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Eleanor and I


So I've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. I think it's something many women think about. Well...this year I found out. There has always been a certain something between Eleanor and me, and I really don't know why, other than the fact that we talk to each other about our sex lives (or lack of them). For the record, Eleanor has a fantastic sex life with her husband, and I have none at all with mine. However, I do have a lover who I see from time to time, and sex with him has never been better.

We were on holiday when it first happened, lying on the sun loungers in our bikinis, already golden brown. We started talking, teasing each other. We had joked about having sex with each other before, but now we were on holiday together, near naked most of the time, relaxed, hot, and sharing a room -- something was bound to happen. I have always found Mandy attractive -- she is pretty, quite short, with large breasts -- a curvy, hourglass figure. I am much taller than her, with very long legs and smaller breasts. We have always joked that if you put her breasts and my legs together you would have the perfect woman!

We carried on chatting and drinking our wine, and Mandy said that when we went back to the room she was going to bring a glass full of ice with her, and do to me what her husband did to her. I didn't really believe her to be honest -- despite all the joking in the past nothing more than a kiss had happened. Anyway, true to her word she went to the bar before we went back to our room and we went in giggling like school girls. As soon as we got in she put the glass down and turned to me, putting her arms around me and kissing me deeply. I could feel her breasts pushing up against me and the warmth of her skin, her nails caressing my back as her kisses got deeper. I knew this was serious now, and I decided just to go with it.

She lead me to the bed and we kneeled up, facing each other, our hands travelling over each others bodies, exploring the curves and hollows, sliding under bikini straps and tracing the outline of each other's bikini bottoms. She was definitely the one in charge -- which is just how I like it. She reached behind me and undid the halter neck and clasp of my top, letting it fall away. Then she pushed me down onto the bed and leaned over me to suck and lick my breasts and nipples. She bit sharply, making me cry out with pain and pleasure, her lips tracing my tan lines and her nails digging in to my shoulders. I reached forward to caress her breasts, which were almost falling out of their bikini top. Such luscious breasts -- so full and feminine. Impatiently she undid her own top, letting her breasts swing freely and gasping as I reached out to caress them and pinch her nipples. We pressed in to each other, enjoying the feeling of skin against skin, exchanging hot, moist kisses and moans of pleasure.

Eleanor reached over the glass to scoop up a piece of ice. Taking it in her mouth she kissed my neck and then slowly down between my breasts, the ice melting quickly and making little rivers over my skin. It felt so delicious, so sexy. Another piece, and now further down over my belly, sucking and licking my belly button, and unconsciously now I am caressing my breasts, and my hips move in slow circles as she gets nearer and nearer to my sex. She takes my bikini bottoms off and I am completely naked, a thick thatch of dark hair hiding what I know is a very wet and swollen pussy. More ice and Eleanor is licking my inner thighs, making me shudder with pleasure. Then I gasp in surprise as she takes yet another piece and slides it straight in to my pussy. It feels incredible -- it is sharply cold, but my pussy is so hot that it melts almost instantly and I can feel the cool water trickling out and over my ass. More and more ice, one piece after another and then finally the relief I have been craving as her cold fingers find my clit and she begins to rub firmly, over and over. I thrust my hips forward, moaning with pleasure, my breathing shallow and quick. Eleanor is talking to me, encouraging me as I get closer and closer to orgasm, telling me to let go, asking me if I like what she is doing to me. Fuck yes. Fuck fuck fuck I scream as the orgasm takes me and my hot juices flow out to mingle with the ice water.

Eleanor says she doesn't need to come, and only does every so often with her husband. I want to give her the same pleasure she has given me, but for now I relent. Is this just a holiday thing? Will we go back to being just good friends when we get home? I guess there's more to tell...

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