tagCelebrities & Fan FictionElaine is Very Naughty

Elaine is Very Naughty

byJames Kirkland©

Jerry, his TV remote in hand, was relaxed on his couch with his old friend, George, who was slouched on the cushion next to him. “What do you wanna watch?” Jerry started to hand the remote to George.

George waved off the remote, “I don’t care, I just want Elaine to get here so we can get to the game. We’re gonna be late as it is.”

Suddenly the apartment door burst open in and in sprang Kramer, “Hey George, Jerry, you guys ready? Where’s Elaine?

“She’s not here yet and Jerry won’t give us our tickets until she gets here.”

“Hey, c’mon guys. She’s a girl, girls don’t like basketball…” Kramer began to plead.

“Oh yah,” volunteered Jerry, “she just happens to be the biggest Knicks fan in New York. She’d kill us all if we went without her.”

Just then, the intercom squawked.

Jerry got up and buzzed Elaine in, “C’mon up,” he called.

A few minutes later, in rushed Elaine, her hair dripping, her clothes drenched.

“My God,” she stood by the door, a puddle forming under her, “This is the worse day in my entire fucking life!”

The guys were aghast.

“What happened?” cried Jerry.

“Do you actually want me to stand here cold and soaked to my skin, ruining your floor and explain…?

“God, no!” Jerry quickly steered Elaine towards his bathroom, “get the clothes off, get in the shower and warm up.”

Elaine sloshed into the bathroom yelling, “Nobody goes to any basketball game tonight without me!” Slamming the door behind her. Soon the sound of the shower could be heard.

“Geez,,” Jerry said, “what a mess.” He went to a closet, grabbed a large towel and started to wipe the floor, “what the hell do you think happened?”

“I don’t know,” offered George, “it’s not even raining.”

“It’s a puzzle, alright,” put in Kramer, “A real mystery. C’mon Jerry, let me have your ticket. Me and George can go to the game. We can at least get there before half-time.”

“Ah, ah, no way.” Jerry pulled out the tickets from his pocket, walked over to the kitchen and proceeded to tear them into pieces, letting them drop into a waste-basket, “I value my life too much.”

“Aw, God, whadya doing Jerry,” groaned George, “now were stuck here without anything to do.”

“Yah, Jerry,” Kramer added, “why do we have to suffer just because you do?”

Jerry was not moved, “You guys can stay or go, I don’t care. But I’m going to breath easy knowing I did the right thing.”

“And knowing Elaine isn’t going to kill you,” offered Kramer.

“Well, that too,” agreed Jerry.

Without another word, all three crammed on the couch as Jerry began to work the remote, waiting for Elaine.

“Maybe we can go out to eat when Elaine’s done,” Jerry said halfheartedly.

“Mm,” George and Kramer answered in unison, each with an equal lack of enthusiasm.

“It’ll only take two hours for her to get ready,” George said.

“Yah,” Kramer added, “Somebody’ll have to either run over to her place for some dry clothes or take her wet ones down to the laundry room…”

George raised his hand, “I’m for the laundry room.”

“I don’t think it matters what you’re for, George,” Jerry remarked, finally setting the remote down after settling on the Knicks game, already in progress. “Not quite like being there, is it?”

“Um!” agreed George and Kramer.

About fifteen minutes later Elaine emerged from a steamy bathroom, her skin flushed from the hot shower. A large towel was wrapped around her and tucked in her bosom. She was drying her hair with another towel.

“Whew,” She exclaimed, “what a day.” She sat down on a dining chair by the table behind Jerry’s couch, “Jerry, something’s gotta be done about the kids in this neighborhood.”

The guys all stood to face Elaine.

“What happened?” they all implored at once.

“Oh,” Elaine, still towel drying her hair, “not much. Just as I was passing the fire hydrant down the street a couple of rag-muffins wrenched the hydrant’s what-cha-ma-call-it off, flooding everything. Especially me. Now my clothes are soaked on your bathroom floor, I’m sitting here in a towel and I look like a drowned rat.”

“Oh, no, Elaine,” Kramer was quick to reply, “you did look like a drowned rat when you came in the door--but now you look pretty good, all nice and rosy…”

“Really?” Elaine looked up, a little mollified. She stopped drying her hair. “You guys aren’t mad because I made you miss the game?”

“Oh, no,” Jerry lied, “we were just glad you’re OK.”

“Well I’m mad,” Kramer spoke up, “we had great seats, right down by Spike Lee.”

“OK, I guess we’re all mad,” said Jerry.

“Yah, we’re all pretty upset, pretty damned upset!” said George, finally putting in his two-cents.

“Well, what are you going to do, spank me?” said Elaine, sticking out her tongue and resuming her toweling off efforts. i At this, Kramer, Jerry and George all exchanged conspiratorial grins. Without a word, they quickly made for Elaine, Jerry and George grabbing her arms and Kramer her legs to whisk her off to the couch, despite her violent efforts to escape and her screams of outrage.

“What the hell, what are you guys doing…”

“You asked for it,” said Jerry.

“Oh yah, you asked for it,” agreed Kramer.

“Yah,” grinned George.

Quickly, Jerry and Kramer were seated on the couch with Elaine stretched across their laps, bottom up. George pushed down on her back and Kramer held down her legs with one hand while he drew the towel up to reveal her bare buttocks.

Jerry, one arm holding Elaine down across her shoulders, smacked her a hard one on a quickly reddening ass cheek.

“Oh, you guys, I will kill you when I get out of this,” yelled Elaine, still struggling in vain.

Kramer followed Jerry’ slap with one of his own on her other buttock, “Jerry, you never told me she had such a sweet ass,” he grinned happily.

Jerry and Kramer quickly got a rhythm going, spanking Elaine’s ass while her screaming died down to a small whimper with each smack.

George, trying to get in a little spanking himself, protested, “C’mon you guys, make a little room…”

Elaine piped up, “George is not going to spank me!”

“Aw, C’mon Elaine, what’s the matter with me?”

Elaine began to plead, “OK, guys, that’s enough, I’m sorry I made you miss the game, look, I’m crying…”

Kramer and Jerry looked at one-another.

“Only if you take your towel off for us.” Said Kramer.

“Oh, come on guys…”

“Uh, that’s right, Elaine,” said Jerry, the towel comes off.”

“OK, god what a day this has been,” groaned Elaine. “OK, I’ll do it.”

Jerry and Kramer helped Elaine to her feet.

“I never got in one little spank!” complained George.

“Are you OK,” asked Jerry.

“Yah,” a concerned Kramer questioned, “we didn’t really hurt you did we?”

“Well, jeez,” Elaine turned her back to the boys, raised the towel to reveal her bright red bottom, and replied, pouting, “Look what you guys did to my butt. I’ll bet you could stop cars with it.” She began to run her palms over her ass cheeks, as though trying to wipe away the stinging.

“Do you really think I’ve got a sexy ass, Kramer?”

Kramer cleared his throat, “Whoa mama! The sexiest.”

“What about you Jerry, you’ve seen my ass plenty of times and never told me that.”

Jerry’s throat also seemed to be a little congested, “Ahem, well, yes Elaine, I’d have to say you have a very sexy ass. I’ve always thought so…”

“Me too,” chipped in George, “You’ve got…”

“I don’t remember asking you George.” Interrupted Elaine.”.

“Elaine,” Kramer reminded her, spinning a forefinger towards her, “the towel, remember?” He and Jerry resumed their seats on the couch.

“Oh, God, why me? OK, guys, I guess a deal’s a deal.” She slowly reached up to between her breasts, tugged at the little tuck of towel in between, and pulled. Away came the towel, leaving Elaine wearing nothing but a little grin of defeat. “This day just couldn’t get any worse. I’m naked in front of George.”

George started to respond, “Hey…”

But Kramer, looking amazed, cut George short, “Elaine, you are one gorgeous babe. Mm, Jerry you never told me she had such nice tits.” He began to stroke the bulge growing beneath the zipper of his trousers.

Elaine blushed, “Thank you Kramer, Jerry, how come you never told Kramer that I have nice tits?” She cupped each with her palms, thumbing her stiffened, rosy nipples. “And George, please wipe the steam off your glasses.”

“I, I’m sure I told you Elaine has nice tits, Kramer,” Jerry protested, shifting in his seat, trying not to rub the erection straining at his jeans.

“Mm, and a sexy little pussy, whoa mama!” exclaimed Kramer.

Elaine reddened again, ignoring the towel at her feet. Her eyes were shining and the hint of a naughty smile came to her lips. “Do you think I’ve got a sexy little pussy, Jerry?” She reached down and gently fingered the silken, obviously glistening slit below the closely trimmed vee of her black pubic hair.

Jerry, no longer able to resist, began stroking his swollen groin, and choked out, “Um, very sexy, Elaine, very sexy.”

George, standing off to the side, also had formed a tent in his pants, which he was rubbing, but was looking like a boy gazing through a candy store window without any money.

“George,” Elaine turned her head towards him, “if you gather up my clothes in the bathroom and take them and wash and dry them for me, I’ll be very, very grateful…”

“Very, very grateful?” George answered with a quizzical grin.

“Very, very, very grateful,” Elaine emphasized, turning to wave her ass provocatively towards him, “just go now before I change my mind.”

“Okey Dokey,” George sped off to the bathroom, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, you guys better save some for me,” he shouted to the boys on the couch, as he ran out the apartment door, his arms laden with wet clothes.

“What does he mean, save some for me,” Elaine asked, a hand to her throat, a mock look of fear on her face, “Does he think you guys are going to take advantage of me, does he think…”

“Oh yah,” exclaimed Kramer, suddenly standing and beginning to strip.

“Elaine,” Jerry also began to undress, folding his shirt and pants neatly, “I’m afraid we’re going to have to fuck you.”

“Oh my,” cried Elaine, as she took in the sight of both men, naked and cocks at full mast.

Jerry and Kramer each quickly approached Elaine. They both began kissing her ears, her neck, taking turns kissing her lips, their hands fondling her breasts, stroking her stomach, squeezing her smooth round little ass cheeks…Elaine’s hands, as with a mind of their own, reached out and gripped both erections…

“Are you guys, um, are you guys sure this is a good idea, I mean, oh yes,” She had to release Kramer’s rod because he had just gone to his knees to begin lapping his tongue at her pussy while Jerry concentrated on her tits, sucking, nibbling, “I mean what’ll it do to our friendship, if, oh yes that’s it you guys…” She continued to stroke Jerry’s cock.

“Elaine, you are so wet,” Kramer cried, “check out her pussy, Jerry, she is dripping, man oh man.”

Jerry reached down to Elaine’s nether lips and stroked and fingered her juicy pussy, “Elaine,” he smiled, “I am shocked. My fingers are soaked. Here,” and he offered his newly wet fingers to her lips, which she eagerly began sucking while squeezing his cock rhythmically.

“She’s a slut Jerry, our Elaine’s a slut, you should have told me, “ Kramer announced as he began to once again tongue Elaine’s pussy, nibbling on her clit.

“I guess I didn’t realize…” said Jerry, still fondling, stroking, sucking. “I never thought that she’d go for two guys…”

“Oh,” cried Elaine, “It was that damned spanking. That spanking got me so fucking hot…besides, I don’t remember you ever asking.”

Kramer suddenly stood, “Let’s feed her our cocks, Jerry.”

“Good idea,” agreed Jerry, what do you want first, mouth or pussy?

“Oh God, I am a slut…” groaned Elaine, and she once again gripped both cocks as she was led to the couch. “But, oh God, c’mon you guys, fuck me before George gets back. If he gets back while you’re fucking me he’s going to expect some.”

“But you promised George…” Jerry started to say.

“Forget what I promised George! Are you guys going to fuck me or not?”

“I’ll start with the mouth,” Kramer said, “I’ll bet you’re a great cock sucker Elaine. Is she a great cock sucker Jerry?”

Elaine looked sharply at Jerry.

“Uh, well of course, she’s a great cock sucker. Better than great, wonderful!”

Elaine, smiling approvingly and quickly found herself on the couch, on her hands and knees.

“Here Elaine,” Kramer said, offering her his stiff rod, “wrap those sweet lips around this.”

“Mm,” said Elaine. “nice and thick.” She first licked Kramer’s substantial pre-cum from his pee-hole, then she ran her tongue over the bulbous knob, and finally she took the full length of his shaft and began bobbing her mouth up and down. Kramer gripped her head and grinned as she reached around and palmed his ass and sucked happily away.

“Oom,” she moaned, responded to Jerry’s cock entering her hungry cunt from behind, doggy style. “oom, oom, oom,” she continued as he picked up a rhythm.

“Whoa Mama, I am in heaven,” Kramer announced.

“Oh, Elaine,” cried Jerry, steadily pumping his cock up Elaine’s cunt, gripping her hips as she rocked back on him, “I’ve never seen you so hot…”

“Fuck me Jerry,” moaned Elaine, momentarily pausing her pleasuring of Kramer before quickly resuming her eager sucking efforts.

“Oh God,” cried Kramer, “she is a great cock sucker, I’m cumming already!” His spurts were quickly filling Elaine’s mouth, dribbling down her chin despite her urgent attempts to swallow it all.

“Jesus, Me too!” added Jerry. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming up your cunt Elaine!”

“Mm, mm, mm, mm,” responded Elaine as she began to jerk her hips back on Jerry’s cock in wanton climatic spasms, “mmcumming, mmcumming,” was all her cock and cum filled mouth could manage.

About ten minutes later, all three were blissfully sprawled together on the couch, Elaine snugly between Jerry and Kramer. Elaine noticed that both men’s erections were returning as they began to, once again, kiss her neck and fondle her breasts and smooth thighs and her dripping pussy. She started to grab for the swelling cocks but quickly resisted.

“Uh, you guys,” she weakly tried to push away from Jerry and Kramer, “I know you’re both almost ready to go again and, OK, so am I, but George’s going to back any minute. I am not going to let him see us like this.”

“Well what’re we going to do?” protested Kramer, “I have simply got to fuck you Elaine! I need your pussy!”

“Yah,” agreed Jerry, “he needs your pussy and, frankly, I’ve got my sights on one of those great blow-jobs.”

“And what about your ass, Elaine, Jerry does she like her ass fucked?” Kramer was getting worked up again.

“Hold it,” Elaine held her palms up to stop the discussion, “you guys hurry up and get dressed, I’ll get my towel back on. I will take care of this. I promise. Kramer, do I have any cum on my chin?”

“Mm a little right here,” Kramer touched his finger to her chin.

“Ok,” Elaine reached down to grab her towel, “I’m going to wash my face. You guys get dressed and Jerry you’d better spray this room with that deodorizer you’re always using. Is your apartment unlocked Kramer?”

“Well, uh, sure,” Kramer was quickly jumping into his shorts, grabbing his trousers, “why, Elaine?”

“Because that’s where I’m going to go when I pretend to leave after George gets here with my clothes. Then, if you guys manage to get rid of him, I’ll come back and you can fuck my brains out if you want. OK?”

Jerry was also hurriedly getting dressed, “But you promised George,” he started to say.

“I will take care of that part! OK? Are we all together on this?” Without waiting for an answer Elaine entered the bathroom.

The boys were quickly dressed and Jerry had just sprayed the room when the apartment door opened. In stepped George carrying a neatly folded skirt and blouse with bra and panties on top.

“Geez, you guys,” George said, an anticipatory grin on his face, “Where’s Elaine? What happened? What’s going on? Did you, did you, you know…?” He sat the clothes on the table.

“Well gosh, George, “ Kramer answered, “nothing happened.”

George seemed astonished. “Nothing? Nothing happened? Jerry? Nothing happened?”

“Oh, come on George,” Jerry waved off George’s response, “this is Elaine we’re talking about. What was going to happen?”

Just then Elaine, sporting her towel and a big grin, emerged from the bathroom. “Thanks, George. You’re a real friend.” She gave George a little punch on the shoulder and picked up her clothes from the table.

“But Elaine,” George rubbed his shoulder a little, “you said if I washed and dried your clothes you’d be very grateful…”

“Oh, I am George, I am.” With that Elaine walked up to George and planted a very, very wet kiss on him, filling his mouth with her tongue. She then, with that big smile on her face, strolled to the bathroom and shut the door.

It took George, his face beet red, a few stunned seconds to regain his voice. “She kissed me, did you guys see that?”

“Oh yah,” said Kramer.

“Yes she did,” agreed Jerry.

“What a kiss, very wet, juicy. Did she kiss you guys?” George asked.

“Oh no,” answered Kramer, emphatically, “no kiss.”

“Nope,” agreed Jerry, “no kisses here.”

“Geez,” George licked his lips, “pretty good. Strange taste though. Strange. Seems familiar…”

“OK, you guys, “Elaine came out from the bathroom all dressed, “I gotta run. Catch you all later.” She stopped and gave George another, smaller kiss, this time on the cheek, “Thanks again George.”

As Elaine started to open the door, George had to ask, “Uh Elaine, wait a second. When you, uh, when you kissed me, I’m, I’m trying to figure out what that taste is, I can’t quite…”

“Oh, well gee George,” Elaine paused with her hand on the door knob, “I don’t know. I did have a big bowl of chowder before I came over here…could that be it?

“Oh yah,” smiled George, that must be it.” He licked his lips again, “yah, sure, that must…”

“Well bye,” said Elaine as she left and closed the door.

“Bye Elaine,” everyone hollered in unison.

George turned to Jerry and Kramer, “Are you sure you guys didn’t, I mean she was naked and everything, and she was showing off her…”

“George, I am shocked,” Jerry quickly interrupted, “she was just having fun with us, that’s all. I mean, this is Elaine! You don’t think she’d take on two guys do you? Elaine?”

“Yah George,” Kramer said, “This is Elaine!”

George looked a little pensive but he agreed, “Yah, right. This is Elaine.” He then perked up, “But she sure did one plant on me, right? I mean a big wet one!”

“Yes she did, she sure did,” Jerry and Kramer quickly spoke up.

“You know, I think she kinda likes me…you don’t mind, do you Jerry? I mean…”

“No,” Jerry interjected emphatically, “Hey, it’s ok with me.”

“Clam chowder,” George licked his lips. “Yum.”

“Well,” Jerry stretched out his arms, letting out a big yawn, “I think I’m going to hit the sack.”

“But geez Jerry,” George argued, it’s only ten o’clock.”

“I know, but I can’t help it. I’m going to bed. I’m tired, OK? You guys do what you want, just lock up when you leave, OK?” Jerry walked into his bedroom and shut the door.

“Well,” said Kramer, “I’m going to watch TV.” He walked to the couch and picked up the clicker, “Wrestling’s on. C’mon George.”

“Oh God,” groaned George, “nothing I’d like better than watch wrestling with you Kramer but I’m gonna head on home. Man, ten o’clock on a Saturday night. What a bunch of losers we are.” He headed for the door, “See ya.” He licked his lips thoughtfully as he closed the door behind him.

“See ya,” Kramer waved, his eyes glued to the TV screen.

Jerry’s bedroom door opened, “All clear?” He asked as he stepped out gingerly.

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