Elaine & Me


We kissed and kissed and I gave her a small love bite on her neck and soon it was time to go. My brother gave me a smile and a wink when we walked out, as it seemed that Lorraine minus her lipstick had loosened up too.

Both girls headed for the ladies to freshen up and we split up with Lorraine heading for my brother's van while I went with Elaine to the BMW. On the way back, Elaine stopped the car near to a park entrance and she asked me if I wanted to relive my dream.

"That sounds OK. Do you have any bread?" I asked

"No but we can watch other people feeding them," she said pointing to the gathering near to the duck pond. I got out and went round to open her door and she got out and headed for the park entrance holding on to my hand.

She was still wearing those high-heeled sandals and that made her movements deliberate as she headed down the steps towards the pond. I held her hand tightly in case she slipped on the wet path. She looked so defenceless and so utterly feminine. She teetered the remaining 50 yards towards the pond with me holding on to her to prevent her falling.

"I think wearing these heels was not such a good idea on this ground," she said when we had almost arrived at the pond. "I don't usually wear them this high but I wanted to make an impression on you."

"You certainly did that." I said truthfully. "I know they are not sensible but I kind of like you wearing them. They make your legs longer and your rear wiggles sexily as you walk"

"You do, wait until you see my biggest heels at home. They must be over 5" high and they take some effort to stand in never mind walk," she joked. "These are surprisingly comfortable and they fit me well."

"I believe you," I said, "Though they don't look it."

We stood and watched the ducks being fed with my arm around her waist and her head on my shoulder. I noticed that waist seemed very narrow and was able to get my long arms around it and hug her close to me.

“You have a really narrow waist,” I said.

“I’m glad you noticed, I’ve been on a diet and I started aerobics three times a week because my middle has swollen in the last couple of weeks for some reason," she answered.

Delightful, I thought this girl is turning into my biggest fantasy, long blonde hair, long nails, red juicy lips, slim waist and high heels. It made me wonder what she saw in me with my academic record.

Soon we were back at the car and she massaged her ankles before she prepared to move off still wearing the sandals.

"Don't you find it difficult to drive wearing such high heels," I asked as she started driving.

"I used to but now I don't notice it anymore," she replied

Soon we were parking the 2.5 litre car in the garage and moving indoors. After disabling the house alarm she kicked off her sandals and sat down on the couch overlooking the huge flower garden. She reached up; I took her hand and sat down beside her. We embraced and cuddled and finally we came up for air from the strongest embrace yet.

"Could I get you to massage my feet and ankles for me, I guess my shoes didn't fit me so well after all."

I took her foot and started working my thumbs on her soles near her toes and her arches. I sucked her toes now covered with red paint to match her fingernails.

"That feels so good, my arches are really sore after a week in heels and I guess these sandals will take a little longer to get used to," she added with a demure look at me.

As I massaged her feet with my tongue and fingertips I said, "The next few weeks had better go quickly because I would quite like to see you again."

"They will. Before you know it, we will be back together again."

"I hope so," I replied, "the last 24 hours have been magical. I would really like to get you into bed and make love."

"Lorraine should be home soon so that will not be possible but when I get back we will get together, I promise," she said. "How do you think your exams will go?" she asked rapidly changing the subject.

"I think they should go well but I have a couple of subjects that might cause me problems. I just hope that I can get through the next few weeks."

She reached over and switched on the television and was soon watching the box with her head down on my lap. I stroked her long hair but she didn't seem to notice.

At around 6:30pm her sister walked in and started toward the kitchen. She made us a snack and talked about our day together and would we be seeing each other again.

Soon she was declaring that my brother and her would not be going any further. She liked his looks but sadly his outlook didn't match her expectations.

"His sole interest in life seems to be football and that just doesn't mean all that much to me," she declared. "He's a nice enough guy, probably hard working but he just didn't make enough effort to get to know me."

"That's a pity," I said. "Have you told him you don't want to see him again?" I asked.

"Yes just now," she replied.

"How did he take it?" I asked sitting up now Elaine had lifted her head up of my lap.

"Quite well, he just said that he hoped that you and Elaine would continue to see each other."

I looked at her and she looked at me and I said. "I know that we will be seeing each other again, unless I'm mistaken." She smiled at me with those red lips spreading wider.

Soon it was time to leave and I kissed her at her front door as she stood in her dressing gown and pink mules at the front door.

"Have a good holiday," I shouted as I left.

"Work hard, I'll see you when I get back. Bye."

I turned and ran home as quickly as I could. I had a tepid shower and crashed out in bed beside my now snoring brother. The next day I returned to my books at the campus. I realised that the only way to make the next 2 or 3 weeks go faster was to work hard and concentrate. It was going to be difficult but I had to do it. I had to make Elaine feel really proud of me

- Chapter Three - Revelations -

It had been tough, working through the night until 2 or 3 in the morning, catching naps, eating quickly, and always carrying a notebook even when visiting the toilet. It had been four weeks of the hardest and most extensive period of study I had ever been through. When the exams were over it felt that there was something missing from my life. I felt as though I should still be working flat-out.

I wouldn't know the results for another week but I felt confident enough that I would at least secure a second class honours degree and right now the only other thing on my mind was Elaine. I couldn't wait to get home and celebrate. I was already packed up and waited patiently for my brother to arrive with his van to pick up my gear.

Soon I was home and dumping my luggage in my crowded bedroom. I dumped all my dirty laundry in the basket and tidied up my books but I just couldn't settle. The pace of the exams and the revision had left me up high and seemingly unable to calm down. It was a Friday afternoon, my brother had gone back to work and Elaine would be at work so I tried to calm down.

I got my mountain bike out of the shed and gave it a thorough overhaul before heading out for a 10-mile ride over the Pentland Hills (see note below). On the way back it started to rain, but I was so happy to be able to get out after so many weeks cooped up that I ignored the mixture of rain and sweat.

At 5pm I stripped and showered, put on my best casual clothes and walked along to Elaine's house. Her white BMW was in the drive so she was home. I felt happy as I opened the gate and headed towards the front door.

I rang the doorbell and Lorraine called out, "Who's there?"

“Hi Lorraine," I shouted back. "It's John, is Elaine home?"

"No she's working late," I could hear muffled voices inside the house.

"Can I come in for a second?" I asked feeling disappointed.

"Just a second while I open the door," she replied.

I smile at the door opening to see Lorraine with her usual tanned skin looking beautiful.

"I would invite you in but I'm getting ready to go out and everything is in such a mess."

"That's OK could you please tell Elaine that I dropped by the first chance I had. Could you also ask her to call me when she gets in and I'll come right back?" I replied.

I started to leave and then Lorraine asked me how my exams went.

"Fine I think, I should find out in a few days whether I’ve been awarded first or second class honours. I am reasonably happy with they went though."

As I went through the gate and turned to close it behind me, I looked back at the house and I'm sure I saw someone through the net curtains upstairs looking down at me. I pretended not to notice and the figure continued to watch me as I walked with hunched shoulders against the weather home. There didn't seem to be much point hanging around even if Elaine was in the house as I suspected. I could hardly go back and accuse Lorraine of lying if I was to remain good friends.

After two hours watching boring Friday night TV and tidying up my bedroom, the phone went with Lorraine on the other end.

"I'm sorry John, Elaine rang to say that she is tied up with a client and she won't be home until really late. Can you come around tomorrow?" she asked.

"Sure no problem. What time?"

"Make it after 11:00am that should be OK," Lorraine replied.

Next day I was up early, had a haircut to tidy up my scruffy long hair and bought some new shoes and jeans. Finally I bought two expensive bunches of flowers and headed back over to Elaine's house.

She opened the door on my second knock and kissed me straight on the mouth with her arms folded around my head. She was radiant, her skin brown, her make up perfect, her eyes twinkling and her eyelashes full and long and tinted dark blue.

"For me?" she asked as she grabbed the flowers with her hands and she put them to her nose. I noticed that her nails were still long and painted a deep cherry red.

Wiping the layer of lipstick from my lips, I nodded but said, "no actually they are for Lorraine for passing on the message for me yesterday."

She smiled and pretended to hit me with them before clutching them back to her chest, "Oh You."

As she dropped the flowers into her arms, I noticed that she now sported three gold loops of varying diameters in each earlobe and a gold clip near the top of each ear. Her hair was still long and blonde but tied in a ponytail.

She wore a pretty short sleeved floral print dress with flesh-coloured tights and her usual high-heeled sandals. She looked drop dead gorgeous.

I said simply. "You have no idea how much I missed you."

"I can guess," she said and she held up two fingers just an inch apart. "That much."

"I missed you more than that," and reached forward to kiss her again. As I kissed her red lips again she responded by tasting me with her tongue which forced its way past my teeth.

When I came up for air, I said. "I was going to ask if we could pick up where we left off but that kiss tells me I don't need to worry about that. The last four weeks have been the longest of my life"

"Me too, and I've thought about nothing else, " and she pulled me inside.

"Lorraine not around?" I asked.

"Nope," and she continued to pull me over to the large settee in the lounge before settling down in a tight clench. I rubbed her massive breasts and immediately noticed that something was different with nipples clearly reacting to my caresses. Soon she was moaning and kissing me back with a passion that was missing from the first period of our relationship.

Before anything more could happen I could hear Lorraine's heels on the hall floor and the front door closing. Immediately Elaine switched off and quickly came to her senses.

She shouted out. "Hi Lorraine, we are in the living room." As Lorraine entered Elaine asked, "how come you’re back so soon?"

"It's just as well I did come because you two look as though you haven't been together for decades never mind just four weeks," she smiled at me as she wiped Elaine's lipstick from my face with a hankie from her bag.

I replied, "Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder isn't it?"

Elaine concurred, "It's OK sister, we were just making up for lost time."

Lorraine asked Elaine to follow her into the kitchen and I soon heard the two of them in talking but not loud enough so I could understand what it was they were saying. They seemed to be having an argument but I thought sisters are always arguing and I just picked up the paper and read it.

The argument went on for about five minutes and I hoped that I would soon find out what was causing all the heated. I thought that it might be me and that Lorraine didn’t approve of me after what Frank had done.

I was soon immersed in the paper wading through the business and travel sections quite quickly while dwelling on the sports pages. I moved slightly and saw that Lorraine had been busy shopping and had bought some new sexy lingerie from Marks and Spencer (see note) with the bags open on the floor.

I picked up the Magazine supplement and I had started reading that when the two girls clicked their heels over the hardwood floor towards me. Elaine I noticed had replaced her lipstick and looked her usual ultra feminine self while Lorraine looked just plain pretty in comparison.

They sat down either side of me and Elaine poured me a cup of coffee and then one for each other. We sat and drank for a moment not saying anything.

I looked at both of them in turn and asked. "Am I getting in the way today?"

"No. Why?" asked Elaine briskly.

"It's just that you two seemed to be having a heated discussion and I thought that I might be the cause," I said looking at Lorraine who sat back relaxed sipping her coffee.

"You are not the cause, John but your presence has focused a problem with Elaine that needs to be resolved now," Lorraine answered in between sips of her obviously hot coffee.

"Oh?" I asked this time turning towards Elaine.

She swallowed some coffee and then some saliva in a bid to make her mouth really dry and then she started what I thought was going to be the big elbow out the door. Oh well it had been good while it lasted. I was mentally getting ready to go home.

"John you know that I really like you and I want to keep seeing you. In the short time I have known you, you have shown all the right qualities I am looking for in a man. You are caring, fun to be with, romantic and a nice guy but you have to know something more about me if our relationship is to continue," said Elaine looking nervously at her sister and not back at me.

"What?" I asked still dreading that I would be shown the red card and not what I was about to hear

"John," she said looking down at her red toenails and again not at my face, "You have to realise that I was not female at birth. I am a transsexual."

I put my cup down with a bang on the table and stood up and moved away towards the window and looked out over the expanse of rain swept lawn. "What did you just say, you are not a woman?" I said as I turned.

"No John, I was Lorraine's husband Eric up until 18 months ago and with her help I have now changed into Elaine. When I said we were going on holiday to London. It wasn't so much for a holiday, it was more for my final operations to become a fully functioning female."

My jaw dropped in astonishment. My dream girl had been a guy. What in the name of hell to I do now? I loved her body and her mind but a transsexual was not something that I had expected. I should have suspected something, the broad band wedding ring, the large hands, the changes, and the letter on the table. All had been clues but I had been too naïve to notice.

"While I was away, the doctors have given me a new vagina from the remains of my penis. My breasts didn't respond very well to the hormone treatment so I had some breast implants, my Adam's apple was shaved and some fat was removed from my waist and replaced into my hips."

"Why?" I stuttered.

"Because for as long as I can remember I felt that I should have been a girl. Ever since I was four or five I wanted to wear female clothes though the closest I got apart from wearing my sister's clothes was wearing my kilt to Sunday school."

"When I married Lorraine, I tried to put those feelings away at the back of my head but they kept on resurfacing and it was only a matter of time when she noticed that her clothes were being disturbed. Finally she decided to spring a trap and hid a video camera in the bedroom and soon she confronted me with her evidence. I was devastated but instead she rapidly came to terms with it and decided to help me with my ambition to become a real woman."

"So what did you do?" I asked Lorraine.

"I forced her to confront herself. After months of cross-dressing we eventually made an appointment with our GP but he was hopeless, the old fool did the only thing that he could and referred her to a psychiatrist. After a few weeks, Elaine started wearing female clothes full time and I helped her achieve the look you see today."

"Helped her? You mean him don't you?" I asked still unsure of Elaine's true sex.

"Elaine is female and Eric no longer exists," Lorraine explained as Elaine looked on with tears running down her cheeks and taking with it dark smudges of eyeliner.

"What exactly made you decide?" I asked Lorraine still unsure of whether I wanted to stay or go home.

"After I helped Elaine dress up and applied her make-up and wig that first time, I could see that not only would she make an extremely attractive woman but that she began to feel at ease with herself. To become herself. Eric had gone. He had died while Elaine was borne. It was a transformation. I had lost my husband but I had gained a sister. It was obvious to me and to her that Elaine should begin the transition to full womanhood as quickly as possible."

"But transsexuals are not fully biological females they still have the genetic code of a male, don't they? So isn't this a charade trying to be someone you're not?" I asked.

"Yes you are right, I'll always be a biological male but my sexual appearance now matches what my brain has wanted since I was little," said Elaine still mopping up tears with a paper handkerchief.

"Was it painful what you went through?" I asked and added "the surgery I mean."

"Yes it was painful and I'm still suffering. I have to keep my vagina from closing and I had to use dilators and douches several times a day. That part can be quite painful as my new vagina is fashioned from my penis turned inside out. I have a fully functioning clitoris as the nerving endings to the penis head were carefully retained. They didn't just cut off my penis and testicles. They used what was there to create a female sex organ complete with labia. The clitoris they created feels very sensitive but my days of ejaculating are over. With the hormone treatments I had been on that had happened anyway at least now my body is the way I want it now.

"With no testosterone being produced, I have been suffering hot flushes and that was why I wasn't able to see you last night when you came round. My hormone levels have also caused some problems with my breasts and the chest implants are also taking some getting used to.

"My scars elsewhere have healed quite well but I still have some bruising and if you want I will show you my body. I don't want to hide anything from you. I think that when you see me you will see that I can still be the woman in your life."

With that she got up and she started to slowly take her clothes off. She treated me to a striptease without the music and soon she was down to her stockings, suspenders, panties and bra.

Always the gentleman, I said, "I don't think that you have to take any more clothes off. I believe you that you have the gone the full Monty."

She walked over to me and took my hands and put them on her waist and looked into my eyes. "I know that I deceived you but I honestly thought that you wouldn't want to go through with a long term relationship. That was the only reason I didn't tell you sooner. I'll understand it if you want to go home now and never want to see me again. I'll be devastated because I've grown to like you a lot and you seem to have taken this revelation quite well."

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