Eight Pools


As we drive along highway 370 from our resort hotel in Waimea, we talk about how beautiful the scenery is.

What a beautiful day it is, it is Hawaii after all, and how much we've wanted to vacation together.

Driving our Sebring convertible around, you decide that you want to work on your tan as we go. What you didn't realize, is that traffic can be pretty slow; You decide to remove your top, allowing your beautiful breasts to soak in the sun.

I laugh a knowing laugh as we drive furthur along the highway. Not wanting you to put your top back on, I decide to drive just a little slower, give us more time before the cars start to back up.

Your hair is blowing in the warm breeze. The sun's beating down upon your naked breasts and my cock is stirring. I want to take you right there, right on the highway, but I know that there's another spot that will allow me a better opportunity.

As we approach the first of several scenic stops, you put your top back on, just as a tour bus drives by. We laugh, you with a twinkle in your eye that tells me I'm in for a very fun filled day.

We look out over the high hills, out upon the ocean, it's breathtaking. Being playful, you tell me to take your picture with this beautiful backdrop. I gladly accomodate you as I pretend to be a fashion photographer, giving you instructions on how to pose, how to look, "Yes, that's it", "Make love to the camera", never knowing just what effect those words would have as the day progressed.

The thoughts of you actually making love to a camera race around in your head. You decide to tease me the next time we stop. You tell yourself that this will be a day that he won't soon forget. As we leave you tell me to stop at the first signs of a beach, any beach, as you want to go for a quick swim.

I know of just the place, only a few minutes away. I take a quick right hand turn and drive the two miles to a somewhat secluded beach. Upon stopping, you quickly jump out and run down ot the beach, telling me to bring the camera.

Being glad that I brought more than one camera, I grab the digital one this time and again take a couple of quick pics, only to have you tell me to take your picture again. As I turn to do so, your standing there naked. I want to rush to you, but you tell me to start taking your picture.

I love the idea, and I start to really get into it, telling you to stand with your hands on your hips, to turn your back to me and look over your shoulder. You look so sexy, your beautiful body accentuated by the crashing of the waves. I snap the photo, then another and another.

My cock is straining to be released, and you know it as you see the bulge in my shorts, bringing a smile to your face. You look beautiful. Just then, we hear another car making it's approach to the beach. You quickly dress and we head back to our car.

We drive away, and I'm telling you about another spot that I think you'll like as I give you a wink. You lean up to kiss me as your breasts rub against my arm, distracting me as I drive. You know that you've got me hooked, and that I'll do just about anything now, so you decide to take advantage of it.

You lean your seat back and begin to move your hands to your breasts. Your fingers gently rubbing and squeezing your nipples.

You look up to see if I'm watching, I'm doing the best I can to stay on the road, and you find me taking a peek now and then. You see the effect you have on me as my cock continues to strain against the zipper holding it in.

I tell you that you better stop or you might cause an accident because your driving me wild. I ask you to take my cock out and play with it instead but you decline, saying that you're really into yourself right now, knowing that there's nothing I like better than watching you please yourself.

As your hands move down to your shorts, you begin to unzip them, and slide them off your hips, revealing your closely trimmed pussy. Just then, I turn into the next of our stops. You glance up and ask,

"Why didn't you tell me we were already there?"

I smile and say, "You're not the only one who can tease."

We take all our stuff as we walk along the Seven Pools as it's called. What most people dont know is that there is an eighth pool. Somewhat hidden but for those who know of it, easy to find.

As we walk past everyone else, you ask me where we're going, and I tell you that we have a lot more film to use up and that this is the perfect place.

You give me a nervous grin, but the idea of someone watching excites you. You can already feel the juices flowing, your pussy wanting attention, now.

As we arrive at this secret spot, I tell you to relax, catch your breath. We sit for a moment, neither of us saying a word as we again take in the beauty of our surroundings.

I lean over and kiss you, gently at first, but our teasing has worn down any defenses and we hold each other close as we kiss a deeper more passionate kiss.

As I release you, I tell you again how beautiful you look, and how great these pictures would look if you wanted me to take them. You consent and begin to remove your clothes, but I stop you and tell you to first climb down the few feet to the pool so I can incorporate the water into the picture.

As you decend, I watch your ass as you go, picturing in my mind's eye the beach from just a few miles back.

I know that I can get you hot, and that's what I plan to do. Once down, you look up at me and I snap a quick shot, then another, giving you time to warm up to the camera.

You ask me what you should do, and again I say,

"Make love to the camera, no wait, just pretend your fucking me."

You again get that sly grin, as you know that your back in control and your going to drive me crazy. You begin by holding your arms up to your head, lifting your hair. You look so sexy. The camera is whirring as I snap one picture after another.

You bend over as you untie your shoes, first the right and then the left, each time standing up and bending back down again, showing off your beautiful ass. Again you hear the shutter from the camera.

Your remove your top, holding your breasts in your arms, you look at me and smile. Snap! Again the shutter takes your picture.

You let your arms drop, revealing your breasts, your nipples taught, your excitement showing. You again slide your shorts off your hips, letting them drop to the ground. You stand spread eagle on the rocks as I let the camera take a few more pictures. It seems to have a mind of its own as I'm too busy watching your preformance.

You surprise me by jumping into the cold water thats flowing from the small waterfall just a few feet away. As you submerge yourself into the water, you give me your come hither look. The one that says come to me now!

I quickly remove my clothes and jump in after you. Treading water, we embrace again, our lips parting as our mouths come together. We swim closer to the little falls and find a flat rock that we can stand on.

Now, with a firm footing, we begin to touch each other. My hands are on your breasts, yours on my ever hardening cock. You feel the intensity that your teasing has done as you stroke me. I tell you how good your cold hands feel on my very hard and hot cock.

After only a few moments I tell you that your going to make me cum if you keep it up. You give me a wry smile and stroke me harder, challenging me to hold out, knowing full well that I can't. My legs begin to shake as my impending orgasm nears.

I begin to moan, you notice a slight movement behind us. Someone's watching, but you don't tell me as you don't want me to be distracted.

As you kiss me again you tell me that you want me to cum so that you can wash it off under the waterfall as I take more pictures.

Hearing you say that, I let go. My sperm squirts all over your hand and up to your breasts. It was so intense that I nearly collapsed.

You smile and tell me to go get the camera as you feel like putting on a show. Not realizing that you truly meant it, I grab the video camera and start to film you as you slide into the water and under the waterfall.

The water is just deep enough to cover you just beneath your breasts. Bouyed by the water, they pratically float on top of it. Knowing that your being watched by more than just me, you begin to put on the show of a lifetime.

You glide under the falls, water cascading down your shoulders and breasts, your pull your hair back from your face and hold it as you smile at me. The camera is going going crazy, zooming in and out, just like my cock is wanting to do.

You swim out to the center of the pool, leaning your head back so that you're floating, the sun beating down upon your naked body. You maneuver yourself in such a position to see just who it is that might be watching, not letting them know that you know they're there.

As you arms spread out, keeping yourself afloat, you call to me and tell me that you hope I can finish the job.

I set the camera down, forgetting that it's on and I come back into the pool, to lift you out and lay you down on the flat lava rock. Its perfect fit allows you to lie back without worry of being uncomfortable.

As you lie there, I momentarily gaze at you, the beads of water quickly drying in the wind and sun. I can't help myself as I lean down and begin to kiss every inch of your body; from your toes and feet, up to your legs, your inner thighs, across your hips and belly, your breasts and neck, finally to your mouth.

You hungrily kiss me, and tell me to suck on your nipple. I race back down and take one nipple into my warm mouth and the other in my hand. Licking and sucking on it, you can feel the waves of passion run through your body.

The excitement of what's being done and the allure of the stranger watching. Your pussy begins to pound as you push my head towards it, not wanting me to waste any time, you tell me to lick you.

As I start to lick your clit, I notice how wet you've become, thinking to myself that you are easliy aroused, I taste your pussy. It tastes better than ever, and I find that my cock is aching, wanting to fuck you.

As you get closer to an orgasm, you lift your head just a little and look over to see if your stranger is still watching. Much to your surprise, not only are they watching, they've removed some of their clothes.

You're a little shocked to see that it's another woman who's been spying on you. Unable to take their eyes off you, you look at her with knowing eyes.

Your facial expressions tell her that your close, so close. She sees the wonton lust in your eyes, wishing that she could trade places with you, or better still join you.

Closing your eyes for a moment, you relax yourself enough to allow that familiar rush. The explosion of your orgasm makes you scream out,

"Oh, God, yes!...Ohhhh, I'm Cumming!!"

Upon hearing your moans and screams, your voyeur brings herself to near orgasm, letting out little whimpers as she's getting close.

Oblivious of our friend, I quickly slide my cock into your very wet pussy. You lift your legs to wrap around my back as I slide my hard cock in and out.

I'm so close again, that my moans are becoming louder and louder, drowning out any sounds from our visitor. My hips rock back and forth as I shoot load after load of cum deep inside your pussy.

As I hold myself up, you sit up, kiss me, tell me that you've always wanted to perform for an audience. Still not knowing what your talking about, I ask,

"What audience?"

You just point in the direction of our mystery woman. I turn to look at her. She's deep in the throws of her own orgasm and no longer even notices us.

We laugh and jump back into the eighth pool to quickly rinse the sweat off. As we get dressed, our mystery friend dissapears. We work our way back to our car and drive back to our resort....................

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