Eleanor's Descent Ch. 02


As George pulled the adjacent strip of wax from her pubic area, Eleanor yanked of the sticky tape on her right breast. Teresa struggled with the attention. Soon both the sticky tapes were removed and her cunt area whilst pink and sore looking was now denude of hair.

I reached into my bag and brought out some aftershave, "this may sting for a little while but its better than the tingling feeling you would have to endure" I told Teresa. I applied a generous amount to my hands and dabbed it on to her pubic bone. She twisted and turned as the lotion began its work.

When she had calmed down, I gently removed her tape gag and she said "You Bastards That really hurt!"

I slapped her face and warned "Imagine then if I was to finger fuck you now with the aftershave still on my fingers!"

suddenly she realized "sorry Master. I just lost my sense of presence" she added.

I told Eleanor to suck on George's cock till I come back. I went and washed my hands returning to find Eleanor eagerly devouring George's cock beneath his frilly hem of the French maid's uniform.

"Teresa, are you going to suck Georges cock and let him cum on your face?" I asked. Realising that to refuse would result in further punishment she meekly nodded her head.

So that night George got Teresa to suck his cock, and he blasted copious amounts of white cream over her face, which I made Eleanor lick off but she was not allowed to swallow it. She then transferred the cum from her mouth into George's, before he swallowed his own cum. I then allowed Teresa to be untied and asked "Do you want George to sleep with you tonight bitch"

Teresa replied "If that is your wish master!" I turned to George and said "I have a better idea, George are you tired?" he replied no not really. "Good Then all of you follow me!" I insisted. Walking in to Teresa's room I was glad to see a four poster bed. I immediately produce a pair of metal handcuffs from the bag I had brought with me and cuffed George's hands around the post.

I then Tied Eleanor and Teresa together with ropes on each arm and leg and finally a rope that went around their waists and then between their legs to be fastened behind the other persons back. I laid them down on their sides on the bed. Returning to my bag I produce a 15 inch long double dong and slipped one end into Eleanor's cunt, over the rope and eased the other end into Teresa's cunt. Further objects taken from my bag include a vibrating butterfly which I secured trapped between the two women's tits. This was held in place with a further length of rope tied tightly around their upper chest having been threaded under their arms. Next two smaller vibrators were inserted into each of the women's arses.

All three vibrators were then set to a steady hum and finally I produce a vibrating butt plug, looking at George. I said "must not leave you out of the fun, Eh, George" I eased this into his arse and turned it on.

I stood surveying my handy work; I could not imagine any of them getting much rest tonight. Already the girls were moaning and George, well George was fucking an imaginary body in front of him. As I turned to leave I said "nitey night" and laughed as I switched out the lights.

I returned to the living room and re dressed. About thirty minutes later, I heard George's voice saying "Oh Fuck, I am going to cum" and the two girls, well they were obviously already coming as the air was full of grunts and groans. I was just about to go check on them when the flat door opened and in stormed Emma.

"Fucking men" she said.

"Hello to you too!" I said.

"Oh Sorry Ray, but I have had it with that useless piece of shit called a boyfriend" she moaned. I took her hand and led her into the living room, I forgot the video was still running and as soon as she saw it she shot passed me and sat crossed legged in front of the TV.

"Where is Eleanor?" She asked.

"She is around, but a bit tied up" I chuckled.

"Fancy missing a film like this!" she countered. I walked over to her and paused the video saying would you like to see where Eleanor is and why she is missing this film. I took her outside Teresa's room and said "Go in there and see for yourself" with that I gave her a gentle push towards the door.

She entered the room............

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