I am hated and threatened.

Probably only two or three people, but these low-lifes sure are wasting a lot of time on me. My stories are mostly about cheating and lately have been about women of Indian descent. At first, all this meant was the losers punishing my story ratings. My best work is my newest work, yet even though 100 of my first 115 stories were all rated 4.5 or higher, my newest stories can't even crack 4.0 because of these trolls rating it a "one".

Then it was comments - insulting my work, insulting myself - underneath each story. These losers were obviously burned by a cheating wife and want to take it out on me. The insults have since turned to racism. And now they are resulting in anonymous emails. Saying things such as how I need my "face stomped" for writing about (the n-word). It's getting pretty serious. How do I react to anonymous people threatening to beat me up?

Anyway, I am back on Literotica for the first time in several years, but things sure have changed - the trolls are out in full force and these chickenshit (for being anonymous) losers are taking things far.

Please understand, when looking at my list of stories, that if they are rated low or are not "hot", they are actually the best stories on here (Passion Never Fades is phenomenal) - but the victims of Losers who live in their mom's basement. I encourage you to read them and give them a serious rating.

Also, feel free to make me feel better by countering the loser remarks with some of your own - nicer - ones in the comment section or via email. These are my fantasies that I have written for my own pleasure and I share them with you. I'm not into S&M, but you don't see me opening those stories and insulting those authors. I expect the same respect - if you don't like cheating, or Indians or Latinas, then don't read. Please.

Thank you!

X-Factor. And now onto the story...


Tuesday Jamie had planned to see Eldora and then Nita, but Eldora had other ideas. As he raised his hand to knock on her apartment door, she opened it.

"I have the afternoon off!" she announced with a smile. His eyebrows raised. Not from her announcement, but from the fact that she was wearing only a black bra and skimpy pair of black panties. Her hair was down just past her shoulders. He grabbed her roughly, his hands immediately going to her ass and slipping into the sides of her thong panties, feeling her crack. He kicked the door shut as his mouth covered hers, and the small Latino woman immediately sent her tongue into his mouth. Even though he was holding her close to his body, she managed to get her hands in between them and undid the zipper on his coat. They were kissing loudly, breathing heavily as passion overtook all control.

He stepped out of his shoes as his coat fell to the floor and he began backing her up to the living room. Her ass hit the computer desk and she sat on it without breaking the kiss. He gave her lips a few pecks before kissing down her neck, undoing his belt, button and zipper as he did so. Her black bra straps were down off her shoulders as he began kissing down her chest to her deceptively large cleavage. He pulled the strap further down, revealing one of her breasts. The dark areola surrounded an erect nipple. He immediately wrapped his lips around her nipple and eagerly sucked on it as she sighed above him.

She was leaning back on one arm while the other hand was stroking his hair. She was looking down, watching his lips pull her nipple outward. He reached behind her, unsnapping her bra as he kissed between her cleavage towards her other breast. Her bra fell forward onto her stomach and he swept it away as his mouth engulfed her other nipple. He swept the bra so hard that it flew under the couch. One of her children would actually find it a few days later and hand it to Eldora's husband. He would have no idea what that bra was doing under the couch -- his wife getting screwed on the computer desk would never occur to him.

Eldora placed her bare feet on Jamie's shoulders as he kissed down her soft belly. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he kissed closer and closer to her treasure.

He kissed the lips of her pussy over the thin material of her satin panties and she shuddered, sighing. He tore off his shirt and threw it on the floor before leaning forward between her thighs and kissing her over her panties again. She gasped as more tingles shot up her body. He breathed in the wonderful smell of her pussy as he brought his fingers up to the side of her panties. He slowly moved them to the side, exposing the black curls of her pubic hair followed by the dark swollen lips of her vagina soon after. He gently kissed them, causing the sensitive skin to quiver slightly. They were moist, and he had her flavor on his lips. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top.

"Ohhhhh..." She moaned, closing her eyes. He sucked those swollen lips of hers into his mouth, pulling them outward from her body as far as they would go before he released them, watching them withdraw back towards her body. He had to fuck her. He could eat that pussy later; he just had to get inside that tight hole. Grabbing the sides of her skimpy panties, he wrenched them downwards before she was ready, nearly pulling her off the desk as a result. He got them down to his knees and she pulled her feet out of them one by one. Her toenails were painted a bright red, he noticed.

His belt, button and fly were already undone, so Jamie shoved his pants and underwear down to his feet, tearing them off as well as his socks to become completely naked.

Eldora sat on the edge of the computer desk, chest heaving with desire as she watched him. Her eyes locked onto his penis, which was standing at full attention for her. Her pussy ached to have that white pole slide into her. It was so thick! Her heart pounded as he stood between her open legs. She was holding herself up by her right hand, so her left hand reached out and grabbed that wonderful manhood. Her big diamond ring, signifying her marriage to another man, glinted in the light as she aimed that fat cock at the entrance to her needy treasure.

Jamie loved the way the mushroom head of his white penis looked pressed against the dark lips of Eldora's Latino vagina. He loved the way those dark lips opened up slowly as he pushed forward. He watched as inch after inch of himself gradually entered her body. Despite her incredible tightness, she was so wet that he was able to slide most of his organ into her with one forceful stroke. Her hot cunt gripped him, seemingly pulling him inside her even further. He pulled back a little, watching the petals of her vagina pull outward along with him. He pushed forward again, this time he was able to enter her all the way. His entire cock was gripped in tremendous heat. His pubic hair was mingling with hers as he held himself inside her. He looked up to see Eldora looking up at him. She put her arms around his neck, her eyes still locked on his. His eyes trailed down her tiny body, over her wonderful breasts, over her soft belly to the black triangle of her pubic hair. He could see where the base of his cock disappeared inside her pussy.

He began to gently slide in and out of her warmth, his eyes going back up to hers. She was still looking at him. There was nothing but lust in her eyes. He could feel her rest the heels of her feet on his ass as he eased in and out of her body. He moved slowly at first, his eyes moving back and forth between her big eyes looking up at him and her dark pussy lips being pulled outward by his penis. He could see the nectar of Eldora's vagina on his shaft every time it emerged. It was the perfect combination of hotness and tightness. He couldn't help but begin fucking her faster.

"Ohhh!" she moaned softly as she felt him thrust into her at a faster pace. The tingling in her body was increasing exponentially as her niece's husband fucked her harder and harder.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Eldora's cries became very loud and high pitched as Jamie began fucking the shit out of her on the computer desk. Her orgasm was rising rapidly -- his stiff pole was poking deep inside her!

"UNNGH!" She whined, cumming. Her eyes were closed and her face was wincing. "OHHH GAWD!" She yelled.

Her neighbor was just opening his door to go into his apartment when he heard that cry of ecstasy come through Eldora's door. Smiling and shaking his head, he went inside.

Jamie slowed the pace a little, allowing the small woman a chance to recover. He bent and kissed her. She was too out of breath to kiss back, but she tried anyway. She was breathing heavily inside his mouth as his tongue flailed around inside hers. Their lips were smacking loudly as their passionate kiss grew sloppy. She sent her own tongue far into his mouth, trying to put it down his throat!

He slid his strong hands down her skinny back and slid them underneath her little ass. He buried his throbbing manhood deep inside her and lifted her up into the air. Eldora wrapped her legs around him tightly, still kissing him urgently. The tips of his fingers were in the crack of her ass as he carried her around the corner and into the kitchen. Setting her on the counter, he was on his tiptoes as he began to fuck her once again. She broke the kiss and lay back on her elbows, moaning.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned, looking up at him. She smiled. Her lovely tits were bouncing up and down with every thrust.

He looked down at her beautiful pussy. He loved seeing his white cock pull the petals of that Latino pussy outward each time it withdrew. He felt an urge to eat her. He pulled his manhood out of her suddenly, leaving her sitting on her kitchen counter feeling so very empty.

He sunk to his knees, staring at the way the swollen lips of her cunt were parted slightly. He grabbed her bare foot, raising it to his lips. He kissed her instep over and over, moving towards her toe. The entire time, his eyes were locked on the wonderful treasure between her thighs. He kissed the tip of her big toe, and then briefly sucked it into his mouth. He kissed back up her instep to her ankle, and up her ankle to her knee. His kissing slowed at her soft thigh, slowly creeping towards her crotch. He could smell Eldora's pussy -- the strong scent of her arousal -- even as he was halfway up her thigh. He breathed it in, closing his eyes for a moment so that he could cherish it. Eldora's vagina.

Jamie opened his eyes, leaned forward, and gently kissed the swollen lips of her cunt.

"Ohhhh yes Jamie..." Eldora sighed, watching as he placed his lips on her pussy again, kissing it a second time.

He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top. She gasped when he nudged her clit. He then slipped his tongue as far inside her pussy at it would go, burying his face between her thighs. He could really taste her delicious nectar and he wiggled his tongue and down inside her, running it along the roof of her sopping wet gash. He pulled his tongue out, kissing it again. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the fridge.

Getting an idea, he stood up before her and reached over, opening the fridge, hoping to find something of interest. There, inside the door, was a can of whip cream. Smiling at his luck, he reached in and grabbed it, setting it on the counter beside her bare ass.

"Oh!" Eldora exclaimed, giggling. Her pussy just got even wetter somehow.

He was about to close the fridge when something else caught his eye. Cucumbers. One looked a touch thicker than his hard cock. A second one looked nearly double the width. Both were much longer. He grabbed them both, put a plug in the sink and turned on the hot water, letting the tap run over the vegetables. It served two purposes -- cleaning and warming. He wanted to use those cucumbers in a few minutes!

Eldora eyes the bigger one doubtfully.

"I don't know what you're planning to do with that, but it won't be going in me! It won't fit!" She chuckled. He stepped back up between her legs, pressing the side of his hard shaft along the quivering lips of her sensitive pussy, looking her in the eye.

"Oh yeah?" He challenged. She giggled.

"Yeah!" She laughed harder. He wasn't accustomed to seeing Eldora laugh. "The small one...maybe. That big one? No way!" she exclaimed.

He moved his hips back and the head of his cock slid down the lips of her cunt on its own accord. It caught the entrance and she gasped, closing her eyes. He thrust forward and the top half of his manhood easily pierced her accommodating vagina.

"Ohhhh yes..." she sighed, bolts of pleasure firing up her tiny body.

Grabbing her ass, he slid her over the edge of the counter a little more so he could slide the rest of his cock inside her warmth. This time they both sighed. He was all the way inside her again. Jamie pressed his lips against hers, kissing her as he began sliding his stiff rod in and out of her aching twat.

She moaned into his mouth, loving hot hard he felt inside her. She sent her tongue far inside his mouth as he began to thrust into her even harder. Suddenly, he lifted her up off the counter. She broke the kiss as he moved over to the sink, keeping his cock inside her. Holding her with one hand, he reached into the sink with the other and shut it off, grabbing the two cucumbers out of the hot water. The vegetables were warm in his hand.

"Grab the whip cream." He ordered. As he walked to the dining room, Eldora grabbed the canister on the way by.

He sat her ass on the edge of the dining room table, setting the cucumbers beside her. She set the whip cream on the other side of her and smiled as he began fucking her right away. The table was lower than the counter, so he was at a comfortable height as he jammed his dick in and out of the small Latino woman over and over.

Eldora arched her head back, raising her feet in the air behind his thrusting ass, loving every second of this. He planted his hands on the table behind her and fucked her as hard as he could, rocking the table and sliding it on the floor just a tad. Her ample breasts were bouncing violently up and down with of his thrusts and the look on her face was that of pure ecstasy.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" The small woman moaned, another orgasm starting to rise.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her, his cock drenched with her juices. Grabbing the smaller cucumber, the one that was slightly thicker than his cock, he fell to his knees before her. The lips of Eldora's pussy were parted a little. She sat passively before him, chest heaving as she looked down between her legs. The cucumber was warm in his hands and he placed the rounded tip against her entrance. He eased it forward, watching her dark, swollen lips open up and absorb the green vegetable.

"Oh my gawd..." she sighed, closing her eyes. It felt incredible! So thick! It didn't have the excitement that Jamie brought her, but it was a pretty good consolation! Three inches of it was inside her, stretching her wide.

Jamie began to slide it in and out of her, each time he slid it into her he pushed it an extra half-inch. Watching that smooth green vegetable disappear between those dark pussy lips were turning him on like crazy. He became even more turned on as he pushed over six inches into her hungry gash. He was sliding it nearly all the way out of her before pushing it back inside her. Seven inches.

She was gasping for breath. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought it would explode. Nothing had ever gone this deep before! So big...

Eight inches.

"UNGH!" she grunted. Pain was mixing with the pleasure now. Her pussy had never before held so much inside it! It was poking her in places she didn't think anything could go! An orgasm was approaching rapidly.

Jamie slowly pulled the eight inches of cucumber out of Eldora's pussy, watching her lips drag outward along with it.

She was gasping for breath. It seemed to take forever to slide out of her.

"UNNNGH!" Eldora cried, cumming. "OHH GAWD!"

Her entire body was on fire and she was shaking with the violent orgasm. All of her muscles were flexing and her face was wincing as she came and came and came. She grunted again, gasping for breath. Finally, Jamie pulled the cucumber right out of her, but the poor woman remained struggling to recover.

He set the cucumber on the table beside her and then buried his face between her thighs, shoving his tongue into her delicious cunt.

"Ohhhhh..." Eldora shuddered, placing a hand on the back of his head.

Jamie could taste cucumber on her pussy as he lapped at her swollen lips. Just then he remembered the whip cream. Standing up straight, he grabbed her ankles and raised up her legs. Eldora fell back onto her elbows right there on her dining room table as he pushed her knees right up to her chest. He took the lid off the can and shook it quickly for a good 20 seconds, smiling at her.

She was panting, chest heaving as she recovered from that incredible orgasm.

"OH!" Eldora gasped when he sprayed whip cream on her pussy. It was freezing!

He completely covered her pussy with white cream. Her eyebrows were raised and she was looking at him incredulously. He smiled at her and then, still looking into her eyes, he leaned forward and sucked some of the whipped cream off her body without touching her. He licked all around her pussy, touching her pubic hair a little, but never her slit until all that was left was the white cream on her slit, with some smeared in amongst her bush. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue out, slowing licking from the bottom of her slit up half way, before he had to swallow the cream. Her pussy flavor carried the sweetness of the cream.

She was still breathing heavily, watching Jamie eat her pussy. He picked up where he left off and continued to lick up her slit. His tongue nudged her clit and she gasped as bolts of electricity shot up her body. He had cleared most of the cream off, but it was still smeared everywhere in and around her pussy. He began sucking and releasing the sweet lips of Eldora's cunt, shooting tingles up her spine each time he did so. Jamie licked every drip of that cream off of her pussy lips and just as he was finishing, he reached over and grabbed the fat cucumber -- the big one.

This one was double the width of his already thick manhood. He was going to give it a shot!

He pulled back, the lips of her pussy slipping out of his mouth and he placed the vegetable at the entrance to her treasure. Eldora gasped, suddenly realizing what he was going to do. Her eyes widened and her heart pounded in fright. But stayed where she was and did not raise protest. He pushed forward and the fat green vegetable opened the dark lips of her little pussy -- stretching it wide.

"UUNNNGGGHH!" she gave a loud groan. NEVER had her cunt been stretched this wide before! It hurt!

He pushed four inches of it inside her tight little twat and she groaned again, wincing.

"It hurts!" Eldora cried. He ignored her because he knew that it felt good, too. He slowly eased it out of her most of the way and then slowly pushed it back in, watching her Latino cunt lips absorb inch after inch of that fat cucumber. This time he forced six inches in her!

"UNGH GAWD JAMIE!" She whined, arching her head back.

Entranced, he watched those dark lips stretch tightly around the green vegetable. He pulled it outwards a couple of inches and slid it back inside her -- slowly, because she was really struggling with the size. This time he got a good seven inches into her.

"UNGHH! TAKE IT OUT!" Eldora grunted. He slowly eased the thick cucumber out of her pussy. She gasped in relief. She felt incredibly empty, but that thing was far too big for her to take!

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