tagIncest/TabooEither is Not the Only Choice

Either is Not the Only Choice


Because this story contains incest, first time sex, oral, threesome sex, and some romance it was difficult to put it in one category. The farm no longer exists outside this story.


Living on a farm, miles from town and a mile from our nearest neighbor centered my young life on my parents. For months I didn't see anyone but them. I lived believing that my life was like the life of any other kid. All that changed when I started school.

The nearest school started with first grade so I was almost six when I started school. On the first day I learned that I was different and my family was different.

I was taken from the office to my first grade class and greeted there by Miss Armstrong, the teacher. I was assigned a seat and my first day at school began. Miss Armstrong asked each student about their family and who had brought them to school that day. Most of the kids in my class were the oldest child in their families and had either one or two other kids in their families. Every one of them were brought to school by either Mom, Dad, or both.

"Nick, your turn."

"I have no brothers or sisters. Inga and Hans had two children when they lived in Denmark before the war but they died in the war. Hans brought me to school today."

"Are Inga and Hans your Mom and Dad?" the teacher asked.

"No. They are my parents. My Mom and Dad are in heaven."

For the years that I attended that school I heard about how sad it was that my "real parents" were dead. I also heard cruel and hurtful remarks about living with foreigners instead of my "real family." Those things hurt. I loved Inga and Hans and they were my real family, my real parents!

I did miss not calling Inga Mom. She didn't want me to call her that because she said, "You have a Mother and a Father and they are in heaven. You only get one Mother and one Father but you can lots of people who love you and care for you."

As I spent time with other children I discovered other ways my family was different. Lots of the kids in my class started school without knowing much. The teacher started by teaching the alphabet and many of the kids didn't know it. Some could only count to ten. Miss Armstrong held up a picture of a hen and asked what it was. I raised my hand and said, "A Rhode Island Red." The kids laughed and Miss Armstrong corrected me by saying it was a picture of a chicken. I knew it was a chicken. I thought she wanted to know what kind.

Inga had taught me the alphabet when I was two. By three she and I read books every day. Once a week Hans would drive into town and buy things we needed and stop at the library. When I started school I was reading books on my own.

Inga and Hans taught me every day. I knew what kind of horse we had, and what kind of chickens and pigs. In our garden we grew flowers and vegetables. I knew the names and how to care for each different plant. I worked in the garden every day with Inga and worked helping Hans often as well.

By the time I was ten Inga, Hans and I were doing algebra, reading books and all manner of other things that caught our interest. My classmates, for the most part, read what was assigned, studied only as much as they were required and hated school.

Our family locked up our home every Christmas vacation and went somewhere. Hans wanted to see America and so we traveled. We went at Christmas because farmers are pretty busy during spring, summer, and fall. I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time on Christmas day when I was twelve.

Inga and Hans had grown up in Sweden and Denmark. In a different place and much different times than I grew up. They worked at becoming Americans and adopting American ways of doing things. Still, some things from their experiences growing up came with them. When I was hit by puberty I became aware of one of those differences.

When I was little Inga or Hans would strip me down and take me with them into the shower. We got clean and we played in the water. As I got older we still showered together, saw each other naked, and left the bathroom door open most of the time. I had grown up seeing Inga and Hans naked without shame or discomfort.

In warm weather we worked in the garden without clothes. It saves the clothes and skin is easier to wash than clothes, Inga said. Hans and I built a shower outside near the back porch so we could clean up before going into the house. When the shower was done the three of us showered together and laughed in celebration of such a wonderful new thing. In that shower things changed for me.

I was washing Hans' back and Inga was washing me. Then Hans said, "Switch!" and we all turned around. My soapy hands were on Inga's breasts. I had washed her body hundreds of times with thoughts of how smooth her skin was and how squishy her breasts felt. I'd asked her years before about why Hans and I had penises but she only had hair. She had shown me that she did have more than hair. Now as I washed her I had a strange feeling. I was getting an erection.

I'd had lots of them. I had one almost every morning when I woke up. I'd read the two books we got from the library about "Boys growing up." This was the first time I got a boner (a word the boys at school used) in front of Inga or Hans.

"I think our boy is growing up, Hans."

"I noticed."

"I'm embarrassed," I said, blushing.

"No need to be," Inga said. "Erections are normal and natural. Hans has them too."

"I never saw him with one."

"I do have them. Inga is a sexy woman and I am attracted to her."

That incident led to a few conversations about sex and then to conversations about the responsibility a man has for his sexuality and how he uses it. It was a mostly academic discussion for a long time.

I went through junior high and high school knowing girls were there and being interested without ever doing much about the interest. I was one third of the work force on our farm and with studying and farm work I had no real time to focus on girls and dating.

In my senior year I sat next to Angela Jensen for second period. I had known her since the first day of first grade. Back then she was a skinny, blond haired, smart mouthed girl. Now, she looked different. She was taller, had hips, legs, and lumps in her sweater. Best of all when she moved I could smell her. Worst of all every time I smelled her I got another boner. I walked between second and third period classes carrying my books in front of my Levis.

After a week of this I told Inga and Hans and asked what I could do. They talked about the dilemma and concluded that I should learn to masturbate. That way I could relieve some of the pent up pressure I was feeling. Hans took me out on the back porch and showed me a way to masturbate. He coached me on technique and watched me do it until I had my first masturbation orgasm. He taught me how to clean up, talked to me about the social rules for masturbation and then he went back in the house. I thought about Andrea as I masturbated and quickly had another orgasm. I cleaned up and went in the house for supper.

I established a pattern and masturbated twice a day; once before I went to school and once as soon as I got home. Because Hans and Inga didn't make it anything taboo or shameful I didn't hide. Most days I did it sitting on the back porch. I thought about Andrea almost every time. Once in a while I thought about Inga. Hans was right, she was beautiful. She had always been beautiful to me but now she was starting to look sexy.

Over the summer after high school I rode into town as often as I could. I went swimming at the city pool, played baseball at the park, all the stuff the city kids did, I did. I wanted to be around the girls.

As I was getting ready to leave the house one day Inga and Hans sat down with me and Hans said, "Remember the talks we had about sexuality?"

"Of course."

"We think it is time you learned more. Pretty soon you will start dating and there are things you need to know."


Inga spoke, "We want you to know how to do the things couples do together."

Hans interrupted, "Not just know how but be good at them."

"Yes, Hans is right. Sex is not the most important part of a relationship but it is very important. If you are not a good kisser you may never get to the really good parts of sex. Do you understand?"

"I think so."

"Perhaps this will help. Hans, please kiss me like I am someone you know but aren't attracted to."

Hans leaned over and his lips touched hers lightly and for perhaps two seconds.

"Thank you. Now kiss me."

Hans took her face in his hands and gently touched his lips to hers. Seconds later I could tell their mouths were open and their tongues touching. They held each other's bodies and pressed them together. I started to get an erection. When they ended the kiss I noticed that Hans must have had an erection too. His pants were tented in front like mine.

"Nick, stand here in front of me, please."

"Now kiss me."

I had kissed Inga a thousand times over the years, on the cheek, and a few times on the mouth. This was different. She wanted me to kiss her like Hans kissed her. As I took her face in my hands I heard Hans coaching me.

"Don't hurry. When your lips touch be soft and gentle. You aren't holding her face, you are caressing it. Let your hands be oh so gentle. When you need a breath back away just enough and the move your nose to the other side of her nose and kiss her again."

I had listened to Hans coaching me all my life. Riding a bike, playing catch, hitting a baseball, and playing chess were all learned with his coaching. I trusted that voice. I did just what he said. After five or twenty kisses Inga said, "Enough!"

I dropped my hands and pulled back. Had I done something wrong?

"Nick, while we were kissing what were you thinking about?"

"Kissing you,"

"Were you thinking about doing it right?"

"Yes. I want to be good at it."

"This may be the toughest part of this lesson. You think about all that when you aren't kissing. You think about everything you ever learn about kissing before you kiss me. When you kiss me you stop thinking and just kiss me."

"Kissing is like that meditation stuff the Buddhists do?"

"In a way, yes. If you can kiss me without thinking about technique you will kiss me as an expression of why you are kissing me. I will feel the authenticity of that stronger than any technique."

"Why am I kissing you?"

"Because it is a powerful way for people to tell each other the love each other, that they care for each other and the want to share Life with them."

"May I kiss you again, please?"

The answer was an unspoken yes. I held her face and looked into Inga's eyes. I don't think I had ever looked into her eyes as I did right then. Slowly we came together and I was aware of the warmth of her lips and the breath passing between us. I thought about how much I loved Inga. I disappeared.

I came back when the kiss ended. I cannot tell you anything about that kiss except her reaction to it. When the kiss ended she pulled back just a little, keeping her arms around me.

"Sweet heart, I have been kissed by your soul. Hans, I am dripping. Our son will be a wonderful lover."

"Inga, what does that mean?"

"Nick, when a woman is kissed as an expression of love her body reacts. It reacts by lubricating her vagina. That is her body's way of getting ready for coitus."

"Coitus is when a man puts his penis in a woman's vagina."

"Yes. When a man is ready he has an erection. When I am ready I lubricate."

"Then I think our bodies are ready."

They both laughed. I laughed too but wasn't quite sure what was funny.

Hans kissed Inga and told me that that was the lesson for today. Inga said that I should not practice on any of the girls in town, yet. She said I could practice with her anytime I wanted but until I had at least four more lessons I was not to kiss any of the girls that lived or visited our county. I promised.

Hans took Inga back in the house and they stayed in there for a long time. I cleaned the chicken coop, swept the barn and fed the hogs while they were gone. I also masturbated. I thought of kissing Inga as I came.

The next day I was awakened by Inga crawling into bed with me. I had been sleeping nude since I was six and I knew Inga and Hans did to. She snuggled up close and kissed me. I kissed her back. When the kiss ended she said, "Kiss my neck, please."

I shifted on the bed and felt my morning boner press against Inga. Then I kissed her neck, starting at her collarbone and working my way to her earlobe. I kept thinking, "I kiss you to tell you I love you." When I reached her ear lobe I sucked it in and held it. Inga squirmed a little.

I moved to the other side of her neck. I kissed from the lobe to the collarbone, not for any reason but that is what I did. I was loving Inga.

After I reached her collarbone I shifted again and kissed her mouth. She sucked my tongue in and I felt the inside of her mouth. Our lips pressed together softly at first and then with a feeling of urgency. She tasted so good! I reminded myself that my body was saying "I love you".

Many kisses later Inga reached down and wrapped her hand around my erection. Thousands of times she had held and touched and washed my penis since I was a baby. She had never held my erection like this.

"I'm going to teach you another way people kiss. Is that OK with you?"


The blankets flew back as Inga tossed them to the floor of my room. She moved so that her head was near my erection. She moved closer still and touched her lips to the head of my boner. She kissed the head over and over and it felt incredible! Her lips opened and she sucked me in! The feeling was unbelievable! I felt the cum rise like when I masturbated but stronger. I didn't know what to do with my hands and ended up holding Inga's head as I filled her mouth with my load. Somehow she swallowed every drop.

She let me drop from her mouth and smiled at me. "Did you like that?"

"Yes! That was incredible! Did you do that so I could learn how to do that to Hans and other men?"

"No. However, if you decide you would like to see if you like giving that kind of pleasure I'm sure Hans would let you. I did that to show you that oral pleasure is wonderful and it is not limited to one way."

"You don't have a penis. Can someone give you oral sex? All your parts are inside."

Inga opened her legs and I noticed she was shaved. I'd never seen her without hair on her vulva. I'd seen drawings in books but I didn't really know what I was looking at. Now a warm, wet vulva was right there inches from my face. Inga pointed out and named the parts. She had me touch and notice the different feels. She had me lick her outer lips and notice how they swelled from being stimulated. I licked some more and noticed she was getting wetter. I used my fingers to open her lips wide and I licked in between the lips, where it was slippery and wet. She tasted good, and I loved the smell. I had licked with a wide tongue and now I pointed it as best I could, looking for the features I had seen so I could feel them with my tongue. I did.

I paid attention to the reaction I got from each place I touched. Inga loved having my tongue in her vagina. She loved when I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and she shook and screamed when I sucked on her clitoris. Juices flowed from her as she shook and her breathing was ragged. Her hands held my head and pressed my face into her vulva.

"Oh Nick, suck my pussy!"

"Pussy?" I wonder why anyone would call it that.

I may have been wondering but I kept licking and sucking her pussy as I lapped up every drop of her juices. Finally, she pushed me away.

"Enough! You'll kill a woman if you do that too long!"


"No, but my nerve endings get so sensitive that I can't stand it any more."

We cuddled for a while and then got up to start our day. Around a farm there are always things that need to be done. I ate breakfast and went out to do them. I cleaned the coop, fed and watered the hogs, brushed and cared for our horse and put fresh hay in her part of the barn. I swept the barn, both porches on the house and was thinking about washing the outside windows when I saw Inga in the garden.

I walked over and when she saw me she stood up from weeding. I embraced her and asked for a kiss. My arms were around her waist and her breasts pressed against my chest. I was already erect. She shifted and my boner was between her thighs. It felt great! We kissed. She held my ass and pulled me to her. I kept thinking, "My body is telling you I love you."

When the kiss ended Inga said, "We can't spend all day kissing. I have things to do besides feel my juices slide down my legs. Now, go back to work young man."

She turned and started to kneel back down when I slipped a finger into her juices. She jumped and tried to punch me. I bounced away and put my finger in my mouth. She laughed and said, "We've created a monster!"

That night I talked with Hans about oral sex and he told me about his preferences. I decided I wasn't interested in doing anything with a man at that time. I was learning about women and that seemed to be the most important to me.

A few days later I went into town and went swimming at the city pool. Most of the city kids were there at the pool. I was still interested in Andrea but she seemed more interested in Matt Williams. He was a year older than us and was getting ready to start his second year at the local junior college. His claim to fame was that he played football. It seemed the girls of our town really liked football players. We mostly hung out at the pool as a group and joked, laughed and had fun together. Matt invited the group back to his house to dance and have snacks. About ten of us went.

Matt danced just with Andrea. He put some slow songs on their record player and danced very close to Andrea. I wanted to dance with Andrea but since she was occupied with Matt I danced with Betsy and with Carole. I discovered I liked dancing with both of them and I watched Andrea at the same time. After dancing to a few songs Matt kissed Andrea when a song ended. At first I was jealous of Matt and then I paid attention to how he kissed Andrea. It was nothing like the kisses I had learned. One of the other girls saw the kiss too and recommended we play spin the bottle. Lucky for me one of the other kids didn't know how to play either so the girl, Betsy, who had recommended the game explained.

We sat in a circle and whoever was "it" spun a bottle lying on its side in the middle. The closest person of the opposite sex to where the bottle pointed when it stopped would kiss the person who spun the bottle.

Betsy spun first and the bottle pointed at Pete. Pete was the joker of our group and he made the kiss a joke. As their lips touched he made a loud smacking noise with his mouth. Betsy looked disappointed as she sat back down. Pete spun and the bottle aimed at Carole, the shyest girl in the whole town. I believed she would blush for the rest of her life if Pete kissed her. Again he made it a joke, by kissing her hand. Now it was her turn.

She spun the bottle and it landed on Matt. Carole said something about not kissing Matt as she looked at Andrea but Andrea urged her to "Go ahead, kiss him." Matt leaned over and kissed Carole full on the mouth and made the kiss last fifteen seconds or so. There were Ooooo's and Ahhhh's from the others around the circle as the kiss lasted.

Matt spun and got Betsy. She really wanted to be kissed by Matt. She put her arms around his neck and was in no hurry. Matt kissed her just like he kissed Carole and got more Ooooo's and Ahhhhh's as his reward.

Betsy spun and got me. A momentary look passed over her that said that she didn't want to kiss me but had hoped to get another shot at Matt. I leaned towards her and remembered my lessons. My lips touched hers and softly pressed against hers. I increased the pressure just a little and then backed away. The kiss didn't last long but was effective. I got her attention. We sat back down and I was told to spin. As I grasped the bottle I was thinking I wanted to kiss Andrea. As I spun the bottle I realized I really just wanted to kiss someone other than Inga.

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