Egyptian Tale


Isetnoferet rose from her fragrant bath, the water dripping off her slender body.

"Isetnoferet, please hurry your father is looking for you." One of the servants yelled, Isetnoferet barely heard it she was lost in her thoughts, she was becoming anxious for Amenmese's visit.

When dried she took some scented cream and slowly rubbed it into her skin thinking of what it would like to be touched by a man, to have a strong set of hands running over her body, to feel the roughness of them.

She was startled back into reality by one of the servants banging on the door, " Please mistress, you must hurry your father is growing impatient." She braided her dark brown hair, and then she outlined her hazel eyes in kohl. The gown she choose showed off her firm breasts, womanly curves, and graceful legs.

She emerged from her room, " You can tell my father to relax I am ready. You know he really worries way to much."

"I know, but you know how he needs to have things perfect when it comes to visitors." replied Thu. She had been a part of the household for as long as she could remember caring for Isetnoferet. She bustled around her straightening out her dress.

"Tell my father I'll wait up here I'll be down well before Amenmeses shows up."

Isetnoferet waited and watched from her sitting room window in her families' country home. Today she is to entertain her father and his business partner, Amenmeses, while they discuss their business. She had chosen to play the harp, she is known well for her playing, her mother made her learn from a priestess at the local temple.

Isetnoferet looked forward to Amenmese's visits, she liked to watch his tall, dark muscular body. She always had a desire for him, he gave her such erotic dreams of their bodies entwined; their lips locked in a passionate kiss, feeling his hardness against her, how warm his skin would be against hers, his hands roaming over her body. She is pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of distant sound of horse's hooves. She could see him coming down the road from her window, his shoulder length black hair streaming out behind him as he rode in his chariot. She had not seen that beside him was his traveling companion. She took one last look at her make-up in the mirror, straightened out her dress and ran downstairs.

Amenmeses arrived with a beautiful woman, who happened to be his favorite slave Sithora; they would as usual stay the night. The woman wore a mid-thigh length gown with a long light robe over top that was now ruined, covered from top to bottom in grit. Her long black hair that was surely finely braided had begun to fall loosely around her face. Her face had been perfectly made up but now after being in the sun her eyes had green smears around them, and on her cheeks dust from the desert, and her full lips now just tinted red.

"I'm sure we could have found another way to get here." Sithora muttered as she brushed the dust from her as best as she could. " Remember you are the one who begged to come. I told you I wouldn't change any of my plans." Amenmeses replied under his breath.

He turned and greeted Kawab and Isetnoferet, " Ahh Kawab, your daughter grows more beautiful each time I see her." He took her hand and kissed it. Isetnoferet smiled, inside she felt a warm heat grow starting from her belly. Sithora stood there and rolled her eyes, she wanted to wash and have a rest, but she knew not to push Amenmeses was already being short with her.

They were shown to their rooms, "Kawab will meet with you in a few hours` time."

Once they had settled into their room and freshened up Amenmeses had Sithora give him a massage to ease his sore muscles.

"Well woman what are you waiting for I am sore." He laid down on his stomach and Sithora straddled his waist and poured some oil onto her palm and rubbed her hands together to warm it up. She started at the base of his neck and continued across his broad shoulders, feeling his muscles relax as she moved her hands expertly down his back, he could feel her becoming moist.

"You know exactly how to treat me, I am glad I brought you along." She smiled knowing now he had forgiven her for her comments when they arrived. Sithora loved the feel of his body; her mind kept wandering to memories of the last time they had been together. She could feel his hands roaming her body now as she remembers.

As she reached his buttocks he rolled over capturing her wrists in his, his action startled her at first then a wicked smile played across her lips, he pulled her toward him and kissed her mouth. His tongue probing between her sweet lips she could feel his hardness against her thigh pulsating. She felt her wetness start to run down her thigh, she tried to position herself over him but as she tried he rolled her onto her back and pined her hands above her head.

He dipped his head down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it and nipping it making her moan. She arched her back in pleasure as his lips continue down her body lightly caressing the skin of her taut belly; he held her arms at her side firmly. Amenmeses could smell her passion for him making him want her even more. " You smell and taste so good." He kissed his way past her dark thatch of hair and ran his tongue along her lips tasting her sweetness. Sithora moaned in pleasure begging him, " Take me, please take me. I am yours."

He chuckled and flicked his tongue along her straining bud making her squeal loudly. He raised himself to his knees and placed the head of his rigid member at her entrance feeling its wetness. He swiftly entered her, still restraining her arms, the sight of her in the throws of desire and yet helpless to do anything makes him wild with his need for her. He drove into her faster and faster until he exploded inside of her. He continued slowly bringing her to her own release stopping only when the walls of her sex have stopped rippling with her own orgasm.

He kissed her softly on her mouth and telling her, "Rest while I deal with this business with Kawab." He dressed and went out to the garden.

The table in the garden was prepared with a selection of fruits and breads; there was also beer and wine. Isetnoferet had made sure everything was perfect, her father would expect no less. Amenmeses watched Isetnoferet across the garden from the table, how her slender fingers glide across the harp strings. Her skin was golden in the sunlight, her hair glowed like a halo around her head, and her lips were full and moist how he wanted to reach out and touch her at that moment. She was wearing a long sleeveless white pleated gown with gold and silver embroidered papyrus flowers along the edges and the collar. In the sunlight you could see her graceful curves through the gown. Amenmeses thought how Isetnoferet has become such a beautiful woman. As Isetnoferet played she watched Amenmeses from the corner of her eyes. She enjoyed watching his dark muscular body, how it moved and seemed to glow in the sunlight. His eyes were dark and wild, how she would love to lose herself in his eyes and feel his powerful arms around her. She had always thought him to be a handsome man; she always had fantasies about him.

Amenmeses and her father were discussing a business debt when she heard Amenmeses say, " I will take your daughter as payment instead." Her fingers missed a few notes and she stopped playing from the shock of what she heard. Her father protested, " She is my only daughter there is no way I can let her go." All Amenmeses said was, " You know the other option." Her father paled, Amenmeses excused himself and told him to think about it.

Her father thought about it deeply, he loved his daughter very much. He knew Amenmeses would kill him then take his daughter that way as payment, when Amenmeses wanted something he always got it. How her father regretted borrowing money from him.

Isetnoferet was scared but a small part of her was excited, she saw the lust in his eyes as he left but who knew what he would do with her once they left the safety of her fathers' estate. She had always dreamed of being with him but to be taken from her home in this manner, it wasn't how she wanted it to happen. She knew that she would have to do whatever her father decided.

Kawab sent for Amenmeses later that evening and told him, " You may have my daughter but you must swear you will never harm her in any way." His daughter was too old to marry now; she had managed to scare off the men in the village. " You have my word I will protect her as if she was my own daughter." Amenmeses promised.

Kawab had talked to Isetnoferet before he had told Amenmeses his decision. She told her father, " I will do anything that you wish." He kissed her forehead, "I will do as Amenmeses wants."

Later that evening, as she was preparing to leave, there was a knock on her door. She froze, she knew her father was already asleep, she managed a weak, " Enter." Her back was to the door as she heard it open and close. She could feel Amenmeses` eyes on her back; she slowly turned around, afraid to look at him as she kept her eyes focused on the floor.

"Look at me." Amenmeses's voice was deep and commanding. She slowly lifted her head up, as she does she runs her eyes over his body, he was leaning against the door, and at last her eyes met his. He let his eyes wander over her body drinking in every curve before he said anything. He straightened himself up and walked over to her, Isetnoferet could barely breath, and he chuckled as he saw both fright and desire in her eyes. He stopped in front of her and raised his hand to touch her cheek. Her skin was warm and soft against his hand.

He smiled at her, " Relax I won't harm you. Don't worry about packing much I will buy what ever you need." He kissed her forehead and went back to his room.

Sithora was waiting for him, as he walked in he could see the jealousy in her eyes. He walked over to stand behind her; he placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered in her ear "No one could ever do what you do to me."

Amenmeses enjoyed her because she knew him and his desires, when and what he wanted, but the things he had to do to keep her happy. He had had her for a while but there was something missing, she was just his slave nothing more, a way to quench his sexual needs. He knew Sithora was becoming attached to him but he didn't want to end it just yet she was too good.

He led her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge; he stood in front of her and removed his kilt revealing his rigid manhood. Sithora grabbed it in one hand and leaned forward and kissed the tip, then ran her tongue along his shaft. Amenmeses put his hands on the back of her head making her take him into her mouth.

"That's it, suck it...Suck me good and hard." She sucked him hungrily moaning softly as she did. She ran her fingers along his balls as she did he started to move his hips faster.

"Oh yes, you know how I love it..." It wasn't long until he came deep in her mouth she hungrily drank it all. He decided that he had had enough of her " Leave me, you can go to your own bed." He laid down on his bed and let his mind wander to thoughts of Isetnoferet, as he rolled over and went to sleep he thought that he would have to break her in slowly.

The next morning Isetnoferet could barely eat breakfast; she couldn't even sleep the night before. "My dearest Iset do not worry I will be in touch and I will visit you." Her father had tried to calm her make her feel better about leaving suddenly. " I know father but what if he, well you know wants something that I am not quite ready to give?" she stammered not able to look at her father. " He has assured me that you will not have to do anything that you do not want to. He does care for you do not worry." He gave his daughter a hug.

Their chests were packed and waiting for them by the family water gate. Isetnoferet dressed in a short filmy gown perfect for traveling during the hot afternoon. Before she left she took one last look around her room afraid to leave its cozy familiarity. She took a deep breath and proceeded down to the dock. " I will write as soon as I arrive father." She kissed and hugged her father good-bye and turned to leave.

She felt numb all over; she couldn't believe what was happening to her. Amenmeses helped her on to the boat and turns and walked over to talk to her father," I swear Kawab she will be able to write to you and that she will get all of your letters. When she is ready there will be a wedding."

As he is talking to him Sithora glares at Isetnoferet " So another new addition." She spat. Sithora knew that if she wants to remain as Ameneses favorite she will have to get rid of her. As they sailed Isetnoferet sat under an awning drawn against the side of her cabin, she sat quietly sipping at her wine watching the activities on and off the deep blue water. She didn't want to be near either if them the way Sithora looked at her was more than enough to keep her away. Her mind kept wandering, why would Amenmeses corner her father this way. He could have asked her father if he could take her as his wife, but then he couldn't get rid of her as easily after he became bored with her as he could when she is his slave. Then all she could think of was being with him she became even more nervous. By the time they reached an area suitable for docking for the night Isetnoferet was feeling anxious, she knew by now that she would find no friend in Sithora. The crew set up camp quickly to afraid to be confronted by anyone she decided to stay in her cabin she even ate her dinner in her cabin.

Amenmeses knocked and she yelled through the door, " Yes?"

"May I join you?" He asked. She paused thinking about it but against her better judgment she accepted, " Come in then." He had wanted to talk to her tell her what he wanted, expected of her. He had never had the chance to calm her, for all he knew she was thinking that she was to be his sex slave. All he could do was watch her and every delicate move her body made, everything he wanted to say was lost. Isetnoferet felt uncomfortable under his watchful eyes, as she went to grab for her cup of wine he grabbed her hand and held it firmly. Shocked she looked up at him, his dark eyes were dancing, and the hate for this man that she had built up over the day quickly disappeared. It was replaced by her childhood love for this man. He took her hand and brought it up to his lips, he told her in a soft voice, " You can trust me in every way but that there are some duties that you will have to perform."

He saw the look on her face become washed over in panic, he chuckled deeply and said, " We will discuss them later they aren't that unpleasant." Unable to hold her tongue any longer she jumps up demanding, " I want to know now what the plans are with me. I deserve to know now you have ripped me from my home and everything that I know." Their eyes locked he calmly said, "I will tell you now then if you so desire." This outburst was the last straw for his desire; " I plan on taking you for myself like I have wanted to do since I last saw you." He stood up and walked over to her and looked down at her, " I suspect that it wouldn't be too much of an imposition for you since I know you want me too."

He bent down and pressed his lips against hers as she pushed against him. His hands were firmly wrapped around her arms as his mouth causes her to melt against him; she began to kiss him back. His tongue ran over her mouth, she parted her lips and let his tongue explore her mouth. Suddenly he pulled away muttering, " I am so sorry I didn't mean...I think I will go." Once the door shut behind him she sat down her skin and lips tingling from his touch. Amenmeses was used to just grabbing what he wanted no explanations, he meant to tell her that he wanted her as his wife, he just didn't know how to tell her his wishes.

When they got up the next morning Amenmeses summoned them onto the deck of the ship, under an awning was a chair, He pointed to it and Sithora went instantly over while Isetnoferet just looked at him. He looked at her and said, "I do believe that the other side is for you." He sat in the chair and had Sithora and Isetnoferet sit on either side of him on the floor. Sithora wrapped her arms around his leg possessively and ran one of her hands up and down his leg. Isetnoferet sat leaning away from him watching the shoreline as it passed by. She kept thinking what was the point of this to show off his newest slave. Amenmeses wanted to tell her about the land show her what could be hers but he couldn't find the words. The trip wasn't a long one they arrived at a dock near Pi-Ramses where Amenmeses lived. When they arrived at the gate of his home, panic ran through Isetnoferet. She realized that this is no dream but real.

Isetnoferet was shown to her room and left to settle in and rest. Isetnoferet looked around the room; there was a chair of ebony with ivory inlays near the door. There was a bed in the center of the room, the sun coming through the large window, at the opposite end, glares off the gold frame lighting up the room. She removed her clothing and washed the dust from the trip off her body and lay down on the soft bed. She fell asleep as soon as she laid her head down.

She was awoken by a knock on the door she looked out the window and noticed the sun was setting. Amenmeses walked in with a gown and laid it out on the chair he walked over to her bedside, " It's time for dinner I will send up a personal maid for you to help you get ready." He ran a hand along her face feeling it's softness. Her skin burned as he touched her, she leaned her face against his hand. Amenmeses ran a hand down her neck, her chest, feeling the warmth of her naked body. The urge to take her right now was great he tried to restrain himself. He took her hand and raises it to his lips. He could see how her body responded to him. Her breasts rising and falling rapidly with each breathe, her face flushed, and her nipples hard. Amenmeses could not hold back, he reached down and pulled off the thin blanket that covered her body. He ran a hand down her chest between her firm breasts down to her waist and wrapped his arms around her pulling her close.

He whispered in her ear, " You are so beautiful, as beautiful as a lotus flower in bloom." Amenmeses kissed her mouth passionately exploring her mouth with his tongue. Isetnoferet fought him at first pushing against him but he held on to her tighter, " Relax I won't harm you." His lips moved down her neck and across her shoulder feeling her body relax. He grabbed one of her hands and slipped it underneath his kilt and placed it on his hardness, "This is what you do to me." She blushed, as she has never touched a man in this way and gasped at its size and firmness. He felt warm against her hand; she could feel the blood pumping through her sex and herself becoming moist. He stood at the side and removed his kilt. A look of panic crossed Isetnoferet's face as she sees his large member. As he lay down beside her he told her, " I will be gentle."

Her skin felt warm against his, he cupped one of her breasts and brought his lips to her nipple lightly sucking it and running the tip of his tongue around it making it hard and sensitive. His mouth sent streaks of pleasure down to the tips of her toes. Her soft moans excited him even more; he spread her legs running a finger along her damp folds feeling how ready she was for him. He knelt between her legs and leaned over and kissed her; he put the tip of his member at her entrance sliding it along her moist slit teasing her. She started to move her hips; she desperately wanted to feel him inside of her. He finally slipped the tip in. She cried out as he entered her but the pain was brief, he continued to slowly enter her, she wrapped her arms around him tight, leaning her head back exposing her neck Amenmeses couldn't resist kissing her neck up to her lips. Once he was in all the way he had her wrap her legs around him. He moved himself in and out of her clenching sheath gently; she brought her hips up to meet his with every thrust. As her moans become louder he moved faster, he could no longer contain himself, he filled her with his desire. The feel of him filling her pushes her over the edge, wave after wave of passion course through her. She was breathless from everything, Amenmeses tucked her hair behind her ear and he smiled down at her telling her, " This is only the beginning, get ready for dinner." Then he left, as he did he sent in a maid to help get her ready for the evening.

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