At that moment he slumped over her falling on her already sore nipple. She felt one last slice through her center as he finally withdrew from her. As soon as he pulled away from her she pulled her knees up to her chest and fell to her side on the desk.

Lord Hawthorn pulled from Eirin and stood back from her watching her lay sideways on the desk. He quickly looked away from her and told Jonathan to lock her in the 'whore's room' next to his. Jonathan pulled her over the desk and onto the floor. Without giving her a chance to get her balance he jerked her from the room by her elbow. After she was gone he pulled his pants up without bothering to look at his now limp dick. He was beginning to rethink what he had done.

He had let his emotions rule him, and he never did that. No, he would now get back to work, as he had originally planned. She got nothing less than what she deserved. She was probably a slut anyway. If he had gone any slower, or been any nicer she would have enjoyed it, and that would have defeated the purpose. She would never refuse or disobey him again, of that she was sure.

Eirin felt herself being dragged along, but she couldn't seem to get her mind to connect with her feet. As hard as she tried to keep up she kept tripping over herself. On the stairs she tripped on her now useless dress and banged her knee, but the big man did not release her, merely bumped her up three more stairs before she was able to get her other hand down to steady herself again.

She then found herself following him down a dark hallway and into huge room. Before she could even begin to look around she was shoved into a dark room and the door was shut behind her and the lock was clicked. She had been abused, and shut into a dark room; she wasn't sure how much more she could take. She put her hand out in front of herself and tried to find out how big the room was. She knew that she would faint before long, but with any luck she would manage to find a safe place to lie down before that happened. She was inching her way along the wall when her head hit something hard and she knew no more.


Christopher Hawthorn sat at his desk staring blindly out the window. Look what she made me do! What a spoiled girl she was. Well, she would learn quickly enough that he wasn't a man to be trifled with. He was someone who would teach her that he was the one in charge, and she would either follow suit, or fall behind. Well, he couldn't leave her up there, he would have to send someone up to check on her and make sure she was alright.

He called for Maria and sent her up to the room to check on her condition and make sure she didn't need anything. He would decide later how he would deal further with her. The one thing he could not understand was how he felt while he was inside of her. He couldn't come up with a good way to describe it, except it felt right. Just as he came to this conclusion he heard a scream from the second floor. He was on his feet and running up the stairs in seconds. The scream was coming from his own chambers; he ran through them and drew to a halt at the doorway to Eirin's room. She was lying face down on the floor with blood pooling underneath her from both her pussy and her head.

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TO His definition....

Permanent damage means you are still alive but damaged. Like scarred missing limbs etc. So far his being a Dick but hasn't broken his word.

Not sure how the Lord knows everything but not that the manmore...

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His definition of permanent or dangerous

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