that she had to have this man.

When preparing Ana Neba Keru for bed that night, she explained what had happened and Ana's eyes were bright with shock and jealousy.

"If only I had been there," she said.

"I think I'm going to visit him tonight," Sashet-Meru said, grinning. "I have to, at least, see him one more time."

Ana Neba Keru nodded, smiling back at her servant and friend. "Be careful. It's not good to wander the palace so late at night."

Sashet-Meru knew that to be true, but the danger seemed mild to having the man that she desired so much. Just once. It would feel like being close to the gods and to be in the Eternal Bliss.

"I will," she told Ana. "If it gets too dangerous, I will find my room quickly and without further stall."

* * *


Later that night, Sashet-Meru crept through the halls to find her way to the cells on the east side of the temple. On her way, she heard voices and ducked behind a statue of Osiris. As the men drew closer, she noticed the voices were that of the Pharaoh and his most valued consort.

"The moon turned blood this night," the consort said.

"I have seen. What am I going to do if the moon persists red?" the Pharaoh said.

Sashet-Meru knew that if she was caught overhearing their conversation, the Pharaoh might have her assassinated behind his back. She wanted to slip away, but there was no where to run without getting caught.

"Only a few in the court know of Tet-Ba and his demands. We tell everyone that he is a fake, that he's using powers from a dark god. We make him a slave by the temple priests and then he is ancient history," the consort said. "We should not fear him."

"But what if he is Tet-Ba?"

"We cannot let a commoner destroy the blood and our power," the consort said. "Besides, truth of his connection with Ra is sketchy at best."

They moved on, carrying on their topic of this man-god's demise and Sashet-Meru sighed in relief. She quickly made her way through the tunnels that led her to the prison court, where cages were set up to hold prisoners. Tet-Ba was in a cage alone, sleeping. She looked over the well-muscled man, his unnaturally smooth skin and wondered what it would be like to have him leaning over her, thrusting and moaning.

"Psst," she said. "Tet-Ba! Wake up!"

Tet-Ba stirred and saw her. He rose, not taking his eyes off her. Nor did she look away from him. The pleasure of seeing him went straight to her pussy, tingling and heating. She could do nothing but to rub herself in front of him and desiring his touch.

"You give my pussy such vitality," she said.

"You are not the One Reason," he said.

"No, but you like watching me, don't you? I can see it getting so hard."

He couldn't deny it. The cloak that hid his sex was giving to the erection between his legs. She wanted to see it, feel it, smell it's musky power. In the legends it was said that Tet-Ba would come to take a bride and the two would be immortal through his seed. That's what the Pharaoh was really afraid of—the loss of his empire to one such as he.

"Let me just watch you cum. Make yourself cum for me," she said.

As Tet-Ba pulled out his heavy pole, she imagined men, their throbbing dicks slick with pre-cum, hands frantically moving up and down their stiff poles. She imagined them grunting and moaning as hot cum squirts out of their cocks, imagining them with their eyes closed, thinking of her as they get off. Tet-Ba, meanwhile, began to run his own hand up and down his dick, tugging at his own balls.

She watched him, imagining guys doing all of these things, and felt her pussy begin to throb with longing. Her undergarments sticks to it, damp with her hot juices and she puts her fingers under her dress and rubs her nipples, those tight buds already beginning to harden.

She squirms around, determined not to touch herself until she can't stand it anymore. Seshet-Meru rubs her slick labia and can feel her clit desperately waiting for release. Tet-Ba's hand begins to move more frantic over his cock.

She puts a hand down her pants, over her undergarment. She tickles her sensitive clit through the light cotton fabric, breathing heavily. The heat from her pussy comes right through and she begins to rub faster, her deft fingertip moving hard against her eager clit.

When Tet-Ba's hard cock starts dripping pre-cum, trickling like a small, light stream, she almost moans out loud. She wishes she could grab his cock, suck it's meaty fullness into her mouth, shooting into his mouth or on her firm tits, which is one of her favorite things to do with her lover. She wanted to rub his cum all over her body, onto her clit.

She is so excited that she feels lightheaded and she removes her undergarments, gasping as her finger finally makes full contact with her throbbing, aching clit. She's so wet that her finger keeps sliding around, and every time she thinks she's going to cum, her finger slips on the cunt juice and she prolongs the pleasure even more. Tet-Ba began to moan heavily, rubbing his bulging dick, which looked as though it ached with the same need to blow. Her finger was moving so fast against her clit that her hand began to hurt and she wants to stop but it feels so good and she's almost there and in her mind she pictures taking handfuls of hot cum from Tet-Ba's pulsing member and pouring them over her drenched pussy.

She drops to her knees, needing it, begging Tet-Ba to unload himself on her. He looses himself and ejaculates his load all over her tits and she imagines massaging his cum into her hot cunt with her hands and now it's approaching and she wants to stop again to make it last longer but she can't. As Tet-Ba gasps to catch his breath, she's so close her legs begin to go numb and her entire body shakes and the waves of orgasm overcome her again and again as she grunts and moans, her eyes half-closed and her fingers beating her clit and... she's cumming so fucking hard.

Finished and inhaling each breath deeply, she puts a finger in her mouth to taste him and she tastes his salty gift and tells him that she wished she could have him.

"No, I can't. You're not the One Reason," he said again.

"Where did you come from?" she said.

"The desert. I was born in the sand to a lady's request," he said.

With that, Sashet-Meru's eyes opened wide as realization came to her. Being Ana's most dedicated servant since childhood, they were almost more than friends. Ana had confided in her about her Great Wish to Ra. Could she be his One Reason?

"Would you know your One Reason if you saw her?" she said.

Tet-Ba nodded, saying: "Once I see her I will know at once. I was born to lover her and only her."

"I think I know who you are looking for. I will go to her at once and let her know," she said. With that, she dashed away, but when she got to Ana's room, she noticed her father was talking to her. It was late (strange...) After a moment of thinking, she decided that she'd tell her in the morning. Then she went to bed.

* * *


Ana Neba Keru slept late and she was not allowed in, but when she was called upon Sashet-Meru went to Ana to tell her what she thought. Ana shook her head in disbelief, but Sashet-Meru persisted—she was sure that Tet-Ba's One Reason was to fulfill her wish and desire.

"He comes with the immortal seed," she told her princess.

"If that's true, father would never allow for such a thing," Ana said.

Sashet-Meru added what she heard her father talking about the night before. She was sure that Tet-Ba would be destroyed. "But, I believe he will bring a new dawn. Ask yourself as a priestess: Should you blaspheme the desires of Ra for the sake of your father's fears?"

And Ana nodded, saying: "You're right. It is my duty to save him and begin the new dynasty. That is the Way of Ra."

So they made a plan to rescue him that night. They might be killed, but at least it would be doing the Will of Ra.

When night came, the moon was full and red. The two girls snuck through the halls, following the same path Sashet-Meru had used the night before. But when they got there, the prison was unlocked and Tet-Ba was missing.

"They took him to the temple...!" Ana said. They ran to the temple as fast as they could, but under the eyes of Bast, Tet-Ba was screaming. Priests were holding him down on an altar and the Pharaoh watched from a corner. The girls hid themselves, fearing wrath, watching as a Priest withdrew a knife and began to cut Tet-Ba's testicles from his body. Tet-Ba screamed, blood darted around, but another Priest quickly cauterized him with a hot poker.

The girls cried in the corner as they watched Tet-Ba's testicles being placed in an canopic jar and sealed in the name of Set (who had taken Osiris apart, even the god's testicles, in wrath for sleeping with his wife). Once sealed, a Priest took the canopic jar away and the other Priests bound him in chains. The Pharaoh drew near the new eunuch and said to the priests: "Now put him to labor for one of my affiliates."

* * *

8. Cairo, Today

Memory is an odd thing. At first there's nothing, but when certain facts begin to trigger, it's as though the memory had always been vivid. This is what it was like for the man who laid naked with the woman who had just told him her story—this man, Tet-Ba.

"I am Sashet-Meru," she said. "And I have found the canopic jar that the priests used to house your fertility. Your seed made me immortal and I used the immortality to live beyond those who remembered you. Then I stole the jar, tried to take it to you, but I heard of your death by an assassin. Without your fertility, you were only mortal and could die. But I knew that your Ka would not move on until your One Reason was restored to you."

She handed him the jar, adding: "From death, life."

Tet-Ba, reincarnated, took the jar and withdrew the fertile Dust within. He poured it between his legs. His flaccid penis began to rise and the smooth perineum beneath began to expand and develop into risen, smooth and flushed pair of balls. At once he could feel his power return and a great wave of heated desire broke through him. His balls ached to cum, but he was happy to be reborn yet again.

"You will also need some of the power that I have taken over the centuries. I give you these powers to retrieve your One Reason," Sashet-Meru said. She laid a hand on him and he could feel what she had given to him, knowing what they were. "They'll only last this night, so be quick."

Meanwhile, Sashet-Meru went over to the paper, with the headline: NEW MUMMY EXHIBIT OPENS TODAY. She handed it to him, saying: "Now I will take my leave. Hopefully I will die soon, my purpose fulfilled. You'll find your One Reason here."

Tet-Ba looked at it and saw that the mummy they uncovered two years ago was called Ana Neba Keru, a Priestess of the Order of Bast. It was her: the One Reason. And he couldn't wait. Tet-Ba grabbed his coat and took off.

With Sashet-Meru's magic, he cloaked himself in the air. Invisible, he passed through the walls and made the cameras go snowy and full of static. At her crypt, he called upon Ra to revive her. He watched as her flesh remade itself. After calling her name over and over again, she was awake and looking at him with utter disbelief.

His One Reason was love. A love beyond the mortal coil, a part of the very fabric of the universe. Using the same techniques he used to get in, he got out with Ana and he took her back to his apartment, still wrapped in her bandages. He threw his coat over her for warmth and, hopefully, to stay people's awareness of her strange costume.

Once back at his apartment he kissed her and she took it with a passion that he realized she had never felt before. He knew that she had died a virgin of Bast—she smelled of it. And he drew in that smell like it was the softest, sweetest odor that could ever be made by any god.

* * *


When Ana Neba Keru woke up, she heard her name being said over and over again and it was the greatest sound she ever heard. She knew at once who was conjuring her and she was filled with relief and gratitude like nothing else. Opening her eyes and seeing him brought a heat that she knew she would feel forever.

In his apartment, sitting on his bed, she was still looking at him, completely enraptured with awe.

"My One Wish..." she said.

"My One Reason..." he said and they kissed again.

Tet-Ba slowly unwrapped her from the mummy bandages. First, her head. There was a wonderful realization of her beauty: partially burnt colored, dark black hair and emerald eyes. The further he went, the more of her that he saw. She didn't mind that he exposed her breasts, pert and hard, her flat stomach, her well-rounded hips, ass, legs... Finally she was standing before him, nude and his eyes bathed her with his titillation.

"You're beautiful," he told her.

Ana began to help him with his shirt, pulling down his slacks to expose his manhood. When it popped out and started rising, she happily took it to feel it's soft eagerness. She looked up at him, grinning and said: "I've been waiting for this forever."

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