EJAX-472: Ch. 02


"I don't see how this is possible," Jane Nordstrom said skeptically and with some hint of mockery. "How can you get a man to have an orgasm by merely talking to him?"

"The mind is a sexual organ, Ms. Nordstrom. And don't forget that the subject is under the influence of my drug."

"Of course, that must be it!" she said with an air of impudence.

Sally looked hungrily at Stuart's cock as it pulsated in the air before her. She had a hard time keeping her eyes off it, and I had a funny feeling that she wanted to do more than simply stare at it. Thankfully, she had the good sense to abide by my wishes and kept her hands on her lap. "His balls are really getting big doctor," she said with some concern.

"As is the case with all of our other subjects, this is normal. He is now in a heightened state of arousal, but with the ability to control the his penile contractions and the amount of semen ejaculated."

Jane Nordstrom remained implacable. "This is something I have to see."

"Oh you will, Ms. Nordstrom. You will." I assured her. "And so that there will be no doubt in your mind that the orgasm is genuine, I want you to hold out your hands and catch the sperm as it shoots out."

Jane Nordstrom looked at me incredulously. "You want me to do what?"

"I want you to catch his cum in your hands," I said matter of factly.

"What on earth for?" she said somewhat alarmed.

"So that you will know that it's real. I want you to leave here today feeling absolutely sure that everything you have witnessed is true."

I felt a great sense of pleasure from her apparent discomfort. It was payback time and I was going to enjoy it.

"I'm not sure I like this idea," she said dismayed.

"You're the one who demanded proof," I said pointedly. "I'm going to give it to you."

She was going to say something more, but thought the better of it and accepted her situation. I had Lynette bring two pairs of protective plastic gloves, which both ladies put on. I then asked the audience to remain completely quiet as Jane Nordstrom and Sally began their verbal assault on Stuart's prick. Stuart's hands had been cuffed behind his back to prevent him from stimulating his own penis. I'm glad I had decided to employ this measure because he certainly would have tried to masturbate himself otherwise. As it was, all he could do was concentrate on the women's words and allow their sexy talk to stimulate him.

Jane Nordstrom stared at Stuart's rigid penis with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. "Hello!" she said addressing his cock. This made Sally chuckle.

"Sexy talk, Ms. Nordstrom," I urged her. "Sally, show her."

Sally gave me a knowing smile. She then looked up into Stuart's eyes and said in a low, soft, sensuous voice, "I'll bet you've been saving it up for days, huh? I mean, look at your balls. They're so fucking big!"

As if in response, Stuart's cock started to twitch.

"Did you see that? Jane Nordstrom commented.

"Talk to him!" I ordered.

"I don't know what to say," she said feebly. "I feel so silly."

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" Sally blurted out. "Talk dirty to him!"

Jane Nordstrom was now in the spotlight. Saying obscene things to Stuart was bad enough, but saying nothing was even worse. After a few moments had passed, she collected herself enough to begin.

"How big is that thing anyway?" she asked tentatively. "It looks about six or seven inches to me."

"I'd say seven inches tops." Sally offered.

"Would you? Well that's a pretty nice sized penis. Do you masturbate a lot?" Stuart nodded.

"I'll bet you do," she agreed. "I'll bet you'd like to masturbate yourself right now wouldn't you?"

Stuart nodded again.

"Of course you would. It's understandable with all that semen building up inside those big balls of yours."

Stuart's cock twitched once more. It was obvious her words were having an effect on him. She quickly looked at me as if seeking approval.

"Keep it up," I said encouragingly.

It must have been the approval she had been seeking, because I noticed a distinct change in her attitude just then. Her initial reticence seemed to have given way to some libidinous aspect of her personality heretofore hidden. Sally and I looked at each other in surprise as Jane Nordstrom began moving her head around the periphery of Stuart's engorged cock, admiring it as if it were some priceless artifact. Her voice rose in a series of gentle ooos and ahhs as she looked under his balls, then his cock, all from various angles.

"I think you're gonna shoot your load soon. Am I right?" she said teasingly.

Stuart's face was turning red and his breathing was becoming labored. This excited Jane Nordstrom immensely.

"What do you think Sally?" she inquired. "Does it look to you as if he's gonna cum for us soon?
"I would say real soon," Sally replied.

"And what makes you say that?"

"I can tell."

"How can you tell?"

"Well," Sally said, "those big plums of his are retreating into his body."

"And what does that mean?"

"It means that he's getting ready to ejaculate."

"I guess you would know. After all, you are a nurse."

"Yes, I am," Sally affirmed.

"And as a nurse, have you ever had to masturbate a patient?"

"I do it all the time," she said cheerfully.

"Really?" Jane Nordstrom exclaimed. "And do you enjoy masturbating them?"

"Absolutely. I love watching guys cum."

"It brings you pleasure then?"

"Yes. I love controlling a man like that. It gives me such a rush of power."

With those words the three of us watched in fascination as his prick swelled to even greater dimensions. I could actually see the veins in his penis throb as their lewd dialogue brought him inexorably toward the edge. Aware of the results she had inspired, Jane Nordstrom actually giggled, which took both Sally and me unawares. I could see that Stuart was now reaching the threshold of his endurance. Jane Nordstrom was getting into his masturbation via the spoken word and she was loving it.

She moved her face closer to Stuart's penis. "Ooops," she said in mock concern, "do I detect something wet around the tip of your penis?"

"That's just his pre-cum," Sally casually remarked.

"Pre-cum? What does that signify nurse Sally?"

"It means he's gonna cum any moment now."
"Are you sure?"

"I'm very sure."

At this point I noticed that Denise had risen quickly from her seat and stood on the platform above Stuart watching, with a sudden newfound interest, the masturbation of her boyfriend by the two women. She stood there with her arms folded across her chest, quietly observing as they teased him with their naughty discourse.

"Look!" Sally said to Stuart. "There's a lady standing right behind you. I think she wants to see you cum too."

Stuart turned his head and saw Denise smiling at him as if in approbation of all that was now happening to him. Her consent meant that he could now abandon any inhibitions he might have had and really enjoy himself. By this one act, he had now been redeemed in her eyes. As a result, his entire body stiffened up as it gave way to the overwhelming surge of lust that the two filthy mouthed women were provoking from him.

"Remember," Jane Nordstrom said to Stuart, "you are to ejaculate only once. You understand don't you?"

"Yes," he managed to blurt out between clenched teeth.

Then Jane Nordstrom did something completely unexpected: she took off her gloves. Sally looked at me questioningly, but I said nothing. I did not want to interrupt the experiment now that Stuart was almost ready to cum.

"Go ahead," Jane Nordstrom said as she cupped her now unprotected hands together and held them in front of his cock, "fill them up."

We all watched spellbound as his cock seemed suddenly to come alive, bouncing up and down of its own accord like some agitated snake, ready to spit its venomous juice.

"Do it baby!" Denise suddenly screamed. "Give her your cum!"

As if in obedience to her command, Stuart groaned and thrust his hips forward as a steady stream of thick sperm spurted from the head of his cock into the delicate hands of Jane Nordstrom. The force of the ejaculation was so powerful that some of it bounced off and splashed into Sally's waiting hands.

"Oh, my God!" Jane Nordstrom said turning to me excited and breathless. "You were right!"

A long strand of cum clung to the head of Stuart's shaft but he had stopped ejaculating. Both women examined the residue in their hands and started laughing.

"Jesus!" Sally exclaimed looking into Jane Nordstrom's hands, "what a load!"

"I can't believe it." Jane Nordstrom remarked. "Look at this!" She thrust her cupped hands out in front of her to show us what she had received. I was amazed to see that her hands were filled to the top with sperm. The audience signaled their approval with cheers and whistles.

I had Cheryl bring a glass beaker over to the women so that Stuart's sperm could be deposited. While Jane Nordstrom excused herself to go and clean her hands, Sally removed her gloves and returned to her seat seeming quite satisfied with her performance. I then noticed that Denise was caressing Stuart's shoulders and kissing him passionately. His cock was still hard and swayed back and forth as he raised his mouth up to meet hers. I told Stuart to remain where he was and to prepare himself for what was to come. Denise responded by saying that she wanted to be included in whatever it was that I had planned. I agreed and told them both to await my instructions. When Jane Nordstrom returned a few minutes later she approached me somewhat abashed.

"You were right," she said in a contrite tone. "I'm sorry I doubted you."

"Forget it. I have to give you credit for doing what you did."

She smiled. "I wanted proof, and I got it."

I had to admire her honesty. "May I ask you something?"


"What made you take off the gloves?"

She laughed. "Oh, that. I don't know really. I guess I just got so turned on. You know it was rather thrilling to see."

I had to agree.

"And the excitement of it. I just loved the feel of his cum hitting the palms of my hands. It was so hot!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. But that was just the beginning. I'm going to have the subject finish up now."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, great! I can't wait to see this "cum on command" business in action. What are you going to have him do?"

"Why don't you take your seat and see."

"I will," she said accommodatingly. "No hard feelings doctor?"

"No hard feelings."

She left me then to return to her seat.

I had succeeded. Jane Nordstrom had finally been impressed.

I now turned my attentions to Stuart.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him.

"To be honest doctor, I feel like my plumbing is all backed up."

"I'm sure it is. You see the drug is helping you to control your ejaculations. Your penis is acting like a dam holding back a flood of sperm."

"I can't believe a man can control himself this way," Denise said.

"It's the drug. As long as Stuart continues to take it, he will never again suffer from premature ejaculation."

Denise kissed Stuart's cheek and said sweetly, "Do you hear that honey? We can actually have a normal sex life now." She took hold of his penis and pulled it toward her. "But this needs to be dealt with."

"Absolutely," I said. "Stuart, please get back on the platform and stand center stage."

I had Lynette place several chairs on the stage in a semicircle around Stuart. Denise and Rebecca sat on Stuart's right, and Maria and Cheryl sat to his left, leaving Stuart facing the audience. Each of the women held a card in their hands upon which was written a single sentence containing one word in bold italics. Lynette had told them not to speak the sentence aloud until they were instructed to do so. This was the actual experiment that was supposed to take place before Jane Nordstrom had so rudely interrupted the proceedings.

I started to feel sorry for Stuart. I could tell by the pained expression on his face that he was struggling to keep from ejaculating. Looking at his balls I could see that they were distended and the tip of his penis was glistening with the first signs of escaping semen. I had used him as a guinea pig to prove my point to Jane Nordstrom, but despite this, he did not appear to harbor any ill will toward me. He actually seemed rather happy that I had put Jane Nordstrom in her place by offering me a quick congratulations as he ascended the platform in front of me. We were now finally ready to begin.

"As you know ladies, the subject is still capable of multiple ejaculations controlled at will. I would now like to demonstrate that capacity using the 'cum on command' technique. Each of the four women seated on the stage has a card in her hands upon which is written a sentence containing a single word. This is a "trigger" word that when spoken aloud, will cause the subject to experience an involuntary ejaculation response. Please do not repeat aloud what I am now about to show you." I reached down and picked up a placard with four words written on it: garage, velvet, exhibitionist, and pole. "These are the four trigger words. I held the sign in front of me for all the women to see. "The subject has undergone a period of hypnosis wherein he has been conditioned to respond to these four words. When he hears them spoken, he will ejaculate as if on command."

The women in the audience listened attentively. I heard a few disbelieving comments but by this time I had become used to them and simply ignored them.

"Denise," I said, "I would like you to begin by first telling the subject how many ejaculations you want him to experience and then you can read the sentence aloud. Please proceed."

Denise gave Stuart an encouraging look.

"I want you to ejaculate three times only," she said to him. "Okay, are you ready? Here goes." She held the card up in front of her and began to read from it. "The first time I caught my boyfriend masturbating was in my parent's...garage."

At that moment the look on Stuart's face went from one of nervous anticipation to one of outright shock. He looked down at his prick, his mouth agape. One might have thought an invisible hand was furiously masturbating his penis by the way it was bobbing up and down. The entire audience stared at him, captivated by the sight of his bouncing prick as it reared back and fired off a long rope of cum that flew several feet into the air and onto the plastic sheeting. This was followed by two more giant squirts that followed in quick succession.

"Outstanding!" a woman called out from the front row of seats.

All the ladies were cheering—myself included. I was thrilled to see that Stuart had been able to control his ejaculation. He was told to come three times and he did just that. Denise applauded his performance by going up to him and slapping his ass and then quickly returning to her seat.

"Rebecca," you're next." I said.

"Okay," she began, looking at me knowingly.

She picked up one of the glass beakers and stood to Stuart's side holding it in front of his cock. "I would like you to give us one big cumshot," she said to him.

Rebecca read from the card. "Carolyn owned a pair of velvet gloves..."

She was cut off in mid-sentence as the trigger word sent Stuart's cock into immediate spasms. She held the beaker close to his prick as it unleashed a thick stream of hot sperm. She continued.

"...which she used to keep in a velvet..."

There was a slight pause and then another rope of cum found its way into the beaker.

"purse in her room of velvet."

Stuart groaned as he again fired another huge cumshot into the glass.

Rebecca held the glass beaker high for all to see. It was half full.

"Anybody for a cum cocktail?" she joked.

The audience squealed with delight. Several ribald comments were hurled at Stuart and his "miracle prick," but he I could tell he was having the time of his life. The drug had liberated him and I think for once he actually enjoyed being ordered about by a bunch of women, now that he was no longer hampered by a penis that had continually betrayed him.

Rebecca handed the beaker to Lynette who marveled at the amount of fluid it contained.

"That was really remarkable," I said to Rebecca. "Thank you. And now, let's move on to Maria."

"This card seems to have special instructions written on it," she said.

"What do the instructions say?" I inquired.

"It says that the subject himself has to provide the trigger word."

This had been a last-minute ploy of mine to invoke a little humor into the experiment. I knew it was a wicked thing to do, but it seemed like it would be so much fun.

"Does the subject understand what is being asked of him?" I asked Stuart.

"Yes, doctor," he replied.

"All right then," I said to Maria, "Proceed."

Maria read from the card. "What do you call a person who derives pleasure from posing naked in public?"

"Stuart thought for a moment and then replied. "Mmm...let's see. Could it be...a voyeur? No, no...an exhibitionist! Oh!"

He had surprised himself. Suddenly his cock did a little dance and then erupted in a series of climaxes that made Maria and the rest of us gape in awe. I realized that she had forgotten to tell him how many times he was supposed to ejaculate, so he just kept shooting sperm all over the place. Rope after rope of gooey cum exploded from his cock-head as the audience screamed with joy.

Stuart looked at me with a frantic look on his face, unable to control the continuous flow of sperm from his prick. If he had not been previously hypnotized, he would have been able to override the 'cum on command' dictate of his own volition. As it was, he was at the mercy of his hypnotic programming gone wild. He had now ejaculated about a dozen separate times and there was no end in sight. Thankfully, I had implanted a failsafe mental command in his mind to be invoked in an emergency. It would shut down his automatic responses by the implementation of a simple codeword.

"Four...seven...two!" I shouted.

Suddenly the orgasms ceased, with only one long strand of cum hanging precariously from the tip of his cock remaining as evidence of his penile convulsions. Stuart was greeted by a thunderous applause as he stood there seemingly dazed. Denise rose from her seat to make certain he was in no distress, and seeing that he was not in any discomfort, gave him a kiss and sat down again. Maria looked at me apologetically, knowing she had botched the test. However, since no harm had come to Stuart, and since it was such a marvelously dramatic performance, I withheld my criticism from her.

Once the audience had quieted down, I had Cheryl read from her card.

"It doesn't say anything except 'pole'," she complained.

Like Maria before her, Cheryl had forgotten to specify to Stuart how many times she wished him to ejaculate.

Once again his prick started to fire uncontrollably, much to the immense delight and amusement of the crowd, who were now totally captivated by the amount of sperm they saw flying out of the end of his cock. The floor in front of him was a mess, a huge puddle of whitish goo that was now threatening to spill off the sides of the platform onto the floor. The cum kept spurting from his prick in thick jets, some landing near the women in the first row of seats. They squealed as they shifted their legs back and forth in an effort to dodge the oncoming sperm. At this point I decided to let him continue to ejaculate to see where it would all end. He looked at me for guidance but I simply indicated that he should just let himself go, which he did to everyone's enjoyment. With each spurt the crowd egged him on to even more vivid displays of ejaculatory prowess, watching in awe as his prick kept shooting out ropes of cum at rapid intervals. I think I must have counted about 20 or more ejaculations before the vast reservoirs of cum were finally exhausted. Stuart sank to the floor in a heap; an island in the middle of an ocean of sperm.

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