Either is Not the Only Choice


The bottle went around four or five times and stopped, pointing at Betsy. She smiled at me and leaned forward. I got up on my knees and held her face in my hands. I gently kissed her and focused on thinking, "I am telling you I love you with this kiss." I lost track of time and only the voices of the other kids brought us back. We both blushed as we sat back down.

I was glad we sat down as I was getting hard. I didn't think that getting hard would be a socially acceptable thing in this group.

I spun the bottle and it landed on Betsy. I didn't get a chance to even get up on my knees! Betsy said, "Yes!" and jumped onto my lap. Her arms went around my neck and she leaned in for her kiss. As our lips touched I whispered, "Soft."

Our lips touched and she pressed hers against mine. Soft and warm with oh, so much pent up energy behind the touch. I put my arms around her waist and thought, "I am telling you I love you with this kiss." The pressure from our lips increased and she snuggled in closer to me.

Andrea said, "Hey, we're playing too!"

The others laughed. Betsy and I just kissed. I didn't touch her with my tongue and she didn't open her mouth in invitation. I just felt the energy between us and I liked it. When the kiss did end Betsy said, "I think I'll stay right here."

It was her turn to spin and she did. The bottle stopped on Matt. She leaned towards him and he leaned to her, then stopped.

"You sit on Nick's lap for a kiss and all I get is a lean?"

"When you can kiss like Nick I'll sit on your lap."

Matt heard a sharp intake of breath from the others. He had just been put down by Betsy. His face showed anger and determination and he leaned closer to Betsy for his kiss.

He puckered up and kissed Betsy. It didn't last long and when Betsy sat back against me she said, "I'll stay right here, thank you."

Everyone could tell Matt was upset. He had gone from the most popular boy to somewhere back in the pack in the space of fifteen minutes. We heard Matt's parents in the kitchen and knew they would be intruding on us very soon. We stashed the bottle under the couch and put a record on. When, a minute later, Matt's Mom came in with a tray of sandwiches we were all dancing.

She put the sandwiches down, held her hands over her ears to tell us the music was too loud, and then she went back in their living room. Betsy was still holding on to me. When the song ended Andrea and Carole grabbed Betsy and off they went for the bathroom. I found out later that what they wanted to know what was so special about kissing Nick. I also found out that Betsy told them that she felt the kiss all the way "down there!"

When they came back Andrea found the bottle and we all sat in the circle again. Betsy told everyone that she had had more turns than anyone so she was letting Andrea have her turn. Andrea spun the bottle and then she stopped it when it pointed at me. I almost hurt my face, I grinned so hard.

Andrea wanted to kiss me. She stood up and walked the two steps across the circle and sat down on my lap. I realized that this was probably something they had talked about while they were in the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around my neck just as Betsy had done and said, "Please kiss me."

I was more than ready. I leaned and she leaned. Our lips touched and I pressed gently. Andrea's lips were softer than Betsy's lips. They tasted differently. I thought again, "I am telling you I love you with this kiss." And, I put my hands just above her hips. The kiss ended and she said, "May I have another?"

Matt jumped up and said, "Enough of this stupid game! Let's do something fun!"

The boys all agreed that throwing a football out in the yard would be fun. They got up and expected the girls and me to follow. I never had liked football and couldn't think of a single reason I wanted to throw a football when the alternative was kissing.

We realized that we couldn't just stay in Matt's house and kiss while Matt and Pete and Henry were outside. So we did follow, slowly. I needed to go slowly because I was still hard. We watched Pete throw to Henry and then Henry threw the ball to Matt. Matt made a nice catch and then threw the ball to me, and he threw it hard. I had a new enemy. The ball hit me and I made a noise as it fell to the ground.

"What's wrong Nick, can't you even catch a football?" The taunt was from Matt. I was hurt and angry and took the bait.

"If I knew it was coming I could catch it. I don't want to play football."

"Nick would rather play with the girls. Maybe I should see if my sister will loan you one of her dolls."

"No thanks, I have all the dolls I want right here."

From there the fight started. Matt rushed me and tackled me. We rolled around on his front yard until his Dad came out and stopped the fight. He said I had to go home and that he would call my parents to let them know I had started a fight. I climbed on our horse and left. The horse must have been pretty smart because she walked off at a slower pace than usual when she was headed home. By the time I was four houses away I heard someone call my name. It was Andrea. I turned and she was running to catch up with me. Two steps behind her was Betsy.

"Is there room up there for us?" Betsy asked.

"You want a ride home?"

"Yes. We could walk home but it would take a long time."

I knew which of the two lived closest to where we were and I pulled her, Betsy, up in front of me. I pulled Andrea up behind me. I knew that our Belgian mare would have no problem carrying all three of us.

Andrea wrapped her arms around me and scooted up close behind me. At the same time she was doing that Betsy wrapped my left arm around her waist and pressed my hand against her belly. My right hand held the reins. The smell of these two girls overwhelmed even the smell of the eighteen hundred pounds of mare we were riding. When I began to feel my penis swell Betsy let me know she felt it by pushing back against me even more.

I directed our mare through the fields at the edge of town and for most of the first part of the ride to Betsy's house we were not close enough to houses to have been seen. Betsy wanted to talk about the day at the pool and the party at Matt's house. Andrea didn't say much. I said we probably shouldn't talk about Matt and the fight at all. Betsy wondered how much trouble I would be in when I got home.

I thought about that too. Hans would ask me for my story of what happened and then he would give me his advice. I wouldn't be in trouble at home for fighting. While I thought about what would happen at home I was quiet. I think both girls thought I was thinking about how bad I would be punished.

They changed the subject. Well, Betsy did.

"I like dancing with you, Nick."

"Thanks. Isn't it just like dancing with anyone?"

Andrea spoke up. "No. You don't try any funny stuff."

"Funny stuff?"

"Yeah," Betsy added, "Some boys think if you agree to dance with them they can grope your butt and stuff."

Both girls laughed. I listened and made mental notes.

"I like the way you kiss, too." Andrea whispered.

"Yeah." Echoed Betsy.

We rode along in silence until we were at the city park. Betsy said I needed to stop by the bathrooms. I did. We dismounted and went to our respective bathrooms. When I came out both girls were sitting on top of a nearby picnic table. I walked to them and asked, "Ready to go?"

"No. We want another kiss."

"OK. I like kissing you both. Who's first?"

"We decided I am first," Andrea said.

I was curious. "Why?"

"Because she's been kissing Matt and she needs better kisses. I only kissed him once. Ugh!" Betsy made a face and both she and Andrea laughed. Then Andrea got serious and asked for her kiss.

Sitting on the table she was just at the right height for kissing. She opened her legs and I stepped between them to get really close to her body. She wrapped her arms around me and I pulled her close and then we kissed. Again, I did nothing to take the kiss beyond our lips touching. I was pretty sure that neither of these girls had ever tongue kissed and would probably think me weird if I did it.

I felt her legs encircle my legs and pull my body to hers. At the same time she used her arms to pull me closer. When the kiss ended I did not back off at all. We breathed with our lips very close to each other. I decided to take a risk.

"May I kiss your neck?" I whispered.

I received an almost imperceptible nod. I bent to the left and my lips found her neck. I kissed, gently. Andrea shivered. I kissed from her ear down to the edge of her shirt. Each kiss was greeted with a shiver, a moan, or a small jerking motion. I was getting the signals Inga had said I would get.

I moved my lips back to Andrea's lips. Her breathing was faster and her face looked a little flushed. She took a deep breath and our lips touched.

A few seconds later her lips parted and her tongue touched my lips. When it retreated I touched her lips with my tongue. First the top lip, then the bottom. She shuddered. She ground her pussy against my hardness, and I think it was done automatically, without thinking.

When we ran out of breath I broke the kiss.

Betsy spoke up. "OK, my turn! Let him go!"

I smiled and gave Andrea a parting peck. Our lips touched for less than a second and she whimpered. She also let me go. I walked to the other end of the table and between Betsy's legs with the front of my pants tented. I knew that if Betsy touched my penis, even through my pants, I would unload into my shorts. She looked but said nothing and did nothing, with her hands.

We kissed and she wrapped herself around me much as Andrea had done. The difference was that she knew what my erection was all about and as our lips pressed together she really ground her pussy against me! I felt my juices rising and wanted to stop myself from cumming. I thought about Matt and the fight.

Betsy bit my lower lip. Not hard but enough to bring me back to the kiss. She opened her mouth a little and her tongue invaded my mouth. Betsy knew about kissing. At least, more than Andrea knew! I joined in the tongue touching and we really got hot together. I came suddenly. I had felt the urge for some time and when Betsy shifted against me I came! I moaned and didn't even recognize that it was me making the noise.

Betsy broke the kiss and softly asked if I needed to use the restroom. I did. I left them sitting on the table and went to the restroom marked "MENS."

Inside I went into a stall and pulled down my jeans and used toilet paper to clean myself up. When I came back outside Betsy was astride the mare and Andrea was waiting on the ground. I got on behind Betsy and helped Andrea up.

When we got to Betsy's house her Mom was sitting on the porch waiting for us. When she saw us she got up and came toward us.

"Young man, you need to go home. I spoke with Mr. Williams and he told me of your behavior."

Betsy spoke up. "Andrea and I saw what happened, Mom. Nick didn't start the fight, Matt did. Matt was angry at Nick because Andrea likes Nick more than Matt so Matt jumped on Nick. All Nick did was defend himself!"

"That's not the story Mr. Williams tells."

"Mr. Williams thinks his son, the football player, is Jesus. Matt agrees with his Dad."

"Did it happen like Betsy says, Andrea?"

"Yes Mam. Matt started it. If Nick had started it we wouldn't have let him bring us home."

"I would have called you to come get us," Betsy said. Her mom seemed convinced. Andrea had not jumped from the horse. Betsy's mom looked at us and said, "You take her straight home Nick. I'll call her Mom and tell her what really happened."

"Thank you, Mrs. Pederson. I appreciate it."

I nudged the mare and we left. I nudged her to a faster pace until we were out of sight of Betsy's home. I slowed the pace and Andrea and I talked. "Matt's not going to like either one of us from now on," Andrea volunteered.

"You're right about that. I'm likely to go home with a black eye next time he sees me."

"If he beats you up, come find me. I'll kiss it better."

"Now, that sounds like an offer I won't turn down."

We rode in silence for a ways.

"Nick, do you know where the old sugar warehouse is, north of town?"

"Sure. The river is just north of it and it's near the Svensen farm."

"Sometimes, when I want some time alone I go there. I can get some sun, even take a swim sometimes. No one ever goes there except me. If you went there you could even ride your horse. No one could see her."

"I was thinking of going somewhere to morrow that wouldn't be somewhere Matt might be. I wouldn't want to intrude on you if it's your private place."

"I'm inviting you."

"The only thing is, my Dad may have some farm stuff he wants me to do. Even my normal chores will take me until about ten. So, if I'm not there by noon I probably can't come until the next day. OK?"

"You really want to meet me there?"

"Yes! I like you."

"I like you, too."

The mare stopped by some tall grass and took a few bites. We were quite hidden from view and Andrea took advantage of that fact and turned around to face me. She put her legs over mine and scooted close. We kissed.

We kissed again. Then she broke the kiss and said, "I saw that you were kissing Betsy with your tongue. I've never done that."

"Want to?"

"Do you?"

I leaned the half inch and our lips touched again. I parted mine and touched her lips with my tongue. She opened her lips just a little and sucked my tongue into her mouth. She learned fast. Soon we were exploring and enjoying each other a lot. The mare shifted her weight and I knew we had better be on our way. Andrea's Mom was waiting for us.

Andrea almost fell off as she turned around, but I grabbed her just in time. It was an accident that when I grabbed I grabbed her breast. After she was seated again she put her hand over mine and said, "I like how that feels."

I removed my hand and said, "So do I, but no more today. We need to get you home."

The mare sped her home and Mrs. Anderson was standing on the porch. I walked the horse to the porch and Andrea jumped off.

"Nick, both Mrs. Pederson and I have spoken to your parents. You aren't in trouble but Inga asked me to tell you to hurry home."

"That will be easy Mrs. Anderson. Once I turn this mare for the barn she will go quickly." I waved and nudged her. "Thank you, Mrs. Anderson."

I was right. It wasn't long until I was in the barn making sure the mare was cared for before I went to the house. I walked into the house and Inga was standing at the stove. Hans was sitting at the table. Hans spoke first.

"Sounds like you had an exciting day."

"Too exciting for my tastes."

"I want you to tell us all about it," Inga said.

I told the story, leaving out the game of spin the bottle and the kissing. Inga had told me not to kiss anyone yet. They listened and accepted that Matt had been the antagonist. Hans wanted to know if I thought I was going to have any more physical incidents with Matt. I guessed that Matt wasn't about to let it go. His feelings were hurt and his status attacked.

Hans asked if I thought the fact that Matt was a towny and I was farm lad had anything to do with it. I said that was probably a factor. Inga was worried that I would get hurt. I told her that I had been working the farm since I learned to walk. I was not huge like Matt but I believed I was stronger and certainly faster than him. Hans told me not to hurt him too badly if the fight did happen. If I hurt him badly he would be an enemy for life.

I went to bed thinking about Matt, Andrea and Betsy. I thought about Andrea the most but felt my penis notice when I thought about kissing Betsy.

Sometime after I went to sleep I was joined in bed by Inga. She was nude and she woke me when she snuggled against me. She whispered near my ear.

"I can guess what the fight was about."

"I told you what it was about."

"You kissed Matt's girl didn't you?"

"Why would I do that?"

"Maybe you were all playing a game?"

"I didn't know what the game was until it started. I couldn't think of a way to say I didn't want to play."

"I warned you that your kisses were dangerous."

"I found out you were right. I don't know what to do now. Andrea wants me to kiss her more."

"I can only teach you how to be a lover. You will have to decide about how to be responsible with what you learn. I can tell you about the possible consequences of your actions but you will need to choose what to do."

As she talked to me she stroked me. I was hard and hoped she would suck me as she had done before. Inga took her time and continued to talk.

"Did you use your tongue?"

"Not at first. I was gentle and soft like you taught me. I held them softly and without touching their breasts or their butts."

"Show me."

I kissed her in the same way as my first kisses with Andrea and Betsy. In the second kiss Inga pushed her tongue through my lips and we were kissing with passion. I shifted on the bed and Inga was lying on my chest. I could feel skin to skin pressure against my hard penis.

"You must promise me you will not do this with the girls. If you do they could get pregnant. As much as you want to put your penis inside a girl's vagina, don't. If you want to do this come home and we can. I cannot get pregnant. When Lars was born the doctor damaged my uterus and I can no longer have babies."

She shifted again and I felt my penis slide into her vagina. Nothing prepared me for the feeling. We were joined in a way I had never imagined! I knew my penis was designed to fit in a vagina, I just didn't know it would feel like it did. I lifted my hips and thrust up into Inga. My head told me to go slowly, like good kissing. My body said hurry! I listened to both voices and thrust slowly and then fast and hard. Inga thrust back with matching intensity. The sounds of our breathing were soon joined by the sounds of her wetness being stirred by my penis. I loved the sound the first instant I heard it and have been addicted to it ever since.

As we joined Inga lifted herself up and sat astride my hips. Her breasts were bouncing slightly right in front of me. I grasped them with both hands and held them as we joined. I pinched her nipples and areola. Inga closed her eyes and moaned. As her arousal increased her motion went from smooth and rhythmic to jerky and frantic.

Suddenly she stiffened and began to shake. I knew she was having an orgasm. I felt her vaginal muscles gripping my penis. I thrust a couple more times and came myself. The feeling was quite different from cumming in my hand or even in Inga's mouth. I liked cumming inside her pussy more. Much more. I told Inga I liked cumming inside her.

Inga snuggled with me the rest of the night. She had always gone back to bed with Hans after a lesson at night. We napped and talked until the sun began to lighten the sky. I knew it was time to get to work.

We went outside to shower and begin the day. Hans joined us in the shower.

"According to some cultures you are now officially a man. Do you feel like a man?"

"More than I did yesterday, but no. I'm not a man, yet."

He asked, "When are you going to see her again?"

"Her?" I asked.

"Whoever it is besides Inga you are going to kiss again."

"Oh. She wants me to meet her at about ten this morning."

"Somewhere public?" Inga wanted to know.

"No. She has a secret place that she goes sometimes. She wants me to meet her there."

"If you go I advise you to go a long way around and avoid being seen if possible. If I remember being a boy correctly Matt has his spies out looking for you, and he has someone watching her, too,"

"You are probably right. I figured if I left at nine-thirty I could be there just after ten. If I'm taking the long way I need to leave sooner. If I get my work done by nine can I go?"

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