tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEldest, Twist of Fate Ch. 01

Eldest, Twist of Fate Ch. 01


I do not own any of the characters from the book Eldest nor do I think of myself as Christopher Paolini.

This is a recount of events in the book series Eragon in my eyes which I thought might make it a little more interesting.

Chapter 1

Roran slipped away with Katrina to a darkened alley. Many times before Roran had brought her here and fucked her brains out.

"How was the farm?" Katrina said, moving the loose boards so that the secret room of theirs was revealed. It was the basement of Edric's house which he knew nothing about. Roran had outfitted it to be a special meeting spot for them, and on nights like this to fuck. There was a big, two person bed, two chairs and a hardwood table with a few blankets and cushions spread around. An oil lamp hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room.

"Terrible. Most of it has been overgrown." Roran said, removing his shirt to display his ripped torso. Katrina gasped as she ran her hands over his defined chest. Roran quickly helped her out of her dress and her undergarments and stood there admiring her. Katrina didn't have the biggest breasts, or the fullest ass, but what she had was a perfect pussy. Katrina had inherited genes from her mother that allowed her to control her cunt muscles with utmost precision. It was almost as if she had a third hand working the dicks that entered her lovely snatch.

"Well at least you have me." Katrina said, sliding her hands down to the tent in his pants, slowly stroking his dick. Katrina did not care if Roran was broke, had no farm, and had very little chance of securing her hand in marriage from her father. What he did have was a perfectly toned body, and strength that was second to none. After the first time he fucked her she couldn't walk for three days her body had been pummeled so hard.

Getting on her knees Katrina pulled down his pants and let his thick cock spring forth. Knowing exactly how he liked it Katrina started to try to force as much of his dick into her mouth as possible, gagging on it while she slowly caressed his balls. Roran closed his eyes and placed his hands on either side of her head. He was glad he had such a loyal fuck slut, but even beyond that he loved her. She would do anything for him and he would do the same for her.

After a few minutes Roran picked her up in his buff arms and carried her to the bed. Katrina laughed as laid her down on her back and mounted her stomach. Knowing what was coming next, Katrina squeezed her breasts together, smiling as her started to slide his saliva covered dick between her tits. Her breasts were just big enough to titty fuck and Roran made sure he exploited them. Katrina moaned softly as he slid his dick between her breasts and every time his tip came near enough she would lick it with the tip of her tongue.

Taking the time to thoroughly use her breasts to his satisfaction, Roran then got off her stomach and slid her on the bed towards him. She giggled again and bit her lip, waiting for his firm cock to drive into her. He took her by the side, slinging a leg over his left shoulder, giving him a different angle to enter her from. Gripping her leg with his left arm, Roran used his right to ever so lightly rub his cock against her wet pussy lips, not entering them, just teasing the lovely fuck hole. Katrina moaned and tried to slide herself on the bed so that he would enter her but Roran held her strong. After another minute of teasing Katrina tried grabbing his cock and shoving him into her. Again Roran foiled her by grabbing her hands with his right hand and pinned them above her head.

Katrina groaned again whimpered as he used his left hand to continue to tease her. "Please Roran I'm so fucking horny." Katrina moaned. Struggling with all her might Katrina tried to wriggle her way to his cock but whatever she tried Roran proved too strong for her.

"God damn it Roran, fuck me! I need you in me! Please use me like the little fuck slut I am Roran! I beg you please fuck me with you hard cock!" Katrina whined as she continued to wriggle for him. Finally Roran deemed she had pleaded for his manhood long enough and with one savage roar he thrust himself deep within her. Katrina screamed in pleasure as he roughly used her pussy. Her cunt muscles reflexively squeezed his member every time it drove into her and she thrust back with all her strength. After only a few minutes Katrina started to pant, nearing her first of many climaxes of the night. Wanting her to reach her orgasm as soon as possible Roran let go of her hands and focused all his strength on pumping her cunt. Katrina's now free hands went immediately to her clit, massaging it furiously as he continued to fuck her. For a few seconds they continued like this until Katrina arched her back and a shiver went through her body. Warm juices flooded Roran's cock and better lube her cunt. For thirty long minutes Roran rutted into her, causing her to cum many times until she lay exhausted, barely able to thrust back at him, her cunt muscles trying to squeeze him to an orgasm. Finally Roran pulled out of her with a grunt and sprayed her stomach with cum.

"Someday you will be able to cum in my cunt." Katrina said, as she lay on the bed with her eyes closed.

"Once I make some money and raise a farm then I will ask your hand in marriage." Roran said as he got off of her sweat covered body.

"Then I hope the day comes soon. I can't wait for that cock to spurt deep within my cunt." Katrina said dreamily.

"Come on, clothes on, I have to return to Horst's and you should be getting home soon." Roran said, helping her up and into her clothes, letting her scoop his cum off her stomach and into her mouth.

"I hope we are never parted." Katrina said to Roran, hugging him fiercely.

"I would never have us part. Never. I love you." Roran said, kissing her on her lips. Wishing her a good night, Roran released her and strode away in the direction of Horst's house.

"And I will always love you." Katrina said after him, and then made her way home.

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