The young woman in this montage of events is a real person. Her name is Amy. She reached her nineteenth birthday in November this year. This is my gift to her. Amy has a boyfriend, Rick, her first and only lover, who lives in England. Their greatest ambition is that some day they will marry and have lots of babies. Who can argue with that? Amy and Rick look something like the way they are described. Some of her emotions and sexual feelings are my extension of what she has told me in the letters we exchange. Beyond that, everything else is pure fantasy…except eight.

* * * * *

Night-time noises. Creaking timbers as the house settles and cools after a long, hot, humid day, chirruping insects outside in the soft darkness. Soft thumps against the windowpane as the occasional moth commits suicide trying to reach the softly glowing lamp at my bedside. And you…wonderful, amazing, astonishing, marvellous you!

Gentle, tender kisses trail from my lips to the side of my neck. Warm shuddering breaths caress my skin. I see your pulse pounding just below your ear. You have and erection; I can feel it pressing against my hip. Knowing that you want me so sets off the fine, familiar heat in my groin.

You came to me, just in your underpants, while my parents were noisily getting ready for bed, and found me laid on my counterpane, still fully dressed, thinking of you. You took a big risk that they would see you, but have avoided the chance of groaning floorboards disturbing them if you tried to creep along when all was silent. We held each other, kissing gently until we were certain they were asleep.

Your hand hovers in the air above my chest for a second or two, then you start to undo the buttons on my shirt. I love it when you undress me! You take your time, teasing me, lovingly building the tension in me until I am ready to explode when you finally touch my eager flesh. I count the buttons…one…two…three…four… By the time you reach the last one my insides are screeching like an over-stretched violin string!

You part the material and I feel the coolness of the night air on my overheated skin. You gaze admiringly at me. Your eyes glow in the lamplight, green like a cat's. I have beautiful, soft-pink-nippled breasts that stand full and proud without a bra. I think they are my best features. You once told me my best part is my ass, but really I think you secretly agree with me. If you want to see my beautiful breasts now my love, you will have to take my bra off. I can't wait!

You slip the shirt from my arms and body, expertly and without fuss. Where did you learn to be so good at this? You knew other girls before me, but not all that many! You are my first and only lover. Suddenly, you swoop and circle my bare navel with the tip of your tongue. My stomach muscles clench, making me bounce on the bed and let out an involuntary moan. You laugh under your breath at my reaction then come up to kiss my lips. Your tongue tastes so sweet!

You lean over me to kiss my shoulder and slip the bra strap on that side off. You do the same on the side nearest you. I arch my back and you slide your hand beneath me. One speedy flick and I feel the tension around my chest release…the beginning of freedom.

Tenderly you lift the cotton cups away.

I offer my breasts to you.

You bend and take one hard teat into the warm wetness of your mouth.

I cum.


There is always a feeling of danger being naked in the outdoors even though we know there is nobody else around for miles. We walked for an hour to get up here among the aspens and didn't see another soul along the way. We are alone in this boundless emptiness. Just the light summer breeze sighing through the treetops and naked you and naked I.

Bright sunlight casts dappled leaf shadows across your pale English skin. Your beautiful, beautiful pale English skin with its flat muscular planes and dimples in unexpected places. Your shaft stands out fiercely from its nest of sandy-gold curls at the base of your hard, flat belly. It is dark red and angry looking and shiny at its head with your excitement. It is so lovely! I want to take it in my mouth and drink your sperm but you have other ideas. Soon you will spear my body with that marvellous prong. I am shaking inside with anticipation.

You have been making love to me with your fingers and your tongue for the last half-hour. I am ready for you. I almost tripped over the edge three times from the sensuality of your touch but I told the leaping ecstasy to wait. I am melting inside; a cauldron of hot honey begging to be stirred by your rampant flesh.

You spread my legs wide and loom above me supporting yourself on your extended arms as though you are going to do a hundred push-ups. Is it because we are here in the midst of nature beneath this vast bowl of impossibly blue sky that I feel so especially vulnerable? I feel my juices slip from me and run between the cheeks of my bottom. Oh hurry! Please hurry my love!

Your fleshy rod points directly at my core. We gaze earnestly into each other's eyes. We are always so serious when we reach this point. Why? I desperately wish that my sex could reach out and swallow you, but it can't. Instead, I reach down between us and take hold of you to lead you to my entrance. Your heat burns my fingers. The expectant look in your eyes makes my heart lurch. It is time!

Ahhhhhhhh! I live for this sensation – your weight covering me; your manhood parting my folds; stretching; opening, filling.

The two of us become one body.

You move inside me. Long, slow penetrating thrusts. Short, sharp, shallow jabs, now circular; now straight-ahead. Changing depths and angles of penetration bring me surging waves of pleasure. Is it the same for you?

We devour each other with our eyes. What are your thoughts…your feelings? From time to time a look of intense concentration crosses your face. I know then that you are resisting the volcano inside that's waiting to erupt. Otherwise you are still a mystery.

My lovely man! You are holding back for me! I caress the smooth skin of your back…your buttocks…and marvel at the flexing power of your muscles. I lightly scratch the base of your spine at your tailbone and undo you. Your warm flood fills my insides. Your eyes are closed; your face screwed up in a rapturous grimace. You once described to me the absolute intensity of cumming and yet you never make a sound. Are all men like you?

I rub my tingling hotspot hard against the base of your shaft as it throbs inside me and the rolling pleasure waves blast up my spine. I scream enough for the both of us.


As soon as I came in the door you took my wrist and wordlessly led me to the lounge. In an instant you forced me to my hands and knees, pushed up my skirt, pulled my panties down and entered me. I was thinking about sex and you on my drive home…nearly ran a red light in the process. I was going to tell you about the damp patch that I left on the seat when I got out of the car, but you gave me no chance. How did you know with so much certainty that I was ready for you?

Today I am your slave. Today I will be dominated. Do what you wish with me. I have no class this afternoon and don't have to work at that crummy job that helps to pay for my college education. Mom and Dad are both at work. We have the house to ourselves.

This feels so incongruous! You were watching Oprah on the TV when I arrived…strange people baring their lives to get their fifteen minutes of fame. The picture still flickers on the screen but there is no sound. The carpet is hurting my knees from the force of you. My wrists feel as though they are about to give way. You have pushed my skirt and top and brassieres high up around my neck. My dangling bare breasts swing heavily with the vigour of your lunges. I am getting fucked in front of Oprah! Where are the cameras?

Oh yes, my love, you are fucking me! 'Fucking' is the only way to describe the way you are doing me. And I love it!

You grip my hips with your strong hands and thrust into me violently. You hold it there, rigid and shaking with the effort, and I feel your seed pouring into me. You keep us still until you soften and slip out. We are both panting hard. We have not yet spoken one word.

I collapse to the carpet but you haul my rear end into the air again. Your fingers enter me with a delicious cruelty. Two fingers, perhaps three draw squishy slurping sounds from the slimy wetness of your sperm and my juices. You plunder my sex, digging deep into me, stretching me wider than I ever have been stretched before. I respond to you; lifting my ass higher; spreading my thighs; meeting every plunge with a thrust of my own.

I am an animal, a grunting, rutting sow. But I don't care! You are raising me to unimaginable heights of lust! I want your whole hand, but that would split me in two!

Your soft wrinkled tube swings from side to side before my face as you pound my sex with your hand. It glistens with my lubrication. I long to take it between my lips and make it hard so that you can fuck me again. But it is too late. My body explodes. I collapse to the floor once more, overcome by the crushing power of my orgasm.

You hold your fingers deep inside me and speak for the first time; "I can feel you cumming!"


This feels very dangerous but intensely sexual. I slipped down the corridor to your room in the dead of night. I alone know which are the floorboards that creak and those that do not. You went shopping whilst I was at work this afternoon. How sneaky! Now I am spread-eagled on your bed, trussed lovingly but firmly by my wrists and ankles to the bed frame with chiffon scarves. You stripped me first before tying me down, and then you bound my eyes with a band of black silk. What are your intentions? Please do not hurt me!

I feel your weight astride my head. I smell your man smell, so sharp and different to the way I smell. In my mind's eye I imagine your dangling balls and the deep crevasse between your buttocks and, most of all that long, hard bar of flesh that gives me so much pleasure. You run the head of your cock across my lips. Yes, you have taught me to say the word 'cock' and think the word 'cock', but it still feels unladylike. Still, it is a lot better than 'penis'.

Your pre-cum wets my lips and I open my jaws to capture your taste. You let me suckle on you, to extract salty, slightly bitter flavours from inside your body. You even have gentle sex with my mouth. I love you so much when you do that!

I grumble in protest when you withdraw from me. I feel cheated that you will not let me bring you to a climax. You tell me not to make another sound or you will have to gag me. But then you offer me the underside of your shaft to lick…your lovely warm Popsicle! You move over me until I reach your balls. I take each one in turn into my mouth and suck it tenderly. I hear you sigh with pleasure and my heart fills with joy.

You cover my face further. I am now licking behind your sac; back towards… I just pluck up the courage to tongue you…there…I would have…but your weight shifts away.

You climb astride my chest. I feel wonderful, warm, smooth caresses across one nipple and then the other. You are kissing them with your cock! My clitoris responds.

Your weight descends on me. Your shaft rests between my breasts against my breastbone. I can feel your whole extent, even your balls! You take one breast in each hand and press them together, trapping your length between them. You begin to move, slowly at first until your pre-cum coats my skin. Then, slipping and sliding back and forth, you move faster and faster. Your belly rubs against my nipples, arousing them even further. I push my chest up against your heaving groin, desperate to pleasure you and myself as well. God, I wish you would untie my wrists so that I could hold my breasts for you!

Suddenly you stiffen. And then I feel your pounding spasms and the spurts of warmth shooting over my upper chest. Some of your sperm even strikes me under my chin! In a way I am disappointed. I would have preferred to feel that precious elixir flowing into my body…between my legs…into my mouth…or even into my…! Oh Lord! You get me thinking such bad thoughts!

You wipe your fluids from me. You are well prepared my Boy Scout! Then I feel your weight shift again. But this time you leave the bed. Where have you gone? Surely you are not leaving me? No, I can feel your breath on my inner thigh. You are kneeling on the floor, studying my sex.

I feel strange, embarrassed even. You have never looked at my intimate parts close-up like this before. And I am not in control. I recall with a shudder a list of new street slang terms sent to you in an email by one of your English friends and how hard you laughed at one of them that described female parts as looking like a 'badly packed kebab'. Is that what you are thinking now?

Maybe not, because you have just kissed me on my pubic mound. But now, oh heavens, you are sniffing at me, smelling my body like some animal! I don't like this! It makes me uncomfortable! I go to tell you so but you are true to your word. In a flash you are beside me and I feel the threatened gag cover my mouth. It is not very tight; thus far it is just a warning.

You return to your position between my legs. I feel your fingers probing me; parting my folds; exposing my inner secrets; opening my entrance and trying to look inside. I hear your murmur, "You are so beautiful!" Reassured, I relax, prepared to let you keep on exploring me. But then I find out chiffon scarves and silk blindfolds are not all you purchased today.

It feels huge! A monstrous 'thing' invading my person. I know instantly what it is…a huge plastic, artificial, cock-shaped dildo. A girl friend at school once showed me a catalogue. Fat, foot-long, flesh-coloured, black, and even blue 'pleasure toys'! What colour have you chosen for me? I feel my body swallowing it! It is stretching me like I never believed possible! You must have lubricated it with a gel because there is no pain, just this extraordinary feeling of size, of ascendancy, of personal subjugation! Why? Why are you doing this to me?

You begin to move it in me, slowly at first, allowing me to adjust. To my shame I feel my body respond. Despite my distress, my muscles grip the invader rhythmically. I clench my buttocks and moan with frustration when you withdraw it almost entirely from me. Aaaaaah! You know me too well! The devil heat rises in my belly as you return the thing deep into my sex and withdraw again, and again.

Long, steady strokes. The heat climbing and climbing. God! So much pleasure! It is no longer just a fake cock; it is you! I give my body to the artificial you with rising abandon. My sex draws the artificial you deeper and deeper into my depths. I lift my abdomen as high off the bed to meet your thrusts as my bonds will allow! Take me! Take me! Take me!

You overwhelm me with stimulation! I feel your fingertip slipping and sliding among my running juices at my place where I almost kissed you a short time ago! Perversely, overcoming all learned taboos, I want to feel you enter that forbidden place. I need to feel a part of the real you inside me, no matter where!

You tease me! I chase your elusive touch trying to capture you. My desperate gyrations redouble the shocks of pleasure in my sex! Your fingertip finally enters me and I dissolve in a most incredible storm of sensations that almost tear my body apart!

You stretch alongside my shaking form and remove the gag. Warm, slimy plastic runs across my lips and I smell my inner self. Insistent pressure forces my jaws apart and I taste my own body.

When you finally free me I ask you "Why?"

You say, "Because I wanted to know what it would be like to watch someone else have you…but I could never, ever bear to see you with another man."

I am content.


This isn't Hawaii…I wish it were…that is where I was born. Instead it is the Bahamas, Lucaya Beach in Freeport, the private part of the beach that belongs to the hotel. We have been in Florida for my cousin's wedding. Not only that, my parents have at last conceded that we are lovers, although they are still not happy for us to sleep together full-time. After much persuasion, and I have to confess to some very childish tantrums from me, they have let you bring me here for two days after the wedding before we head back home to the Mid-West.

We are the Army Sergeant and his commander's unfaithful wife…Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr…From Here To Eternity… you and I in our bathing suits kissing in the gentle Bahamian surf. We watched the film on TV with my parents last night before we flew over, and gripped each other's hand tightly.

I want you so much! This water is warm, but my body is so hot that every wave that washes over us feels cold. I clasp your hard body to me. Our tongues seek each other's out. Your knee slides between my slippery wet legs and I hump my burning mound on your thigh. Your rampant manhood presses against my belly. I plead with you to make me yours.

You remove my bikini top and cover my nipples with your mouth in turn. Warm saliva and coiling tongue alternate with cold douches of seawater. My clit is on fire. My belly undulates of its own volition. I cry out, frantic with desire, that I want to feel you inside.

You pick me up and carry me to the blanket that we brought down from our room. I love how strong you are! Tenderly you make me fully naked. Adoration and desire pours from your eyes. I spread my legs in invitation as you remove your swim shorts. Your shaft gleams in the moonlight! So smooth! So proud! So powerful! And I am so ready for you!

Ouch! Damn! Oh stop! That hurts!

Memorandum to Fred Zinnemann, Director of From Here To Eternity, Somewhere in Hollywood Heaven: FZ, Are you aware that no matter how gentle the surf is, if you wallow around in it long enough, sand will get inside your swimming costume? And grains of sand, even a very few, being pushed inside one's pussy when a man's cock is entering you is very painful indeed! Burt and Debs could not possibly have had the fun you portrayed…

What are you laughing at Bozo? It really is agony! And what makes it worse is that I am as aroused as hell and am crazy to feel you filling me up with that beautiful prick of yours. Yes, 'prick', Englishman! You really are expanding my middle-class American vocabulary!

Aaaaaaah! My amazing man! That feeling of pleasure your tongue brings as it parts my lower lips to find my aching clit is so awesome! Mmmmmm! Delicious sparks of desire invade me. I spread my legs wider and raise my knees, summoning you to explore and taste my inner honey. Your tongue is not long enough to penetrate very far, but just this is heavenly! Your hands grip my buttocks and lift me higher. You feast on my sex, ravenously plundering my juices with your tongue.

In a miasma of delight, forcing the words out between my shuddering, ecstatic sobs and sighs, I ask you to bring your cock to me. In an instant you shift your position to kneel astride my head and then resume your tongue's enchanting dance over my sex. Your marvellous appendage points straight down at me as hard as a rock. I push back the protecting skin and take the bulging mushroom into my mouth. Your groan of happiness against my lower wetness courses up my spine.

We feed on each other for ages. Teasing; suckling; raising each other to near climax then subsiding to 'less intense' delights. Tonight, I am the first one to give way. I can no longer resist the mounting tide of rapture. My whole body is consumed by fire. Ecstatic spasms wrack me. I wail my love and pleasure around your shaft and you reward me with your warm, salty nectar.

The Chardonnay we had with our dinner tastes wonderful.

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