Eighth Floor, With A View


After going through my normal workout routine, adding five and sometimes as many as ten repetitions to my usual sets, I felt like a teenager with raging hormones. I finished up and collected my things and headed out the door. I didn't spot her anywhere so I left for home.

I stopped by our favorite liquor store, one of those large liquor outlet places that cater to upper-middle class assholes like myself. I grabbed a bottle of the Australian Merlot that Sarah and I liked so well.

As I prepared to swipe my debit card I spotted condoms in between Juicy Fruit gum and hangover pills. Sarah was on birth control so we didn't have much use for condoms but I thought that it might not hurt to be prepared since Carmen had been enthusiastic in welcoming me to the neighborhood to say the least.

On the way to my car I retrieved the box of condoms from the brown paper bag, I ripped it open and placed the three condoms in my pocket. I threw the box into the trash receptacle beside the door and thought to myself with my unsuspecting girlfriend in mind, "You can never be too careful."

I hurried home and showered, brushed my teeth, checked the stubble on my chin and decided to shave quickly. I dressed casually in a T-shirt, pair of denim carpenter shorts and Nike's and at six twenty-five I was knocking at the door of apartment 8-A.

Carmen opened the door, welcomed me inside with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek. She was looking as yummy as ever!

She had on a dress, if you could even say that much, that consisted of two strips of black satin-like material that spilt at the waist, then traveled up over her breasts, over her shoulders and met again behind her neck. The dress didn't cover much below the waist either, it ended just below the cheeks of her ass. Under this she was wore black fishnet stockings and a pair of black leather high heels.

I hadn't even scanned the rest of the room, not having taken my eyes off of Carmen, until she said casually, "Chris, I would like you to meet Alicia."

A voice to my right responded, "Hi, Chris, I've heard all about you. And from the looks of things Carmen didn't exaggerate at all."

I looked to the source of the voice and was nearly as stunned as when I saw my neighbor in her stunning attire. There stood a tall brunette with long, curly black hair and dark almond shaped eyes, just a hint of makeup and a small diamond stud in her left nostril. She stood maybe five-seven. She obviously worked out also, but wasn't as muscular as Carmen.

She too, wore an outfit that looked more suited on a high priced hooker than on two friends on a casual dinner date. She wore a white low cut top that covered little more than her nipples and about two or three ribs, a matching diamond in her belly button and a black skirt and sheer black stockings, but no shoes. She had already made herself at home with a drink in her right hand.

Alicia offered me her hand and spoke with a wide grin showing her impeccably white smile, "You know, you should really watch this one, she can be a bit unpredictable at times. As the case is with most red heads."

Carmen interrupted, "Why don't you two have a seat out on the balcony while I finish dinner? Make yourself useful, Alicia, and show Chris to the bar?" She took the bottle of wine and added, "Oh, I'm sorry, let me get that for you. I'll put this in the dining room."

I followed the tall brunette to a mini bar beside the sliding glass doors that led out onto a modest balcony.

"I'm having brandy, help yourself. Glasses are here, join me outside when you're finished. Oh, and if you want ice it's here," she said replenishing her snifter and pointed toward a small refrigerator-freezer combo that would most likely be seen dorm. She slipped out the door to sit at the small round patio table outside.

I grabbed a snifter out of the rack overhead and added three cubes of ice and poured myself the equivalent of a triple of Courvoisier and joined my new found friend on the balcony.

We got acquainted with each other as we watched the beautiful Kentucky horizon darken from a deep blue to a crimson haze in the late summer afternoon. Alicia finished her drink first and took my glass for a refill.

She returned with another snifter of cognac on ice when out of the blue she said, "Have you fucked Carmen yet? She said she hasn't but I never believe that bitch."

My jaw dropped after hearing these words. I stuttered as I tried to offer, " No, actually we haven't. It seems she's quite the voyeur and has watched my girlfriend and I fuck. Among other various acts." I was feeling the warm glow of a buzz from the cognac, where normally I would have been a bit uncomfortable with the subject matter having just met this attractive specimen of a woman.

"Oh, I heard about your online film show. I was talking to her while she was watching," she said swirling the remains of her drink around the glass. "As a matter of fact I had to come over and comfort the poor thing after she got tore up from watching you stroke yourself like that."

I had begun to sense the sexual tension between this woman and I when Carmen popped her head out the door to announce that dinner was ready. We gave each other lustful glances and then I followed Alicia inside.

The aroma was unbearable upon reentering the apartment. She apparently fixed something Italian as I could smell healthy doses of garlic and oregano as well as a hint of chicken.

Alicia obviously had quite a buzz and as she passed Carmen in the kitchen she leaned over and sucked her lower lip in her mouth then kissed her briefly but passionately. I could tell that Alicia was giving her more than a mere peck on the lips, that is for sure.

She then asked Carmen calmly, "What's for dinner, love? It smells fantastic whatever it is."

Carmen replied, "Roast chicken breast, fettuccini Alfredo and a Caesar salad." She then glanced in my direction and asked, "I hope I didn't use too much garlic, you must forgive me, I tend to use too much."

This was unreal, I thought to myself. These two women obviously are not just mere friends, by the conventional use of the word. I heard Carmen's question but I was tuned out and quickly snapped back to the present conversation, "Oh no, there's no such thing as too much garlic where I'm concerned," I said with a slight drawl, my Kentucky accent becoming more prominent because of the drink.

Dinner went well, we joked and laughed as we touching on our careers and goals in life. Alicia was the first to leave the table and Carmen and I soon followed. Alicia had went outside for a cigarette, I wasn't even aware that she smoked until this time.

After she lit her cigarette she removed a small mirror and a glass vial from her purse and lined out what appeared to be healthy portions of coke.

"Would you two like some of this? It's primo shit! It's Peruvian," she said and placed a rolled dollar bill to her right nostril. Alicia took a line swiftly up her right nostril, then repeated the act with her left.

Carmen declined, as did I. "I did a blow a couple of times. It always made me a sadistic sex fiend, someone's fuckin' grandma wouldn't be safe around me on coke," I said.

We were all seated around the table, and calmly I turned to Alicia and said, "So, Alicia, are you like Carmen, do you like to watch, be watched or what?"

She looked at me as if a bit surprised and said, "Nah, I don't get into that shit much. I'm into chicks and everything but my thing is bondage." She said inhaling from her cigarette deeply, "I also like to role-play certain scenarios."

"Like what?" I asked, intrigued. She had definitely gotten my attention.

"Well, for instance, I like to have my lover pretend to resist. Or sometimes I like to play the victim. Umm, let me see. Then there's blindfolds, I like to take a sexy woman like Carmen here and cuff her, blindfold her and let strangers fuck her at random."

My cock was throbbing wildly as these tales of taboo promiscuity excited me. I glanced between the two women as Carmen stared at my bulging crotch and Alicia tried to make eye contact with Carmen as if she sought approval.

Suddenly, Carmen stood up and said, "Why don't I go get us some cuffs and we'll have us some fun, don't go away you two." She looked me dead in the eyes as she uttered the word fun, then promptly turned and went inside.

Alicia looked over towards me as she was unzipped her skirt and said, "Oh my, am I going to have some fun with you." Then she let the skirt fall to the floor revealing her perfectly hairless pussy. Next she removed her top, as she wore no bra, and added it to the collection on the floor, revealing flawless massive tits. They had to be altered I thought as my cock ached for attention.

Carmen returned with a pair of cuffs and what appeared to be a life-like dildo and a smaller plastic vibrator. So apparently she was joking about the fun part.

Alicia took the cuffs from Carmen, walked near me and said, "First thing we need is to get you cuffed. There's nothing like a captive audience." She took my right arm, she moved to the rear of the deep cushioned chair I was in and slipped the cuff over my wrist and secured it. She then grabbed my left arm and squeezed the bicep. She said admiringly, "My, my, what a healthy specimen we have here." Next she slid my other arm behind me and cuffed it as well.

I felt her long nails run down my left shoulder and onto my chest, causing gooseflesh as she returned to the front of me and took a seat on the table. Carmen moved in front of Alicia, allowing me a generous view of her perfectly sculpted ass. Alicia placed her arms onto Carmen's shoulders and they began a passionate kiss, letting her hands slip down to squeeze that ass.

Carmen became the aggressor with Alicia leaning back, allowing her lover access to her entire body. She worked from Alicia's earlobes to her neck then down to her voluptuous tits. Paying extra attention to her dark aureoles and nipples. Next she kissed on down her toned stomach and onto to her hairless pubic area.

My cock felt as if it had been super glued to my boxers as I watched these two women make love to each other. I suddenly heard a wet, slurping sound as Carmen began working on her lover's snatch. I was in agony, but at the same time it was extremely erotic. I felt completely helpless and, by-god, I liked it!

I had been involved in many threesomes but never with such beautiful lovers. And certainly never in this type of situation, being a I was accustomed to being the aggressor.

I heard Alicia begin to moan louder than ever as Carmen had introduced a dildo to the act and increased the rhythm of her licking. Alicia had a handful of her lover's red hair and was pulling her head in the middle of her muscular vise-like thighs. Her moans became high-pitched squeals as Alicia praised God in all His glory as she came.

I don't think that I had ever been so aroused in my life. I was nearly cumming without even touching myself. My dick was so hard it actually hurt. "I believe you bitches forgot me here! At least give me a taste, Jesus!" I pleaded, my voice crackling.

Carmen then moved aside and began undressing as Alicia slid off of the table and walked near me and took me by the chin and kissed me. I could taste raspberries, probably some sort of lip balm, mixed with the bitter taste that I recognized as cocaine.

Alicia turned her attention to my crotch as she slid her hand down to pet my aching erection. "Let's get you out of these and let me see that monster in person." She said, as I bathed in the fumes of the alcohol on her breath. As she was removing my pants, I raised my ass up off the deep cushion of the chair and looked up to see Carmen working on her swollen pink labia with the tan rubber dick.

My cock sprang up and slapped my stomach as it was free of the waistband of my boxers. She didn't bother to remove my shorts or boxers, rather let them remain bunched at my feet. She then retrieved her vial of coke from the table and got on her knees at my feet.

"Hey what the fuck are you doing?" I asked her, my eyes wide.

"This is so you don't explode, umm, prematurely." She replied with a wink, "From the looks of your underwear you got very excited."

Knowing that I could lose my job if I had to be tested, I started to protest but before I had time she had opened the vial and sprinkled a bit on the tip of my penis. Quickly she began coating the head of my manhood with a thick white paste, a mixture of precum and coke.

Instantly I felt a cool, numb feeling spread through my most sensitive organ. She eased her finger into her mouth licking it clean and began the same process to my cock. She grasped it at the base and began to softly flip the tip with her tongue.

She then put her lips on the side of my curved penis and began to slide slowly down, making a powerful suction. The sensation was incredible. After making several trips on the right side, she shifted the position of her body and repeated the procedure on the left.

Meanwhile, Carmen had added the small vibrator to the assault on her swollen, pink genitals. She had half the length of the eight-inch flesh colored vibe inside her, while she used the white plastic one on her swollen clitoris.

She continued her movements as she watched our scenario until her body convulsed violently, biting her bottom lip she looked into my eyes. After her orgasm had ended she stood up, and placed her toys on the table.

I lost track of her as Alicia took my eight inches and gobbled at the base, as if looking for more. I felt my numb cock jerk as my cock head was pressed firmly into her throat. She slid up off me with a thick string of precum stringing from my tip and kissed me in the mouth and I could taste a faint saltiness. Normally I would have protested, but at this point I was just about game for anything.

Alicia stood u before me and placed her hands under my arms, standing me upright as Carmen let the chair back to a completely horizontal position. Pushing me down onto my back she straddled me and placed the tip of my cock at the opening of her lovely opening and rubbed it between her slippery lips.

I started to protest about having unprotected sex, but didn't because of the heat of the moment. I would have to remember to get rid of the unused condoms in my pocket before Sarah discovered them.

Carmen then moved around beside me and threw one leg over my face, facing Alicia. She lowered her hot pussy to my eager, waiting mouth.

After slipping my tip inside her, Alicia began to gradually work my shaft into her pussy as it stretched to accept me while Carmen thrust her hips in a forward motion fluidly as my tongue rubbed between her inner lips and on her swollen clitoris. I felt hot pussy juice run down the side of my face as she grew even hotter.

An automatic lighting system kicked on and the balcony was flooded with florescent light as the sun was now out of sight from this angle.

After she had worked my shaft inside her, Alicia at first just sat still clenching her powerful vaginal muscles around me. My head imbedded in her uterus, she began moving her hips in a sideways motion before beginning to move vertically.

Both of my partners were becoming more and more excited, words cannot describe the sensations I was experiencing. Each time my cock was forced into Alicia's uterus I felt myself spasm, releasing precum with every stroke as her weight and the force of her strokes milked me.

Alicia was the first to cum as she ground into me with her hips working in a back in forth motion. I felt her pussy clench me fiercely as her body rocked in time with the convulsions in her cunt.

This must have excited Carmen because she increased the pace of her thrusts, as she became more vocal. Her moans became squeals as she paused and began her orgasm.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! YES!YES!" she screamed as her body shook.

My senses were soon overwhelmed from having one delicious pussy on my face and another spearing itself on my cock as I drew closer to an explosion of volcanic proportions.

I felt my cock grow even harder and Alicia said, "Oh yeah, come on, I feel you getting close. Give me that hot cum!"

I felt her swollen vulva almost peel the flesh of f the tip of my dick as her vaginal muscles tightened almost to the point of denying my entry.

She felt my swelling as she switched to an up and down motion and increased her speed. I erupted inside Alicia as she screamed at me, telling me to cum harder.

Still squeezing me, she began slowing her pace but increasing the pressure within her cavity, Alicia milked me for what felt like my life savings.

I backed away and pleaded, "Could you please take these off? I can't feel my arms."

"Oh, sure thing," she said moving behind me as Alicia stood up taking her vial and heading for the table.

I felt my right arm freed then my left I said, "That has to be the most amazing experience of my life!" I said, still amazed at the events that had just transpired.

Alicia lined out more cocaine and snorted it quickly and then dressed. She thanked Carmen for dinner, kissed her lovingly on the mouth. Then she squatted down in front of my chair, "You did okay," she said with an affectionate smile as she caressed my limp prick. "I'm sure we'll meet again." She kissed me lightly and was gone, quickly stuffing her coke and the mirror into her purse.

I began to get dressed and so did Carmen, neither of us talked. It was awkward for me, as I'm sure it was for her also.

"That was awesome, you know, but I do regret not getting to feel your pussy on me," I said glancing up her lean body, noticing how sexy she was with her hair slightly disheveled.

"You'll get your chance. Trust me you will." She said without the trace of a grin as she stared into my eyes, "How about something to drink? I am parched. Help yourself while I freshen up." And she headed towards the door, "There's plenty of wine left, you know where the bar is and if you don't want alcohol there's other stuff in the fridge."

She went through the door and I didn't see her for almost twenty minutes. I heard her phone ring twice before she answered it. She talked for a few minutes and then reappeared.

"You really have to get out of here now," she said returning to the living room where I had been waiting on her. "There is going to be some trouble and I don't want him to know you were here." Carmen was clearly upset, it looked as if she might have even been crying.

She had apparently showered and changed into a casual pair of shorts and T-shirt.

I said, "What is going on? I don't want to leave if I have been the cause of any trouble. Just hold on a minute."

Carmen approached me, clearly on the brink of tears, "He's so fucking crazy when he's like this. That was Larry, Alicia's husband. He found out that she had been over here and is on his way now."

"Well, I won't let him hurt you while I am here," I said taking her into my arms caressed the nape of her neck.

"It's just that he's so jealous of me. We had a fling at their place one night and he obviously felt threatened by me, so he told her not to see me anymore," she said even closer to tears.

Having said this she turned her face to mine and I hadn't before seen her as a vulnerable young woman but as a seductress.

She moved her lips to mine and we kissed passionately. The kiss became more and more heated, she placed one hand around my waist and one at the button of my shorts and began to unbutton them.

She grasped the zipper, unzipping them, she then worked my shorts and boxers into a bundle around my knees as she fondled my hardening cock.

"I need to feel you right now," she gasped as I slipped her elastic band shorts off her hips and down her thighs.

Turning around she stepped the rest of the way out of her shorts, bracing herself with her arms on the counter top.

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