As Eric rounded the corner, exiting the gate at the airport, he immediately spotted her. Standing off to the side near the wall, she was dressed in a flowing skirt, light blouse, bare legs, sandals and rosy painted toenails. They had only seen each other in pictures, but she was exactly as he imagined. She looked lovely, nervous, but lovely. As he walked toward her, she looked up and caught his eye. A huge smile came over her face, and she moved towards him. He always thought her smile could bring light to a dark room.

"Oh, Elaine", he said smiling. "It's so good to finally meet you." Elaine's cheeks took on a red hue and she dropped her head. Eric put his hands on her arms and she looked up, her green eyes into his brown ones. He lowered his mouth onto hers for the first time and wrapped his arms around her, as she melted into him. That kiss said more than words ever could. Eric backed her up flat against the wall and asked, "Well?"

"I promised you I would" she whispered in his ear. Very discretely, Eric's hand went up her skirt, to find as he ordered, her bare pussy waiting for him. He ran is finger up and down her slit and found it wet with excitement. "Oh god," Elaine said breathlessly. "I didn't think you would really do this in the airport."

Letting her skirt drop into place, he stepped back, smelled his finger and said very seriously, "I told you we would do a lot of things. This is just the beginning." He held his finger to her mouth, and she sucked it clean. He put his arm around her, as they walked to baggage claim, when he came to a realization. "You're not wearing a bra."

She looked at him, with a slight smile, "Does that please you?"

"Oh yes, Elena, so very much", he said as he kissed her forehead.

They collected his bag, and made their way to the parking garage and Elaine's car. Closing the trunk, Eric pushed into her saying, "I want your cunt now, slut." She trembled and looked into his eyes, silently begging him to wait.

However, all she could say was "Yes, Sir." That was all he needed to hear.

He kissed her on the forehead once more and told her, "Don't worry, slut. I promised you I would wait until we arrived at your cottage. I don't break my word."

During the two hour drive to the lake, the pair chatted as old friends do. "How was the flight from Atlanta and the wait in JFK? She asked.

"Fine, fine. Did you have any problem getting away alone this weekend?" Eric wanted to know. "No not at all. I told you, he hates coming to the lake. He hasn't been up there in 20 years." Eric ran his fingers through her blond hair, and played with her earring. Elaine giggled. "Jesus, I can't believe you're here."

"Why? I told you I would come to meet you. You know I have to fuck you, and do unspeakable things to you", he said softly.

"I know, but I never really thought you would come all this way", she replied.

"Elaine. Elena. You know I've wanted you from the first time we messaged. I knew you wanted me. It was inevitable that we should meet." She shivered as he called her Elena. That was her slut name. She really could not wait for the long ride to be over.

The cabin wasn't visible from the road. Driving up the dirt drive, Eric saw her lake for the first time. It was just as she had described. This was part of her soul. The two unloaded the car. Eric put his things away as Elaine unpacked supplies in the kitchen. She had her back to him as he approached her, reaching around her neck, attaching a thin leather collar.

"Do you have your safe word?" he asked. She simply nodded. "Good. You will need it. Now come with me now, Elaine."

Silently, she followed him down the hall to the bedroom. The first thing she noticed, were the candles he had lit. Their scent was of fresh flowers and clean cotton. Drawing her into his arms, Eric bent to tenderly kiss her lips. Elaine tensed, not sure where this was going. "Don't worry my lady, I told you...the first time I would make sweet love to you."

Eric carefully, gently, removed Elaine's blouse and skirt. She lowered her head as she stood before him, bare as the day she was born. Not proud of the fifty-five year old body, that sagged too much and had too many extra pounds, her eyes welled with tears. Eric quickly stripped off his clothes and pulled her to him. He lifted her chin and said, "Look at me. You're lovely."

With that, he kissed her and led her to the bed. Lying side by side, the lovers kissed, licked, sucked, and explored each other's bodies. His tongue brought her indescribable pleasures. Hers caused his cock to explode. They spent the afternoon hours as lovers do.

As dusk approached, Elaine told him she had to start dinner. Getting up and reaching for a robe from the closet, Eric rose and pulled it out of her hand. "No slut. I want you naked, unless I tell you otherwise." Elena knew what was expected. She had no choice but to do his bidding. She walked to the kitchen and began preparations for the evening meal. As Elena bent over to reach into the cupboard, she felt Eric grab her hips. Slowly he began to work his fingers into the crack of her ass. She moaned and moved against him. It was a surprise, but also exactly what she knew would happen. She noticed the slick oil on his fingers as he searched for her puckered hole. He pushed her head down lower, at the same time opened her ass cheeks. He massaged and probe with his lubed up fingers. She relaxed as much as she could as she felt the first penetration. Pain coursed through her as he pushed his way past her tight muscle. He moved his finger in and out; deliberate, but not wanting to hurt her. First one, then another, Eric pushed his second finger inside her tight hole. He heard her moans turn from those of discomfort, to those of pleasure. He smiled to himself, as he took the chain from around his neck. Hanging from it was a butt plug. Without ceremony, he removed his two fingers, and plunged the plastic knob into her ass.

"Arghhhh!" Elena gritted her teeth, trying not to complain.

"Stand up straight now, slut", Eric demanded.

"I can't, Sir" she said. Elena struggle to straighten but couldn't. Eric grabbed her shoulders and forced her to stand at attention. Her mouth opened in a silent cry. He covered her open mouth with his own, plunging his tongue in deep. As his kiss continued, he felt her tension ease.

Stepping back, he looked at her. "That's my good slut. Now tell me, what is your safe word?"

"Harbor" she said, tears welling up in her eyes. Eric nodded and walked away, leaving Elena to finish making their dinner.

When it was time to eat, Elena went into the bedroom to find him reading. "Eric, your dinner is ready."

He looked at her over the top of his glasses and said, "Our dinner is ready, Elaine. Now get dressed." As she turned, he added "But don't remove your plug."

Elaine struggled to get comfortable sitting at the table. She couldn't even taste the food she had prepared, and was relieved to be able to stand and wash the dishes. When she had finished, Eric beckoned her to the sofa, where he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her roughly. "I am pleased so far, my lady", he whispered in her ear. "Now it is time for us to see if you are really ready to begin your training." His cock grew at the knowledge of what was to come. He pushed her up to stand and smacked her hard on the ass. She did not complain. "Good. Come with me now, Elena."

Following him down the hall, Elena began to shiver. Once in the bedroom, Eric motioned to her to remove her clothes. Standing before him, she grimaced as he flicked her hard nipples. He took one in each hand and twisted them, waiting to see if she cried out. Elena remained silent.

Eric reached up and attached a leash to her collar. He took the other end and secured it to the doorknob, causing Elena to bend at the waist. He reached underneath her and grabbed at her nipples once again. He twisted them harder than he did before, and she hissed.

Eric opened his slacks and dropped them on the floor. "Suck me, slut" he ordered as he pushed his hard cock in her face. As much as Elena wanted to hold his cock in her hand, and steady it, she understood his order. He said suck, not touch. She opened her mouth and captured his growing member. Eagerly she sucked, using her tongue and bringing him to full hardness. She ran her hot, moist tongue all around the red bulbous head. She moved to lick his shaft from base to tip, stopping at the spot underneath where the head meets the shaft. She relaxed her throat and sucked his length in deeply.

Eric took time to enjoy the ministrations of her mouth. Damn, she did this so good, he thought, moving his hips and fucking her mouth.

Suddenly he pulled away and walked behind her. "Brace yourself slut". Elena put her hands against the door, as he spread her ass cheeks. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in her pussy, licking her juices and flicking her clit with his tongue. "My slut is excited" he said, running his tongue up and down.

As he stood, he abruptly pulled out the plug. Without ceremony, he plunged his cock deep into her wet pussy several times, before lining up with her puckered asshole. Slowly, but deliberately he pushed inside her for the first time. The plug had helped some, but nothing prepared her for his thick, hard cock.

Elena felt light-headed as the pain seared through her body. She gritted her teeth, refusing to make a sound. She knew there would be a penalty for such action. Eric started moving in and out, slowly at first, then increasing his speed and force. He bent over to hold her around the waist with one arm, while his other hand grabbed and pulled at her breasts. Harder and harder, he pushed into her. It was all Elena could do to keep herself braced, and not be forced into the door.

She didn't know when it happened, but at some point the feeling of pain turned into something else all together. She found herself relaxing and pushing against his thick cock, as Eric pushed into her. This was not pain, this was pleasure, and she felt herself begin to enjoy his actions.

Eric also noticed a change. He stopped pulling at her nipples and brought his hand to her pussy. He pushed two fingers high inside her, and she moaned with pleasure.

"My goodness" he said. "You are a slut, Elena." Her moans urged him on. He now held her by her pussy and pounded her ass relentlessly. He let go of her hip and grabbed her hair. As he pulled her head back, she was almost choked by her collar. He leaned forward and sank his teeth into her back, causing her to cry out, before he finally exploded high inside her. Pushing and pushing, he let her ass milk his cock dry before withdrawing.

Eric stood up and went into the bathroom, leaving Elena bent over, tied to the door, with his cum dripping out of her distended hole. She clung to the door for support. She heard him turn the shower on, and prayed he would soon release her.

Moments later, she felt his hands go around her waist. He undid her leash, and helped her to stand. Carefully, he took her into the bathroom and got into the shower with her. He gently soaped her body and took a soft cloth to clean her. She was so tired, it was all so could do to stand. When he was sure she was completely rinsed, he turned off the water and wrapped her in a large towel. She was dazed as he guided her back into the bedroom, gently laid her on the bed, and covered her with a soft blanket.

Eric turned off the lights and slid in next to her, gathering her into his arms. "Are you okay, Elaine?" he asked.

"Yes Sir", she said in a small, tired voice.

Eric drew Elaine closer and kissed her tenderly, and deeply. He stroked her forehead as her eyes closed. "Sleep now, my lady. Sleep. You were a good slut tonight, but tomorrow is another day. Good night Elaine. Good night Elena."

Eric looked at the woman sleeping beside him. She looked so soft and gentle. He owned her, and she knew it. From the moment he got off the plane, he knew she would do whatever he wished. His cock stirred at the thought.

Elaine's eyes fluttered open. She saw Eric starring at her intently.

"Did you sleep well, my lady?"

"Yes sir, thank you."

He hooked his middle finger under her collar and pulled her face to his. His kiss was sweet and unhurried. Elaine's arms went around him as he drew her close. He could feel her nipples harden against his chest.

"I need you to worship my cock" he whispered.

Without hesitation, Elaine sat up and turned in the bed. She got on her knees and bent over him. Taking his growing manhood in her hand, she began to do what she did so well.

First she stroked him to hardness, running her hand lightly up and down his shaft. She leaned forward and took him completely into her mouth, moistening his length.

Eric lay back, looking at the sexy, plump ass next to his head. He gently massaged each cheek; round and round, slow lazy circles. This woman didn't just suck cock, she made love to it.

More than anything, Elaine wanted to please him. She pulled back, his cock coming out of her mouth with a pop. She began licking his length, all around the shaft, covering every inch with her tongue. She traced each vein and ran the tip of her tongue around the head, pushing it gently into his slit. She then lifted his balls and began massaging them, with her hand. Eric moaned and gave her ass a squeeze.

She bent over further, to reach his balls with her mouth. As she did, her pussy came into his view. The moment he felt her hot, wet tongue on his balls, he slid his hand down the crack of her ass, and pushed his finger into her cunt hole. Christ, what a slut she was, making him feel so good he thought, as he began to move his finger in and out.

Elaine moaned sending vibrations though his balls. He plunged his finger in further – harder – faster – as he listened to the sound of her wet pussy. Her sweet smell of sex permeated the air and made him salivate. He pulled out of her, growling "Enough!"

She was confused as she came away from his cock. Eric tapped on her leg. "Raise this. I want to get under you", he said, sliding over in the bed. Elaine's pussy straddled his face and he gripped her hips before burying his face in her.

His tongue danced deliciously around her clit, flicking it every so often, sending wild sensations through her body. Elaine bobbed up and down on his thick cock, sucking harder and faster, pushing him further towards the edge.

Eric worked two fingers into her hot, wet hole. He lapped at the juices that seeped out as he fucked her harder with his hand. She was red and swollen, and he could feel her start to tense. Elaine took his balls and started rolling them with her hand, never letting up on his cock. With one last squeeze Eric moaned, his balls tensed and he exploded in her mouth. Elaine captured every drop as he spurted more and more of his creamy, white seed. He was soon rewarded with a flow of female juice. He removed his hand and dug his tongue in deep – drinking from her.

The lovers were at last exhausted. Elaine got off of him and rolled onto her back, panting. Eric turned, also trying to catch his breath, to lay with her.

"Oh my lady, you are going to ruin me for every other woman."

"I hope so Eric", she replied before the two dozed.

The day was filled with hiking and swimming. The lake was still cold, but refreshing after their long walk. Eric was playful; tickling, grabbing and cuddling with her. He cooked steaks on the grill, while Elaine made a salad and opened a bottle of wine. Dinner was perfect out on the deck and the two sat talking and drinking, until the sun set.

The change in Eric was almost immediate. "Elena!" he said sharply. "Get in the bedroom and strip down." He could tell she was frightened, but still she silently rose and went inside. Oh – this was going to be a good night, he thought.

He could see her trembling as she stood naked in the middle of the bedroom. Eric took the lighter out of his pocket and flicked it on. Elena's eyes grew wide with fear. He walked past her to light the candles on the bedside table and dresser.

She stood motionless as he took the time to remove his clothes and fold them neatly. Out of his bag he took a gag. Not a ball gag, but a bit gag made of rubber that she could move aside to scream out her safe word. He kissed her cheek as he secured her mouth. "Show me you can speak, Elena." It was a struggle, but eventually she said his name.

"Now lay down on the bed; on your back with your hands above your head, slut."

Eric pulled out three long silk scarves as she did as she was told. Careful not to bind her too tightly, he secured her hands to the headboard, with one of them. He used the other two to tie her spread eagle, her legs bound to the feet of the bed.

He stood over her for a moment – just staring. He could smell her fear, and reached down with both hands to twist her nipples. Tears welled in Elena's eyes, but she remained quiet. Eric wondered how long the silence would last.

He walked over and turned the light off at the switch. As he returned, he grabbed one of the pillar candles from the dresser. The light of the flame flickered as he exhaled slowly. Eric raised the candle high above Elena's prone body. He tilted it and watched as the hot wax fell onto her breasts.

Elena cried out more from fear than from pain. He knew exactly what he was doing. Hot enough to scare her, but not hot enough to burn her. Eric laughed as she struggled against the restraints. It took a couple times of hitting her with the wax before she realized she had not been hurt.

Seeing her visibly relax, Eric set the candle down. He ran his finger between her lips. Just as he thought – she was wet with excitement. "You slut," he said as he took his open hand and smacked her pussy. She only flinched.

"What, not hard enough?" Elena jumped as he hit her harder. Five times his hand came down hard upon her. Tears started falling from her eyes, and he heard her sniff – but still, she said nothing.

Eric bent and whispered in her ear, "Oh Elena my slut, don't cry. I haven't finished yet."

Elena wanted desperately to use her safe word. Her mind screamed 'Harbor!', but she couldn't. She had promised this man she would be a willing slave – that he could do whatever he wished. She couldn't turn back and disappoint him.

Eric returned to his bag and pulled out a few more "toys". Without ceremony, he attached alligator nipple clamps to her breasts. Elena saw white lights as the pain seared through her body. "Arrhhgggggg..." she cried against the bit.

She had her eyes closed, so she never saw it coming. 'CRACK' – Elena felt pain rip across her belly. Her eyes snapped open and a look of terror spread over her face. Eric raised his arm and brought the flogger down on her again, leaving red lines from its tails on her.

Over and over, he whipped her stomach and her breasts, before finally moving to her pussy. In the quiet of the night you could hear the crack of the whip on her flesh, Eric grunting from exertion, and Elena's muffled cries.

Eric was in another place. It was almost like he wasn't aware of what he was doing. It took the silence to snap him out of his daze; when he realized Elena was no longer crying out. He had his hand raised above his head, ready to bring the whip down again, when he saw she had passed out. He dropped the flogger on the floor and bent over her.

Elena was passed out cold. Eric removed the clamps from her nipples and checked her body. It was covered with red lines, but no blood. He went to the bathroom and soaked a large towel with cold water. When he returned, he covered her torso to cool the wounds, undid the restraints and removed her gag.

He knelt on the floor next to the bed, stroking her hair, watching her. After a few minutes, he saw her start to shiver. She moaned in pain, as she opened her eyes. Eric drew her into his arms and spoke to her tenderly.

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