Eight by Eight


Stuck inside the tiny eight foot by eight foot cubicle, John counted the hours until the day ended. Each day he would drag himself through the maze of "offices" in the second floor "cubicle city" which was identical to the third floor "cubicle city" and the fourth floor, and the sixth, seventh, eighth... after that, he just assumed they were all the same.

He had moved from a twelfth floor office with a view to a second floor cubicle, where, with the help of a periscope, he might catch a glimpse of a window. The entire area hummed in a combination of buzzing from the fluorescent lights, the constant ring of numerous phone calls, muffled conversations from a dozen different sources and the clang and clatter of the never-ending, ongoing renovations.

Renovations! John wondered what was next, six by six cubicles? He also wondered whatever happened to the people who were originally located on the second floor, before the downsizing. Perhaps they ended up in the basement, peeking up to the first floor like moles, blinded by the daylight.

The only saving grace John could salvage from this job was Nan. John didn't really know Nan, they had never met and besides a quick glimpse of hair over the top of a cubicle, he had never seen her. Although he didn't know Nan, he did know that she had just recently come out of an ugly divorce, that her ex got most of everything, including custody of her two boys and that her lawyer, in spite of her sleeping with him, was badgering her for his payment.

John also knew that Nan, stinging from the treatment she got from her ex and then her lawyer, had pretty much sworn off men for now. At least according to what she told her second best friend, Marcy, of course she'd never tell her best friend Ellen this, especially the part about the lawyer.

John also knew, that although Nan had given up men for now, she still loved looking up at a man's face as she sucked his cock and if she ever met a man who could properly eat her pussy, she'd marry him right then and there. Being a real lover of cunnilingus, John wondered how Nan would rate his technique. Of course, given the fact that he had done it only once, to a woman so drunk she damn near pissed on him, he'd probably fall short of Nan's expectations.

Never considering himself a voyeur, he knew that Nan wore a 34 B size bra, that her hair wasn't really the deep auburn he had once caught a glimpse of, and that her periods were regular almost to the hour. She preferred sleeveless blouses, but wore a sweater at the office because of the "over-enthusiastic" air conditioning system. Her secret fantasy was to back some strange man into the corner of an elevator, unzip his pants and give him a slow, wet blow job.

After overhearing that last bit of information, John really missed his twelfth floor office. Each day he entered the building and headed for the stair, wondering what it would be like for Nan to back him into a corner and even better, for him to return the favor to her. He learned to carry his computer bag in a way that concealed his erection, at least until he could slip into his eight by eight. Of course, it didn't end there because Nan normally arrived in her cubicle shortly after John did and within minutes she was on the phone. Just hearing her voice was enough to excite him and if she happened to begin talking about her ancient sexual encounters, he found he would have to rush to the restroom and flog his aching log.

Unfortunately, his quick excursions to the restroom, although stress relieving, were not very satisfying. Quietly stroking himself in some baked enamel three by five stall lacked the intimacy he so voraciously craved. It was during one of these wank jobs that John came up with a grand plan to properly consummate his relationship with Nan and that evening he rushed home, went on the internet to order a few supplies and, worked up by the thought of his plan, he jacked off, watching his cum ooze out onto his stomach as he lay in his bed.

Within a week, John had received his supplies and carefully arranged them in his pocket, so he would slip into the office without the odd bulge being noticed. Fortunately, his practice hiding his erection aided him as he slinked into his cubicle. He was only there a few minutes before Nan arrived and began her phone conversations.

Although the first few short conversations were fairly dull, he soon was listening to a detailed description of how she shaved the delicate skin along her bikini line. He listened hungrily to the inch by inch description until he could bear it no longer and he rushed to the restroom.

Once inside the tiny stall, instead of whipping out his wang and zinging it, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. He carefully opened the foil packet, placed the un-lubricated condom on his leg and then reached back into his pocket. He carefully removed the tiny vibrator he received in the mail.

Designed to be used on the tongue, John figured, with some careful arrangement, he could loop the vibrator to his cock, just under her head to his most sensitive spot. Once he put the vibrator in place, he carefully unrolled the condom over the vibrator and down the length of his cock.

The particular model of vibrator he purchased was controlled by a wireless remote, which allowed a variation of speed without the need to have a wire hanging out of the wearer's mouth. It worked perfectly for John's application. He slipped his cock into his pants, zipped up, flushed the toilet and headed back to his cubicle.

It wasn't long before he heard Nan's sexy voice. Even though the first few conversations she had were surprisingly work related, John had worked himself up by clicking the vibrator on and off as he just listened to that voice. Although it was nice feeling that sensation just hearing her, he wanted more, so he waited through several more conversations, even one where she talked about getting her breasts mashed during a breast exam at her doctors. Finally he hit pay dirt when she called her friend and talked about meeting with her lawyer in an attempt to finalize her divorce.

Nan began the conversation with some of the legalese, but soon diverted to what she did for the lawyer in lieu of payment. When she first described how she wore a short dress with no panties to the meeting, John immediately turned on the vibrator on the low setting. He then quietly moved closer to the cubicle wall so he could hear her whispered conversation.

"It was all business until I asked about his fee and walked around to his side of the desk. I sat on the edge of the desk, hiked up my skirt and spread my legs. Now he was a bit reluctant to negotiate until I slipped my finger inside myself and then slid it up, smearing the wetness all over my clit. Unzipping his pants, he had reduced his price by half, but I just continued, alternating between my clit and my wet cunt."

John kicked the vibrator up a notch, hoping the mild hum would dissolve into the ambient din of the office. He could feel a wonderful sensation though the length of his hard cock and while he listened, he reached up and teased his nipples through his shirt.

He continued to listen to her whispers. "Negotiations intensified when I slipped two fingers deep into my pussy and then held them to his lips. Sucking my juice from my fingers, he agreed that his fee would be zero, so I leaned back while he buried his face between my legs.

Lapping me like a dog really got him going and although he was not very good, his intensity turned me on, so I began rubbing my clit to give him a hand. Now Marcy, that really turned him on, seeing me diddling my clit while he ran his tongue up my slit. But just as I was getting close, that pencil dick stood up and started poking his cock at me. Giving up on his oral escapades, I just spread my legs wider, scooted my ass to the edge of the desk and let him shove it in."

Picturing Nan's well trimmed pussy, John kicked the vibrator onto high and oblivious to the distinct hum, he leaned, just inches from his cubicle wall and strained to hear. He felt his hips move as his cock vibrated inside its latex sheath.

"I tell you Marcy, I don't know why I ever bothered to sleep with this fuck, after shoving that skinny dick into me, the son of a bitch came and pulled his cock out of me. Without even a though(should this be thought?) for me, he quickly zipped up his pants and pulled me off his desk. Shit, I had his disgusting jism running down my legs as he walked me to the door..."

Hearing the description of the cum running down Nan's legs, John shot his wad into the condom. Immediately clicking the vibrator down to a pleasant whir, he focused on the rest of Nan's conversation.

"...ran to the restroom to clean that slimy goo from my legs. And you know what Marcy? That prick had the balls to send me a bill for the finalization. I had to threaten to go to his wife, she's another lawyer, before he agreed that the bill was taken care of."

John quickly headed down to the restroom, locked himself in a stall and unraveled his softening cock. Thinking of his cum running down Nan's legs, John cleaned himself up, flushed the toilet and then walked back to his eight by eight cubicle. As he walked past, he dared a quick glance into the adjacent work area. He smiled as he caught a quick glimpse of Nan's beautiful auburn hair.

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